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Rep. Steve King

As fascinating/frightening as I find American politics and politicians, I typically keep my opinions to myself and to those in my life who haven’t left the room. But there is one American politician particularly whose words, opinions and actions border on the hellbeastly, and I feel compelled to call him out for it. I am talking about Iowa Representative Steve King.

He has not committed or been charged with or convicted of any crime, but he scares and repulses me.

Steve King, a Republican, is a vocal advocate for legalizing dogfighting and cockfighting, and has been one for years now. In fact, this man led the fight in Congress to BLOCK legislation that would crack down on dogfighting and cockfighting.

Steve King also fought an amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill that would make it a crime for an adult to attend or to bring a child to a dogfight or cockfight.

I am relieved to say that Steve King’s efforts in those 2 instances were unsuccessful.

I gotta warn you, I’m using pictures that are real depictions of what we’re talking about here — what Steve King thinks should be legal.

Dog fightingLook at this picture. This is a dogfight. What the hell kind of man considers watching animals tear each other apart as fit entertainment for adults and for children? That would be Iowa Representative Steve King, Republican.

Steve King, in a recent town hall meeting, equated dogfighting to boxing.

What he said was, “When the legislation that passed in the farm bill says that it’s a federal crime to watch animals fight or to induce someone else to watch an animal fight, but it’s not a federal crime to induce somebody to watch people fighting, there’s something wrong with the priorities of people that think like that.”

So because it’s legal to watch people fighting, it should be legal to watch animals fighting? Is that right, Mr. King?

The trouble with that “logic” is that boxers CHOOSE to get into the ring.

Boxers get paid to get into the ring.

Boxers do not kill other boxers to “train” for the ring.

Boxers do not get killed if they are unsuccessful in the ring.

Boxers are not subjected to horrific mutilation and lethal injuries during their bouts.

The goal of a boxing match is not the death or dismemberment of one of the boxers.

Dog fight victimFighting dogs and roosters, unlike boxers, do NOT have a choice. The animals used for their “training” do not have a choice. The reward for a successful bout is yet another bout and another until the “winner” finally loses and dies.

Dogs used in these barbaric events often die of blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion, or infection in the hours or days after the fight. Some owners train their dogs for fights using smaller animals such as cats, rabbits or small dogs.

Steve King thinks dogfighting and cockfighting are family entertainment. He is at the very least an asshole for thinking that. But for using his elected office to fight to legalize those barbaric displays of cruelty and sadism, Steve King is IMO a hellbeast.

Over his 5 terms as representative of western Iowa, Steve King has consistently fought every effort to protect animal rights and promote animal welfare.

In the 2003-2004 Congress, Steve King voted against amendments to bar the use of federal funds for killing Yellowstone bison and bear baiting on federal lands.

In the 2005-2006 Congress, besides voting against a bill to bar the transport, possession, purchase, or sale of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption, Steven King also voted against a bill that required state and local authorities to consider the needs of people with pets and service animals in their disaster planning.

So in the event of a fire, a hurricane, a flood, people with pets or service animals are f*cked if Steve King has it his way.

Dog fightingIn the 2007-2008 Congress Steve King voted against the Animal Fighting Enforcement Prohibition Act which was signed into law despite his efforts. This Act strengthened the penalties for illegal dogfighting and cockfighting, and made it a felony to transport animals across state lines for those illegal, disgustingly cruel and barbaric fights.

There are many more conservation and animal welfare acts that Steve King voted against in those years, but I won’t list them all. Suffice it to say if an act benefited an animal, Steve King was opposed to it.

Unhappily, Representative Steve King was not totally unsuccessful in his anti-animal antics. His greatest success may yet happen in September.

The current Farm Bill expires in September, and Steve King managed to sneak in an amendment at the end of a grueling marathon session. Incredibly, unbelievably it was passed by the House Committee on Agriculture. What were they thinking?

