Steven Demink

Hellbeast Pedo Steven Demink
Crimes: Pedophilia, Child Porn

So here’s the setup: women from around the United States visit websites such as and spot the profile of an extremely handsome single father who earns $200,000 per year as a psychologist. His name is Dalton St. Clair, and he’s looking for a serious relationship. These women, each and every one of them desperate, pathetic single mothers, are also looking for a serious relationship. Incredibly this hunk, this well-to-do handsome hunk of man meat Dalton St. Clair, is talking like he’s serious — to each and every one of them!

And so these women’s hearts are palpitating thumpity thump with the excitement and thrills of true romance. Their mammaries are tingling with anticipation and their loins are itching for action. They’ve got a MAN! They aren’t losers in life because there’s a handsome, hunky, charming, rich MAN wanting to get serious with them!

These women don’t know there are other women their fella is chatting with, and they don’t want to know. Because while it’s all systems go with their hearts, mammaries and loins, their brains have pretty much shut down.

These women, 7 in all, did not take the time or make the effort to consider the reality of their online romance. Of course their man was handsome, and well-to-do, and professional, and interested in their sad, frumpy, desperate selves! Dalton St. Clair wouldn’t lie! The Internet doesn’t lie!

And so these 7 women suspended all disbelief and put untold energies and hopes and dreams into their true romance. They were smitten, infatuated, and charmed. And criminally stupid.

Sadly for them, and tragically for their children, Dalton St. Clair was a lie. The pictures of this handsome hunk were actually those of a male model. The educated, well-to-do professional man looking for a serious relationship did not exist. *shock*

Behind all the fake, phony bullshit was 41-year-old Steven Demink, a pudgy car salesman from Detroit, Michigan. He wasn’t attractive, he wasn’t a single father, and he sure as hell wasn’t a psychologist. He was a disgusting, loathsome, POS pedophile.

But his harem of 7 mothers indulged and nurtured their online fantasy romances with Dalton St. Clair. And of course they were all just positively aching to hook up with him! But Dalton St. Clair was elusive. He made them perform for a date.

One of the mothers (I won’t name these stupid bitches’ names out of consideration for their children) began chatting with Dalton St. Clair about her 8-year-old autistic son. He offered his “professional advice” and encouraged her to engage in sexual acts with the boy in order to teach him about sex.

That’s right, this online stranger told the woman to have sex with her own son. And she did it. And not only did she do it, but she let him watch via web camera.

Holy freakin’ hell! What the f*ck was that bitch thinking?!?! She HAD SEX with her own son, her own 8-year-old autistic son! And for what? To impress her online fantasy man enough so he’d consider getting serious with her!

I truly want to slap the ever-loving snot out of that bitch! She incestuously raped her handicapped boy at the behest of that fat pedo bastard Steven Demink so he could enjoy the show!

And sadly, tragically, she wasn’t the only mother who was willing to do ANYTHING for Dalton St. Clair. By anything of course I mean sex with their children that they broadcast through a live web stream and/or took pictures and videos they sent to him via email.

Sometimes he told them the sex acts were a kind of therapy for their children. Sometimes he suggested marriage if they’d perform those disgusting incestuous sex acts. And not one of those pathetic bitches said no, it’s immoral, it’s wrong, it’s criminal. They just did it, over and over and over.

The children ranged in age from 3 to 15. One of them, a 5-year-old boy from Idaho brought the whole scam to a stop. On December 17, 2009 he told his grandma that his mommy had forced him to undress and then she performed oral sex on him.

I cannot imagine what that grandma felt when she heard her grandson’s horrifying secret but she was a good and decent woman. She contacted the sheriff’s office in Teton County who in turn contacted federal agents. Her daughter was arrested and pled guilty to lewd conduct with a child under 16.

In all 7 women have been convicted and have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from 3 to 30 years.

And as for Steven Demink, the fat pedo bastard, he was arrested in October 2010. He pled guilty to 6 charges related to the sexual exploitation of children. As part of his plea agreement, prosecutors dropped 7 charges. The pervert apparently had expressed a lot of remorse. Heartfelt, I’m sure.

“I’m not unsalvageable,” the pedo Demink told Judge Gerald Rosen before his sentencing. “I still think I can be a productive member of society without the court worried about me re-offending. I did not think of what consequences my actions were going to produce. I hope they can find it in their hearts one day to forgive me for what I have done. I need help and I want help.”

“You are like a pebble tossed into a pond; the effects of your actions will not only ripple into the lives of my sister and her two children, but their children as well,” said the sister of one of the molesting moms. “When I think of the sheer horror, fear and confusion they felt in their home that day, it makes me sick.”

Judge Gerald Rosen apparently wasn’t impressed by Steven Demink’s assurances that he could be rehabilitated.

