Steven Edward Alcorn

Steven Alcorn

Photo: Darren Makowichuk/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency

Crimes: Animal Cruelty, Assault

Steven Edward Alcorn of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, disgusts me. I should hope he disgusts most people. His lawyer would like us to think that he’s made great strides in his rehabilitation, but we’re talking about a sexual sadist here. Do they change? Can they change? I doubt it.

Admittedly I’m not an expert in sexual sadists and their mental processes, but I do know how to read. In the book “Forensic Mental Health Assessment of Children and Adolescents” published by the Oxford University Press, the experts wrote, “No reliable psychotherapeutic treatment exists for sexual sadism.”

Other experts suggest behavior therapy to change the sexual sadist’s arousal patterns. They talk about administering medications such as female hormones and antiandrogen drugs to reduce the testosterone levels in the sexual sadist. Does that work? The world would be a better and safer place if it did.

I don’t know what kind of rehabilitation Steven Edward Alcorn is undergoing, but I really, truly hope it works. Otherwise he’s going to be inflicting a whole lot more pain and death for the rest of his life. Yes, I said death. This is a person who has already killed for sexual thrills.

Steven Edward Alcorn and his sometime girlfriend who cannot be named had obtained a cat through the Kijiji website in September, 2012. I wish to gawd that people wouldn’t give pets away through the Internet! You never know what kind of hellbeasts are out there planning to do horrible things to those poor animals.

Anyway, Steven Edward Alcorn and his gal pal got a cat, and they kept the cat for a couple of days. On September 15, 2012, I guess when the mood struck and Steven Edward Alcorn was feeling antsy for some sadistic sex, the twisted couple got ready and put their plan in motion. They spread a tarp on the garage floor, and strung up the poor kitty by its hind legs from a rafter.

Yuck alert, by the way. Sick and revolting stuff coming up.

With the cat dangling overhead, the woman got on her knees underneath. Her hands were tied behind her back. That’s when Steven Edward Alcorn slit the kitty’s throat so that its blood would spill all over his girlfriend. He gutted the poor cat as well.

I can only gather that after this bizarre and horrific ritual Steven Edward Alcorn had sex with his bound and blood-covered girlfriend.

The cat was executed not out of rage but solely for sexual thrills. That’s why Steven Edward Alcorn qualifies as a sexual sadist. Pain and death turn him on.

What worries me is that he has admitted to choking out sex partners in the past. Seems to me his behavior was escalating.

On December 11, 2012, three months after the cat was killed, Steven Edward Alcorn assaulted his girlfriend at her home. Not a good idea, asshole. Obviously she didn’t keep quiet about it.

Steven Edward Alcorn was arrested and charged with causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal and assault.

In November 2013, the sadistic bastard pled guilty. Judge Brian Stevenson had ordered that a psychiatric assessment be made of Steven Edward Alcorn before sentencing.

The results of the psychiatric assessments were, not surprisingly, disturbing. The reports concluded that the cat killer was a sexual sadist who admitted to being aroused by choking his sex partners. He also admitted to having bizarre fantasies that involved animal corpses.

At sentencing on December 15, 2014, the Crown prosecutor, Gord Haight, asked the judge for a 16- to 20-month sentence for the animal cruelty charge. He said “some of the alarming observations” in the psych reports indicate Steven Alcorn should be removed from society for a period of time.

Prosecutor Haight also suggested the judge should impose a period of probation following the prison term, during which Steven Alcorn can get counseling.

The defense attorney, Krsia Przepiorka, asked the judge for a 4- to 5-month sentence, or preferably a 90-day intermittent sentence. She argued that her client had turned his life around and was making great strides in his rehabilitation. She also suggested that the cat had been killed swiftly, and that Steven Edward Alcorn and his then-girlfriend were just “individuals who live a lifestyle”.

I object to that last bit very strongly. “Individuals who live a lifestyle” could be said of cannibals, stalkers, peeping toms, and wife beaters too. Steven Alcorn and his unnamed gal pal were living a criminal lifestyle — made criminal by the diabolical killing of a pet — so don’t equate them with vegans or hermits or athletes.

