Steven and Lorelei Turner

John Ryan Turner, RIP
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

John Ryan Turner would have turned 22 this year if he hadn’t been murdered by his hellbeast father, Cpl. Steven Turner, and his hellbitch mother, Lorelei Turner. In actuality, John Ryan Turner lived to be only 3 years old. He died on May 26, 1994 in his home in Miramichi, NB.

The Turners were a military family. Cpl. Steven Turner was stationed at CFB Chatham. I am sure that his colleagues had no idea that he and his wife had basically converted an upstairs bedroom into a torture chamber where they were ever so slowly killing their little boy John Ryan.

John Ryan Turner had been held prisoner in that bedroom, bound in a leather harness so he could not escape. He was gagged with socks so his cries couldn’t be heard. His tiny body was emaciated, weighing only 20 pounds when he died. He was covered in wounds, bruises, and sores. Little John had suffered, and I mean suffered, broken bones that had been given no medical attention.

I cannot even imagine the terror, the pain and the anguish that that helpless little boy felt day after day, week after week, month after month. And finally it came to an end when little John Ryan Turner died.

The two people on this planet whose job it was to care for this little boy and to love and nurture this little boy had chosen to abuse and neglect and murder him instead.

Neighbours and acquaintances testified at the trial that Lorelei Turner was overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood after John’s birth in August 1990 and then she became jealous of the attention Steven Turner gave to their son.

What kind of pathetic creature would begrudge a baby being loved by his daddy? A creature like Lorelei apparently.

Steven Turner, reacting to the bitch’s jealousy, pulled away from little John Ryan in order to force his son to bond with Lorelei. I don’t think he cared overmuch anyway. The resultant emotional rejection and deprivation tore the little boy apart.

John Ryan Turner's graveJohn Ryan Turner found himself in a world without love, stopped eating and began to waste away. Failure to thrive, they call it. But failure to thrive does not cause broken bones or wounds or bruises. Abuse does. Failure to thrive does not leave broken bones and wounds untreated. Neglect does.

Tying up a child in a leather harness and gagging him with socks does not make a child eat or bond with his abusive parents.

Steven Turner and Lorelei Turner were found guilty of manslaughter on June 14, 1995. These monsters both cried when they received sentences of 16 years in prison, which was at the time the most severe ever meted out in a Canadian child abuse case. Of course their tears were for themselves. They had had no tender thought or care for their murdered boy.

During the trial, Lorelei Turner’s friends had described her as a loving mother to a daughter born in 1993, when John Ryan was almost 3. I guess it was just her son she hated.

Mr. Justice Riordon who presided at their trial said that little John Ryan’s death was deplorable and unexplainable. Both parents had consciously decided to abuse and neglect their son.

I have to wonder how this was manslaughter instead of murder. If the Turners had taken an adult into their home, locked him in a room, tied him up with a harness, gagged his mouth, broke his bones and starved him over a period of months until he died, that would be murder would it not? Why is it different when it’s a helpless child?

The Turners, being the unrepentant hellbeasts they are, appealed their cases the whole way up to the Supreme Court of Canada. They lost, and rightly so.

But despite being given a sentence of 16 years in prison, Lorelei Turner was given day parole in May 2000. Two years later she was granted full parole by the National Parole Board in Kingston, Ontario, but was still on probation until July 2011. She was restricted to stay within 25 kilometres of her residence, and was banned from unsupervised contact with a minor. She was also to receive counseling.

Lorelei Turner, the baby killer, is believed to be living in Sault St-Marie, Ontario. She is no doubt hoping that Canadians have a short memory. This Canadian doesn’t. I remember little John Ryan Turner and I want all of her acquaintances and neighbours to remember him too. I could not find a photo of Lorelei Turner, dammit.

Steven Turner, the hellbeast murderer of a father, spent only 6 years in prison. He was generously granted full parole in August 2001. By my math, he had 10 whole years chopped off of his sentence.

Hmmmm, what happened to that 16-year sentence? Little John Ryan was still tortured and starved to death, that didn’t change, so why the leniency?

The National Parole Board had granted this hellish pair full parole because they determined they were “low risk” to reoffend. WTF? I guess they were low risk considering they’d run out of sons to break and beat and starve.

But why was that the criterion used to grant them parole? What about the punitive aspect of their sentence? Those two should have had to endure the punishment the court meant them to have.

After Steven Turner was released he went to Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario. He took the Electrical Engineering technology course there. At the time of receiving full parole he was apparently in a “stable relationship”. I hope and pray that relationship did not involve children. The word is Steven Turner is living in Sault St-Marie now. He’s probably doing his best to disguise himself as a decent human being, but he is, at his core, a murderous hellbeast. I could not find a photo of Steven Turner.

As to the Turners’ daughter, here have been reports that the girl was adopted by a New Brunswick couple. I truly hope she has had a happy life.

I do not wish a happy life upon Steven and Lorelei Turner. I wish them a speedy descent to hell where all child killers should go.

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201 Responses to Steven and Lorelei Turner

  1. scrappy says:

    Damn, stiffest sentence turns into, “Well, ya know, they really aren’t likely to do it again…”

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how a judge looks at a photo of this little child and doesn’t think, “Wow, he could’ve had a full, productive, happy life. Hey wait, these two stinking, soul-rotted, fully adult pieces of flesh not only robbed him of that, they made his final days, nay nearly his only days, filled with pain, terror, and abject suffering. Gee, maybe I have the power to right this injustice. Maybe _I_ can be the voice for this helpless little boy whose voice was never heard except by those who chose to ignore and silence his suffering.”

    I mean, what do these pathetic losers do in court or prison that makes them so sympathetic? Does no one in the position to mete out justice imagine for a moment what this poor child lived…FOR NO REASON?

    I cannot believe these evil creatures are allowed to live normal lives like the rest of us. The ones who feel kind of bad when we have to discipline our kids to teach them how to behave. I mean, sometimes I get irritable. I even yell at my kids from time to time. Then I think, “What a shit. They’re only kids…shouldn’t I correct them as civilly as I would want them to behave? And anyway, half the time I’m irritable it’s my own damn fault I’m late or not prepared for whatever…”

    I mean, sorry for the rant, but it makes me angry when I think how I hate myself for being a jerk to my own precious lovelies sometimes, but then hominids like this get to do what they did to an innocent baby for Christsake and they could be sitting next to me in the movies. Makes me feel a bit homicidal frankly…

  2. moodymagic says:

    Just another example of how a tiny childs life means nothing in the Canadian justice system. How disgusting. Steve and Lorelei I wish you nothing good and only the most horrible painful existence till your deaths. This story is just so upsetting. How do these 2 even get to experience any part of life. Makes me sick.

  3. 2cute says:

    I remember this. It made me so mad then and it makes meo mad now that those killers are living anonymously now as if little John had never been. Why did they get off so easy? That little boy didn’t get off easy.

  4. Trace says:

    This pisses me off that those two can torture and murder a little boy and get off so easy! Too bad you don’t have pictures of those asshats. Turner is such a common name!

