Stewart Murray Wilson

Hellbeast Stewart Murray Wilson
Crimes: Rape, sexual assault, assault, bestiality, stupefying, torture, child abuse

The residents of Whanganui, New Zealand, are none too happy with their new neighbour. Well, if someone with the nickname “Beast of Blenheim” was going to live near me, I’d be up in arms too. The beast is Stewart Murray Wilson — Murray to his friends, if he has any. And Murray expended a lot of energy over a lot of years in Blenheim to earn his beastly nickname.

Stewart Murray Wilson came from a broken, abusive family. In his teen he allegedly suffered some brain damage, according to his mom, and that caused him to “lose control occasionally”. The teenaged beast was sent off to live in a children’s home and a psychiatric hospital. Much good it did him because he grew up to become a beast from hell.

Stewart Murray Wilson had a varied criminal career that began in 1962, when he was all of 16. The rotter started off with burglary, but later transferred his energies to assaulting women and children and animals. We’re talking a lot of assaulting and a lot of victims — 42 that are known, not including the animals.

Stewart Murray Wilson drugged, assaulted and raped his victims over a 23-year period before he was stopped. Some of the victims were subjected to horrific abuse for years, unable and too afraid to escape his clutches.

Stewart POS perv Wilson’s modus operandi was to lure vulnerable women and their daughters into his home on the pretext of helping them. Between 1971 and 1994 he “helped” 16 women and girls.

Once in the home the victims were drugged with prescription drugs, beaten, degraded and raped.

He raped mothers in front of their daughters and daughters in front of their mothers.

One victim, a mother of 3, was kept a prisoner for 2 years. She was forced to have sex with him on a table in front of her children while they ate their dinner.

The poor children were locked in a garden shed for hours at a time. How terrified they must have been. It was worse for their mother — she was forced to have sex with a dog.

The women were subjected to terrible indignities: their hair was cut off, they were denied clothing or underwear, and were beaten and raped and drugged into complete submission.

One of the beast Wilson’s more unfortunate victims was his common-law wife/sex slave Lorraine, and she still bears the scars of his abuse to this day. See, Stewart Murray Hellbeast Wilson is fond of oral sex and to make things more comfy for himself he removed Lorraine’s teeth. Forcibly.

Lorraine’s facial injuries have been likened by a medical professional to those of a casualty of war.

Lorraine had been beaten so badly that she’d even miscarried. Her own teenaged daughter was repeatedly raped and beaten as well.

Now as you may suspect Stewart the rabid rat’s ass Wilson was not popular in the neighbourhood. In fact, he scared the hell out of most of his neighbours. People sold their houses to get away from him and his intimidation. But there was one woman who wouldn’t back down — Darlene Dalton.

Now Darlene Dalton had been childhood friends with the unfortunate Lorraine, and wound up living in the apartment below them in Auckland. One night, after weeks of screams and violence from upstairs, Darlene Dalton found Lorraine at her door.

“She was covered in blood,” said Ms Dalton. “Blood was coming down the steps.”

Instead of calling the police, the raging Darlene Dalton grabbed a softball bat and stormed up the stairs.

She confronted the bastard Wilson who told her to leave. Darlene Dalton didn’t leave. Instead she swung the bat at his head. It connected and down the beast went. Darlene Dalton hit him again and again.

“I broke his arm, got him on the dome [head],” she said. “He was bleeding … but I wanted more blood to tell the truth … I wanted to kill him.”

If her roommates hadn’t intervened, she just might have succeeded. Too bad they stopped her. They didn’t stop her torching his car, though. Haha!

Too bad they hadn’t called the police though, but Ms Dalton was likely afraid she’d be arrested for assault.

Darlene Dalton and her roommates had no idea at the time that there had been so many women and girls hurt by the sadistic bastard Stewart Murray Wilson. If they had I am sure he would’ve met his maker courtesy of Darlene Dalton and her baseball bat.

At some point Stewart the hellbeast monster rapist Murray Wilson impregnated a woman and she gave birth to his daughter. Not surprisingly, the beast didn’t treat his own child any better than he did the children of his captives.

The little girl was made to eat with the cats. She wasn’t sent to school and was neglected. In 1994 she was spotted by a man named Chris Cooke who was so concerned about her welfare that he reported the monster to the New Zealand Children and Young Persons Service. They investigated and the child was put into care.

The social workers were so frightened of the monster that they hired a security guard for protection while removing the girl from his home.

As the investigation got underway details of his crimes became known. More and more victims came forward to tell the authorities what the hellbeast Wilson had done to them.

In December 1994, after 23 years of unfettered sadism, Stewart Murray Wilson was arrested.

In 1996 the demon spawn Wilson was convicted on sex offences involving 16 female victims. The guilty verdicts were for 7 charges of rape, 1 of attempted rape, 6 of indecent assault, 2 of stupefying, 1 of attempted stupefying, 2 of willful ill-treatment of a child, 3 of assault on a female, and 1 of bestiality. That brings the total to 23 counts.

In March 1996 Stewart Murray the f*cking rapist Wilson was sentenced to 21 years in prison. The judge wanted to give a sentence of “preventative detention” but that option wasn’t available for him to use. Damn!

Stewart Murray Wilson the Beast of Blenheim was sent to Rolleston Prison, a low-security facility that has programs for child sex offenders. Guess who didn’t benefit from those programs.

The sadistic beast appeared before the Parole Board at least 5 times, and every time his application for early release was refused. Why? Because the bastard denied any and all responsibility for his crimes. He’s shown no remorse and has had very little treatment.

Hellbeast Stewart Murray WilsonBut in September 2012, after 18 years in prison, at the age of 65, this monstrous creature was released. No choice apparently — it was a statutory release.

