Steven Ryan

Hellbeast Steven Ryan

Crime: Pedophile

Steven Ryan of Bridlington, Yorkshire, is going to have some time in prison to churn up some remorse and rehabilitate himself from his criminal tendencies. Most likely, however, he’ll spend all his time feeling very sorry for himself and conjuring up more excuses for his vile, perverted behavior. That’s what pedophiles do.

Steven Ryan, 33, is most assuredly a pedophile. He didn’t want anyone to know that, naturally, and that’s why he showed up for court with a scarf covering his face.

Too bad for him we have his mugshot to show the world.

Steven Ryan, father of 3, abused 2 young school girls. The first victim, aged 5, spoke up about what the bad man did to her. Kudos to her!

Police arrested Steven Ryan for the indecent assault on the little girl but for some reason unknown and unfathomable to me the decision was made not to prosecute him then.

The little girl found being in relationships very difficult as she got older. I can believe it. That’s all thanks to the disgusting pedo, and possibly thanks as well to the justice system that let him go.

Having escaped prosecution you’d think that Steven Ryan the POS pervert would have counted his blessings, concentrated on being a good father and decent citizen, and reformed his pervy ways. But no, that’s not what pedophiles do.

Sixteen years later Steven Ryan was caught at it again. This time his victim was 4 years old when he started messing with her. He made the little girl watch porn on his computer. He made her dress in underwear and high boots which apparently got his rocks off. He threatened her with violence if she didn’t cooperate.

The girl told authorities, “I sat on the doorstep after what he had done just stroking the dog and crying. At the time when I thought of him I felt sick. Sometimes I just hate him.”

The second victim has had difficulty sleeping. She is plagued with nightmares and has to keep her bedroom door open. She does not play outside.

Faced with 2 victims now, the Crown proceeded with prosecuting Steven Ryan. He went to trial in Hull Crown Court, and told a pack of lies which thankfully the court did not believe.

After a 6-day trial, Steven Ryan was found guilty of 3 charges of rape, 13 offences of sexual activity with a child and 1 charge of indecent assault.

Judge Michael Mettyear didn’t sound impressed at all with the pervert. “I am quite satisfied you are a determined and predatory paedophile. Surprisingly, it is usually possible for me to find some redeeming feature in a defendant, and I try some horrific cases. I can find none in you,” said the judge. Ouch! That probably hurt the nasty piece of shit’s wittle feewings.

“You sexually abused your first victim and I am quite satisfied, if she had not complained, you would have gone on to take it further,” Judge Mettyear continued. “You abused the second girl of a similar age, raping her and repeatedly abusing her, in a variety of ways.” Those poor little girls!

Judge Mettyear concluded, “It is clear to me you intended to go even further and invite other pedophiles to join you. Goodness knows what would have happened to her if that occurred.”

Crown barrister Jo Kidd recounted to the court the various psychological problems the victims have to face. Those poor girls — I hope they can live safe, contented and successful lives now that the beast has been convicted.

Judge Mettyear was moved by the plight of the victims. “The full-accounts in the victim impact statements are horrific. My best wishes go to both these girls, and hope they can draw some comfort in the verdicts.” Amen to that.

To the f*cktard pedophile the judge said, “I am quite satisfied you are a dangerous man. I have no doubt there is a high risk of you committing similar offences in the future, if you get the chance. It is particularly of concern that even pending this trial you have been in the company of a convicted pedophile.”

WTF?!? Steven Ryan has been hanging about with a fellow pedophile while waiting for his trial? Now is that supreme stupidity or sheer bravado?

Either way, it was enough for the judge to consider he is a continuing threat. On February 11, 2013, Judge Mettyear sentenced this vile turdpile pedophile to 18 years in prison. He also ordered Steven the hellbeast Ryan to sign onto the National Sex Offender’s Register for life.

Judge Mettyear additionally ordered that Steven Ryan be given a 10-year extended license. That means if the baby raping bastard commits another offence after he gets out on early release, he’d have to go back to prison to finish his entire 18 year sentence.

Now why the hell does he get to enjoy early release? Why can’t 18 years be 18 years?

May Steven Ryan suffer every single day he’s incarcerated. May he rot and fester in his prison cell.

I hope and pray his victims recover and find happiness and peace in their lives.

Bridlington Free Press article

26 Responses to Steven Ryan

  1. FlyingLeadChange says:

    So, he’s 33.

    He started 16 years ago, so he was like 17, or maybe only 16 with his first victim. And then he gets caught again, recently.

    So, we’re supposed to believe that NOTHING happened in those 16 years?

    They need to find a detective with nothing better to do, to comb through those 16 years inch by inch and see if there’s more skeletons in the closet. I bet there is.

    • 2cute says:

      You’re right flyingleadchange, most pedophiles don’t go dormant like that. They nurture their perversion somehow, like with child porn or other victims. I just hope his 3 kids are not being tormented by their peers about their rotten dad. And I really hope he didn’t touch any of them inappropriately.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Good point 2cute, kids can be cruel to one another. I too hope that his 3 children don.t get bullied because their dad is a beast. But paedaphiles are selfish bastards, so while he was abusing that little girl, and probably others, he wouldn’t have given his 3 children a second thought, twisted fucker.

      • Anon says:

        The second victim was his child !

        • bengalpuss says:

          Oh my fucking god, not only is this shithead a sick fuck already, but he’s even a bigger sick fuck for molesting his own flesh and blood, the scummy bastard. I just hope his 18yrs in the shovel, are a living nightmare, that he can.t wake up from. I sincerely hope that someone on general population, sodomises him with a long fat broom handle daily and causes severe anal injuries to this piece of monkey shite, that eventually get infected and he dies of septacemia screaming in agony before his worthless life succumbs.

