Stephen Seddon

Hellbeast Stephen Seddon
Crime: Murder

Stephen Seddon of County Durham, UK, is a greedy, ungrateful, murderous hellbeast. Need I say more? I guess I really should. His parents, Patricia and Robert Seddon, who look in their pictures like perfectly nice people, had made the mistake of making their son their heir despite his criminal past.

At the ripe age of 13, Stephen Seddon began breaking the law. He appeared in youth courts for burglary, handling and theft. As a young adult he was convicted of stealing cars and obtaining goods by deception, theft and making off without payment.

Stephen Seddon went on to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous. He had a Bentley Turbo, a Porsche 911 Carrera and an Audi convertible. He employed a chauffeur, and he jetted around the globe, staying at posh digs like the Waldorf Astoria in New York.

Stephen Seddon’s fortune was actually the takings from a scam. Ooooh, naughty! In 2000 he was convicted of fraudulent trading and served one year, but that didn’t dampen his greed one iota.

Patricia and Robert Seddon, those perfectly nice people, had been married for 47 years. They lived comfortably off their pensions, and in 2012 their entire estate was worth £230,000 ($355,718 Canadian). This did not include the £40,000 in cash they’d given their son Stephen. It did not include the house they bought him in Seaham so he wouldn’t be homeless.

Stephen Seddon was supposed to pay his father rent, but likely never did. Useless bastard.

Patricia and Robert Seddon had had a daughter who sadly passed away in 2008. She left them the care of her disabled son. Like good grandparents, they had the young fellow live with them in their home in Sale, Greater Manchester.

Patricia, Stephen and Robert SeddonIn 2009 Patricia and Robert Seddon made their wills and named each other as beneficiary if one died, and their son Stephen as beneficiary if they both died.

That’s right, if both of his parents died together, Stephen the larcenous, ungrateful, greedy bastard Seddon would inherit the lot.

Tragically for Patricia and Robert Seddon, their son was determined to inherit the lot. And soon!

On March 20, 2012, Stephen Seddon announced he was going to treat his parents and his disabled nephew to a belated Mother’s Day present — a supper out at a nice restaurant. He even hired a BMW to make the event more special. He also took out extra insurance for the trip.

With his three passengers buckled in the back seat and anticipating a lovely meal, Stephen Seddon drove the rented car along a stretch of road beside a canal in Timperley, Greater Manchester. And then HOLY SHIT the car swerved off the road and straight into the canal!

Big surprise, Stephen Seddon freed himself from the sinking car and scrambled onto its roof. He tried to kick in the windows and was shouting for help.

Ummm, wouldn’t kicking the windows in allow the water to fill the car faster? That’s what witnesses thought. They yelled at him to get off the car because his weight was making it sink.

Regardless, the murderous monster’s plans began to get messed up when his nephew managed to extricate himself from the car.

Canal accidentWith the crowd of witnesses growing, Stephen Seddon gave up his plan and helped to pull his father from the car. His mother was saved by the fire department. Patricia Seddon required CPR at the scene.

Naturally authorities wanted to know just WTF happened to make the car swerve off the road into the water. Stephen Seddon gave various answers to various people. His first answer was to a police officer at the scene — he had a heart problem and that’s why the car swerved. He even clutched his chest and collapsed to the ground to make it really dramatic.

Stephen Seddon was hauled to hospital but tests showed nothing wrong with his heart. *shock* And so his story morphed. He said he hit a brick on the road. Except there was no debris and experts thought it highly unlikely that it would make the car lose control like that.

He changed his story again and again. He hit the curb, he pressed the accelerator instead of the brake, he blacked out.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson later said, “At the time of the incident, there was no evidence or witnesses to suggest that Seddon had attempted to take the lives of his parents. This was classed as a road traffic accident.”

Lucky for Stephen Seddon, unlucky for his parents.

Stephen Seddon actually managed to portray himself as the hero of the day, saving his dad and nephew and all from a watery grave.

But being a “hero” did not solve Stephen Seddon’s need for money. The unemployed loser was desperate to get his hands on more. He began applying for high-interest loans from various money-lending firms. He did NOT spend his time getting a job.

The best source of money still remained his parents’ estate. Although he had failed in his first attempt, Stephen Seddon wasn’t about to give up his murderous plans.

By July 2012 his father sadly came to realize the truth about his murderous son. Robert Seddon had grown suspicious when he discovered Stephen had watched a program on his Sky Plus box about how to escape from a sinking car. He put 2 and 2 together and got 4.

How do we know this? Well, on July 3, 2012, Robert Seddon had confided in his doctor that he believed the canal accident had really been an attempt to kill them. He also told his doctor he intended to confront his son about it.

I can’t imagine how Robert and Patricia Seddon felt, having to get their heads around the suspicion that their own boy, the one they had supported for all of his 46 years, had tried to kill them.

Amazingly, knowing his son tried to murder them, Robert Seddon still paid the bastard’s £60 speeding fine. It was one of the last things he did. The last thing he did was to confront his son about the attempted murder. Unfortunately he picked a day when his son had only £5.45 in his bank account.