And what does this little amendment, the “Protect Interstate Commerce Act”, do? Nothing much except to nullify any state laws to protect animals.

In the words of Steve King, this amendment would “ensure that radical organizations like the Humane Society of the United States… are prohibited from establishing… restrictive state laws.”

Steve King actually brags that his amendment would “wipe out” animal rights laws. “My [amendment] language wipes out everything they’ve done with pork and veal.”

Factory farm pigsYou see, Representative King doesn’t want anyone telling America’s farmers how to raise and care for their animals. So if America’s farmers want to dock tails without anesthetic, or confine calves or pregnant pigs or chickens in crates or cages so small they can’t move, or put arsenic in chicken feed, then nobody and nothing can stop them.

Interestingly, Steve King’s home state of Iowa, which has practically no restrictions on farming practices regarding animals, has been responsible for some of the worst outbreaks of salmonella poisoning in the history of the United States. Hmmmm. Coincidence?

Hopefully, hopefully the American Senate will be awake and alert and will not pass the “Protect Interstate Commerce Act”.

BTW Steve King, this fierce opponent of animal rights, supports a ban on birth control and is just fine if gay people don’t come out of the closet. I am not surprised.

How a person treats an animal says everything we need to know what kind of person he is. Steve King is, in my opinion, a person not worth knowing.

There is, by the way, a petition to remove him from office. I would encourage anyone in Iowa who cares for animals, women and LGBT people to sign it.

And so Steve King, I hope and pray that someday soon you will recognize that your actions and opinions are repulsive and repugnant to decent human beings. You are in the wrong, Mr. King, and if there is any justice in this world you should be rendered powerless against the righteous forces for animal and human rights.

Go to hell, Steve King, you and all your anti-animal welfare cohorts!

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27 Responses to Steve King

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    Whats scary about this fucker cleo is the fact that he’s hold’s office and is in the house of representatives. Im upset now after viewing those images. Why do fucking bastards like this cunt get votes, i don.t understand it i really don.t. And yes your right boxers have a choice they get paid, and they don.t fight to the death. I find it absolutely disgusting that he has got certain amount of power. I think he’s obviously from farming stock and community and thats how they must entertain themselves in that part of iowa, but people in the real world actually think that he’s a cunt. Why don.t we get him to fight to the death with like minded people as himself, now thats a concept.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I agree with you BengalPuss 100 percent. Great Response. King is despicable. Great article once again Cleo.

  3. Christine88 says:

    This man is ignorant even for a politician. Human fighter/boxers choose to fight. Dogs cannot choose when they are put in the ring and those dogs fight to the death or near death. This cannot pass as something that a civilized society can condone. This man’s thought processes are truly deranged and frightening.

    I hope he is tossed out of office.

  4. Steve-O says:

    What I wanna to know is WHO THE FUCK VOTED FOR THIS SICK BASTARD?! I call for a public shaming of those who are responsible for placing him in power! Somebody in Iowa keeps voting for him! Shame on them!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Thats my point steve-O someone keeps voting for this shit head why? All i can say is the people from that part of iowa who have voted for this scummy bastard needs shooting along with him. Its bad when people vote for a piece of shit, that wants to make dogs and cocks fight. I can honestly say that i’ve seem a cock fight on tv, and it was bad they really go at each other. And i watched a documentary about dog fighting and one of the dog owners actually had the dogs teeth capped with titanium, and these poor dogs are trained to rip into each other. Its really upsetting to see, thats why that piece of shit should be made to fight to the death with like minded people. Believe me they wouldn’t be missed, and im signing the petition, fuck this piece of shit, lets get him out of office.

  5. dogwalker says:

    This asshat thinks the Humane Society is a radical organization? Seriously? Because they think animals should be treated humanely? Wow. Rep. King is a major douche. Please tell me he doesn’t have pets. I shudder to think how he would treat them.

