Susan Monica

Susan Monica

Crime: Murder

See this here woman? And yes, that is a woman, I promise you. She’s crazy, and not in a nice way. She’s psycho killer crazy, and she definitely belongs on this site. She’s a hellbeast.

The woman is Susan Monica, a pig farmer and welder from southern Oregon, US. She lived in squalor on her 20-acre Wimer area property. She didn’t have running water or proper sewage facilities. What she did have were mountains of garbage and raw sewage. And she had her beloved pigs.

Susan Monica loved her pigs. She pretty much couldn’t stand human beings. She “regularly threatened to kill people and feed them to her pigs,” admitted her attorney. Susan Monica herself said, “I do not value human life very much.” She wasn’t lying.

As much as she preferred the company of her pigs, Susan Monica did find it necessary to have people around to help her with her ranch. She placed an online advertisement for a handyman in 2013, and Robert Harry Haney, 56, answered it. I gather the man must have been really down on his luck. He’d have to be to agree to work on that disgustingly filthy, garbage-strewn property. He moved into a camper on the ranch.

Susan Monica

Susan Monica with wig

I sincerely doubt Susan Monica was easy to deal with. She was physically intimidating — she was a US Navy veteran who weighed 260 pounds and stood 5’11” tall. And yes, she was also bald.

Susan Monica also had guns and she wasn’t afraid to use them. She killed 2 dogs and 1 cat belonging to a former tenant and fed the carcasses to her pigs. The tenant moved out pretty fast after that.

Susan Monica fed her beloved pigs all sorts of things. She collected food at local food banks and shared it with them. She’d also been known to feed dead sheep to her pigs.

Robert Harry Haney was reported missing by his family on New Year’s Day, 2014. They hadn’t heard from him for over a couple of months and were worried.

As sheriff’s detectives began working on the missing person case, they discovered that Susan Monica had used his food stamps card. That was identity theft! The discovery led the detectives to visit the property off West Evans Creek Road. They were no doubt disgusted and horrified at the condition of the place.

Monica farmThe detectives had obtained a search warrant in the identity-theft case, but I’m sure the last thing they wanted to do was touch anything. It all looked contaminated and toxic. Those poor officers had no choice but to proceed.

During the initial searches of the property, several sheriff’s deputies became literally sick. They began wearing breathing apparatuses in order to carry on with the search.

What was found was the stuff of nightmares. Poor Robert Haney’s body parts were found in plastic bags in the barn — not all of them, mind you. Susan Monica had some serious explaining to do. And what a story she told them!

Susan Monica told the investigators that Robert Haney had taken off in the summer of 2013. She didn’t see him again until around September 9, 2013. That was when, according to her, she found him in a pigpen, disemboweled, with her pigs goring him to death. The poor man wasn’t dead yet, so she went into her house, grabbed a rifle and, rather than shoot her pigs, she shot Robert Haney twice in the head.

“That was the only thing I could think of to put him out of his misery,” Susan Monica explained. Riiight. Rather than try to save the man from this horrific pig attack, she killed him out of mercy. She then left most of the body for the pigs to eat.

A forensic anthropologist determined that poor Robert Haney’s legs had been chopped off with an axe, but the thigh bones had been gnawed on by animals.

Susan Monica didn’t try to explain why Robert Haney had returned to her place, and why he was in a pigpen full of killer pigs. She also didn’t explain why she kept the man’s remains in bags in her barn. But she did have a reason why she didn’t report the man’s death.

“I couldn’t bring myself to call [his family] to say, “Hey, your father has finally showed up. Come get him out of my pigpen. I couldn’t do it,” Susan Monica said.

After confessing to killing Robert Haney, Susan Monica wasn’t finished talking. “There’s something else I don’t want to say that’s just as bad,” she told detectives. She asked for a piece of paper, then drew a rough sketch of the layout of her barn and pigpens. Near the pigpen fence she drew an X.

“Right there, about 3 feet down, there’s part of another body. His name is Steve… an Italian Steve.”

Whoa! Another victim! I wonder if the detectives were surprised at all. I wonder if they knew then that deputies had responded in fall 2012 to a report that a neighbour saw Susan Monica tossing bones into a hole.