Stephen Seddon was none too subtle in murdering his parents. No “accident” this time. Instead he used a sawed-off shotgun.

Seddon HouseOn July 4, 2012, Patricia Seddon tried to fight Stephen off when he produced the gun. As she lay on the hallway floor she was shot in the temple from close range. She was only 65.

Robert Seddon, 68, was trying to get off the sofa in the lounge when he was shot in the neck.

Stephen Seddon had come prepared with a third shotgun cartridge to murder his disabled nephew. Fortunately, the young fellow was in respite care that day and not in the house.

The murderous hellbeast next placed the gun in his dead father’s lap, picked up his dead father’s hand and placed it onto the gun. His intention was to make police think it was a murder-suicide.

And now he needed an alibi. He drove 150 miles to his local supermarket in Seaham, County Durham. There he bought a crate of beer. He had a receipt and was on the security cameras so he couldn’t have murdered his parents — that’s what he hoped the police would think.

Only the police didn’t think that. They didn’t think his father murdered his mother either. Why? Because the idiot murderer Stephen Seddon is stupid. He used a sawed-off shotgun as the murder weapon. His dad’s arms weren’t long enough to reach the trigger to shoot himself! Plus, the recoil from the blast would have sent the weapon flying, not leaving it all tidy on the poor man’s lap. What’s more, the shotgun was loaded with that third cartridge.

When police called the callous killer about his parents’ deaths, Stephen Seddon’s response was all about himself: “What am I going to do now? I’m going to lose the house, the mortgage is in my dad’s name.”

That’s the best he could come up with? Seriously? Not “OMG, my poor mom! My poor dad! Is my nephew all right?”

Being a narcissistic, greedy, selfish bastard, Stephen Seddon couldn’t even pretend to spare a thought for the victims.

The investigators, knowing they had a double murder to investigate and not a murder-suicide, began checking into that suspicious canal accident too.

Stephen Seddon was arrested and charged with the attempted murders and murders of his parents. He pled not guilty in Manchester Crown Court, but the jury didn’t believe any of his bullshit. On March 27, 2013, he was found guilty of 2 counts of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder.

On March 28, 2013, Stephen Seddon was handed a mandatory life sentence.

Mr Justice Hamblen told the defendant that, in his case, life should mean life and he ordered Seddon to serve a whole-life term which would mean he will never, ever be released.

At one point Stephen Seddon shouted from the dock, “I am an innocent man!” to which the judge responded, “Keep quiet!”

Mr Justice Hamblen said, “In effect you have executed your own parents. One can only imagine the horror of your parents’ last moments in this life, when they realized what a monster their son, whom they loved, had become.”

“Mercifully their deaths were swift. The reason for the attempted murders and the murders was greed. You needed money…. Despite the fact that your parents had always been very generous in supporting you, you wanted more and you wanted it now – hence the plan to kill them and get your inheritance up front. The attempt at murder having failed, you decided on a more ruthless and definitive method of killing.”

Mr Justice Hamblen nailed it.

Pat and Bob SeddonThe Seddon family prepared this statement: “The shock of having both Pat and Bob taken from us in such horrifying and tragic circumstances has left us feeling numb. Pat and Bob were a kind, loving and selfless couple who will be missed by their family, friends and especially their grandson … who they cared for with great love and affection.”

Patricia and Robert Seddon deserved so much better after being so devoted and generous to their ungrateful leech of a son. I wish a lifetime of misery in prison for Stephen Seddon.

I wish all the best to the Seddon family and friends who have been deprived of this lovely, loving couple.

RIP Patricia and Robert.

The Guardian article
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16 Responses to Stephen Seddon

  1. Bengalpuss says:

    Actually cleo, they classed it as a murder suicide, until the pathologist spoke to mr seddon seniors doctor, as is normally the case when a postmortem is to be carried out. The doctor told the police and the home office pathologist “That mr seddon had been to see him the previous day, and informed him of his suspicions that he believed his son was trying to kill him and his wife, so he could have their money” As soon as the doctor told them that, that was when they looked at things differently. The father had worked in the airline industry, so he’d saved money, it was that money the son was after. It was the evening after the doctors visit that they were murdered. For him to be given 40yrs sentence in britain, is pretty big considering murderers usually get around 25yrs. He was also caught on cctv in the area where his parents lived, so that fucked him up too. Anyway he can now count the bricks in his cell, he’s got plenty of time to get the number correct.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    He killed his loving supportive parents for less than half a mil? And how fast would he have blown through that? Who would he have killed afterward? His wife and kids for insurance money maybe? I am relieved that British justice finally showed some sense and sent this bastard away for good.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, less than 1/4 of a million. This pig was used to living the high life, but when he was discovered for being a thief and went to jail, when he come out, he still wanted that life, the bastard. Imagine his poor parents, at the time of him murdering them, don.t know which one he killed first, but the remaining one would have been well aware that their son, the one that they doted on, was about to kill them just so he could get the inheritance. I wonder who will get it now? It surely must be the grandchildren.