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    So basically they only got 5 and 6 yr sentences. That’s like spitting on that little boy’s grave. So what the parole board are saying is “its Ok to commit a crime and get sentenced and the sentence your given don.t mean shit, because if the parole board are in a good mood and they think you won.t offend again you can go home. What a concept. No wonder crime is as high as it is, because the judicial system is fucked. I always thought when you were given a sentence, you had to serve at least half and the rest you served outside and if you fucked about while outside you went back to jail to finish the rest. Not the case anymore. Its like death row. Some son of a bitch gets death, for some bastard governor to commute to life. Whats the point in having trials then. What ever the jury say and whatever sentence the judge imposes should stand. But hey its only a dead child right!

  6. Catherine Charron says:

    To all you people who are judge and jury, you have no idea what happened in this case. Where you there, living with them? I think not. If any of you knew about the justice system, then you would know that they did their required time in prison. And they will have to live with the loss of their children for the rest of their lives. Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers or see on television, I know this cuz I was there during the trial. John Ryan was my nephew/godchild and I love him and miss him dearly everyday. As for his sister, she did not have a happy life with the adopted family, in fact they kicked her out at 16 yrs old due to lack of funds from Child Services.
    RIP John Ryan, you are always in our thoughts and are a special angel in heaven now with your grampa… Love you always and forever…xoxo

    • Molly says:

      A child under their care was found to have been severely neglected and tortured. You must have been a ‘great’ aunt, since you either had no involvement with them, or you probably witnessed the abuse. But let me guess, you wanted to ‘mind your own business’, right? They didn’t ‘lose’ a child, they MURDERED him. They aren’t mourning for him, they mourned for their own lost freedom.

      • Trace says:

        Well put, Molly. What kind of caring relative stands by and lets a helpless little kid be tormented, tortured and murdered? She didn’t give a rat’s ass when the kid was alive, and defends the killers now he’s dead. She’s a waste of flesh.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Your having a fucking laugh. We don.t know the story! Did a child die? Those two fucktard’s child? Didn.t the child die of being starved, beaten and neglected to a point that he died a horrible death? And didn.t the parents go to jail for that? If the newspapers are wrong why didn.t the family sue them. I’ll tell you why because what we read was true, they were murdering bastards and you want to be ashamed, where the fuck were you while this little boy was being tortured im sorry if it didn.t work out for the little girl but she had to have been in a better place than with her so called bastard parents. But we’ve only got your word for this which isn.t much to me, because you stood by and watched your nephew die which in my book makes you as bad as them, even sticking up for them, so no i don.t give a fuck what you say. This boy would still be here if you had said something and i don.t give a fuck if you lived on the moon your as bad as those pair of cunt’s. So fuckoff and write your Shit elsewhere.

      • Trace says:

        I totaly agree with you, Bengalpuss. I can’t fathom how anyone can stand up for killers, saying because they did their time that that was justice. Their sentence was pathetic, and if they’d done it to an adult, a stranger, they’d be put away for a lot longer. They should have been put away forever for torturing and murdering a helpless little boy.

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          Actually trace i think they should all be lined up in front of the firing squad and also the auntie for doing fuckall. Now i don.t know if it’s my medication but in feeling emotional tonight (England) But any child killer and anyone who does nothing and defends them need shooting, that poor boy died on his own tied up beaten and starved you wouldn’t treat a animal like that this was a beautiful little boy he can.t carry on with his life, but those bastards can. Its wrong is this.

      • Shae75 says:

        You rock!!!

    • claire says:

      I was a close neighbour seen things and bruises on this child marks around his wrisk have reported it but nothing was done and as for the family you are a bunch of hypocrites you were all siiting in the back yard saying that she was abusing him and told me to report which I had done many time if you would have done it this little angel would still be alive you said you didn’t want to get involved well guess what you have lost your grand son then we got transferred no one around to report it oh and yes I was also in court I also cried for the little man dammit this system sucks rest in peace little one

    • claire says:

      thre little girl was adopted by a lawyer and did not get kick out due to lack of funds shes just a typical teenager and left

      • w. ketch says:

        The daughter was unfortunately told who her real parents were and of course had to deal with it her own way. As for the turners they were so upset about their sons death and about their daughter being taken away they went to bingo the night he died. I didn’t know they had a son but knew they had a daughter. I was a neighbour, and to Claire you tried to help god bless you for that. To the aunt, if this is the kind of crap you need to believe about the turners to make yourself feel better, then you better like hot weather because you’re final destination won’t be where John Ryan is. To everyone who feels the turners didn’t do the time they deserved you are so fing right. To the people in Chatham and the people from the base and all the people who have been affected by this horrific murder lets never forget John Ryan because he certainly was dismissed in real life.

    • miramichi says:

      Really, You should check your facts….. If she was adopted she is not getting financial aid she was fully adopted and was not a “foster child”. The family that adopted her did a wonderful job as her parents. I witnessed this little girl thrive in a healthy home and brought up with a loving church family there to support her also. She was never Kicked out as you pointed out. I am sure she lives with surviors guilt every day and that is no ones fault, except for the ones that went to jail. Miramichi is a small community and her growing up here, she knew of the story and that must be hard. God Bless her!!!

    • Brenda says:

      Well I see no other side to this story. This couple are fucking monsters. I don’t give a shit if you are related to them or not. They should have got the death penalty for what they did. There is no other side to this story. Our justice system sucks!!!!!!!!!! And your relatives are pieces of shit!!!!!!!!

    • Helen says:

      SERIOUSLY !!! No one had to be at the trial to understand what they did. I hope those low life, scumbag monsters live a life of pure HELL !! YOU MAKE ME SICK !!

    • Joanne says:

      If you were the Aunt/Godmother how in the hell did you not know what was going on!!!!!! Shut up your as guilty as them!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Joanne, exactly my point as well, if that would’ve been me, i wouldn’t of been able to hold back, i would’ve beat their worthless arse’s and rescued that little boy. The aunt is just as bad as those two worthless cunt’s.

    • careingnurse says:

      Little John Ryan Turner was still killed by his parent and as for your comment about Amanda. She is doing well and well loved by her adopted familycar.

    • fred mayorthorpe says:

      well my father in law was one of the police officers that responded and still has the picture of that little boy and his cage in his head ,the welts on his body the fractured bones the clawed door where he was trying to get out ….they are despicable humans

    • Grissy says:

      I need to ask. If you were there and this child was your God child/nephew why the hell did u not see what was happening and why did u not interfere. What is wrong with u?

      • Melissa Eldridge says:

        Pretty Sad when a person is a god parent and don’t report it, hope this sets well in their shoulder

    • Robyn Gallant says:

      Loss of their child ??? They murdered their poor child !!! Are you kidding me !!! Nice relative what were you in on it on the abuse and torture ??? Because that’s the only way a person could condone this !!! You are one sick bitch !!!

