Stephanie Lopez, Andrew White and Steven Lopez

Stephanie Lopez
Crimes: Child Abuse, Pedophiles, Murder

I am not going to post any of the pictures I found of baby Brianna Lopez. All of them were taken after she died of trauma and abuse. All of them. Nobody in her family had taken pictures of her while she was alive. There are a few on the Internet that depict baby Brianna’s face without bruises, bites, scars and other injuries, but those were all Photoshopped.

Every single photo I saw shows the tiny body of the 5-month-old infant covered in scars, bites and bruises. She’d been bitten on her wee face, head, arms and legs, and her torso front and back. Her little fingers and toes were lacerated.

The photos were bad enough. The autopsy was worse. It showed that that helpless infant had been abused her entire life. Physically abused and sexually abused. It literally makes me sick.

Baby Brianna Lopez had 11 bite marks on her wee body. She had 2 or 3 skull fractures, 2 broken ribs, broken legs, broken arms, brain swelling and bleeding on her brain. She had lacerations to her fingers, toes, vagina and anus.

Every single one of those horrible injuries had been inflicted by her mother, father and Uncle Steven. That poor little darling was born into a family of hellbeasts.

Brianna Lopez was born on Valentine’s Day, 2002. She died on July 19, 2002. It’s amazing that tiny girl lived so long — 5 months and 5 days — considering the torture she’d been subjected to.

Walters Mobile HomeBrianna Lopez was born to Stephanie Lopez of Las Cruces, New Mexico. The sperm donor was Andrew Walters. The three lived in a mobile home with Andy Walter’s mother, Patricia Walters, his brother Robert Walters , and Stephanie’s twin brother Steven Lopez.

Everybody in that household had to have seen the injuries to the baby. The bruises and bite marks were not inconspicuous. They were all over her head and face! (If you really want to see a photo of her, click here.)

Everybody in that household had to have heard the baby being injured. They lived in a cramped, 3-bedroom mobile home, fer gawd’s sake! Those aren’t known for thick, sound-proof walls. And you can’t tell me a tiny baby didn’t scream when her arms were broken, when her legs were broken, when her face was bitten, when her anus was torn.

Nobody in that house or who visited that house, not Grandma Patricia, Uncle Robert or any relative, did one single goddamn thing to spare that baby one iota of pain and misery. Not one of them thought to condemn the perpetrators of such horrific abuse, and call the authorities. Every single one of them deserves hell.

Andrew WaltersHere is how the final few hours of Brianna’s short, miserable life played out. At about 6:00 p.m., July 18, 2002, Andy Walters bought himself a case of beer and headed home to 5243 Comanche Trail. He, Stephanie and Steven commenced drinking that beer through the evening.

After about 3 beers Stephanie Lopez hauled her carcass to bed. She didn’t tend to her baby at all, didn’t care about her baby at all.

Left with the baby, Andy Walters and Steven Lopez decided to “play” with her. They played rough, and the more they drank the rougher they got.

Both Andy Walters and Steven Lopez, the evil pedophile f*cktards who had been raping the baby since she was born, probably raped her that night too. They indisputably tossed the infant into the air so forcefully she hit the ceiling 3 times. They dropped her on the floor twice. I bet they laughed long and hard at that.

The badly injured baby was left on the floor as Andy Walters fell asleep at 12:30 a.m. The asshole baby-raping bastard says he woke up at 3 a.m. and found the baby still on the floor. According to Andy Walters he wrapped her up in a blankie and put her into a bouncer. Riiiight. Such a good daddy he was! Except I don’t believe him.

At 7:00 a.m. Stephanie Lopez awoke to find her baby on the floor. Brianna was cold and unresponsive by then. The hellbitch mother was alert enough to notice her unconscious baby had brand new bruises on top of her old bruises. She asked about them and why her baby wouldn’t wake up. She was told by the sperm donor that they’d “played a little rough with her”.

Did Stephanie Lopez take the baby to the hospital for her new injuries? Hell no! How would she explain any of the injuries to her baby without being hauled into the police station? Considering a lot of the wounds had been caused by Stephanie Lopez herself, the evil bitch decided to do exactly nothing about her injured, unconscious baby.

