Stephen Shaun Griffiths

Hellbeast Stephen Shaun Griffiths

Crime: Serial Killer, Cannibal

Sometimes it truly terrifies me to think of the kinds of hellbeasts who live and breathe and share this planet. One such hellbeast is Stephen Shaun Griffiths. I am happy that he didn’t share my patch of the world, and I am very pleased that his patch of the world has been reduced to a prison cell in Britain.

Stephen Shaun Griffiths’ emergence as a full blown serial killer should not have come as a surprise to anyone. There were plenty of clues throughout his youth that he was a hellbeast by nature and by choice. For years he planned to kill, he studied killers and how to kill, he relished in the prospect of being a killer.

His parents split up when he was young, but Stephen Shaun Griffiths was given a top level education at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. He was regarded as a weirdo and a loner even then. He carried a briefcase with a knife inside and talked about skinning birds and “doing things” to animals.

Moira DewhirstHis mother, Moira Dewhirst, was rumored to be a prostitute. One former neighbour said, “She would go out in the garden stark naked and have sex with different men in full view of the neighbours. People would complain about it, but she didn’t care.”

In 1987, at the young age of 17, Stephen Shaun Griffiths was sentenced to 3 years’ youth custody for an unprovoked knife attack on a supermarket manager. He had slashed the man’s throat. It was the start of a long vicious criminal career.

Even then Stephen Shaun Griffiths told his probation officers that he had fantasies of being a serial killer. He told them he planned to begin killing in his 30s.

That was a big clue, a big friggin clue that this guy was a monster.

He was a patient at Waddiloves Hospital in Bradford in 1987 and released.

In 1989 Stephen Shaun Griffiths was convicted of possession of an air pistol.

In 1991 a psychiatrist diagnosed him as “sadistic, schizoid, psychopath.” That is not a good thing!

Stephen Shaun Griffiths was kept in Rampton Special Hospital for 2 months that year. Disturbingly the psychiatrists had ultimately concluded he was not suffering from a mental illness, but he was identified as a “highly dangerous man”. Still he was freed to live in the community.

That was not a good thing! And Stephen Shaun Griffiths continued inexorably on his path to hellbeast fame.

In 1992 he was given a 2-year prison sentence for holding a knife to a young girl’s throat. He obviously did not serve the entire 2 years because in 1993 he was put on probation (probation!) for possessing a knife in public, and was given a suspended sentence for possession of 2 air pistols!

Somebody wasn’t paying attention! The guy was a diagnosed psychopath and he’d already attacked two innocent people with knives and the judge still gives him probation and a suspended sentence?

David Waters QC, the hellbeast’s lawyer, had successfully argued that his client displayed no signs of psychotic illness or a treatable mental disorder which meant he could not be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Unhappily for the future victims, Stephen Shaun Griffiths was allowed the freedom to grow into the warped, twisted hellbeast that he ultimately became. And he had lots of time considering he never worked. He managed to live off of grants and welfare.

Zeta PinderIn his late 20s, Stephen Shaun Griffiths met a woman through a lonely hearts column. Zeta Pinder met up with him at a local pub and thought he was very charming.

Zeta Pinder dated this creature for almost 2 years without any issues — except his “thing” about horror slasher movies.

“When somebody got murdered he’d just like laugh his head off and he’d go: ‘Oh great, look at that.'”

Other than that, and his abnormal terror of bugs (he’d plug his ears with cotton at night so they couldn’t crawl in), Zeta and Stephen got along just fine until the evening he invited her to his home in Bradford.

What Zeta Pinder found inside the apartment horrified her so very much that she wanted to break off their relationship immediately.

Stephen Shaun Griffiths’ idea of home decor did not appeal to her — shelves with hundreds of horror movies and books of serial killers make her uneasy. The crossbow and samurai swords freaked her out.

“You walked in and on the left-hand side there was just a huge bookcase and it was just full of horror books on like the Moors murderers and Jack the Ripper, the Yorkshire Ripper,” she said.