      • beb r willistin says:

        I live in Toronto ont.was born and raised on the miramichi,where I visit every summer,my first stop is to visit JOHN RYAN TURNERS grave,EVERY TIME I GO THERE MY HEART BLEEDS FOR JOHN RYAN TURNER.I,MVERY PLEASED THAT THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THE MIRAMICHI HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN HIM.I.m proud to say that i.m from the miramichi.when my days on earth ends I will be returned to the great miramichi left to rest facing the great miramichi river. Rest in peace JOHN RYAN TURNER aSIMULAR CASE HAS HIT THE NEWS From Cincinnati where a two year old was starved and beatin to death the father Glen Bates has been sentenced to be EXECUTED HIS WIFE is waiting for a hearing I feel that cases like these once found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt should be put I population for30 days,if thet survive then executed no appeals wasting taxpayers money and time

        • Peggy says:

          Sault Ste. Marie. Citizens
          I ask you all to stand up for this little fellow and let everyone here in our community Make Sure People Know WHO THESE PEOPLE TRULY ARE AND WHAT THEY HAVE DONE

      • Cindy says:

        Omfg Robyn I just read this and I cannot believe that the so called aunty didn’t do anything about this!!!! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree eh omg it makes me sick that they are still alive and they should have gotten life with out parole or even put on death row fucking idiots and what the hell is wrong with the system and what kind of judge was this?? I sure hope that this judge he or she is no longer a judge and how do they sleep at night knowing that this child was murdered by his own parents hmmmmmm makes me wonder???? I totally agree with you!!! Take care, Cindy

    • CHERYL says:

      I testified against Steve and his wife..I saw the poor boy all marked up with abuse…I DO know what happened…so does the community in NB..these bastard should have been locked up and the key thrown away.Period!

    • Shelly Hubbard says:

      Catherine…I dont know if you are just a troll on the internet..or if you are really defending an abuser? If you are serious I want to ask one question…where were you? And if you were indeed an uncle and godparent why didnt yu take the girl (sister) into your home? Always curious how people think???????

      • Marcel Charron says:

        Not sure if my replies are getting through, but again we live in Ontario, Catherine did attempt to get custody of Amanda, CAS in Ontario approved the adoption, but NB denied it, and lied in court under oath also. When she was 19 she came to live with us for a while. My wife has 300 pages of notes taken during their trial and there’s no way that the incompetent professionals involved with them were going to take the fall for John Ryan dying, so it was easier to set up the parents, I’ve known these people for almost 30 years and don’t believe for one minute they did the things that they were accused of doing, they had concerns with him, but medical professionals said not to worry. I’ve never had an issue with my kids being around them. When people re hash these stories, they think they’re doing some kind of service, all they’re doing is opening old wounds and affecting other members of the family, my 16 year old daughter texted my wife last night saying that she’s seen something on Facebook about them, and it hurts her and makes her angry, because she knows them enough to know that they couldn’t have done this.

        • Melissa Eldridge says:

          He is related to me, and I believe they did this, why would they lie, not a reason in the world to lie about what they did to that baby boy! Family or no family, justice was NOT served, he lives in the same city as me, haven’t seen him yet, he won’t get a proper hi long time no see cuz from, maybe just a spit in the face!! Anyone who sticks up for them is just sick as they are!!!! STOP DEFENDING THE MURDERERS, DEFEND THE ONES WHO CANT DEFEND THEMSELVES

    • Sandra Field says:

      They did not “lose Ryan”, they tortured him, starved him, broke his bones. They murdered him! They deserve the tortures of hell, and should never have been paroled. If you, their loving Aunt, did nothing, you are as bad as the miserable so-called parents.

    • Malcolm Stairs says:

      You are an idiot. Hope those 2 die of the worst cancer imaginable

    • Glenna malley says:

      the adopted parents did not kick her out due to lack of funds…I know the woman and she is a loving person..on the other hand your relative is a monster

    • J Smyth says:

      so you WERE there? And you did nothing? You are condoning their sick behaviour? You are as bad as the parents! Bitch!

    • Cindy says:

      Are you a fucking idiot, your supposed to be family and little john was your godchild, where the hell were you when he needed to be rescued from these creatures!!! Are you kidding me!!!!! Maybe you should be tied up and beat and gaged, but obviously the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!!!! You’re a sicko just like them!!!! And as far as I’m concerned they should have got life without parole!!!! God bless little Johnny’s soul and may he rest in peace with the Lord up above and I sure hope that these people will be recognized and tortured for the rest of their lives!!!!!! Thank God little Johnny’s safe and happy, and to you’s pieces of shit and so called aunty may you all die in hell and live in hell until the end of your short lives!!!!!! AMEN 🙏

    • Heather Wood says:

      If you honestly believe the BS you dish out, then you lady, are what’s wrong with this world. I really hope there’s a hell and that you’re living it right now because people like you , do not deserve to breathe the same air that I do.

    • Tamara Reid says:

      If you where a relative then why did you not go for custody of the daughter if she was having such a rough life in her adopted families home. You could have asked the courts to allow you to raise her. Where I am sure by your comments on here would have been a great benefit to her (obvious sarcasm) These 2 people should have been left to rot in prison. They willingly and knowingly bond or not allowed a child in their care to die. They willingly and knowingly abused him. They willingly and knowingly caused his precious life to be taken. They did this, not the child, nor the disgusting ‘psycho social dwarfism’ failure to bond defense. They do not deserve to be out and about walking free, getting government funded education (He did 3 years in University), Why should they be able to breath and have freedom, Our court system fails victims time and time again. Our court system is not near close to ever handing out the proper punishment for those that harm and kill children. Your support of them sickens me to the core. You state you loved him so much well hell, turn your back on the daughter. You lady need to pray to whatever god you pray to and try to convince yourself that these scum deserve anything but hard time in a hard prison where they are beat on daily. Whatever makes you sleep better at night. This child was MURDERED not killed by accident, not death by natural cause, not death by anything else but the harm his own parents inflicted on him. My heart aches for the pain that child must have felt. Did he look in his parents eyes and wonder why he was not good enough to feel love? Did he know how to play? Did he ever once know the feeling of a true loving hug or smile? Where his words I love you mommy and daddy lost to them? Did he cry out in pain while he was beat and neglected or did he just know somewhere deep inside that one day it would be over and he would sing with the angels and feel the warmth of a love none of us will know. He was innocent his piece of shit parents or life donors where anything but innocent and are certainly not worthy of forgiveness.

    • Miramichiheart says:

      Hey Catherine you need help. You let this go on? Shame on you too as well as those two sick fuck.Our city will never forget John Ryan. And we will never defend those sick bastards actions what they did to that beautiful child.

    • Marina says:

      why are you not Replying Catherine?? Cause you know your just a screwed up as the Turners right?? your a piece of shit just like they are…You knew what was going on in that house, but yet you did NOTHING AT ALL. And i also like how you worded that,,,,I KNOW THIS CUZ I WAS THERE DURING THE TRIAL..If you were there, then you should have been AGAINST THEM, not sitting beside them kissing there ass’s…stupid bitch,,I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL TOO.

