Stevie Marie Foehl & Michael Justin Emory

Michael Emory and Stevie Foehl

Crime: Pedophiles

If you haven’t noticed by now, I hate, loathe and detest pedophiles. Disgustingly, there seems to be no end in sight to the repellent pervs popping up on my radar. Today’s pair of pedos are Stevie Marie Foehl and Michael Justin Emory of Michigan. Again — how the f*ck do these monsters find each other?!?

The sheer horror of what these two hellbeasts were up to was exposed when, in February 2013, Ottawa County detectives were investigating the case of a 14-year-old girl having a sexual relationship with Michael Emory.

The pedo perv had contacted the teen through an ad for babysitting on Craigslist. The girl’s parents found out about the sexual relationship and contacted the police. Thank goodness they did that.

Now why was Michael Emory interested in babysitting services in the first place? Because he and Stevie Foehl had children of their own. That’s right, the pedophiles were parents.

OMG, when I think of all the good people who can’t have children it sickens me that hellbeasts like these are fertile as f*ck.

When investigators began asking questions about Michael Emory, the pedo pair panicked and fled their Alpine Township apartment in the middle of the night. Well, that certainly got the attention of investigators.

With the monsters gone, the police searched the apartment. They found a computer and on that computer they found a video — the most disgusting, vile video I’m sure they’d ever seen.

In 2012, Stevie Foehl and Michael Emory would help her high school friend by babysitting her 5-year-old boy and baby girl. The single mother was working and trying to pursue a college degree, so she was glad of their help. She had no idea that her “friends” were hellbeasts in disguise.

With unsupervised access to their friend’s children, the shitpile pedophiles got busy. In their apartment, on at least 2 occasions, Stevie Foehl and Michael Emory took the baby girl into a room and locked the doors so their children and the baby’s brother couldn’t get in. Fortunately for justice, they videotaped what happened in that locked room.

According to court documents, “first Stevie Foehl is holding the camera while Michael Emory is sexually assaulting the girl multiple times. Michael then holds the camera while Stevie sexually assaults the young girl.” The sexual assaults included oral vaginal penetration and digital vaginal penetration of the 1-year-old baby.

That was the video the Ottawa County detectives found on the hellbeasts’ computer. I feel horrible for the investigators who had to watch the rape of that baby.

Speaking about the investigators, Kent County Undersheriff John Hess said, “To a person, this is the worst, one of the worst [child sex cases] they’ve had to work.”

The FBI got involved and tracked down the pedos to a relative’s home in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in August 2013. Stevie Foehl and Michael Emory were extradited back to Michigan.

Incredibly, on August 9, 2013, Stevie Foehl gave an exclusive interview behind bars to WOOD TV 8. The mother of two didn’t deny her involvement in the video, but said the news reports were wrong.

“Nothing we did hurt her,” the hellbitch said, “Nothing physically hurt her. Of course it’s not going to make sense to anybody. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

She went on to say that her boyfriend, Michael Emory, was a great guy. “He may have made some mistakes but he is who he is.” He is who he is? Wow, profound.

Stevie Foehl said about herself, “I’m a great person and hopefully one day everybody will be able to forgive me.”

Know what I think? I think somebody better explain to Stevie Foehl the real meaning of “great”. If she thinks she’s great and her boyfriend’s great she’s totally delusional.

Michael Emory and Stevie FoehlIn January 2015, Michael Justin Emory pled guilty to 3 counts of 1st-degree criminal sexual assault, possession of child sexually abusive material and using a computer to commit a crime. Stevie Marie Foehl pled guilty to one count of 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct, possession of child sexually abusive material and use of a computer to commit a crime.

Stevie Foehl told the court before sentencing on March 6, 2015, “To say I’m remorseful is an understatement. If I could go back and change my actions I would.”

Michael Emory told the court, “I’d just like to apologize to the family of the victim. Every day I wake up and wish I could take this back, all I can try to do is make the future better, make things better somehow.”

The pedo bastard’s lawyer told the judge he believed Michael Emory was a good candidate for rehabilitation. *snort* Like any pedophile can be rehabilitated! Judge Dennis Lieber didn’t think it possible either.

When Judge Lieber asked Michael Emory how he found himself in a position to abuse a baby, the pedophile perv answered that “it’s a hard situation to explain” and was the result of a “long line of bad choices”.

“Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree is one of the more serious crimes,” Judge Dennis Lieber said. “I don’t know how to quantify the horror this child was put through.” He pointed out how Stevie Foehl and offered the child to her boyfriend as a “sexual sacrifice” before raping the baby herself.

The good judge sentenced Stevie Marie Foehl, 28, to life in prison. He sentenced Michael Justin Emory, 26, to 3 consecutive life sentences. I’m guessing Judge Lieber didn’t consider either of the baby rapers to be great people.

I really must commend the investigators who had to, as their job, watch that disgusting video. It would have made me sick, literally. I also commend the teenager’s parents for involving the police when they found out their girl had been sexually involved in a grown-ass man.

I hope the victims of this evil pair are safe, happy and healthy, and wish them all the love and support they need to live great lives full of success and satisfaction. I wish the same for the children of the convicted pedophiles.

Lastly, I wish daily misery upon Michael Emory and Stevie Foehl. Their actions caused real harm, and there is no making things better or taking it back. Their apologies mean nothing because if they hadn’t been arrested they wouldn’t have stopped raping children.

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9 Responses to Stevie Marie Foehl & Michael Justin Emory

  1. Deb says:

    What they got CAUGHT doing is probably just the tip of the iceberg of what these two pervs have been doing. There is no crime I hate more. I’m so glad he was sentenced to life!! There is no rehabilitation, no cure (except a bullet to the head) for a child molester. Once you cross that line you give up your rights as a human being.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Amen to the judge to sentencing these 2 wastes of space. Burn in hell pedos. I hope you both suffer each and everyday

  3. Awesomeblossom says:

    If they’d touched my kid I would’ve beaten the snot out of them before calling the police. Hope their cell mates know these bastards rape babies.

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Only Decent People Deserve Human Rights

    Child Molesters are Scum

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Fucking scumbag nonce’s, i hate them. I wish britain would dish out decent sentence’s like america does, instead of a couple of pathetic years. That judge is my kind of judge and if i was the parent of any of those children then believe me when i say that those two sick fuck’s would be begging for jail time after i finished.

    • Mike Avery says:

      These monsters do have some rights. They have the right to:
      1. Be put straight into general population
      2. Get their asses beat up on a regular basis
      3. To suffer on a regular basis

  6. Bulldoggy says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were way more victims of these two depraved perverts.

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed the Sentences to Child Abusers in the UK are Appalling

    Hardly a Punishment

  8. YouKnowWhoItIs says:

    I remember when they were arrested. I’m the one who told his family member he was surrounded by cops in Boiling Springs, SC. She lived next door to my job. I had no idea they were this sick.

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