Susan Marie Bardo and Carl James Pellinen

Susan Bardo and Carl Pellinen
Crimes: Sexual Assault, Torture, Child Abuse

If there were any justice in this world, children would be born only into loving, caring families and never know a day of fear, pain and anguish. But there isn’t that sort of justice, and far too many children tragically live in deplorable, frightening and harmful situations.

These revolting piles of villainy are Susan Marie Bardo, 46, and her boyfriend Carl James Pellinen, 47 of Escanaba, Michigan. As disgusting and vile as these two look on the outside, they are many more times as disgusting and vile in their so-called souls.

The scary thing is that they got away with their heinous crimes for years. It took a concerned relative to get involved and save the day.

The relative was worried about Susan Marie Bardo’s teenaged son who seemed to have dropped out of sight. This good person contacted Escanaba authorities asking for a welfare check on the boy.

Escanaba Public Safety officers went to the bulging beasts’ abode at 1525 North 20th Street on April 11, 2013. What they found inside was shocking.

Bardo houseThe 15-year-old boy was confined to an 8’x10′ room in the attic lined with plastic tarps. The windows were covered, *shock*, and the boy had been imprisoned in that room 22 hours a day. He’d been bound to a chair with tape or rope for a matter of months.

There were no details available about physical punishments the boy was made to endure. They were, no doubt, severe.

The fat tubs of lard hellbeasts generously made sure the boy had a meal a day, sometimes two. To keep him compliant they told him that if he escaped and got outside he’d be picked up by the police and maybe shot.

Naturally the disgusting POS abusers didn’t let the boy go to school — for years.

Susan Marie Bardo and Carl James Pellinen had been physically and psychologically abusing the boy since 2007. And sickeningly both of the twisted, sadistic beasts had been sexually abusing the boy as well.

Susan BardoLook at her. Look at him. They’re repulsive, revolting, vomit-inducing piles of dung, and the fact they forced sex acts upon her boy makes them even more so. I cannot imagine what psychological and emotional damage the sexual abuse did to that poor boy.

It was horrific enough the kid was confined, starved, bound and isolated. All that is torture, in my mind. But the sexual abuse inflicted on him ramped it all up into another sphere of horror entirely.

Susan Marie Bardo and Carl James Pellinen were arrested on the spot on April 11, 2013 and the boy was taken into the care of Child Protective Services.

On June 27 2013, Susan the nasty hellbitch Bardo pled guilty in Delta County Circuit court to charges of child abuse in the 1st degree and torture. Carl the POS pedo Pellinen pled no contest to criminal sexual conduct in the 1st degree, child abuse in the 1st degree, and aiding and abetting.

Carl PellinenIn exchange for their pleas, Prosecuting Attorney Steve Parks dismissed one count of 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct against Susan Marie Bardo, and one count of torture against Carl James Pellinen.

Both hellbeasts admitted in court that their abusive actions have caused severe mental and physical harm to the boy.

The sick, evil pair will be sentenced in August, 2013. They both face life in prison. I shall keep readers posted (reminders would be welcome).

I truly hope the teenager can overcome the years of deprivation and abuse and finally live a life full of success and happiness. No doubt it will be a difficult struggle for him, and hopefully he’ll be given much help and support and love along the way.

I also truly hope Susan Marie Bardo and Carl James Pellinen suffer each and every day for the rest of their useless lives. If only they could get a taste of the torture they inflicted on their victim, that would be good.

BTW, it would cost the taxpayers of Michigan much less if they only received one meal a day, just like their victim got. Seems only fair, and right, that they should go hungry.

Kudos to the relative whose concern and intervention saved the boy from days, months, years of further suffering.

Susan Bardo the lardo pled guilty to both 1st-degree child abuse and torture. She was sentenced to 20 to 50 years for both charges to be served concurrently.

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New York Daily News article

28 Responses to Susan Marie Bardo and Carl James Pellinen

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    Where do beasts like these come from and how do they hook up with each other? Did she go looking for a pedo to molest her boy along with her or did her boyfriend’s proclivities wind up turning her on? Sick sick sick bastards! That poor kid, being tortured and molested by these two monsters for years. I really truly hope and pray he gets over the trauma and leads a happy life from now on.

    • wickedgran says:

      Maybe there are online dating sites for fugly evil beasts like these, maybe Bitches for Bastards, or Pussies for Pervs, or C*nts for Creeps, or Pedos for Desperate Fat Loser Sluts Who Don’t Have a Hope in Hell of Finding a Real Man.