    • anonomous says:

      Went to school in Beverley with him. You could tell then he was the strange type

  2. bengalpuss says:

    It seems that most of the beasts you write about cleo, come from my neck of the woods “Yorkshire” We’re not all that bad, fellow blogger’s, there’s evil everywhere. That bit i read about the little girl “Sat on the doorstep stroking the dog and crying” Did it for me, i welled up tears, and if that bastard paedaphile would have been within ten feet of me at that moment, i would have beaten him around the head with the nearest object. Im actually suprised for once, a judge giving out a decent sentence. Now why can’t all judges be like Mettyear, i might start up a fan club for him. I hope this perverted lump of shit, gets gang raped in jail, with unusually shaped large objects.

    • FlyingLeadChange says:

      Hmm… I find she writes a lot about Canadian creeps, too. Maybe she has a strong connection to the British Commonwealth?

      • bengalpuss says:

        Flyingleadchange, i think that you’ve hit the nail on the head there, being that cleo, does come from & Lives in canada lol. Besides i think i was being a bit petty in my earlier comment, just seeing two posts about evil bastards, came from yorkshire, and they were so close together. It gave me an inferiority complex. No cleo’s a star, if that was me, my fingers would be withered with all the typing on that keyboard. As long as cleo, keeps exposing these scum sucker’s i really don.t mind, them being exposed near me. At least i know who to look out for. He he he

        • bulldoggy says:

          Hey bengalpuss, is it something in the Yorkshire water that is turning residents into hell beasts? Or is it inbreeding? You seem to live in a particularly wicked area. Maybe you should carry bear spray with you just in case.

      • cleo says:

        I am indeed Canadian but have oodles of British blood in me. I even had a murderer in the family, from Liverpool. He’s dead now but he was a vicious drunk to bludgeoned his old dad to death for spare change to buy booze.

  3. moodymagic says:

    I’m with you Bengalpuss the PRICK needs to suffer bad. I hope all the kids involved find peace and true happiness in life including his 3 kids.

    • bengalpuss says:

      No doubt moodymagic, that this pedo fucker, will be given a cell, with his own kind, rapist’s, nonces and scumbags. And they’ll be protected so that no one harms a hair on his head. If i was a prison officer, i’d give him a mop and bucket and tell him to mop the floors in general population, knowing that someone would take that mop, and either beat him senseless with it, or shove it up his, zippa dee doo dah. I’ll say no more, and pray that he gets lost and wanders into the wrong wing of the jail lol.

    • steve-O says:

      Oooooh, moodymagic SWORE! In capitals! Wow, she must really be pissed at this baby raper!

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    This asshole sounds like a potential resident of bengalpuss’s basement “suite”. I’m sure she’ll make him feel right at home.

  5. pj says:

    Baby rapers like this bastard should be branded on their foreheads so we can see them coming. This one is such an ordinary looking guy! Pedos shouldn’t look ordinary, that’s why I’m in favour of branding or tattoos. A big “PERV” on their forehead would do the job.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I’m all for tagging these beasts so they can’t hide. His signing up for the national sex offender register does squat to protect the innocent when they meet him on the street. Dangerous baby rapers like this should be marked for all to see, especially so kids will know to run away from him when he approaches.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Ha ha bulldoggy, you could be onto something here, wasn.t there a film where the polluted water turned them all into zombies. But in yorkshire, they are all turning into fiends and paedaphiles. Fortunately for me, i don.t drink tap water, cos it tastes like shit in yorkshire, not that i know what shit tastes of, but you get my point, otherwise i could’ve been turned into a beastly bastard like this turd. If for some reason in the future, i am the subject of one of cleo’s, posts, just remember it was the yorkshire water that fucked me up. Lol

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Liverpool, you say. Did he have what us brits call a “Scouse accent”? Like john lennon & Paul mccartny? I just love that accent. Fancy though killing Your own father for his pocket change to buy booze, i don.t think you could stoop any lower. That must have devastated the family. But liverpool is a nice city, but im a broad yorkshire lass born and bred, and can happily state “Not a beast or criminal” And im staying away from the tap water, and will continue to drink bottled water.

    • cleo says:

      That was his accent, just like the Beetles. Cousin Wilfred smashed his dad”s head in with a cake dish then walked to the pub covered in blood and tried to order a drink. Evil bastard lived and died drunk. Stooped to drinking rubbing alcohol even, and eventually slit his wrists. The world’s better off without him.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Im suprised he needed to slit his wrist’s, thought the rubbing alcohol would have done him in. Either by damaging his liver, or setting himself on fire, because isn.t alcohol flamable, and the purer it is the more flamable it is. Thats a really sad story that is cleo, and a shame its true, thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. ;) x team us x says:

    One day I had the chance but I did not know any of his vile crimes !
    The chance came in court 20 yards and I would of got life but being dignified throughout was harder than killing the bastard ( smiling at his empty soul was more than enuf wen he was taken down lol )
    I was 21 wen I met his kids they are ace I’m 23 now and no matter what they are my kids ! I love them to bits and I am going to make sure they have a dad me forever I ( even if I do their heads in) I just wish I could take the pain from them it is horrid to see day in day out it will never end :( but we are fighting

    • bengalpuss says:

      So those poor kids remember? Got i hate this bastard, and i don.t even know him. I think your amazing, anybody can make a baby, but it takes a real man to be a proper dad. And do you know what, you might do their little heads in lol, but at least they know that they are safe with you. I really don.t know how you contained yourself in that court room, because i would have wanted to rip his head clean off his shoulders. If i would have known about him being in court, i would have drove from leeds, sat in the court room, giving him the dagger’s with the eyes, then when the judge said 18yrs i would have cheered then spat in his face, the scummy perverted pig he is.

    • hetty says:

      thanks and yes u do do my head in a lot xx

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