      • Marcel Charron says:

        Fuck you, you stupid cunt, you have no idea what happened, the lies that were told against them, because incompetent professionals who should’ve been held accountable covered their own asses.

        • Nana says:

          A gentle voice, loving hugs, cuddle time in clean PJ after a night time bath. Warm bed, full belly, laughter love and caring. Dear little John Ryan Turner., I dont know if you experienced any of the above. Sweet child a whole country has cried tears for you knowing that you suffered so much pain in a place that was meant to be the safest place in this world. In your home under the care of your parents. For you it was not. My child was in her early teens when you died, the pain that she felt for you, she could not understand how such horror could happen to a child by his parents. Our grandchildren now know of you John and in their innocents they say they will run with you, play in the pool, eating watermelon, and just laugh all the time when they see you in heaven. You will be forever in our hearts John Ryan Turner

    • Jeanne says:

      The police and courts decided what happened in this case. None of my own children were EVER tied up, gagged, starved. They were LOVED, CARED FOR, TOLD THEY WERE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THEIR DAD AND ME.
      What could a 3-year-old have EVER done to deserve even the slightest bad treatment? Stop giving excuses for the parents.
      I’m sorry about John’s sister but if you loved her, too, why weren’t you in contact with the family even once a year to see how she was faring? Or demanding social services give you a report on her if they didn’t want to disclose her location.
      She’s old enough now and most likely would love to know family who care.

    • Kimberly Cyr says:

      How can you justify what they did? YOU sound as mental as them and as a family member where were you when all of this happened?..another child died and the legal system let him down just like Julia anna Mooers another toddler died at the hands if her mother and her deadbeat boyfriend!!! I hope they both burn in hell!

    • Melissa Eldridge says:

      I love you John Ryan, always in my heart your big cousin Melissa Eldridge

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    And as for you “can.t believe everything you read” you even said yourself they’ve done their time, if they were innocent why were they serving anytime at all, you don.t make sense. I will never understand why people come onto forums and stick up for child murdering bastards, sexual abusers and anyone that has committed a heinous crime just for the sake of killing. When people cannot conform to normal behaviour in society then they need to be removed no doubt about it. Paedaphiles, child killers, serial killers and people that commit murder that is planned for gain or revenge should all be sentenced to death in my book. Like these two bastards that have murdered this child deliberately they should have been sentenced to death the way that poor little boy was. Just thinking about him being alone, restrained hungry, broken bones and terrified the sentence that those bastards got was a walk in the park. So when people come on here defending those two mother fucker’s its sicken’s me to the core.

  8. Shae75 says:

    Wow what a piece of shit that aunt is!! Well tell us dumb ass what’s the rest of the story? What’s their excuse what could that innocent child have done? Oh wait maybe it’s his fault for being so hungry he tried to eat himself maybe they were self inflicted bruises. You know what auntie we all have a duty to report child abuse neglect i’n this fine country, maybe you should have done time, you are as worthless and guilty as they ARE still are btw and I wish I knew where to find these scum bag pieces of shit, and yes to the person that suggested ever so beit sarcastically that we stone them, I say yea let’s!! And yes for cases involving children we should bring back the death penalty, and the idiot that compared it to leaving a pet tied up you are a fool too!! For some reason the legal system treats children like property just google children bring left in hot vehicles!! Oh a

  9. Shae75 says:

    Oh and hey auntie you seem happy their little girl had a shitty life but at least she isn’t dead like her brother you dumb bitch

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    Your right the auntie does seem happy that the little girl had a miserable time, probably thinks that the parents don.t look as bad the stupid twat. I can.t fucking stand people that stick up for child murdering cunt’s like these two, why not use your energy auntie in sticking up for that little boy, you know the one thats your nephew, the one that you seem to have forgotten about, the one that was bound, starved, beaten and alone, why don.t you stick up for him. I’ll tell you why because your as bad as those evil parents and this boy didn.t stand a chance with fuck’s like you lot as his family and his sister even if she was in hell it had to be a better place than with any of your family and please auntie of the murdered boy for fuck sake don.t have any children of your own, because with the outlook you have then any child you give birth to is destined to perish god forbid. So do yourself a favour go get a hysterectomy and prevent any future suffering to more children you selfish piece of crap.

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    Also the daughter was adopted so how would the auntie know about the daughter being kicked out at 16. Correct me if im wrong anybody but i thought that when a child was adopted that the child couldn’t find anything out until they were 18 and also its only when a child is fostered that they receive money from the state. An adopted child is deemed the adoptee’s child hence not eligible to state money unless that child is disabled or very sick then they can claim disability so the auntie saying that the girl was thrown out because they stopped paying for her doesn’t make any sense. But im not surprized nothing in that family of child murderers makes any sense. All i can say for certain is that little girl now a woman is still alive something her brother is not.

    • prevost says:

      I used t lived next door from the turners had reported them then I got we got transferred the day we left she told me that pay back was a bitch because I reported them , she did not hahe the little girl at the time I was also to testify in court for the abuse which came to death as for the little girl she was adopted by a lawyer which she is very happy and still with them I cried more than the parents at the court house sure miss that little guy

      • clint says:

        hey neighbor i am steve turners friend know. if all u people r experts about this case and knew what was going on why didnt u do something. i believe their is more 2 the case. what about post pardom depression, what about steve being in the field on excercises and not seeing the abuse. i just was told by steve,about his case, it seems so surreal.i dont judge i leave that 2 someone else.

        • scruples says:

          im doing a case study for my crim class, where we have access to the files and autopsy photos, what those to did was disgusting, the little guy had 6 BROKEN BONES that were not set, which means he was never taken to a hospital,i saw pictures of the leather harness that john was strapped to, his skin grew over some of the metal on it because he wore it so much, they didnt change his diaper, his penis was rotted off, unrecognizable. his teeth were broken out, didnt fall out didnt rot out, broke. the bedroom they kept him in sure had a nice bed….to bad they kept hi locked in his bedroom closet harnssed up and tied to the clothes rack, and you can sit there and say that a father wouldnt know that his son was being abused, the neighbors didnt even know john existed, ive always watched videos of steven seems like a wonderful man, sitting there cursing and swearing at a 2 year old, oh and the night poor little john died, his parents were out playing bingo…..they also had a full fridge full of food, but john hadnt eaten in 2 weeks, they deserve everything bad in life for taking away an angel why dont u go and give old stevie boy a nice big pat on the back for being father of the year……

          • scruples says:

            and they were reported, but back then the system isnt what it is today, unless a person was in the household then it didnt mean squat, they were reported by 3 different people

        • Brenda says:

          Hey asshole. I don’t live in N.B. So I really coud do nothing about this. If you were such a good friend Fuckhead, why didn’t you do something to prevent this. Those two people are low life scum and should both die for their sins. That poor little baby!

