Stevie Michael Irwin

Stevie Michael Irwin

Crimes: Pedophile, Rape, Incest

OK, this is a ridiculously short story in the telling, with not much in the way of details. Still, it’s the story of a hellbeast who most deservedly belongs on this site.

Stevie Michael Irwin, of Knox County, Tennessee, is a pedophile. In fact he is now a convicted pedophile.

On August 27, 2014 the 37-year-old hellbeast was found guilty of 2 counts of rape of a child, 2 counts of attempted rape of a child, 1 count of aggravated sexual battery, and 1 count of incest.

I’ll let that sink in for a bit, especially the part about incest. Yup, not even children in his family are safe from Stevie Michael Irwin.

One victim was only 5 years old when the sexual abuse began. Five years old! Kindergarten age! And the sexual assaults didn’t stop until the child was 8 years old.

I can’t imagine how a small child deals with being repeatedly sexually assaulted. I can’t imagine the fear and the dread this child felt, knowing the monster could show up at any time.

Stevie Michael Irwin had to have found a way to keep that child quiet for 3 years. He’d also been charged with coercion of a witness so it’s pretty obvious to me he used threats of violence.

It takes such a manly man to threaten a small child. And doesn’t Stevie Michael Irwin look like such a manly man? Check out those sideburns … and those girly curls!

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office launched its investigation into Stevie Michael Irwin in October 2010 when they got a tip about the suspected abuse. It can’t have been easy to investigate if the victims were afraid to speak up. It took almost 4 years for him to be brought to trial.

When Stevie Michael Irwin did face trial before a Knox County jury, it took all of 2 days before it was over. Guilty, guilty, guilty! Yay!

Stevie Michael Irwin faces at least 25 years in prison for his crimes. Good! Apparently Tennessee has mandatory sentencing statutes that must be adhered to, and those guarantee convicted hellbeasts like Stevie Michael Irwin are sent away for a good long time.

I truly hope that every child that Stevie Michael Irwin assaulted has all the love and nurturing necessary to live a happy, successful life. I truly hope in the case of the child who was incestuously abused that the entire family is unwaveringly supportive.

Long may Stevie Michael Irwin suffer and rot in prison. I shall endeavour to update readers about the sentencing — reminders are welcome. I must say, though, that I am pleased that 25 years in prison is the minimum this hellbeast faces.

Any monster that would rape a small child, who would threaten a small child, who would target his own family member for rape, does not deserve to be in society. Stevie Michael Irwin is a vile, disgusting, incestuous pedophile, and I hope all his cellmates know about it.

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12 Responses to Stevie Michael Irwin

  1. fuctup says:

    He raped his own kin? If I found out my brother raped my kids or his own he’d be buried ass upward in a pile of pig shit. Pigs might gnaw on his carcass a bit but that’s ok.

  2. Moody Magic says:

    I hope you live along suffering life. He should have child raper branded on his forehead. Burn in hell.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    What a beastly nonce this pig is, sexualy assaulting his own niece, and those poor other children. I truly hope and pray that he becomes someones bitch in jail, and rape his white pasty arse on a regular basis, or thump his skull often, least this turd deserves.

  4. PJ says:

    I thought it was his own kid he was raping. Poor kid. Hope this bastard never lives to see freedom again.

  5. Agrippina The Elder says:

    Yet another waste of life who doesn’t deserve to live. I personally will never, ever believe that sex offenders and rapists can be rehabilitated. You can’t rehabilitate a person who was never habilitated to begin with! It wasn’t so long ago that we still put people to death for sex crimes……remember Caryl Chessman? I’ll admit that I don’t have all the answers for what society should do with sex offenders and rapists, but I do believe that they shouldn’t be released back into society if their criminal records look anything like this sicko’s!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims. Please remember you did nothing wrong and it was NOT your fault that you were victimized by this person.

  6. Beast hunter says:

    Please let all other pedophile haters at that prison know this bartard’s crimes

  7. From Knoxville says:

    What this article didn’t mention is not only is there a min. of 25 years for a rape charge of a minor -if convicted. Each of the 5 charges will get their very own sentence. So the 2 accounts of rape is 25 years a piece. As for the other charges, they will each get a sentence on their own. So the least, and I mean the very least w/o possibility of parole will be 50 years, the other charges are just going to pile on more years! Icing on the cake if you will.

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There is Good and There is Evil

    Those who Say Otherwise are Underminers of Morality and Need to Stop
    being Clueless

    Incest should be a Capital Offence

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indecent Behaviour in Public should be an Offence

    Any Creep Dropping their Trousers in Public should be Given a Prison
    Sentence of 10 Years Flogged and put on the Sex Offenders Register For
    Life Anyone that Exposes themselves in Public should be Given a Life
    Prison Sentence with NO Parole Capital Punishment if done before

    A Country of Decency Not Degeneracy

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Namely when Yob Types put their Hands under their Trousers in Public

    Should be on the Sex Offenders Register at the very Least

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