The clinical psychologist determined that the bastard Wilson is at high risk of reoffending so the Parole Board imposed 17 release conditions on him. These conditions are apparently the toughest ever imposed on anyone let out of prison in New Zealand.

One of the conditions of his release is that Wilson must reside in a state house on the grounds of Whanganui Prison. He also has to wear a GPS tracking device at all times.

The other conditions set out “preclude him taking a job, driving a car, accessing the Internet, placing newspaper advertisements, attending clubs, groups, churches or addiction support groups without permission.” The monster Wilson will not be allowed to “leave the address, nor Whanganui itself without permission” and will be prohibited from “contacting any of his victims, any females and anybody under 16.”

The citizens of Whanganui are not happy at all about having the Beast of Blenheim living close by. Despite his having to live on prison grounds, despite his having to wear the GPS tracking device, they just don’t trust him. Hell, I don’t trust him and I’m on the other side of the planet!

The SPCA is very concerned that the monster Wilson may be allowed to own animals. They haven’t forgotten that bestiality charge. None of the conditions of his release deny him the right to own a pet.

Please, please, please don’t anybody sell or give him an animal!

Darlene Dalton had said at his trial in 1996, “If he gets out of jail, looks for Lorraine and hurts her I swear to you, I will kill him. I’m not scared of him.” I am really hoping there are oodles of people in New Zealand who will be watching and ensuring the sadistic bastard doesn’t hurt anyone ever again.

Since his release Stewart Murray Wilson has written to the media saying he has paid his penalty and just wants to get on with his life. He is still in denial about his crimes.

In his response to a request for a TV interview he wrote, “I feel that fairness, fact and truth are foremost important along with incentive to ensure that no further denigration take place against myself or my alleged victims as we all want to get on with our lives.”

His “alleged” victims, eh? “Alleged”? Damned bastard!

And can these traumatized women ever get on with their lives? Lorraine is trying. An Auckland dentist has given her a complete new set of teeth implants worth more than $20,000. Bless the dentist’s heart. And bless all the victims. I hope they all overcome the trauma and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Stewart Murray Wilson, die soon and go rot in hell. It’s where you belong.

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16 Responses to Stewart Murray Wilson

  1. 2cute says:

    I think one of those conditions of his release should have been that he has to daily walk down the middle of the main street of Whanganui with a bullseye t-shirt at noon. Then the people of Whanganui can get a good look/shot at him, every day. They could even set up a “welcoming” committee to line the street as he walks by. Think how fun, everyone with baseball bats and such, letting him know directly how thrilled they are that he has moved there. And maybe, as he picks up his teeth, he’ll think of Lorraine and his other victims.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Why the hell wasn’t this guy charged with kidnapping and forcible confinement? Those women were kept against their will and made to be his sex slaves. Too bad the judge couldn’t keep him locked up forever because it doesn’t seem like he’s learned a damned thing. “Alleged victims” ha! The guy should do the planet a favour and drop dead.

  3. moodymagic says:

    This disgusting ass hat needs to be exterminated from the planet. He makes me sick. The women and children that suffered at his hands of all prayers and simpathy that they do not let this scum bag defeat them.

  4. Trace says:

    The world can’t afford space for pieces of shit like this guy. Exterminate him, incinerate him and completely obliterate him.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    With all those conditions imposed on him, they’d just as well have kept his arse in jail. Anyway im starting a darlene Dalton Fan club, she’s my type of girl. Great shame her friends dragged her off the bastard that night when she was beating him. Guys like this fucker don.t change, he doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong, and his “Alleged victims” And himself should be allowed to move on and get on with their lives, well the victims can.t knowing that this fucker is loose. How sick to rape a mother in front of her children and to rape the children in front of their mother. This cunt will fuck up in the next few months, and its bye bye again for him. Its only a matter of time. I think the restrictions imposed on him are brilliant, other judges need to follow suit, when they have to release a prisoner, stick a load of conditions on them. Anyway like i said this cunt will fuck up only a matter of time.

    • 2cute says:

      Agreed Darlene Dalton is awesome! I’ll join the fan club.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Every once in a while, i come across a true story where a man has been abusive to his family. And all of a sudden someone snaps and beats the bastard, and that someone is a woman with a baseball bat or other heavy implement, which i think is great. Darlene dalton is one of those people. This pussy made everyone’s life a misery, but my girl went in that house and batted that fucker and did some damage. Just a shame that she didn’t kill the bastard, but still she didn’t let that fucker threaten her. So darlene if you come across this site and post, we love you, good on you mate, as they say in new zealand.

  6. Hairy says:

    I hope this creep messes up just a little, just enough for the courts to send his creepy ass back to prison for the rest of his life.

  7. mollsworld says:

    statutory release? wtf? that seems to be defeating the purpose of locking them up in the first place. Also, 21 years for all the pain he inflicted? Um, he should have been sentenced to death straight up. Why are the laws so light on these type of monsters??? Also, Darlene Dalton is a badass. Her roommmates shouldn’t have stopped her. She sounds awesome.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Yes have to agree with you mollsworld, some of the laws are outrageous, and i think darlene dalton, rocks. just a shame she was pulled off this cunt, there should be more darlene dalton’s in this world. especially for paedaphiles like this bastard.

  8. known says:

    Just was reading his wiki and it says Wilson was recalled to jail in February 2013 after he allegedly made a phone call to someone he was not allowed to contact. Thank god!

  9. David Turner says:

    I survived time with this thing, And it had other cohorts in Blenheim. One day it will come out about the Boys of A.A. too. We were kids, DWT says.

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