      • 2cute says:

        Or Lardass Lovers, or Nauseating Nonces.

      • pj says:

        WickedGran is naughty, but yeah how else do these mega losers find each other. Did they spot each other at an all you can eat buffet and lock eyes over the macaroni salad? Did she say, “wanna come over to my house to have sex?” and he said, “yeah but not with you” so she said “well I’ve got a son how about him?” and he said, “great! mind if I torture him a bit too?” Seriously how does anybody get to that point without somebody calling the cops?

        • MsM says:

          Hmm, you know PJ? I don’t think there’s ever been a study done on that. How DO these weirdos find each other? I’m going to bring that up to one of my professors…there should be a study done on it if there hasn’t been. Shit like this could be nipped in the bud if we knew where these psychos meet up – intercepting them is a start.

          • 2cute says:

            I know MsM, we could set up a coffee shop called Perv Palace, and offer free wifi, and if anyone downloaded child porn we would invite them downstairs to the members only section which would be built by bengalpuss with our help. These pervs would be thinking they had found a hangout for their kind but the only hanging being done is from the floor joists.

    • sarah economy says:

      I sat with tis pig in jail she bragged how she took her son on the firstbdate and she said to carl “this is a full package, you get both of us or nothing” that waste of space slept in jail better than ive seen people sleep in their own homes. I asked her how she slept at night (only woman that didn’t get sleeping pills) and she replied “well, how do you sleep” i reminded her i was there for drug charges, not for raping my son. She would read the newspaper and see the dogs that the animal shelter was giving away, which were hers. They were as fat as the couple, she would cry wondering where her dogs would go. Once i foind out what she did ahit was on. I fucked with her everyday all day until she requested to be moved. When i would have a hard time sitting there, i would think of her son and be thankful for the little i got in there, knowing what he would get is much less. I know many terrible details i could sit for 2 days writing about it. I hope karma hita this cunt hrd because everything she gets is less than what she deserves. And by the way, they did meet online

      • Jody B says:

        That’s right! I feel like you did that for ALL of us! I wish you could’ve really got at her, like you & the whole cellblock. F*#$ that bitch & all her ugly fat roll chins &stomachs & her nasty ass hairy disgusting bf. I hope the girls in prison will do the same but worse.

  2. moodymagic says:

    WickedGran you are awesome. These 2 give fat people a bad name. Has anyone else noticed the amount of fat fugly people out there who eat enough for 5 people and always starve their victims even if it is one meal a day for they give. These 2 fat bastards need to be starved for a while. I am sure they would survive for weeks considering all the lard on them — unfortunately.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Thanks cleo for putting horrible images in my head! That was sarcasm btw. I don’t want to imagine these two beasts doing anything sexual with anyone or anything but the fact they did sexual things to that boy makes me want to puke. And bleach my brain too. And beat these bastards until they are bloody piles of goo on the road.

  4. MsM says:

    It took SIX years for said concerned family member to call the police? This kid didn’t go to school for six years either? And nobody in the school system thought to ask?? I’ve been to Escanaba – it’s a tiny little town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Six years is a very long time to go missing in that small a town. I think the police need to search outward as well and find those who didn’t ask questions culpable as well, but that’s just me. Six years is too damned long to put up with any of the abuses this boy went through and in a location that small, where in the winter the tourists leave and the population goes down to less than 4-5000 somebody else had to know something and never said a word.

    • cleo says:

      From what I can gather, if they were ever asked about the boy they said he’d gone to live with his father.

      • MsM says:

        That would make sense. Yet, still, a responsible school social worker would have called the father to verify. What a couple of douchebags. They deserve a spot in Bengal’s Cellar of Doom as well!!

        • bulldoggy says:

          Speaking of whom, where is bengalpuss? I miss her acerbic comments and vicious wit. Come back bengalpuss, we need you!

          • Bengalpuss says:

            Oh bulldoggy, was you missing me love? My god, what a pair of fat cunts(pardon my french) They definately deserve a place in Bengalpuss’s dungeon.

    • Suzanne says:

      I just found out about this. I lived in Escanaba from age 4 to 27. Population has been 12000 forever. With that said, I agree with MsM. Took years to figure this out? If it were my family, I’d know in a week. Who are these people? Is susan from escanaba? Who is her family? No community is immune to sick and evil people but this is so horrible. It’s so horrible its hard to think and read about. How could this happen?