      • 2cute says:

        It’s too bad they told their son the details of their wills. It seems telling him put the awful idea in his head. But then he is a criminal first and foremost, he would have thought to kill somebody for insurance money sooner or later. He is just plain evil and it’s too bad his parents were blind to that fact.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Yes but 2cute, you’d never dream that your own child would murder you for money, and thats probably why the dad went to the doctors, to see if he was losing the plot. I think he’d gone to his doctor and was probably waiting for his doctor to say to him something like “No, your imagining it, surely your own flesh and blood wouldn’t do that” But old man seddon was convinced, and he was right. The trial has been a big thing here in england, that along with another trial, about two parents who torched their house while the children were upstairs in bed, and all six children died. The name of there two is mick phillpot and mairead phillpot, charged with six counts of manslaughter. And after the fire, the mother and father had a threesome, ten hours after they were dead. Look it up 2cute, it’ll make your blood boil, it has me. Just waiting for the judges summing up then the jury to decide.

    • awesomeblossom says:

      This asshole’s parents were unbelievably supportive. To suspect/know your child tried to kill you and STILL pay his speeding ticket is way more generous than I would be in those circumstances. I myself would have gone to the police first instead of confronting the son because I wouldn’t trust him near me after what he’d done. If the rescuers hadn’t done CPR on the mum right away she would’ve died from drowning. And what do those loving parents get in return for all their devotion? A shotgun blast each. Stephen Seddon should wind up dying in prison after suffering each and every day for the rest of his miserable, useless life.

  4. pj says:

    Good for the judge telling the bastard to STFU. Too bad the investigation into the “accident” didn’t turn up anything suspicious the first time around — although the extra insurance might have sparked an interest as well as his changing excuses for driving into the water.

  5. moodymagic says:

    burn in hell Stephen you deserve nothing but hell. May you suffer long.

  6. Katy A says:

    Who is looking after the Grandson now, poor little boy :(

    • awesomeblossom says:

      Thanks for pointing that out KATY A. That poor kid lost his mom and then he had his loving grandparents taken from him by his monster uncle. And as if that isn’t bad enough he probably knows his uncle tried to kill him too. Why the hell would the kid be targeted? He had no money, and he wasn’t an heir. Maybe the uncle wanted him dead so he wouldn’t wind up having to take care of him after Bob and Pat were dead.

    • MsM says:

      I don’t know how it works in the UK but if there’s no other family members to care for the child he probably became a ward of the county the family lived in. That’s sort of how it works here in the states. Social services steps in and the child becomes a ward of the state.

      This guy was a total piece of crap.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        From what i can gather MSM, the grandson and seddon juniors children now are the beneficiaries of the seddons estate which will be around £60.000 each, so the grandson will probably have gone into a home which is state run, but if he wants to be in a better place he will probably have to use his savings to subsidies this. This is great britain for you, if you don.t have money, then you will have to live in a shit hole, but if you want to a life which you should be entitled to anyway, if you’ve got savings, you may as well wave bye bye to them. Its a sad fact, but in the united kingdom, people that have been sent to prison, get better care and better looked after, than our older generation, ridiculous isn.t it.

  7. Katy A says:

    I hope if he has been taken in by social services that he is being looked after by really good foster parents x

  8. Jamaica says:

    Many people out in the world create the excuse of doing some of the most horrible things in having an abusive childhood or bad life growing up. But of course, there’s people who come from upright, privileged homes and still commit some of the most appalling acts of violence in the world. The fact that this man came from such loving parents who never did A THING wrong to him except treat him like the adult he should’ve acted like at 46 years old, and he still killed them out of greed, shows just how scary this story is. Because it is such a shock to see that with free will what we as human beings are capable of.

    And the fact that he was able to manipulate, plan and excute this horrid act of violence in such a deliberate, calm and methodical fashion along with being beyond suspicion for the first attempts at murder even after concocting the incredible and ridiculous stories that he did without displaying an ounce of remorse except for himself, shows that he is likely a sociopath.

    Only a sociopath can meticulously execute this crime without an ounce of remorse and even after telling otherwise ridiculous stories that would no doubt have drawn suspicion with the quickness, would have police baffled. Which means that if he had not been so desperate for money, and had he not been so reckless in that crime scene, he probably would’ve gotten away with conspiracy to commit murder scott-free. This man is a danger to society and he is right where he needs to be for the rest of his life.

    The idea of a child raised by loving parents growing to become their killer disturbs me deeply. I don’t even want to think about it.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Not only is he a sociapath, he’s narcissistic as well, probably with a bit of psychopath thrown in for good measure, thats why he was given forty years in jail to think about the evil deed he committed, by murdering his parents. And 40yrs is a decent sentence for british standards.

  9. spookie says:

    i hope while he is counting the bricks in his cell he has some monster tearing his arse every night.

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