At that time, the deputies were shown an open hole with bones in it, and one of the deputies recognized them as pig bones.

Susan Monica had brazenly offered the deputies a shovel to dig deeper, but they declined the offer and left. I don’t blame them considering how disgusting the property was. Still, had they dug just 2 feet down, they would have found the skull of Stephen Frank Delicino, full of bullet holes.

Monica farmInvestigators followed the map the killer had helpfully drawn and dug up the incomplete remains of the second victim. Not trusting that there were only 2 victims, those poor guys searched the toxic property for 3 weeks. Yechhh.

Stephen Delicino, 59, had worked for Susan Monica. She described him as “mentally slow” and a “meticulous thief” who had a drinking problem. She suspected that he had stolen a couple of her guns, and she was going to have it out with him.

Stephen Delicino was planning to leave town — maybe to get away from the crazy bitch. He didn’t make it. Instead, on or around August 1, 2012, Susan Monica picked him up and took him back to her farm, into her barn.

This is where Susan Monica’s story gets interesting. She told the investigators that she’d bought his food stamp card for $100, and then she brought up the topic of the stolen guns. Stephen Delicino didn’t want to go to prison so, according to the hellbitch, he shot himself in the head 5 times. Yup, he committed suicide.

Susan Monica left the body for the pigs to eat, and told his friends that he’d left town. Stephen Delicino was never reported as a missing person.

After a few weeks, according to Susan Monica, she collected the bones, dug the hole and buried them along with animal bones.

That was her first story. I believe everything she said except the purchase of the food stamp card and the suicide.

Probably it occurred to Susan Monica that her claim Stephen Delicino shot himself in the head 5 times to commit suicide sounded somewhat unbelievable. She changed her story — and wow, she made it a doozy!

Now Susan Monica claims that the poor man who weighed 100 pounds less than her “went nuts” when she confronted him about the gun theft. HE attacked HER, even though she was carrying both a rifle and a pistol for this occasion. The man trapped her in a room in the barn, so she shot him with the pistol. That didn’t stop him. He fell but he got up, and he chased her through the barn. Poor Susan Monica! In fear for her life she shot him again and again with her pistol, but Stephen Delicino kept on coming!

OMG, the man must’ve been like a freaking zombie! After being shot multiple times he wasn’t hardly slowing down! Finally Susan Monica dropped the pistol during a struggle for her rifle. He was on the ground then, grabbing her leg, so she shot him 3 times in the head with the rifle.

Still the story went on. The dying/dead man had her by the leg, but she managed to pull out of the “death-grasp”. She ran and hid for a while. That’s when the pigs surrounded him and began licking his wounds. The pigs dragged him from the barn toward their pen. It took them 2 weeks to “pick his bones clean”.

That was a much more believable story than the first one, don’t ya think? She killed him in self-defense. And Robert Haney was a mercy killing, but maybe he was already dead when she shot him so that wasn’t even a killing.

The investigators didn’t see things her way. They charged the evil hellbitch with 2 counts of murder, 2 counts of abuse of a corpse, and identity theft. She went to trial in a Jackson County courtroom in April 2015.

Susan MonicaIt was a much-altered Susan Monica who appeared in court. The 66-year-old woman had lost a lot of weight, and was now wearing a styled wig and makeup. Maybe she didn’t like being described as “burly” in the newspaper articles. Or maybe she wanted to look less intimidating and scary for the jury.

“Just because Susan Monica is different and strange and weird doesn’t make her a murderer,” defense lawyer, Christine Herbert, told the jury. Doesn’t make her innocent either.

The other defense lawyer Garren Pedemonte told the jury she’d shot one man in self-defense and the other as a mercy killing. He said her “oddball” personality and the gruesome details were “distractions”, and that the evidence didn’t disprove her version of events.

Speaking of gruesome details, I don’t think Susan Monica helped her case when she testified that Robert Haney’s death reminded her of the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’. “The only difference was that his pelvis was still attached,” she said.