        • careingnurse says:

          Were not judging it is a fact. John’s parent killed period

        • Shelly Hubbard says:

          If PTSD was present or post PARTUM depression that would have been considered I would think. But people do know right from wrong and this went on and on with no assistance requested. U r simply dillusional! Hope yu dont have any children or he any new children? You must be desperate for friends buddy! He could have given his child away if he didnt want him….selfish souless creatures for a fact :(

        • laurel says:

          he was judged AND found a court of law.what part of that did you miss?just in case I will repeat-THEY WERE BOTH JUDGED AND CONVICTED.

          • Jack says:

            I agree they were convicted and served the time given.

            Our society let’s this happen. So few even care. The way society is by allowing the ” eye for an eye” to be wrong is the problem in the first place.

            If you want to be apart of society then deal with all of its consequences.

            If you don’t want this to happen then fuck off and leave society or grow a pair of balls and do something about it.

            If that boy was of my family I would have killed those 2 myself and fed them to the wolves.

        • Heather Wood says:

          Seriously? You have the internet. You know how to search. I suggest you do some. Also, if you think your neighbour is going to say ” hey buddy, I beat and starved my kid to death but hey, I did my time” , you’re about as intelligent as snail slime.

        • jonah says:

          Your an idiot piece of shit would love to meet you in the dark look out only a retard would believe that excuses don’t fly trust me from someone who works away from home if I notice anything me and my kids are gone and she’s going to jail or grave your pathetic don’t every justify someone’s action asshole

        • jonah says:

          Your a piece of shit Clint, innocent boy died for no reason can’t tell me other wise two people went to jail not for no reason come on use your head your just as horrible of a person as they are

      • clint says:

        she isnt with them u liar she is in ont.

        • rzrblade says:

          Perhaps you should re-examine who the liar may be in this case Clint. Of course Steven is telling you his white washed version of the story. He is still alive, and wants to protect himself now. His job was to keep his son alive and to protect him then. Do the math on this. You may see this man as a friend now, but consider if you would have been his friend if you could have seen this defensless child for yourself. There is absolutely NO reason or excuse for a child to ever be kept prisoner. Steven didn’t know this was going on? .. Did he live in the home? .. Is he a complete fg moron? .. He may be spinning it for you now, but ask yourself .. would you not know? atleast to some extent .. pull your head out of your ass .. friend.

    • Marcel Charron says:

      There was a deal made that they would get money until she turned 16. They came into contact with each other when she turned 16 and her adopted father kicked her out, when she was 19 she came to live with us in Ontario for a while then went back east.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    Post pardom? Or post Partum. You say steven turner might have been on exercise? Thats just ridiculous, because it will have taken months for that child to die, and he must have come home, what didn.t he see the child and was unaware that he was strapped into a harness gagged. Any normal person would have asked where their son was. Clint, do you honestly think steven turner is gonna tell you that, “He knew what was going on but didn.t do anything and turned a blind eye and let his son die” You’ve also got to remember that they had a daughter, and she wasn’t abused. You also mention post partum, well if she had that why didn.t steve turner notice this and take her to a doctor? Post partum is not difficult to notice, its a more extreme version of post natal depression. Also if the neighbours said that she became overwhelmed when she had the little boy, then why did she go & have another child, that wasn’t abused. So you see im not buying that bullshit that steve turner was oblivious to what was happening.

    • clint says:


      • steve-O says:

        Hey Clint, if you want to rant, find an empty chair. No need to shout here, especially when you know nothing because you were on exercises.

        • 2cute says:

          Haha, SteveO, you’ve got the wrong Clint. Eastwood isn’t as uptight as this guy. This guy thinks women’s “chemical imbalances” make them murder their children? Whoa! “Chemical imbalances” does that mean stuff like PMS? Because if every woman who has PMS becomes murderous there’d be a whole lot fewer assholes on this planet.

      • pj says:

        That’s right Clint women are baffling creatures with mystical chemical imbalances who can only be judged by God so watch your step, never cross them and always obey their commands or they could destroy you! And only God can judge. Except of course for judges and courts like the ones that found these bastard Turners guilty!

        • clint says:

          i am done with u ashole u will pay remember, we r only here 4 a short time and u r spending ur time on this ur fucked and let me tell u the worlds a small place so watch what u say

          • sheryl says:

            you know whaT???????? murderers always pay!!!!!!that little boy was here for a short time, parents are a child trust!!!!!! I hope they rot in hell honestly, actually that is why the death penalty should be brought back!!!!!! Why are we paying for meals that many don’t get and certainly ones that their son was not getting!!!!!!. And he was in a position of authority, they are totally sick!!!!!! They got no time really they are out right now!!!!! sick!!!!! They should be dead and we should not even be talking about them!!!!!!!

        • clint says:

          do u even know them

          • Darren says:

            Tell me where they live so I can go meet them! I’d like to meet them for about 15 min….

          • sheryl says:

            i agree!!!!!!!

          • jonah says:

            Wouldn’t want to know murders yup its a small place hope we run into each other on day Clint your a terrible human being hope you rote in hell beside your buddy

          • Melissa Eldridge says:

            Ya I know the piece of shit, he is my cousin and I just found out they both live here in Sault Ste Marie Ontario, love to run into them! But then again maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea with my temper

    • Bevy says:

      I knew Steve and Lorelei before they had kids. We met when Steve and my ex husband were on course together in Borden, we all lived in a campground that summer. You get to know people and you also see/hear things that otherwise would be hidden behind closed doors but living in a tent it’s hard to hide things.
      Steve was a great guy, quiet and very easy to get along with. It was also very plain to see that because he loved his wife she was able to rule the roost. He was not allowed to do much of anything without her permission and in most cases she had to be there. I heard a lot of things said between the two of them that clearly was not meant for others to hear.
      When John Ryan died and the details of the horrid life that child lived, I knew in my heart that Steven had been torn between love for a woman who controlled his life and his love for his son. He himself even said in court that he had wanted to divorce her and take his son away because she did not want the boy.
      The Lorelei I knew that summer was not a monster but nor did she seem to be well balanced. She was always very reluctant to share Steven with anyone. She was fine when it was everyone together but she didn’t like him to go off with the guys. If he wasn’t at the base then she wanted him with her. He couldn’t even stay for a beer after class.
      I’m not saying Steven was innocent, I think he should have manned up sooner and taken his son away from a very deadly situation.
      So don’t paint them both with the same brush!

      • Shelly Hubbard says:

        The same brush? Yu are never any less guilty just because you didnt pull the trigger. A father would die for his children! If this was today I would hope they would never see sunshine again.

      • Honey Brown says:

        its all about STEVE???? what about the child? poor Steve he helped kill his son Poor STEVE..his son starved and beaten and battered Poor STEVE*Poor STEVE caught in the power of a C*NT..what man would stay with a sick woman who was suppose to be jealous of their child because he gave his son to much Attention?Poor STEVE did..the world is full of women why would Poor STEVE stay with a so called woman !! this is so fucked..

      • Heather Wood says:

        ” I knew in my heart that Steven had been torn between love for a woman who controlled his life and his love for his son”.. BS.That’s a cop out if I ever read one. He was a free thinking adult. He knew the difference between right and wrong. The abuse went on for years, so your excuse doesn’t hold water.