The judge found the defense attorney’s assertion that the cat killing was swift to be nonsense. “The suffering and death of the cat was not instantaneous, the stabbing, throat slitting and bleeding out took some time,” said Judge Stevenson.

Judge Stevenson rightly said the slaughter of the cat was particularly egregious because it was a planned act. “This is nothing short of an execution. He found it to be sexually arousing and violated the trust that should be present between an owner and a pet.”

On the charge of causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal, Judge Brian Stevenson sentenced Steven Edward Alcorn, 29, to 20 months in prison, and banned him from owning any animals for life.

On the charge of assault, the judge added 4 months in prison, for a grand total of 2 years. The judge also placed the cat killer on probation for 3 years, and ordered him to take counseling for domestic abuse and anger management.

Because Steven Edward Alcorn is being given credit for time served, 101 days will be deducted from the 24 months.

“The Crown’s pleased with the sentence, we are of the view this case was serious enough to warrant a severe sentence,” Prosecutor Haight said. “Judge Stevenson appeared to be concerned about this individual’s (sexual) proclivities and I share that concern.”

Don’t ask me why Steven Alcorn’s sex partner wasn’t charged. She damn well knew why they were getting a cat, she helped stage the scene in the garage, and she participated fully in the bizarre sex ritual. It’s too bad she can’t be named and shamed as well.

I hope that the counseling and incarceration will prompt Steven Edward Alcorn to learn empathy for others, and maybe grow a heart. That said, I would not be surprised at all if he popped up in the news again having hurt or killed something or someone.

I also hope that people who want to rehome their pets should make every effort to find them decent people who can give them a good life.

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9 Responses to Steven Edward Alcorn

  1. 2cute says:

    A kitty killer! Bengalpuss would have a place in hell for him. This sick and twisted asshole should be locked up a lot longer. He might resort to stealing pets after this to fulfill his fantasies about animal corpses.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Well this sick individual is getting off way to light and the freaky girlfriend should have been charged

  3. Katie says:

    That photo is a testament to the fact that he’s never going to change. He looks far too comfortable with himself. He looks like those dooshers who pretend they don’t like getting harassed by paparazzi. Demonic waste of skin.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    I’m fucking feeling murderous, this bastard and his partner in heinous acts should be strung up and their throats slit by yours truly. Is that defence attorney a comedian? “he has turned his life around” the kitty didn’t get that chance, and “the death was quick”? Is that attorney fucking blind? I hope that when its her time and the time of these two sick twisted evil fucks time that it is as swift and quick as that poor kitty. I don’t understand why people just give kittens away to anybody that turns up or enquire’s about the animal they are giving away, people need to realise that there are sick cunt’s out there that do sick things to animals. As for the female sick bitch, i think she should be named and shamed for her part, and i wish the evil pair of weirdo’s a short miserable existence, and a horrific death when their time comes, preferably quickly.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Horrible person. And he doesn’t look at all sorry. I am worried about those animal carcass fantasies he’s having. He’s a freak and should be locked up.

  6. Bekah says:

    The sick and sad truth is that you never really know the truth behind closed doors. Even if he went through an adoption facility for an animal, I’m sure he wouldn’t be honest about his fantasies.Hopefully fees alone deter similar sadists. I’d like to think that his partner isn’t being named because she wasn’t a willing participant, but rather felt stuck in an escalating relationship for too long, but if she was there to set up the tarp, and be willing to get tied up under the cat, my naive thinking can’t hold up… just can’t excuse her behavior, even if I tried.

  7. Leasha says:

    Why the fuck was there NO charge for his slut of a girlfriend who happily helped him do this? She didn’t snitch on him because she cared, she did it out of spite. She never cared for the cat either and HELPED it get killed and tortured, yet she gets no charges? SHE is a sexual sadist too, and the thing about ridding sadists of “testosterone” to stop their ways is bullshit; women can be sexual sadists, too, and they have more estrogen, not testosterone.

  8. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    STOP GIVING CATS, AND OTHER ANIMALS, AWAY ON THE INTERNET, DAMMIT!!! I’m a diehard catmom and animal lover. This shit drive me insane.

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