Then “good daddy” Andy Walters offered to “change the diaper”. Riiight. Like he was the kind of father who would change diapers. What the evil pedo bastard did was remove Brianna’s diaper, wrap his finger in a baby wipe and jam it into his infant daughter’s anus.

Three hours later Stephanie Lopez finally decides to check on her baby. Big surprise, Brianna wasn’t breathing. Stephanie the shitstain Lopez finally called 9-1-1. An hour later, at Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces, baby Brianna was pronounced dead.

Stephanie the monstrous mother Lopez lied and told the doctors her baby had fallen from her high chair. No big surprise that the doctors and the police didn’t buy that f*cktardian story. The baby would have had to have fallen and fallen and fallen and fallen, and that still wouldn’t explain the lacerations to her vagina and anus.

Steven LopezLas Cruces police arrested Stephanie Lopez, 19, Andy Walters, 21, and Steven Lopez, 19. They were each charged with child abuse resulting in death. Andy Walters was additionally charged with criminal sexual penetration of the infant.

The grandmother Patricia Walters and the uncle Robert Walters were also arrested and charged with failure to report child abuse.

Two children in the home were taken into protective custody. Mercifully they showed no visible signs of abuse or neglect.

During his police interview, Andy Walters admitted he bit the baby, but “did not take a chunk out of her”. He blamed his 18-month-old son for biting the baby too and then accused Stephanie Lopez of biting, pinching and throwing the baby whenever she felt frustrated.

Andy Walters and Steven Lopez both admitted to tossing the baby and failing to catch her. Steven Lopez additionally admitted to police that he and Andy Walters had penetrated Brianna on several occasions with different objects, and that he himself had had sex with the tiny infant.

I think Andy Walters’ penis wound up in and around his baby girl’s genitals. A blood spot found on his underwear matched Brianna’s DNA.

Kudos to the Las Cruces police for not bashing and smashing these molesting monsters until they were nothing more than nasty grease spots on the tile.

Stephanie and Steven Lopez

Stephanie and Steven Lopez in court

In 2003, the 5 hellbeasts went to trial all together in Albuquerque. At the end of the mass trial the jury deliberated for 9 hours before coming to their decision.

Andy Walters and Steven Lopez were both convicted of criminal sexual penetration, child abuse resulting in death and other related charges. Andy Walters was looking at 57 years and Steven Lopez was facing 51 years in prison.

Stephanie Lopez was convicted of negligent child abuse resulting in death as well as a lesser abuse charge. She was found not guilty of intentional child abuse. She was facing 27 years in prison.

Patricia and Robert Walters

Patricia and Robert Walters

Patricia Walters, and Robert Walters were convicted of failure to report child abuse. They were sentenced to 60 days in prison — ONLY 60 days! They served most of it on probation. (Note: Robert Walters died in 2010 in a car accident.)

That should have been that but the defense appealed on the grounds that the mass prosecution was unjust. Patricia Walters and Robert Walters did not appeal because, admit it, they got a gawd damn lenient sentence for letting that baby be raped and tortured until she died.

The state Court of Appeals did overturn the convictions of Stephanie Lopez, Andy Walters and Steven Lopez. The judges ruled that the defendants’ constitutional right to confront and cross-examine their accusers was violated when they were tried all together.

The 3 hellbeasts were retried and probably wished they hadn’t bothered appealing. They were once again convicted, of course.

Andrew Walters was sentenced to serve 63 years, 5 years more than he got before! He now resides in an Oregon prison (he was moved there for “safety reasons”). The soonest that pedo beast can be paroled is 2025.

Steven Lopez was sentenced to 57 years in prison. I’ve read that he’s doing his time in Level VI Penitentiary of New Mexico.

Stephanie Rene Lopez once again was sentenced to 27 years in prison. She is sitting it out in Western New Mexico Correctional Facility, I understand. The soonest she can be paroled is September 28, 2016. A whole pile of petitions popped up to make sure the parole board and the Governor understand the citizens are opposed to her release.

The Las Cruces community is full of wonderful, caring people. When Brianna’s family didn’t claim her body for burial, the community did it. When the family didn’t pay for the funeral expenses, the community did.

GravesiteWhat the family did do was erect a cage over the grave so that members of the public could not place their tributes there. The community didn’t let that stop them — they not only place flowers around the cage but they created a separate memorial site to honour the tiny baby.

