Susan, Joan & Rebekah Gensiak

Susan, Rebekah and Joan Gensiak

Susan, Rebekah and Joan Gensiak

Crimes: Murder, Manslaughter, Neglect, Abuse

I used to work with special needs children way, way in the murky past. I met many young people with a variety of physical or mental disabilities, and the ones I most enjoyed were those with Down syndrome. Every single one I met was so cheerful, so full of love, joy and enthusiasms, that they made my day so much happier. I’m not saying that they were constantly happy because that’s not true. Like everyone, their feelings could get hurt and their frustrations could get them upset. But when the children with Down syndrome I knew smiled, I had to smile too.

Robert Gensiak, a 32-year-old Taylor, Pennsylvania man with Down syndrome, had little to smile about. Tragically, any love and joy he deserved to have in this life were denied him by his own mother and sisters. Maybe it was because of his disability that the hellbitches didn’t love him, or maybe it was because none of them had the soul or humanity to give a damn about any other person.

Actually, I believe that the mother, Susan Gensiak, and the sisters, Joan and Rebekah Gensiak, not only didn’t love poor Robert, they must have loathed him. Through sheer neglect the unfortunate man was subjected to a life of horrific pain and suffering. Tragically, only his death alleviated his agony.

Susan, Joan and Rebekah Gensiak considered Robert Gensiak worthless, aside from his monthly Social Security benefits cheques. Every month the poor man received $1042 from the state, and of that nothing was spent on him. The hellbitches claimed it all for their own use.

And what did these evil women do with the money? They bought food — lots of food, they got cable TV and the Internet, they clothed themselves and they paid their bills.

And where was Robert Gensiak while his family lived off his money? He was confined in a closed-off room to rot on a child-sized bed that was soiled with his feces. Eventually he was moved to a chair to rot.

Robert Gensiak’s teeth were so rotten many had fallen out. They must have caused him excruciating pain, especially if he tried to eat. Not that he had anything to eat. Poor Robert was emaciated — he was actually down to 69 pounds when he died on March 20, 2013.

Gensiak houseStarvation and rotten teeth weren’t all Robert Gensiak was made to suffer. He had head lice, and because of an infestation of mites, his entire body was covered with scabies. The scabs had cracked in various spots leaving open sores all over his body. These sores oozed fluids, and some of those sores were open right down to the bone. Right. Down. To. The. Bone.

Robert Gensiak died of sepsis, with malnutrition contributing. He didn’t die at the hellhole known as home. He actually died in hospital — the day after his hellbeastly mother and sisters had him sent to hospital by ambulance because he was only semi-responsive. Too little effort, much too late.
Lackawanna County Coroner Tim Rowland ruled the manner of death as homicide due to neglect.

The day after Robert Gensiak died, investigators visited the “bereaved” family. The hellbeastly mother, Susan Gensiak, asked the police whether she would still receive Robert’s Social Security cheque now that he was dead. Yeah, that was her only concern.

When asked about his medical problems, the 3 women told investigators that Robert had had psoriasis that they treated with over-the-counter creams. They denied anything else was wrong with him.

When asked why they hadn’t taken Robert to the doctor, the women complained that they had no transportation.

When asked why Robert Gensiak hadn’t been placed in a personal care facility where he would’ve gotten the care he needed, the hellbitches actually said they’d been worried that they wouldn’t get his financial support from the state any more.

All those 3 evil women cared about was the money. They cared nothing — less than nothing — for Robert. They likely would have celebrated his passing if it hadn’t meant the end of the money.

Fortunately, Robert Gensiak’s death also meant the end of freedom for the heartless Gensiak women.

Susan Gensiak in custody

Susan Gensiak in custody

Susan Gensiak, 59, Rebekah Gensiak, 24, and Joan Gensiak, 35, were arrested and charged with 3rd-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and neglect of care for a dependent person. They were locked up in Lackawanna Prison.

In June 2013, Rebekah Gensiak, 24, got a plea deal. Lucky her. She took the stand to testify against her family, and pled guilty to a misdemeanor count of neglect of a care-dependent person. In return, she received a sentence of 6 to 23 months in Lackawanna Prison.

Rebekah Gensiak testified that she’d spoken with her mother about getting Robert help at least once, but that an argument ensued. The woman knew her brother’s health was getting worse, that he was wasting away in filth and in agony, and she mustered up just enough concern to speak to her mother about it once or twice.