“But not just five or six books, literally hundreds of books, and he always had lots of videos… really horrific video nasties.”

Everything was covered in plastic. Even the carpet was covered in plastic.

Zeta Pinder got up the nerve to ask about the weapons in the living room. His response: “I just like stuff like this.”

Zeta Pinder said in an interview after his arrest, “I just got a feeling where I just didn’t feel safe so I made an excuse. I said: ‘Stephen can you take me home I just don’t feel well, I feel sick’.”

Zeta Pinder wisely waited until she got home safely to phone Stephen Shaun Griffiths and break up with him.

Ten years later Zeta Pinder saw her ex-beau on the news and considered she’d had a lucky escape.

Hellbeast Stephen Shaun GriffithsStephen Shaun Griffiths spent that decade keeping very busy. He got another girlfriend, Kathy Hancock, but this time he was cruel and physically abusive. She left him but for years he would track her down and harass her.

He went to university for most of that decade — studying killers. Now a criminology student, he became thoroughly obsessed with the history of serial killers. He even lived close to the hunting grounds of the Yorkshire Ripper.

In 2009 he was admitted to the University of Bradford to write his PhD thesis in homicide studies. What made this student different was his career goal — to become a famous serial killer like his heroes.

Police were already watching Stephen Shaun Griffiths. He’d been spotted reading books on dismemberment, and that raised some alarm bells.

The police had contacted the housing association that owned the apartment building this hellbeast lived in and they in response installed a better closed circuit television system in anticipation of an incident.

The problem with CCTV systems is they need observant people to watch the footage and understand what they are seeing.

Susan RushworthOn June 22, 2009 Susan Rushworth was seen getting off a bus near her bedsit in Bradford. And that is the last she was ever seen.

Susan Rushworth, 43, was a sex trade worker. She was trying to turn her life around. She’d been off heroin for 5 weeks and was just starting to reconnect with her kids and her grandkids.

Susan Rushworth’s body was never found. Stephen Shaun Griffiths isn’t telling where it is either. But it is undoubtedly because of Stephen Shaun Griffiths that Susan Rushworth died. He had lured her to his apartment with his pickup line — he was a photographer and wanted to take pictures for an art gallery.

And he then used a hammer.

All that was found of Susan Rushworth was a trace of her blood in the apartment. But this wasn’t found until more women died.

Shelley ArmitageShelley Armitage, 31, was also a sex trade worker in Bradford. She hadn’t always been. She had once had ambitions of being a model and travelling the world. Life didn’t turn out the way she wanted. She had issues with alcohol and drugs, and prostitution paid the bills. She had a boyfriend, two children and a new puppy. Shelley was last seen on April 26, 2010.

Stephen Shaun Griffiths used his mobile phone to videotape his “encounter” with Shelley Armitage. The video shows him defiling her naked body. She’d been hog-tied with twine, and the words “My Sex Slave” had been painted on her back.

Stephen Shaun Griffiths called himself the “bloodbath artist” on the video, and said, “Here’s a model who is assisting me.”

The video also shows Shelley Armitage dead and naked in the bathtub.

Thanks to the video footage, Shelley Armitage was determined to have died before 1:00 a.m. on April 28, 2010. That means she’d been at this creature’s mercy for a day and a half. The poor, poor woman. He had no mercy.

But this video footage wasn’t seen until after yet another murder was committed.

Suzanne BlamiresLess than a month later Suzanne Blamires, 36, went missing. She was another sex trade worker, and she had actually lived only 3 blocks away from Shelley Armitage.

Suzanne Blamires had had a good start in life, and was even training to become a nurse, but unfortunately she started using heroin. Prostitution paid for her habit.

On the night she went missing, Suzanne Blamires had had an argument with her boyfriend. She headed home without him and never made it there. She had, of course, encountered Stephen Shaun Griffiths.

This was finally the “encounter” that brought an end to the hellbeast’s horrific career. And it was all because Suzanne Blamires did not go gentle into that good night. She made a courageous effort to escape the killer’s clutches and finally, finally the film footage of the CCTV provided incontrovertible evidence of a crime.