When Deputy District Attorney Allan Smith asked Susan Monica if she knew how many times she shot Robert Haney, she answered, “I generally shoot my animals more than once.” That was NOT a good answer.

Susan Monica also testified that she wished she’d never told investigators about the second body. I totally believe that. She then yelled that the deputies “tore his body apart”, and added, “A third of his body is still out there on my property because of you!” Riiight, like she was really upset that the man’s remains were scattered by the deputies! *snort*

Well, it took the jurors only an hour to convict Susan Monica. Circuit Judge Tim Barnack sentenced her to a minimum 50 years in prison.

“You shot two people and fed them to your pigs,” Circuit Judge Barnack told Monica, 66. “I don’t know how else I can put it. You valued pigs more than you value people … you are a cold-blooded killer.”

Speaking of pigs, all of Susan Monica’s were euthanized.

Monica farmRIP, Robert Haney and Stephen Delicino. It’s just awful that their circumstances in life led them into this evil hellbitch’s clutches. I hope those who knew and loved those men can find some solace in knowing their killer will die in prison.

I salute the investigators who put their own health at risk while investigating the uninhabitable property. I don’t know who will have to clean up the toxic mess, but I wish them well, bless them. That’s one job I sure as hell wouldn’t want anyone I know to have to do.

I hope Susan Monica has a miserable existence from now on. She probably mourns the loss of her pigs more than she ever mourned anyone else. Inhuman creature she is.

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12 Responses to Susan Monica

  1. bulldoggy says:

    YIKES! Cleo are you sure that’s a woman? No wonder she identifies with pigs more than people. I’ll bet she killed both men for the food stamps cards so she could feed her piggies more.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Well at least this crazy Bitch will rot in prison. My sympathy goes out to the victims family and friends.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Why did the poor pigs have to be killed? Its not their fault that frankensteins monster was their owner, poor pigs. Thanks cleo i’m gonna have nightmares for weeks after those first two pics of miss world gone badly wrong.

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah, not their fault, but they cannot be used for human consumption because, well, because they themselves consumed humans. And I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t want a pig that has tasted human flesh. Pigs are smart, and voracious. Wouldn’t want to be a little late with their dinner, if you know what I mean.

      If those reasons aren’t enough, I doubt those pigs were healthy. Just a guess, but looking at the state of the property, they must have been sick. They certainly not those clean hogs you see at the county fair.

  4. brandi says:

    Bruce Jenner???

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Brandi, even Bruce jenner can’t look that bad, and thats suprising because i thought no one could look as bad, but cleo has proved me wrong on this one. I’m gonna have bad nightmares. I’m considering visiting my doctor for some valium to relax my nerve’s because you can’t buy brain bleach.

  5. Nnygem says:

    This was a truly horrifying case. Disgusting in every way, from the barn itself to the murders, to the animals, to the inside and outside of the cold-blooded perpetrator. It’s like I tell my nephews; “Not all monsters look like monsters. But some definitely do.”

  6. Rhonda says:

    Unfortunately throughout history there have been a lot of murder by pig assist killers. Usually they are men though. I’m glad they put the pigs down. I mean what if they wound up at market – turned into your morning breakfast sausage all nice and plump as a result of having been raised up, fattened for slaughter on human flesh? Not only on just people meat but human flesh harvested at just the very “right” height peak of human fright terror “perfection”. I mean now seriously how all very Old MacDonald’s Farm lovely would that be?

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Why the fuck do i have to share the same name as this beast? You just couldn’t make this shit up!!

  8. Bengalpuss. says:

    Every time I look at that second photo “Susan Monica with wig” I crack up, its comical.

  9. Julie says:

    There’s a podcast called My Favorite Murder, and in one of the live shows they invited a girl up on stage to tell her own murder-related story. The girl talked about how she had been addicted to drugs and arrested for possesion and was cellmates with this crazy serial killer! Imagine being in prison because you have an illness and being forced to interact with an actual serial killer!

    • Julie says:

      Btw, I know that serial killers are supposed to have three or more victims, and this woman was only convicted of two, but the woman who was her cellmate said that Susan told her there were WAAAYYY more bodies on the farm.

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