“When I look at the devastation that has been reaped in so many lives, I have to conclude that this is a case that justifies a life sentence,” Judge Rosen said. And rightly so.

Steven POS pedophile Demink was then sentenced to life in prison. Pardon me while I cheer.

Now in case you were thinking of feeling sorry for those sad, pathetic women whose lives have been destroyed, remember that they were not the victims. Their innocent children were. They were sacrificed for their mothers’ selfish fantasies of having a Prince Charming rescue them from their sad, pathetic lives.

“My children have been taken from me and my parental rights terminated,” one of the convicted mothers wrote in a letter to the government. “I knew what he was asking of me was wrong and I hated doing it, but I wanted him to like me. I did what he asked because I wanted to please him.”

How pitiful is that? She wanted to PLEASE him so he’d LIKE her, and so she molested her very own child. Holy freakin’ hell. How selfish can you get?

And as for the victims, at least 7 children were rescued and are now safe. But they’re not well. How the hell can they be well after what they were put through? They are going to need a whole shitload of therapy if they’re to have a chance at a happy, contented life. And that is why this story isn’t over.

Prosecutors have asked Judge Gerald Rosen to order Steven Demink to pay one caregiver $66,000 to help cover therapy bills and basic needs for 3 children, and more than $100,000 to another caregiver for therapy and such for 2 other children.

I don’t know what success they’ll have, especially considering that Steven Demink isn’t exactly working. He doesn’t earn much now that he is tucked away in prison for life.

Regardless, I wish the prosecutors every bit of luck that they’ll succeed in their quest for restitution for the victims. Those kids and their caregivers need all the help they can get. They are in my prayers.

And if my prayers are answered, Steven the disgusting pedophile Demink will suffer, suffer, suffer while he waits to die in prison. Rot, Steven, rot.

On a final note please, please, please, all those lonely, desperate people searching for love on the Internet, learn from Steven Demink. If it’s too good to be true, it just isn’t true.

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11 Responses to Steven Demink

  1. dogwalker says:

    I could not imagine being so desperate as to commit such terrible sins just to impress a stranger on the internet! All those women must have been brain dead or brain damaged or have serious personality disorders. At least the creep Demink is where he belongs for the rest of his rotten useless life. I just wish he’d win a lottery and have to hand over all the money to the children he damaged.

  2. 2cute says:

    How can anyone do THAT to their own kids! Sick, sick, sick! These women should be neutered so they can never breed again! I understand why their names and pictures weren’t given, but they deserve to be named and shamed. Those poor, poor kids! They are in my prayers.

  3. scrappy says:

    I’m sorry, I cry no tears for a mother who loses her children because her judgement is so poor that she honestly believes that committing sexual acts with your young children is possibly healthy.

    Her head is so far up her rump that I worry she might not properly supervise them crossing a busy street.

    Desperate, deplorable, and utterly inexcusable.

  4. DarkRiderTommy says:

    For argument’s sake only, I wonder if the mothers are not MORE blameworthy than the guy. Consider two facts,

    – They were the ones who owed a duty of care to their offspring, not this stranger

    – They committed the actual physical assault, as opposed to only viewing it

    I DEFINITELY agree the guy got what he deserved with life; my confusion is why the “mothers” didn’t join him in that sentence. Gender discount shouldn’t apply to sexual crimes like this.

  5. moodymagic says:

    This makes me totally sick. Hard to read about. Cleo you did an awesome job writing this one. I am really sure it was tough for you not to put in the womans names. I know you didn’t because of the poor children. Kuddos to you thinking of the children. AMEN

  6. Minx says:

    I hope the children are able to obtain all the help and support they need and not just thrown into foster care and forgotten. This is what happens to most of them, including myself a very long time ago. To this day I cannot seem to make a relationship last more than 5 years. It should be mandatory that the perp pay these expenses for the victims, so they have a better chance of being happy and content adults.

  7. Trace says:

    What is wrong with these people!?!?! Sick fucks like this creep and those women should be rendered sterile. If anyone laid a hand on my kids I’d be up in arms. I can’t imagine anyone doing something like that to their own kids. Sick, sick, sick.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    What the fuck were those women thinking. I was gonna say mothers but obviously they are not. If i was on line and some slime ball was advising me to have sex with my child, i’d pretend i was his best buddy and somehow find out where he lived and get the fucking crap beaten out of him, trust me i’d be doing society a favour. And the mothers must have been pathetic to abuse your child, just to get a Penis is diabolical, sad fucking bitch’s

  9. AngryLittleMexican says:

    This pedo pervs actual name is Steven Demink – Dalton is his alias.

  10. Tom Daly says:

    Do you want to hear what I personally think? These women were being brainwashed if ya can call it. But hey, Karma’s a bitch. Maybe lard ass will be forced to have sex with one of the inmates and maybe they can video it.

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