I am so pleased that the Las Cruces community hasn’t let the tragedy and that little girl’s memory fade away.

A few years after her death, The “Baby Brianna Bill” (senate bill 166) was signed into law making child abuse resulting in death a 1st-degree felony carrying a mandatory sentence of 30 years in prison. That’s the only good thing to come from this horrible tragedy.

RIP Brianna. I hope and pray the surviving children are being raised by good, loving, decent people and go on to live happy, successful lives.

Rot in hell, Andy Walters, Steven Lopez and Stephanie Lopez.

KRQE News article
Court documents for Andrew Walters
Court documents for Stephanie Lopez
Court documents for Steven Lopez

186 Responses to Stephanie Lopez, Andrew White and Steven Lopez

  1. Moodymagic says:

    These sick sick fucks need to encounter a hammer and have all the crap beat out of them. Burn in hell sick fucks

    • sara says:

      I wish there was a way to tell each of them how there going to pay for what they did to that precious baby sent from heaven and what they did to her they will experience 10 times worse the pain than what she did when they stand on judgment day and cast into the pits of hell on fire for eternity baby Brianna suffered for 5 months theirs will be eternity and never ending. The only one that should have been bitten, thrown up to the ceiling and brain injuries for five months was those sick ass bastards. I wish they were raped in prison and tortured set on fire with gasoline put out and done over and over again. The mother should suffer the worst for not protecting her baby like a mother is suppose to do and take a knife and wack there penises off and stick it up the dad and uncles asses after she ripes them a vagina to shove a bat up the sick son of a bitches, that’s what she should have done as a mother, shes a mother alright, a mother fucker. Her mom should have done that to her stupid ass. Oh yeah and when those three die take baby briannas cage put the three of them under it because that’s who the cage is really for those animals there a waste of space. I love you baby Brianna even if you don’t see this in my heart your my daughter I just wish I gave life to you my other daughter would have loved you, you didn’t deserve that you just were by accident knet born to the wrong family. I just wish someone could get her cage removed. forward this to that satanic bitch Stephanie who gave birth to Brianna then run her over with a car and hope anyone your related too that knew what was going on I hope you watch them all die in front of your face then you get hit by the car whore.

      • DD says:

        I would love to see all these lowlife evil monsters put in prison with the general population. I heard from someone that they have to protect and separate these monsters they put them in with people just like them and not the general population. I guess there are different levels in prison.

        • Jennifer Martin says:

          I agree no protective custody for these monsters! General population for ANYONE who hurts a child, lets see them laugh at that! They don’t deserve to live!! Eye for an eye!! and in this case torture as well!!

        • Deborah says:

          I don’t understand stand how the laws have to protect people like these 3 assholes they don’t deserve any kind of protection they deserve to die a slow extremely painful death and have done to them same thing they put that baby through just 1000 times worse and the grandmother if thats what youd call her should be there with them man i can’t even find words to call them sick jerks cuz how that mother could do that to her own child and allow them monsters to do what they did is so messed up and the devil is gona have one hell.of a tpurture party with them when the time comes,those monsters should be in the general pop let the other prisoners have fun the dont deserve protection they deserve to be dead a slow painful death why should we have as tax payers have pay for monsters like them live in prison i have better things to do with my money they’ll get whats comeing to them one day cuz hell is waiting for them and the devil will not spare them I’m sure monsters like them god is always happy to hand over and tbey should all be sterilized and not allowed to jave children especially since stephine is now out ppl like them should by law not be allowed to have amymore children it just sickins me they got far less than that poor baby they all deserve death.

        • Bernadette says:

          That is so wrong that the system separates them. Why should people like that need protecting. I feel they should be with everyone else so they can suffer.

      • Ali says:

        Well said Sara. You took the words out of my mouth. I wish I could get my hands on those three bustard, sticking a knife up their filthy asses…

      • Don Wold says:

        If there’s a god and this still happened……I say fuck him!!!

        • Ginger says:

          There is a God and HE did not do this. THEY did. If you can’t acknowledge God for all the good is this world you can’t blame Him for the bad. People have free will and these low life animals CHOSE to brutalize this baby.They CHOSE evil over good. When you blame God you them you take the responsibility/blame off these animals. They blatantly CHOSE to be evil.