When the caretaker Peter Gee watched the silent footage he saw the POS killer Griffiths walking into his apartment with Suzanne Blamires. Within minutes she ran out and Griffiths was hot on her heels. He knocked her down, went back to his apartment and returned with a crossbow. He then cold bloodedly fired a bolt into her head, killing her.

And then, incredibly, Stephen Shaun Griffiths held the crossbow aloft in victory before he dragged the body of Suzanne Blamires out of sight. Knowing it was all caught on camera, the murderous bastard reappeared with a drink can and he saluted the camera as if to toast his success.

For the next 24 hours the camera picks up footage of this hellbeast toting a rucksack and garbage bags from his apartment. Three guesses what was inside them.

Griffiths Crime Scene

On May 24, 2010 Stephen Shaun Griffiths was arrested and charged with 3 counts of murder. When his flat was searched the police recovered two crossbows and bolts. They also found that the carpets had been lifted and tiles had been removed from around the bath in an unsuccessful effort to clean up the murder scene. There were also 30 knives. Almost everything in the apartment was covered in plastic sheeting, just as it had been when Zeta Pinder saw it.

Griffiths Crime Scene

On May 25, 2010 an unlucky passerby discovered female body parts and a head in a rucksack in the River Aire, 5 miles away in Shipley. The police descended upon the scene and found a case containing hacksaws and knives. They also found 81 different pieces of Suzanne Blamires. A broken knife and a crossbow bolt were embedded in her head.

And nearby along the river police found a small piece of spine which was determined to belong to Shelley Armitage. That was all that was ever found of her body.

Griffiths Crime Scene

So now hellbeast Stephen Shaun Griffiths was in hog heaven — he was finally getting the attention worthy of a notable serial killer. He immediately claimed he’d killed many, many women, and dismembered them. Suzanne Blamires he dismembered by hand, but with the others he used power tools.

“It was just a slaughterhouse in the bathtub,” he told officers.

Stephen Shaun Griffiths also declared that he’d actually eaten parts of his victims.

This worthless POS hellbeast claimed Suzanne Blamires was the third victim he had cannibalized. He said he’d cooked and eaten parts of his first two victims, boiling one in a pot, but he ate the third one raw.

A tabloid headline dubbed him the “Crossbow Cannibal” and Stephen Shaun Griffiths was thrilled. He likely thought that was a catchier moniker than “Yorkshire Ripper”.

When Stephen Shaun Griffiths appeared in court for the first time, he even gave his name as the “Crossbow Cannibal”, stunning everyone in the courtroom.

While there is no proof that he did cannibalize the bodies (he possibly wanted to increase his notoriety what with his being the publicity whore he is), the police do accept his claims of more victims. They believe he may be responsible for as many as 3 unsolved murders.

Stephen Shaun Griffiths explained himself to the investigators: “I am misanthropic. I don’t have much time for the human race.”

While he has been in custody, the Crossbow Cannibal has tried to kill himself on 4 occasions. Unhappily he is less skilled at suicide than he is at homicide. On one occasion he had tried pulling a plastic bag over his head but a guard spotted him on a monitor and stopped him. Damn it!

On December 21, 2010, Stephen Shaun Griffiths was convicted of 3 murders after pleading guilty. He was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Mr. Justice Openshaw described Griffiths’ crimes as “wicked and monstrous” (oooh, harsh!) and told him he would spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Well, Stephen Shaun Griffiths, you useless, worthless POS, I wish you a very short life and an endless stint in hell. Rot in pieces!

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16 Responses to Stephen Shaun Griffiths

  1. Kimber says:

    Makes me look back at all the weirdos I’ve met who I was sure were on this same path. I wonder if they’ve killed anyone yet.

  2. moodymagic says:

    EWWWWWWWWW! Sick Bastard. Wouldn’t it be great if the punishment matched the crime!

