Steven Joseph Bruno

Steven Bruno
Crime: Murder

Ernest Joseph Bruno, 60, was living a fairly comfortable life — not perfect but comfortable. The man was a businessman whose company, EJB Wholesale, sold specialty golf-related products and embroidered golf tournament shirts. He was separated from his wife, and lived in a condo in Irvine, California. He drove a 2006 GMC Envoy Denali. The biggest blot on Ernest Bruno’s life was his loser son, Steven Joseph Bruno.

I’m sure Ernest Bruno once had high hopes for his adopted son. Steven Bruno had gone to Mississippi State University to take a golf management program … but then he flunked out. I don’t know if the course was too hard for him or he just didn’t want to put in the work. Either way he messed up.

Steven Bruno chose to return to his father’s condo. I don’t think Ernest Bruno was thrilled about that, especially when the young man couldn’t get a job to support himself. Being a father, Ernest Bruno no doubt wanted his son to stand on his own two feet. If he wasn’t going to school he should have been working at something — anything, but he wasn’t.

Ernest Bruno had decided to make life uncomfortable for Steven Bruno, probably to motivate the young man to get on with the business of supporting himself. And so Ernest Bruno would sometimes leave for days and lock his son out of the condo while he was gone. That was a major hint, IMO, that the older man was not pleased with his son’s dependence on him.

And did Steven Bruno take the hint? Hell no. Instead of finding somewhere else to park his ass, he would find shelter in the garage until his dad came home.

So what did Steven Bruno do with his time if he wasn’t getting himself educated or employed? He went on the Internet, of course. And he began courting a woman in Toledo, Ohio. The courtship went on for months even though the two had never met. I wonder how honest Steven Bruno was with his love interest — did he tell her how he lived with his dad and had no job or money of his own?

On August 30, 2012, life changed forever in the Bruno household. Steven Bruno, 21, having been told by his dad to move out, had decided he was finally going to meet up with his online girlfriend. Toward that end he loaded his stuff into his dad’s car.

Yeah, his dad’s car. The stupid, selfish loser was going to take his dad’s car without asking permission. Of course his dad wasn’t going to give him permission anyway. I don’t know how Steven Bruno felt entitled to take his dad’s car, but I do know he was royally pissed off at being forced out of the condo.

Ernest Bruno discovered his 2006 GMC Envoy Denali was packed full of his loser son’s gear, and that rightfully made him furious. There was an argument, maybe a physical altercation. And then Steven Bruno introduced his father’s handgun into the scenario.

According to Steven Bruno, he was intending to kill himself with that gun. Riiiight. Funny how he wasn’t the one who wound up full of holes.

It was Ernest Bruno who did not survive the argument. The poor man didn’t die from the first shot. Instead he fell to the floor, moaning and groaning in pain, screaming in terror. Did his loving son call 911 to summon help for the injured man? Nope. The murderous Steven Bruno instead walked up to his wounded father and cold-bloodedly shot him in his head right above his eyebrow.

Steven Joseph Bruno dragged his father’s body into a bedroom/home office and locked the door. He took his father’s money and credit cards. He then drove off in his dad’s car with all his stuff and began the journey to Ohio. He texted his girlfriend on the way.

A Utah State Highway Patrol officer pulled Steven Bruno over for speeding and a broken taillight. The killer was calm as calm could be, telling the officer he was returning the car to his father in Ohio.

Steven Bruno made it as far as Colorado. Too bad for him his brother David had discovered the murder scene. I feel so bad for David. It was his 17th birthday and he showed up at his dad’s condo at 1:30 p.m. Instead of celebrating the occasion with his dad, he found pools of blood and bloody blankets and towels. The poor kid called the police who discovered the body behind the locked door.

Immediately Steven Bruno was a suspect, and police issued an all-points bulletin. At 5:30 p.m., Ernie Bruno’s car was stopped heading east on I-76 in Logan County, Colorado.

When Steven Bruno was arrested, his big worry was letting his girlfriend know what was happening. He wasn’t worried, apparently, about his traumatized brother and mother. And he was past caring about his father.

On September 4, 2012, Steven Bruno waived his right to an extradition hearing and was sent to Orange County. He faced 1 felony count of murder.

The murdering f*cktard went to trial in Orange County Superior Court in 2014. His defense was that the shooting was an accident.