  5. jibberjabber says:

    Anyone know if the kid is ok? Is he in a home yet and going back to school? I hope he’s in a good place right now getting lots of help.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    Bengalpuss is back! I was having withdrawal symptoms for a minute there. She’s going to have to build a larger dungeon if she’s going to fit in many of these huge hell beasts.

  7. scrappy says:

    I’m sorry, the suffering this poor child endured is horrific and shocking. I can’t imagine the next ten years or so are going to be much but recovery time for this sad kid.

    The thing I can’t get past is how totally disgusting they look. Imagine how bad they must have smelled. And then here is some poor child going through puberty in hell with his only sexual experiences being these revolting creatures molesting him. It makes the brain bleach seem too weak. Could I just unsee and unread, please?

  8. scrappy says:

    Not to mention, they have the audacity to look sad in their mugshots and shackles.

    Hey fu*&#ers, you just destroyed the life of an innocent child! Have the consideration for the humans on the planet to commit suicide already.

  9. Sassedame says:

    WTF ARE THOSE THINGS? I believe the sexual abuse MUST have been in the form of this thing’s tongue b/c you couldn’t find ITS willy! My vivid imagination has blown a fuse on this story! OMG! That poor baby! Can you imagine the hour of impending torturous fear that boy had to suffer through from the first sound of the elephant clomp to the last shake of the house as IT opened that poor boys door? That child will never be able to recover from the pure horror that will forever haunt him, as horribly vile as these two things are as normal, he had to witness their FUGLY O Faces in the night! AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!

  10. Amber says:

    so i was in prison with this sack of shit; she went to protective custody for a little bit because everybody was trying to kick her ass; including myself; what she did is fucking disgusting!!

  11. KXG says:

    sweet zombie jesus… another repulsive lard-stuffed hambeast and a wanna-be mountain man fatass. how did these two even BREED to have a kid to abuse? the logistics would probably stump MIT. disgusting twats had to punish someone for them falling out of the tree they cut fugly sticks from and hitting every branch on the way down, i guess. hope their prison abusers are supplied enough flour, they’ll need a lot to roll these two in to find any holes.

  12. Someonewholearned says:

    I was in county jail with this psyco and then prison, myself and another inmate got ahold of her paperwork, because she kept trying to say it was all the boyfriend, we wanted the truth and received more than we could handle. She would sit and listen to the ads on television for drop off points for donations for the poor child and wouldn’t even bat an eye, they tortured him sexually, with strap ons because Carl had E.D. She would videotape it, the only “toy” he had in his “room” (using that word lightly) was a “see-n-say” (ya know the toy u pull the string on and it makes animal noises) they strapped him to a wooden chair in the bathtub as punishment saying he was urinating all over the place, said that’s why they pulled him out of woodland elementary, they used objects as sexual weapons on him, the police report stated the smell in his room was equivelant to that of a full portapotty in the middle of July, the dogs were fed well, and so were they the cabinets had locks on them to prevent him from seeking food, she tried to tell us she couldn’t call the police because Carl was watching her, meanwhile she worked at a telemarketing agency in town and was on the phone every day all day, (easily could have said something) it wasn’t even her family that said something it was his, when they gave the kid a check for his birthday and it was never cashed the good person who reported it tried to go visit and told that he wasn’t there when they could hear him. That poor baby went thru hell and I can tell u Susan never shows an ounce of remourse, her main concern in both jail and prison was money she kept complaining about how she was gonna be supported also, can tell you she had her ass kicked more times than can be counted in both jail and prison, and lost about 80 pounds, spent alot of time in protective custody, has had her details of her case spread all over tjat place and every time someone who knows about her case catches her walking the yard with a smile on her face they remind her she has nothing to smile about even the sickest murderers have no place for people like her. Her time wont be easy, but not nearly as hard as that little boy had it my prayers have always and will always go out to that boy, and the wonderful people who are raising him and trying to undo any damage that they possibly can

  13. SalamanderTeeth says:

    I saw a story on the news about this boy. He lives with his dad and adoptive Mother now. She is a social worker and she has been very supportive and loving. He recently graduated with a high GPA and has done a few speaking engagements about abuse and how to help those who have been abused. So sad for what he has gone through. As a Mother, I can’t understand how anybody could do this to their baby. I love my child more than life itself and I could never imagine doing a thing to harm him and if anybody did, I know I would have it in me to take care of the bastard that tried to hurt him.

  14. Justa Nothermom says:

    Just in case you didn’t see this, this poor boy is a SURVIVOR <3

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Thank you, its nice to know that this young man has had another chance without those two monsters. It made me smile knowing he’s gonna be ok, bless him.

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