Know what? She gets no credit for that from me. She was in her twenties, a full-grown woman, and she damn well knew, unless her IQ was way less than Robert’s, that not giving food to a person makes them die. What stopped her from calling the authorities? What stopped her from calling an ambulance? She could have saved her brother’s life, but she chose instead to carry on as before. She chose to ignore the horrific and ultimately fatal conditions her own brother was forced to endure.

Susan Gensiak, 60, pleaded guilty to 3rd-degree murder. In October 2014, Lackawanna County Judge Margaret Bisignani Moyle sentenced her to 10 to 20 years in state prison. She’ll be at least 70 when she’s eligible for parole.

“I’m sorry for what happened to Robert,” Susan Gensiak told the court. “I love my son very much.” Riiiight.

Joan Gensiak, who moved into her mother’s home with her own daughter, faced an additional charge for endangering the welfare of a child. Her 2-year-old daughter caught scabies while living in that hellhole, and good old heartless Joan didn’t seek treatment for the wee one. As well, the toddler was exposed to lice and possibly ringworm. WTFH kind of people are these?

Joan Gensiak pled guilty to neglect of a care-dependent person and endangering the welfare of a child. In October 2014 Judge Moyle sentenced Joan Gensiak to 6 to 15 years in state prison.

All three women were credited with time served.

“It’s clear (Robert Gensiak) did suffer and suffered for a long time,” Judge Moyle said during sentencing. “No one can claim ignorance and say they didn’t know any better.”

The Gensiak house where Robert Gensiak suffered and died has been torn down. I hope that doesn’t result in the unfortunate fellow being forgotten altogether.

Even though the Gensiak womenfolk have been sent to prison, their lives will still be thousands of times better than Robert Gensiak’s was. They will be fed, clothed, kept clean. They will have medical care and dental care. Their incarceration may be unpleasant, but it pales in comparison to the undiluted hell that they made that poor, disabled man endure.

RIP, Robert Gensiak. May your torturers suffer the torments of the damned every day for the rest of their lives. And may your young niece flourish and blossom in an environment free of her hellbeastly grandmother, mother and aunt. article
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10 Responses to Susan, Joan & Rebekah Gensiak

  1. moodymagic says:

    Looks like these 3 monsters could stand to loose a few meals. I’d venture to guess that most of the poor victims money was eatin by these fat cows. Burn in hell the 3 of you. My heart breaks for Robert and the poor 2 year old girl.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Cleo looks like you’re starting ‘Fugly Bitch Week’

  3. 2cute says:

    This is beyond sad. I feel horrible for the pain, agony and loneliness that Robert lived with for years and years. He was not only unloved to death he must’ve been hated to death. There was help for him to live a happy life but those evil bitches were too sadistic, too selfish to allow that. I hope they all are chased down and beaten for the hell bitches they are.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I agree 2cute. They put that poor man through torture and for that they should be in prison for life. And I’m including Rebekah here too. There was nothing stopping her from stopping the abuse. One phone call would be all she’d need to make but she couldn’t even do that. They’re all evil.

  4. Awesomeblossom says:

    I hate them and hope they suffer horribly for what they did.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    What a bunch of fat ugly sow’s, that poor man having to have those 3 fat cunt’s as relatives. I can’t get over them saying “do we still get his disability” just after being told that their own flesh and blood had died. And the sentences that they recieved were pathetic, leave me alone with them for an hour, i’d spray their their wounds with acid.

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    Thanks cleo, i’ve just sussed out how to comment on this phone, i was writing comments but they wouldn’t show, its taken me 6 weeks to work it out, I was reading the articles, getting wound up with anger and couldn’t comment, now i’m back. I’ve missed the bulldoggy and 2cute’s banter, and after reading about these 3 fat lumps of excrement it looks like i came back just in time, now cleo i’m off to play catch up on the articles i couldn’t comment on.

  7. twisted.kitten says:

    I’m a very curious person by nature so of course I just had to dig for more info. Seems Rebekah has taken on a whole new identity and look. I guess when all you know is conning people and cold hearted murderous neglect you have to continue that. They should all be in jail because all 3 participated in this poor man’s demise. It’s beyond sick how they failed him.

  8. Tom Daly says:

    Ya know if there was a prize for “Miss Fat Fugly Cow”, those three hellbitches would win. I hope they suffer every second of every hour of every day of the rest of their pathetic lives

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