Steven BrunoAccording to Steven Bruno, his argument with his dad had become physical, with his dad pushing him around. He locked himself in the bathroom with his dad’s gun because he was going to kill himself. But he didn’t kill himself.

Instead of committing suicide, Steven Bruno left the bathroom with the gun in his hand when his father came around a corner and charged at him. Riiight. He shot his father out of surprise, he said.

“I just saw the light in front and my dad go down,” Steven Bruno had told the detectives. “He didn’t say anything after I shot him, just moaning and screaming.”

OK, I can maybe believe one shot out of surprise, but the second shot to the head? Actually, I believe both shots were purposeful, meant to kill Ernest Bruno.

A psychologist called by the defense testified that Steven Bruno suffered from anxiety and depression, and may possibly have been in a “dissociative state” when he shot his dad.

“Ernie was a victim of circumstance and I think Mr. Bruno is the victim of circumstance,” defense attorney Leonard Matsuk told the jury.

The prosecutor, Cynthia Herrera, had a different viewpoint, naturally. “He was spoiled and he wanted his way,” she’d said. “He removed the one obstacle, the one thing in the way of this trip,” she said. “He had the car, keys, cash, cards. He was gone.”

The jury deliberated for 6 hours and, on October 29, 2014, found Steven Joseph Bruno guilty of 2nd-degree murder. Judge Thomas M. Goethals is scheduled to sentence the killer on December 18, 2014.

Steven the POS loser Bruno faces 40 years to life in prison. Here’s hoping he gets the maximum. I shall endeavour to keep readers posted — reminders are welcome.

Steven Bruno had written on his Facebook page, “we all make mistakes, it is what you do after that makes us stronger.” What he did after his “mistake” was to rob the dead man — the man who raised him from birth — and run.

Ernest Bruno wanted his son to be a strong, mature and independent man. Tragically, Steven Bruno grew up to be a stupid, selfish, cowardly, greedy and unrepentant killer. He destroyed his family because he wanted to get his own way. His younger brother no longer has a father at an age when he needs one to guide him into maturity.

RIP, Ernest Bruno. My condolences to friends and family who loved him.


This nasty killer was sentenced to 40 years to life.

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13 Responses to Steven Joseph Bruno

  1. moodymagic says:

    This is definitely another Hell Beast how 40 years to life is a good start.

  2. pj says:

    Another manchild who didn’t want to grow up. He was willing to steal the car. I bet he was planning to steal the cash and credit cards too all along, and that killing his father was part of the plot.

  3. 2cute says:

    The father was trying some tough love probably after Stevie was spoiled his whole life. Too bad Stevie wasn’t worth any kind of love. Good thing he got caught so fast, before he involved that internet girlfriend in any of his crap.

  4. FlyingLeadChange says:

    Sorry, this might be an irrelevant aside, and not to take focus away from his despicable crimes, but…

    How the hell do you flunk out of a “Golf Management” program?

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    There is no way this asshole told his online girlfriend the truth about his life, that he was an unemployed loser who flunked out of golf management and lived with his dad. He probably fed her a pile of bullshit lies for all those months and couldn’t show up at her door with no money, no car, no nothing otherwise she’d know the truth. He totally planned to kill his dad and rob from him.

  6. PJ says:

    A guy that’s too stupid to pass a golf management course is too stupid to commit the perfect murder. Did he really think the police wouldn’t figure out who killed his dad? Stooooopid!

  7. Terri says:

    Hi Cleo,

    Do you have an update of how long he got sentenced for?

    He deserves every bit of his sentence

  8. Sean says:

    You know what, do your research before you speak. This kid always tried his best in high school in academics and sports. He was not the most popular kid but he was in my Indian Guide Tribe. Yes what he did was awful but he was in an abusive household and had a history of mental illness. Just shows you we need to take mental illness more seriously. Not a bad person, just someone who made a terrible mistake. You are the hell beast for being a judgmental ahole.

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    A terrible mistake is shooting your dad and wounding him, an evil bastard is someone who can casually walk to an injured man and shoot him in his head at point blank range. I think being judgemental against this cunt is justified, and if that makes me a judgemental arsehole i’ll be able to live with that moniker and sleep sound at night!!

  10. Misha says:

    Do you happen to know where he is doing his time?

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