  13. bengalpuss29 says:

    Shit i’ve blown my cover, now you all know who i am. Im not bengalpuss i’ve been lying to you im god. But now you all know because clint has told you. Plus im a god with chemical inbalances. Clint says his wife suffered post pardom, depression, but can.t fucking spell the word, post partum depression believe me he would have known about it. Its The most severe form of post natal depression, where mother’s have killed their children or themselves thinking their babies are better off without them, or their babies are better off dead. And being on exercise as an excuse, the child was starved and beaten. You can.t starve overnight clint it takes a while. He was on exercise he must have been on it for months, so guys if your thinking of joining the forces i wouldn’t bother cos they’ve got a Grueling Exercise regime. AND CLINT I CAN USE FULL CAPS AS WELL. THIS IS GOD SIGNING OFF.

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    Ha ha 2cute your priceless, if thats the case about chemical inbalances making us murderous, then i’d be serving life with no parole lol because there’s that many arseole’s on the planet. But from now on you’ve all got to address me as god, theres no point hiding it any longer, seen as clint has dropped me in it.

    • clint says:

      were do u live asshole

    • bulldoggy says:

      Hail BengalGod or is that PussyGod?I have read thine holy book and it says in Testiculus IV verse 10 “Thou shalt exalt and beware all of womenkind for they hath the divine chemical imbalance which shalt cause them to smite mine enemies and kill the innocents. Verily I say unto you none shalt judge womankind save the Lord BengalGod.”

  15. clint says:

    i sure would like 2 meet u assholes, and u 2 god

  16. clint says:

    no balls sit behind a comp.

  17. clint says:

    lets meet bengalpuss u hate all us cunts that stand 4 whats wright

  18. clint says:

    u people on this sight r fucked

    • clint says:

      funny know more replies

      • Joanne says:

        Yup, you sound like the kind of guy that would hang out with the murderer of a toddler!

      • Marina says:

        listen here Clint…why would we want to give you our Address? its clear that you hang out with a Couple that kills children,,We want to see our children grow up, We want to see our children go to school,College,University, and grow old with,,And if you think for one second we are gonna give you our address so you can come over and do something to our kids your mistaken Moron..If you can hang out with people like that,,you are capable for anything…and you say we are fucked on this site? go take your meds Idiot.

    • suzie says:

      they got you going I thing….lmfao…I would like to meet you and slap your face…i’m in sault ste marie ont….and i’m hearing that these two fucktard are here…I will find out and everyone will know…they should be in hell..even that would be to good for them RIP little guy xoxo hopefully you don’t have kids…you seem to think this is ok….very sad!!!

  19. bengalpuss29 says:

    Oh clint, your ranting and you say its us women with the chemical inbalances. I think your suffering from post pardom clint, best to go see your doctor for some post pardom medication, before you blow a gasket.

  20. bengalpuss29 says:

    I’ve replied its just waiting to be moderated.

  21. bengalpuss29 says:

    Clint your starting to make a cunt out of yourself and i’ll explain why. You said all us people on this site are fucked. But your on it, so your fucked. And i even turned your post pardom into a joke on you, and now im laughing. Also your rant about where do you live. That answers everything and puts into respective that we are all right about steve and his wife using violence, that explains why your buddies. Whats the saying “Birds of a feather flock together, thats why your defending pieces of crap cos your just as bad as them turner’s.

    • clint says:

      no balss motherfucker

      • Marina says:

        listen here Clint…why would we want to give you our Address? its clear that you hang out with a Couple that kills children,,We want to see our children grow up, We want to see our children go to school,College,University, and grow old with,,And if you think for one second we are gonna give you our address so you can come over and do something to our kids your mistaken Moron..If you can hang out with people like that,,you are capable for anything…and you say we are fucked on this site? go take your meds Idiot.

    • clint says:

      its perspective.u r wrong,u must not have alife.if this is what u do

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Its meant to say respective, meaning 2 or more persons, as on this site not perspective, obviously your brain is losing its cells at a rapid pace. Maybe your medication for your post pardom depression has had an adverse reaction. Best to get it checked out clint, before you are left utterly cabbaged.

  22. clint says:

    u must not have a life.they did there time. leave it alone

  23. clint says:

    if they did kill their child they will be judged again

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      “If they did kill their child they will be judged” What fucking planet are you on you clown. One minute he’s on exercise and the next, your saying and if they did kill the child. Of course they killed him, otherwise it was his baby sister that did it and that doesn’t sound right. She’d have to fasten him into a leather harness and gag him break his bones and psychologically fuck the child up by depriving him of the basic human nature of nurture, love and compassion, something he didn’t get from those bastards the turner’s and you fucking defend them. You bring the worse out of me, and im not defending two child murdering bastards. Im defending a small boy who is no longer here due to a pair of fuckwits, that didn’t give a shit about him.

      • clint says:

        how do u know if he did it were u their

      • clint says:

        they have did their time on earth but if they both did it they will meet their maker one day

        • Rhys Luna Emweise says:

          Were you there, Clint?

          Oh, well… maybe you should take your own advice and shut the hell up.

      • Rudsy says:

        A friend posted this article on facebook today.She is from the the area where this couple is living now(2017). I never look at things like this (breaks my heart) but because my friend also never posts anything like this, I had to have a read. I have now spent an entire hour or more reading all the comments and I’m not even close to reading them all. There were so many I wanted to respond too, in one paragragh bengalpuss29 you have said it all perfectly!

  24. clint says:

    im not violent but u people bring the worst out in me

    • 2cute says:

      Clint you’ve got to understand that a whole lot of us have been victims of crimes ourselves and therefore we are strongly pro-victim and anti-criminal. It translates into harsh comments and strong condemnations about those who are found guilty of the crimes.

      • clint says:

        if u dont know all the circumstances and the case how can u pass judgement on anyone, it doesnt make u wright, just because something happened 2 u or family. i am sorry 4 anyone who has went through what u people have. but let the courts do their job wether its wright or wrong

        • Miramichier says:

          The courts did their job, they were found GUILTY! they are murdering assholes. End of story, and if you are friends with the father that in my eyes makes you no better!

    • masterR says:

      Clint I live on the old base in
      Chatham and am just doing some reading up on this case and found myself here on this site . There is only true evil involved in the abuse of this innocent child by the Turners and if you have a problem with someone saying it just let the folks around here know when you arrive and why your here ….I’ll find you and can make your threats in person .

  25. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, stop making me laugh, i nearly pissed myself and wondered if it was due to my chemical inbalance or from my friend across the pond bulldoggy. I think i’ve upset clint, but if he follows my advice and gets his medication for his post pardom, then he should be ok bless him lol.