    • 2cute says:

      If he does have pets I bet he refuses to let a vet euthanize them when they get old or sick and whips out a hammer and knife instead. He probably would sell tickets to the spectacle too. Sick psycho.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        2cute if he does have any pets, then my heart bleeds for them. Because you and i know that those poor animals are probably being mistreated. I wish i had that cunt as an animal. I’d be whipping his arse while he crawled around on all fours with a collar around his neck. Then i would find someone with a vicious dog and make him fight the dog while still on all fours, and then hope that the dog goes for the Jugular And rips his throat out.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    This guy needs an attitude adjustment. Can anyone in Iowa arrange for him to be smeared with raw steak and caged naked with a ravenous pit bull? Mr. King can be hungry too so it would be a fair fight — he and the dog both have teeth and nails right? Because people fighting and dog fighting are the same thing right?

    Now that would be family entertainment.

    • shawnofthehead says:

      Or they could confine him to a crate so he couldn’t move. He doesn’t have a tail to dock (or does he?) and he can’t be kept perpetually pregnant (or can he?), but he can be branded and prodded with a cattle prod. Since the guy can’t grasp the concept of animal abuse, I think he needs to experience something of what the creatures go through. Too bad that ain’t ever gonna happen.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Bulldoggy you’ve got one hell of a sadistic imagination, i love it. What with yours and shaun of the heads ideas, i think if that bastard read them he’d resign and go into exile lol.

  7. trickivicki says:

    Steve King has such polluted logic and twisted morals that it is impossible to have a debate with him. If he didn’t have the power of his office behind him you couldn’t take him seriously. Since he does have the power we have to take him very seriously — with all that power and that lack of sense and morality, he is a dangerous man.

  8. Tasera says:

    …Jesus Christ. Dogfighting is in no way similar to boxing. It’s more like forcing two slaves fight to the death in the Colosseum and tossing the survivor into his cage afterwards. This guy scares me more than any other person on this site.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Tasera you said exactly what i did, people like this frighten me he’s in the house of representatives and can get laws change or new bills enforced and he wants a new law saying that fighting dogs and cock’s to the death is ok. How the fuck is that going to benefit the american people. I don.t get it and i don.t understand why people voted for this piece of shit. Yes he frighten’s me. What law is he going to lobby for next, its ok to beat your wife senseless if she hasn.t got your dinner on the table when you get home. This guy needs removing from goverment he’s too dangerous to be a responsible position like this.

  9. Trace says:

    Is there vote rigging going on in that state or is everybody related to this mofo? I can’t understand how anyone in their right mind would vote for this asswipe. 5 times! Maybe it’s something in the water that has morphed the voters into cave dwelling neanderthals who think blood sports and animal cruelty are fun.

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    The only conclusion i can come up with is that its a hick town full of hillbilly’s a bit like deliverance, and they don.t know any better. Because normal functioning people wouldn’t dream of voting for a wanker like this specimen. Hopefully, he’ll be a thing of the past, if enough people voice their disgust about this piece of shit. Mind you coming from a country as bent and corrupt as america, i just may as well blow hot air.

    • Lillith says:

      This is why I don’t normally vote, but if I did it certainly wouldn’t be for that piece of waste! His eyes remind me of a serial killer’s…that vacant, crazy stare that makes you think “Yeah, kids, let’s vote Manson for president!” Sometimes I wonder if the inmates are running the asylum when it comes to politics. If so, that explains why our punishment policies for actual crimes are as lax as they are.
      As far as all this animal cruelty business, he should be kicked out of office just for attempting to bring it back. You can bet if any of his crazy laws passed he’d be the first to hold a dog or cock fight. At the very least he should be banned from owning any kind of animals. Or having kids for that matter.

  11. scaredAmerican says:

    Steve King is even scarier than you think. His amendment to the farm bill would destroy state regulations on food safety totally. Already food poisoning kills 3000 and sickens 48 million Americans annually so can you imagine how much worse it’ll get?