  3. Trace says:

    Why can’t we hunt these animals down with crossbows and spearguns and tomahawks? Why do they get to live out their useless lives at taxpayers expense? He was probably pissing himself with glee when he became famous/notorious. These killers should have nothing to look forward to except a painful demise — the more victims the more pain. And the younger the victims, the more pain.

    • The_man says:

      forgive me if this seems like a troll. it really isnt. but our friend “trace” seems a tad melodramatic. dont he?

    • Pamela Maxfield says:

      Trace, Animals other than our species do not do horrendous things…with the exception of our closest, furry, relatives who go to war with other groups of their own.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Unfortunately this crime is very close to home for me. I went to school with susan rushworth’s sister and i remember flyers posted everywhere they had been looking for susan for a longtime she disappeared about 3 years before he was caught. When the news came on about that bastard i really felt for samantha, susan’s sister and her family and the other girls families. And thats correct when he was in court and they asked him to state his name and date of birth he replied “The crossbow cannibal and born sometime in the 21st century” Arseole. It is a shame that they stopped him killing himself, it pisses me off the tax i pay to keep that vile bastard, Luckily that they had that new cctv installed otherwise they would have been none the wiser, because the old system wasn’t trained on his floor just the communal front door, back door and just outside in the court yard so hats off to whomever it was that decided to install the cctv inside on his floor and doorway. I hope he’s having a shit time in jail ha ha.

    • 2cute says:

      It must be awful for her family and friends that her body was never found. It reminds me of the Pickton murders with so many woman missing and only traces of them or some of their belongings found out at the pig farm. I would have thought it’s harder to dispose of a body in a country like England because there’s so many people in a small space (compared to Canada) but looking at the aerial view there are a lot of green spaces not too far from the area Susan went missing. Did he have a car to transport a body do you know?

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Yes he had a car but in britain we have the great british waterways where people have narrow boats and cruise up and down the rivers. Near where we are we have the river aire and thats where he dumped the body’s. They only knew he’d killed susan was because her dna was found in his apartment, the other girl only had part of her spine and spinal chord found and suzanne blamires the last one to be murdered they found 84 pieces of her and some parts were missing, hence the name crossbow cannibal. He was dumping their body parts in the river aire the bastard. Everytime i see her sister i just don.t know what to say, well how could you, knowing her poor sister went through that ordeal. About that robert pickton, i read that story & was literally gobsmacked when it came to the jury finding him guilty of either 2nd degree murder or manslaughter, i thought “eh what They found body parts in his friggin freezer, he’d fed his friends the pigs that had eaten human flesh & they couldn’t convict on first degree Murder.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I wonder if he’s still on hunger strike.

  7. Jonathan says:

    This dude’s psycho.

  8. viki says:

    It’s so sad all them women died but pisses me off that my step dad didn’t get no thanks from the police they weren’t onto Griffiths at all that’s rubbish they had nothing till Peter gee my step dad handed him over to them while he had to stay in that building knowing that Griffiths knew he would be watching that cctv his life was at great risk my dad was doing his job well that’s how he got caught looking over 3 days cctv on 16 small cameras he was offered loads to tell his story but he won’t for respect of the women that died …

    • Bengalpuss says:

      vicky, I remember reading that about a certain man having to stay in the building after the murder, your step dad must of been absolutely crapping himself? griffith knew he woulda been caught, the guy is a narcissistic arsehole. Tell your step dad that he is a “brave man and stopped the prick of murdering again” I couldn’tt do it.

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Shocking Indeed

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Important that the Country does Not Allow a Cannibal Civil Rights
    Movement as it is already a State of Evil under Social Liberalism

    Cannibalism should be Regarded as Murder and Equally this should Apply
    to Crazy People who Consent to Cannibalism and let someone murder them

    Cannibalism is a Recipe For Human Self Destruction like Alcoholism
    and Drug Addiction

    • Nita West says:

      Are you for real? Have a good read at the garbage you wrote. Cannabalism should be regarded as murder? Well I should think so, being that cannibals kill their victims first and then consume them. What kind of nut ball are you?

  11. They should simply leave the young mother alone and let the girl live her life.

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