        • Joseph Woodbury says:

          There is a God, who loves you. In fact he loves you so much that he sent his only son to die on a cross for you. But there is also a devil, or Satan, who hates you and wants to destroy you and everybody he can. Unfortunately, these “people”, and I use that
          term lightly, obviously decided to follow Satan.

        • Schmedly says:

          I agree Don… can a God allow this to happen to an innocent child. She did nothing to deserve the horrible treatment she got. If there is a God, he loves nobody but himself. He allowed those terrible people to beat that child to death; period.

      • Paula M. says:

        I agree with you Sara. They should be tortured worst than they tortured that poor baby girl. I would have loved to have taken that baby girl and raised her as my own. Even though I never met her, I love baby Brianna so much. What is more baffling to me is that Patricia Walters and the rest of Andy Walter’s family blame Baby Brianna for his imprisonment. Wtf? They allowed their relative to rape an innocent baby, then punish her after she dies, when they failed to protect her during her tragic life? Ugh! I’m religious… and I get that she was strong to survive 150+ days. But why didn’t God take her sooner? Why allow these sick fucks to have a precious gift they just tossed around and treated like a toy?! I wish there was a time machine. I would save Baby Brianna and castrate those sick fucks! R.I.P. Baby Brianna. I love you baby girl💕

      • Letsdothis says:

        <3 <3 <3

      • Lex says:

        I hope that fucken piece of shit mother get fucken tortured in the worst ways I’ve never prayed for someone to hurt as much as I wish Stephanie deserves…
        Baby Brianna deserved the world and more
        I hope that bitch dies slow and painfully

    • K says:

      My question is, why haven’t they been killed in prison?

      • B says:

        Because they are most likely being kept in segregation…. I know that Andrew Walters had been moved to a prison somewhere in Oregon…. But it’s ok… Some of the inmates in that prison already know what he did… And they know….

        The government is protecting these sick bastards! I don’t think they can protect them when they get out..

      • Kika says:

        They should be!!! I wish they would be raped and beat everday of their sentence!!! Thats what should be done for the tournament thos beautiful baby girl had to live through!! Death would be to good for them!! They deserve to suffer!! I pray thet have a painful death….just like baby Brianna did 😥 I have to say this would be one time I would save up my money and drive across country and torture some mother fuckers to death!!!! If their asses weren’t in prison I know for a fact someone would have killed there damn fucktarded asses!!! I’m waiting on the day they think their going to release that bitch whore cause i’m gonna kill her when they do! I swear to that!!

        • Ali says:

          O kita bless u. Plz get them bastards raped..they deserve no less the evil sick motherfukers. I wonder y Andy Walters didn’t go to his mother wen he got the urge to take his pants off instead of going to that sweet babe. Anybody out there in Mexico whose reading this. i will forever be indebted to u if u will plz do the world a favour n throw some petrol n a lighted match ova those three sick sick disgusting pedos. I wish I lived in Mexico I would wait outside the prison gates waiting for them to get out n boom! A walking living bonfire called Andy stefani n Steven Lopez. Or a car with failing brakes. Hint hint. Rip Brianna. U look just like my lil one. Like twins. U will forever haunt me baby cos I could not help you for that I kick myself. Love u. Sleep in peace now you will never hurt. Xx

        • Nicole says:

          Kika: I’m with u!!!

        • Amado Real says:

          On Feb.14 she came alone to face the evil,the violence,the hatered,the sick,the queer,the silent,everyday of 5 n half months the pain,the suffering,the torture,the helpless,the blind, the deaf,the fear,the innocent, in the end the darkness lit up with victory not for one for all innocence God bless Baby Breanna for her courage and for a heart as big as life now we see because of you Brianna I will shout from the highest mountain the names of those who dare hurt a child forever and ever the world says thanks be to Baby Breanna

        • Me says:

          She’s out……

        • Letsdothis says:

          I want to kill her too

        • Letsdothis says:

          I will help you kill her

        • Letsdothis says:

          I will help you kill her.

      • Jennifer Martin says:

        protective custody is why!! they need to be put in general population!! break ever bone in their body, then rip their dicks off and stuff them in their mouths while they die!

        • Esmeralda says:

          Totally agree..should have no mercy…they should pay with pain for what they did to the poor little angel…and the monster called mother should born in hell for not stopping the repeated raping and physical abused from those sick bastards.