    AND this bastard supports states banning birth control! How can any woman in her right mind vote for this ignoramus?!?! He thinks animal cruelty is ok but contraception is wrong! He is plain psycho!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Im british so excuse my knowledge is a little thin on american politics. How the fuck did this guy get voted to have a seat in the house of representatives. Don.t the people know who voted him how dangerous this piece of shit is. You might as well vote for the Taliban Than vote for this fucker. At least with the taliban you know from the start that they are nutcase’s and terrorists, but with this fucker he’s probably the type of politician that bullshit’s his way into office and then doesn’t do what he said he was going to do. Oh wait a minute thats what all politicians do. But you know what im getting at. My god who the fuck votes for these prick’s in the first place.

  12. Steve-O says:

    Holy fucking shitballs Batman! Romney endorses this pro-animal cruelty anti-womens rights fucktard! “I want him as my partner in Washington!” Mitt said. Doesn’t he know this loon is a fucking loon or doesn’t he care? US politics is going apeshit crazy if King can find approval from a presidential nominee!

  13. bengalpuss29 says:

    Steve-O, you know im british so could you indulge me here? What are the chances of romney getting elected into office? And if the cunt is backing scumbag’s like this cunt, well then, what can i say but “America will be fucked if shit heads who think that its ok to fight dogs and other animals get into the next administration. you might as well vote in attila the hun. i just hope that the majority of americans know what this arsewipe thinks that dogs fighting each other to death or near death is ok. its a very frightening thought. my god if romney is backing this cunt who else is he backing. I hope that you won.t be voting for him steve-O. I know bulldoggy would be the last to vote for this cretin, as i hope all the other american animal lovers, and all of america full stop. Im Suprised Someone hasn.t started a petition on this fucker.

    • Steve-O says:

      They could win if they cheat, lie and pay enough. The media don’t search for the truth, they just repeat the lies without informing the American public if it is misleading or false. The republican governors are doing their best to deprive the poor, minorities, elderly of their right to vote because they tend to vote for Obama. And the republicans have deep pockets to buy more ads which are full of lies. That is my opinion.

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    I thought all politicians cheat lie and buy votes instead of earning them.. Its true what they say steve-O, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, i fucking hate politicians, i sometimes think that they should all be locked up, they’re criminals the lot of them. But it is worrying that romney, can endorse this animal abusing cunt. Whats the world coming to. Whats his next move gonna be, have richard Ramirez (Aka the night stalker) As attorney general lol.

  15. Steve-O says:

    Well Romney is still living down the family trip when he tied the do to the roof of the car so I guess nobody can accuse him of being an animal lover. And you are right bengalpuss, he and his ilk keep getting richer and the rest of us get poorer. Sad thing is the rich are not smarter or wiser or even more knowledgeable than us, they just think they are.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Don.t know if your comment is saying dog you’ve put do, so i’ll assume you put dog. He tied a dog to the roof of a car, and this guy is hoping to be elected the next president, jesus christ, who the fuck would want that arsewipe running the most powerful country in the world. This is when politics becomes frightening. Im not a religious person, but in the bible in Revelations It says “From the eternal sea he rise’s, creating armies on either shore, fighting man against his brother, until man exists no more” The eternal sea, meaning politics, the beast will appear in politics. That could be romney.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Yeah, the dog was actually in a crate tied to the roof of the car. Facing the front, I believe. He defecated all over the car before the 12-hour trip was over. They had to stop to hose down the car and the dog, then kept on travelling. The Romneys said the dog really enjoyed that method of travel, that he preferred it to riding in the car with all the boys.

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          I take it then bulldoggy, that the dog had a sit down with romney and had a chat about how he prefered to ride on top of a car facing the wind blowing in his face so he could barely breathe and then shit himself and cover himself with shit, than riding in the car where there’s heat and company, yes im sure the dog did enjoy being nearly tortured outside on the roof of the car. How the fuck did this wanker get to be a candidate for the next american president if he beats Obama. Scary thought, wonder who secretary of state would be satan, Jeez Whats the world coming to.

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