  26. clint says:

    oh ya he has a great life bet that pisses u off

    • jonah says:

      That’s not time bud not enough I’m not sorry for anything but the well bing of my kids
      Your words can’t express my feelings right now going hunting a great life what’s wrong with you

  27. bengalpuss29 says:

    What steve and his wife are ready to go hunting? What for another child to kill. And i know im a bitch but i don.t kill children and i don.t defend cunts that kill them. Are you an arseole or are you just normally stupid. You think you bother me you idiot. Do you think by threatening me im gonna be pissing in my pants you dumb retarded fuck. Go play with your murderous friends the stevens, why don’t you go out cruising looking for more children to torture. Because thats all your good at you waste of skin. You have shown your true self clint, your a boil on my arse, the shit on my shoe, and im just scraping you off mother fucker.

    • clint says:

      well now i have succeeded in showing everyone what kind of person u r. know stop picking on other people, i will be back 2 check on u 2 see if u have made any progress on ur anger

  28. bengalpuss29 says:

    Well that says it all then doesn’t it he has a great life, and that boy is six foot in the ground. What pisses me off is that the little boy isn’t having a great life and those two child killers ain’t six foot under. And that wouldn’t piss me off those two having a great life, that what i’d expect from a pair of narcissistic cunt’s oh and this is how you spell balls not ballss, didn’t they teach you to read and write in the armed forces, or are you just another typical knucklehead.

  29. clint says:

    u dont need 2 read and write just kill lol

  30. clint says:

    dont knock the army u wouldnt have the life u have if it wasnt 4 the army

    • Cb4 says:

      I love it when ex-military people start talking about how they have served….during times of peace. A six month stint in Cypress just doesn’t qualify and that’s coming from someone who served during the same time frame. They are murderers Clint and you need some spelling and grammar lessons. Stupid redneck.

      • Kfs says:

        It’s spelled Cyprus. I guess you forgot about Somalia, Rwanda, Croatia (Medak Pocket), Bosnia… I also served during that timeframe. Up to and including Afghanistan. Funny, I don’t remember any Clints from the RCR and I served with 2 of the 3 battalions as well as the Battle School. He’s probably from the reserve battalion lol. What these two did was atrocious and disgusting. There is no excuse. For either of them.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Cb4, yes i couldn’t agree with you more, clint is probably a redneck, and makes excuses up for shit bag murderers like these two pieces of filth.

  31. bengalpuss29 says:

    This is god signing off for tonight i’ve got to go and perform a few miracles here and there and there’s a few angels need telling off, for being bad to the Cherubs.

  32. clint says:

    does all this make u people feel better,i sure hope so.i think u need some help besides doing this

  33. bengalpuss29 says:

    You imbecile, most people know me on this site. And my anger is towards you sticking up for people who kill children. You haven.t showed me in any different way than what most people know of me on this site. You see on this site we defend the underdog not the pieces of shit that have either murdered, raped, molested children and generally basic Dregs Of society. You however are thing that you have made me look bad, when you have stuck up for child killers, posted a comment saying “We don.t need to read and write just kill” Then saying that the stevens were going hunting, and you think you’ve put me in a bad light. Man you have to be the stupidest cunt i’ve ever come across. If anything you’ve made yourself look even worse. You already looked bad, but now you look like the stupid cunt of the century. I need say no more, and im getting board with you. If you were intellectual i’d love to banter with you, but your as thick as pig shit so i’m off to find someone with a brain to engage with.

  34. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, pwease don’t diswike me, that nasty cwint says im howible and everywon will know im bad.

  35. amanda says:

    thank you guys for all the thoughts and prayers for my brothers death! I really appreciate it and I still cant believe hes dead! I am steve and Lorelei daughter that the mentioned and if it wasn’t for C.A.S. I would probably be dead right now and im just glad everyone is praying for him and I miss him and wish he was here. I got put into a foster home and then I was adopted.

    • 2cute says:

      Amanda I so hope that you are doing well and had a loving, supportive adoptive family and a good upbringing. I wish you all the best.

      • Amanda says:

        Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it and i have had a very ruff life and till this day i still am wondering what it would be like to have john here with us! :(

        • awesomeblossom says:

          Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough time Amanda. A lot of us here are survivors of tough times too, and being a survivor is something to be proud of. The trick is to survive AND thrive. I wish you much success and happiness. And keeping John in your heart is the best thing you can do for him. RIP little darling boy.

        • Louise says:

          Amanda I have thought of you often over the years! Sending you lots of love and healing energy. I so wish I could meet you. Please send me an e-mail…

        • Leeanne Polvi says:

          Amanda this story was the first story I read on the computer it broke my heart. Your father lives 5 minutes away from my house I will be Ryan’s voice and keep his story awake. Please contact me

        • Melissa Eldridge says:

          Hey Amanda I’m your cousin Melissa through Stevens side, so sorry about everything that’s happened in your life! Xo

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Amanda, i hope that you are keeping well and that you have a successful life, i’m sorry you lost your brother in such a horrible way, and i have prayed for him, he is at peace now and watching over you, take care.

    • Helen says:

      Amanda I’m so happy that you didn’t ha e to spend another day with those two monsters. I remember your brothers death like it was yesterday and my heart still aches today. I didn’t know him but he’s touched a lot of lives. God Bless you and I truly hope you’ve had an amazing life.
      I used to see the monsters at bingo after this happened and couldn’t hold my tongue any longer. I told them what I thought of them and wished them a life in HELL !!

    • Leeanne Polvi says:

      Amanda get a hold of me through facebook please

  36. Jamaica says:

    The Canadian Law, much like the Australian system, tends to be very lenient in their sentences for those who commit such gruesome acts of murder, than the United States, because if they were over here, guarantee you they would have either been given the life or death sentence or at the very least, 20 years to life imprisonment. And they deserve it. A young life cut short by his own parents who did not care anything about him, should be avenged by a most vicious, torturous death imaginable, as such a brutal act of violence could never be repaid with an equally brutal sentence.

  37. Mellie D says:

    Hello I just wanted to say that my best friends father was one ofnthe military officers who was assigned to this case and saw first hand what John went through and I was gagging n crying when his daughter told me the story. She explained the whole story and said when her father walked into the house the Steven was eating dinner watching t.v. like everything was normal and
    the kid was laying there dead his body was blue n purple, ribs n back bones were.sticking out they were putting their ciggarette buts out on his body ..including his penis it was basically detached and oh fuck man im bawling I couldnt fucking then she said that her father had to restrain himself and calm himself because he was ready to smash this piece of shits face right in he was mad n sad n all of those emotions that MOST people who have. During this time too the piece of shit Steve says to my friends father excuse me do u mind moving out of the way your interuppting my t.v. show..ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME..CLINT U DUMB MOTHERFUCKER , your sticking up up for these fucking pieces of shit RRRRR im soooo pissed if u were in front of me id smash yur face in ..people like u should be shot in the head when they act like u in favour of child abusers..I dont have to fucking know them I know the story and its horrific and its NEVER to this daynleft my friends fathers mind or hers or anybody in her family. And I too will remember this..FUCK U CLINT I..I hope somebody kills u and then we can just blame it on post partum ..your pathetic..R.I.P. John Ryan Turner im so sorry lil man..the life u had isnt what normal mommys n daddys do im so sorry you were cheated n on earth a short time. I hope to meet u up there lil man sending u hugs n kisses Xoxox…May the parents rott and karma serves u hard times!!!!!