      • Letsdothis says:

        <3 <3 <3

    • Anabel Pacheco says:

      I agree

    • karen says:

      these sicko people do not deserve to be alive they need to executed asap and be done with them, why should my hardearned money keep them in a prison, I say off with their heads, and bury them in an unmarked grave, they do not deserve to live! They are truly monsters, if you do not know that in your heart it is wrong to do such horrific things to another human being then you do not deserve the gift of life and certainly should be euthanized very quickly, we kill thousands of kind and loving pets everyday and slaughter millions of poor animals for food, these people need to be euthanized and public execution would stop some of this behavior!

    • rosemary elizondo says:

      im a mom of two beautiful kidos
      i cant imagine lettin someone rape ..beat …bite ..torture..
      my kidos much less myself i sometimes wonder what would i have done if i saw or heard this happening..i know myself i think i would of killed them i would murdered them kept that small angel for myself ..i cant have anymore kidos ..but even now i feel she is mine an she belongs to all of us they can place that cage it mean nothing all it takes is a good strong arm an hank that bitch off ..they put up as n we will tare it down …we love u mija an we know ur with our lord an my virgin Mary is with u ..showin u love an affection..

      • Deborah says:

        I’m a mom to 4 great kids and i have 3 beautiful grandkids and all i can say is i would go to prison protecting thwm from monsters like these assholes may god have mercy on anyone who would try to harm my kids and grandkids i don’t understand how anyone could allow such horrible things to be done to their child or grandchild and do nothing baby brianna your in careing arms now and god will protect you and he wont let these monsters in heaven he’ll protect you now and send them straight to hell you’ll never have to see them again RIP sweet girl your forever in our hearts

      • momof3canada says:

        I dont understand why they put a cage around the grave

    • rhonda says:

      That is right

    • rhonda says:

      Will I hope there are not planning to live here. There is a lot of people out for them. That baby was so cute.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        And heres hoping that some of those people who are out for them catch upto them and beat their worthless arse’s. What they did to that darling little baby girl is unconscionable, wicked evil bastards they are.

        • Ali says:

          Bengal puss. Love ya. I wish to God I could rip their arses apart. Any vigilantes in Mexico reading this…plz plz plz give my sweet Brianna that is the spitting image of my 7month old, her justice n torture those bastards till their dead when they are out. I feel like my daughter has been violated since the two babies look same. I cannot stop crying for Brianna. It’s making me feel mentally ill. Someone plz give Brianna justice.

          • Bengalpuss says:

            Ali, I agree with you, those worthless cunts shoulda got a stint on death row and even that’s nothing like what that sweet angel was put through,aan eye for an eye is my way of dealing with turds like these horrible twats. That poor sweet baby, plenty people woulda given their right arm for such a beautiful little baby, but its cunts like these vile pigs that are given such a beautiful gift like breannaonly to torment and murder her. I would’ve taken her in a heartbeat. But unfortunately she ended up with these Fucking poor excuses of “human beings” but they have no conscience, or souls so I shouldn’t call these pigs “human beings” was me being nice,

        • Della Depear says:

          I know there is a God and when they have to answer to him they will rot in HELL !!!

      • Ali says:

        Hey rondo. If there are people out for them y you hoping they don’t come ‘here’? They should come here so the people can get them n hand out the justice they deserve. Cos the courts were too good for them giving them life not death. What about baby Brianna..she got the death sentence not life. So y should the people be out for them. I say let’s hope they are out soon so they can get done ASAP by the people. only their deaths can mean justice for sweet Brianna.

    • Jill Kern says:

      I totally agree though I’d add…. boil them in a vat of boiling oil first.

    • Laurie says:

      How do we prevent this monster from being released from prison and possible having another child. She will still be young enough to have a child. Such an injustice!!!!!!! A precious baby never had a chance. My heart breaks for this baby. To have known no love, kindness, or protection in her short life. I pray her perpetrators suffer in ways unimaginable. None deserve the life’s they been allowed to continue to live. May God show them the same amount mercy they gave to innocent baby Brianna. My only solace is that baby Brianna is in loving arms now.

    • Sahe says:

      I pray everyday that evil die and let every child be safe no baby needs this she could of told them she didn’t wanted her and but her in a great home with love and piece from great parents that would love her but no they would think different animal evil animals that should stop living and go to hell alive hell is coming for you 3 God is good god is big and his sending the second thing that can get u alive HELL with fire

    • Val says:

      What horrible people, how could anyone be so evil. In Texas we are hard on crime and all three would have gotten much tougher sentences (probably death row). That is just beyond horrible. I just can’t believe they got such light sentences for such a heinous crime. I just hope they do not get out of jail any time soon.

    • QueenDoe says:

      Evil comes in different forms. These 3 sick, horrible fuck should (and I am sure), will be dealt with. Either here on earth or when they get to their judgment days. I have one daughter and am unable to have more. I would have gladly taken that Angel and gave her a blessed life. Sweet Baby Brianna. I’m down for going to Las Cruces when Stephanie is paroled next month. As for Andy and Steven…anyone who knows someone in prison needs to get the word out. Prison inmates HATE stories like these. Then they can be dealt with (and hopefully never make it out alive). RIP Sweet Baby Girl! There isn’t an ounce of evil where you are. I Love You!

    • All that was to this angel needs to come back ten fold to these anima l s…but they did these horrible acts on beer?? Sounds like they may have been o orher powerful drugs to commit such despicable acts..theit clear everyday conscious alone will get’ surprised in jail they are noy poctured with bruises n nlood on their faces and i hope their anusses are 6 inches wide by now!!

    • Vicky says:

      Well she is getting out soon. Police better not be protecting her outside of jail. She needs to suffer like her child. She is the devil. Before she gets out they should throw her with all the inmates without protection.

      • Lindsay says:

        She got out on Wednesday and has to serve probation in Plainview, Texas. She has to wear an ankle monitor and can’t be around other felons. I just wish some angry mob would hunt her down like the scumbag she is and make her pay for what she’s done.

    • Nanette Valencia says:

      I would love to see a video of that. They need to be tortured the way they tortured that sweet angel

    • Penelope says:

      They protect… people that abuse children. .. I was abused by my mom and neglected severely and was taken care of by other people in the family if they didn’t do anything I wouldn’t be alive today all my mom had to do was agree to give me up to not face any criminal charges this was 30 years ago they still protect these while individuals today and by the way my mom is still nasty as ever and I don’t really talk to her anymore…. it would have been tougher for her if she would have survived because she would have had a lot of mental disturbances to deal with and Society constantly telling her to “love your mother no matter what”… ridiculous that’s what I hear I hear it even though people know my story

    • Dto says:

      I wonder if this is the maker of monsters, and the new home of of this momster, or just a coincidence

  2. Chellesbelles says:

    Why the hell did I click on that damn picture?? She was such a beautiful baby. I don’t know of anything in this world that is fitting punishment for these three. I do believe in hell, though, and these ‘people’ are the reason it exists.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Why weren’t they convicted of murder? all of them deserve the death penalty in my opinion. I wonder if she planned to have this baby so they could torture her or if they tortured her because they didn’t want her in the first place.

  4. =^+^=Bengalpuss says:

    I know this story well, Brianna, has a memorial page on facebook, she won’t be forgotten bless her. Now those bastard’s that did this to that little angel, wanna pray that their sick fuck arse’s stay in jail, because believe me when i say that they are hated with a passion. I hope their lives are so miserable that they beg to stay in their cells. That picture was taken by the investigating officer of Brianna, as he realised that not one photo had been taken of that little girl while alive, thats how much she mean’t to those evil cunts. rip Brianna x

    • 2cute says:

      I never heard of this story before, bengalpuss. It just tears your heart out doesn’t it. I looked at the picture, I don’t know why, and even all bashed up she was a beautiful little girl who should have been loved and treasured for her whole life. She didn’t deserve to be raped and murdered – that’s what her parents and uncle deserve.

  5. Jamaica says:

    This is a story I’m all too familiar with. Funny how I’ve read and watched the news about this story around 3 years ago and just a couple of weeks ago and now Cleo broadcasts the news…….no offense, but this story is just too sad and is just as unusual.

    Right before the baby was beaten to death and likely raped before that, oddly enough, her so-called family did not once ever try to take pictures of her beautiful and precious face and tiny little body. I don’t care who killed her; in my humble opinion, her mother, her father and uncle are all equally responsible. The fact that her own family never took any snapshots of her really boggles my mind and it also shows just how much they really cared for her and took her into consideration–they didn’t. At ALL.