    • Marie says:

      Steven lives near Sault Ste. Marie… and Lorelei lives in Thorhild Alberta…

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        And they get to carry on with their lives while a little boy is dead, they should either be roasting in the pits of hell, or sat in a prison cell for life, child murdering fuckers. Anything to add clint? worthless piece of shite!!!

  38. in the know says:

    Looking for Lorelei? Check out Lewis Lorelie on Facebook.

  39. miramichier says:

    Steve turner is on Facebook. he was east to find.

  40. Bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, its a shame you can’t find out if the facebook link to steve turner isn’t definately the murdering scumbag? Because his profile has got a really good picture of him. But i understand that you have to be 100% its him. Hope your feeling much better hun x

  41. napan NB says:

    i do believe they should`ve spent all them years that was given to them in jail that child suffered so much ,i think they should suffer too so sad here.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      clint, would still stick by those two worthless cunts even after reading that link, some people are just too stupid, even after all the evidence that was presented in court. Poor john didn’t do that to himself, neither his sister, so by my reckoning the remaining people in that household had to be the guilty ones. Never mind that it would’ve taken months to make that little boy in the state he was found in. Yep clint won’t believe whatever he sees or hears that’s the truth, which is that those two fuckers are child murdering bastards.

  42. Marie says:

    Seems Lorelei has gone into hiding. No one seems to know her whereabouts. She continues to ruin the lives of others and does not take ownership for her part. There are some businesses that would love to know where she is… she has A LOT of explaining to do….

  43. I Remember says:

    You sick BITCH! They murdered him and thats all anyone NEEDS to know. Nothing and nobody can justify the murder of an innocent child!

  44. Bengalpuss says:

    I remember, your so right that nothing can justify what that little boy went through. Everytime i read this article i still weep, it’s always the same emotions i have, that poor beautiful boy bless him never knew love and compassion or even having a cuddle, i fucking hate those two murdering cunts and if i ever bumped into them my actions would put me in prison but boy it would be so worth it. I wish someone had their photo’s so everybody knew what they looked like then ppl could spit in their face’s if they crossed their paths.

  45. North shore says:

    I think of the poor baby often, I couldn’t remember what happen to his parents. I think the courts were lenient. Rest in peace baby.

  46. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Canada should have the Death Penalty For Murder and Child Abuse NOT
    Scum being Released

    Evil Liberal Society

  47. george says:

    I keep wondering, What was God doing while all of this was happening????? I don’t get it.” All things bright and beautiful. All creatures great and small. All thing wild and wonderful. The Lord God made them all” ?????????????????????????????????????

  48. Robyn Gallant says:

    Steve Turner lives in Sault Ste Marie ont and works at Essar Steel …the sick bastard has went on with his life he even has a girlfriend

  49. Tracy says:

    This is a link to the ‘aunt’ above:

    Note, her name is Cathy Charron; her brother’s name is Steve Turner. She also has a photo of a tattoo with John Ryan’s name:

  50. Tracy says:

    A link to an archived photo in McLean’s magazine. That’s definitely Steven Turner in the above photos:

  51. Tracy says:

    I wonder why it is, when you search these assholes, there are no photos readily available on the web.

  52. Tracy says:

    No, seriously, there are no images of Steven or Lorelei Turner anywhere online. MacLean’s magazine had a couple. But you have to subscribe to see them. I took some screen shots. I wonder how I can put a link up for people to see ?

  53. Tammy says:

    I can not believe these 2 sick individuals are oution public living there pathetic lives. This bitch should have been fixed NEVER allowed to experience the true meaning of being a parent and should have to sit in a jail cell for the rest of miserable existence and hopefully drive herself insane remembering the cruel abuse she put a precious little boy through. Her piece of shit husband should of had his dick cut off NEVER to reproduce again, you punished your son by not loving him and you where serving our country. YOUR A COWARD, A LOW LIFE, A SORRY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING, ALONG WITH A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY. You where to much of a little bitch to stand up to the psycho bitch you had a kid with so you both KILLED HIM. The justice system you failed this precious little boy these low life’s deserved to rot in jail never to leave and be able to live normal lives. Cause little John never had a chance to live.

  54. Linda says:

    And to see the sick assholes on facebook living a happy life,

    is that not him?

    I hope he gets what should be coming to him

  55. Miramichiheart says:

    Unbelievable that these 2 are out.what is the world comming to? Where’s the justice system? They should of been burned alive.Monsters

  56. C. L . C says:

    Police have been contacted.

  57. Gassi says:

    I heard Stephen turner is working at Essar steel in Sault Ste. Marie – sick bastard he is and Essar should throw him out

  58. Cheryl Tardif says:

    My husband and I knew Steve and Lorelei when they lived in Chatham. I had no idea they were abusing John. Lorelei told me the braces for his feet were ordered by a doctor because his feet weren’t shaped properly. I saw no other contraptions or restraints.

    However, Lorelei’s behavior around her son was strange. She often came out with comments to me about how she felt no love for her son, that he was like an alien to her. I mentioned postpartum depression and was led to believe she was taking care of this. Perhaps my questions were too close to the truth because our friendship ended abruptly.

    I would describe Lorelei as being a very nervous new mother, and I never once witnessed any kind of love for her baby. I never saw her kiss John or stroke his hair or face. She never smiled when she spoke of John to me. He was a burden to her.

    When I visited, which was weekly back then, she’d ignore John Ryan’s screams. She said she’d been told to ignore him by her doctor. I was uneasy but could not argue with a doctor. I wish I’d spoken out, but in the military community, you cannot acuse someone of something so horrific as child abuse without concrete evidence.

    So many years later, I discovered that Steve and Lorelei Turner brutally tortured and abused that beautiful baby boy. During the time I knew them, no other family visited. Lorelei couldn’t cope with being a mother.

    To the other family members:
    I pity you all if you are still defending these coldhearted murderers. They didn’t “lose” their son; Steve AND Lorelei TORTURED, STARVED AND MURDERED HIM. No more excuses, or you’re really just as GUILTY as they are. Accept the facts.

    John was a sweet baby, the few times he wasn’t “napping” when I visited. When he was around, he was ignored or handed off to Steve. I saw bruises and marks on his ankles a few times, but Lorelei said he fought the leg braces. Makes me sick.

    I’m so disgusted I even knew Steve and Lorelei Turner. They deserve to remain in prison for life, as far as I’m concerned. What may have started as postpartum depression turned into calculated torture and starvation. They CHOSE to do this to him. No one made them murder their son; they chose to. This was no accidental death. This abuse went on from the time John was born to the time he died. John was sweet and innocent. Lorelei was an unstable basket case, and Steve was so pussy-whipped by her. Ugh…

    RIP sweet John. I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you. I didn’t recognize the signs of abuse. I will always remember you.

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