    Rare enough a female family member–a mother at that would beat her own child. For a mother to not even take any pictures of her own daughter to hold in memory of her should anything happen to her is MUCH more rare.

    They cared absolutely NOTHING for little Brianna. To deliberately choose to beat your own child is outrageous enough, but to then choose not to hold any memories of your own child…….that is contemptuous. I hope these people suffer the dire consequences for their behavior.

    • carie says:

      They Are all evil sick bastards , but I believe the babys mom is responsible for what happened to her baby because she never told the police to stop the abuse, I hope she doeant make parole and never gets out of prison

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    Holy hell they are all monsters. I really hope the other kids have been removed entirely from the family.

  7. Jess says:

    I can’t read this story again. I extolled all the way through, stopping momentarily to refresh my memory of their neanderthal faces. I read this story once, when I was expecting my twins. I think it was the first time I had read anything so horrible (little did I know that there is even worse out there). I remember every once in awhile I would think of her sweet little face screaming in terror and start crying. Nothing has ever affected me this way and I am not sure if many other stories have since. It makes you wish there were real vigilantes out there taking justice for the victims like Brianna. Although I heard the abused of Baby P had boiling sugar water thrown on him in prison :) But it seems like these pieces of shit are the ones being protected. And they will live their lives in more comfort than that poor baby EVER experienced.

  8. MsM says:

    This was a case we were required to study in undergrad – I’ve seen the pictures of this poor baby. The crime scene photos and the autopsy photos. This child was treated so horribly and nobody in that house lifted a finger to help her. They all deserve to rot in hell.

  9. LoLo says:

    Not 1 person thought what was happening was wrong? I don’t wanna hear the mother was abused as a child so she didn’t know any better. I can’t believe out of all of them, not 1 of them stood up for that precious little girl. I hope they get the same & worse treatment in prison.

  10. Tash says:

    When I first heard about this story . I could not believe this how could a mother let this happen to her child . How could she be a part of this madness. In my opinion they all need to be put under the jail . I wish the same thing happens to them . I hope and pray they feel the same pain and hurt that poor baby went through. I hope there is really a hell . I Will pay for a straight trip !!!! For all 3 of them.

  11. sam says:

    Does anyone know of the address or street name they lived in

  12. bertha says:

    Yesterday. Was brianna’s birthday, i thought of her all day. I thank. God for having her in his loving arms
    .(for she could. Notbe in better hands. I want to say happy birthday. To her and also to let. Her know that she has not been fprgotten and never will be
    .. be happy in paradise where you are now,smile a lot and enjoy your precious. Life with our lord jesus christ. As for the eveldoers they will rot in prison,infreedom or in he’ll for what they did to you
    They will foreever live in fear and oneday they Willo have to answer to god

  13. Lilith says:

    This gives me nightmares. I hope these sick fucks are getting what they deserve. I don’t think its enough until they are all torture. Karma will come and claim them. Dying will not be enough. If I get to meet them, I would love to give them more than a piece of my mind. Sick Fucks!

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Lillith, that baby girl was beautiful, and those twisted fucks did that to her. It breaks my heart that picture and it’s only thanks to the detective, that her picture was taken and photo shopped. Not one picture had been taken of this little angel while she was alive. I hope those evil bastards get what’s coming to them, and bubba shoves something sharpe and long up their worthless arses.

    • red says:

      i say take turns on not just the three but the other two too and use rusty scissors

  14. AZgrl77 says:

    When I read stories like this it makes me sick with anger..I really wish monsters like this could be tortured as a police officer or anyone hearing what these evil monsters said they did I just would not be able to hold back and proubly would want to knock them out right there..My opinion is the mother of this child who should have been the protector deserves the highest punishment of all.

  15. Lisa says:

    I was not aware of this . I can’t believe Wat I read is true!! Just want to tell baby Briana , we all love you. The whole world loves you so so much my tiny angel . You saw a bitter world my baby. Sorry my baby. None of us could protect you from monsters. I know you are with angels in heaven. Be happy my child. Love you sweetheart .

  16. Agrippina The Elder says:

    Cases like this was one of the reasons that I quit my job assisting in the prosecution of rapists, sex offenders, and child sexual abuse. You are told that you need to keep a professional distance, but no human being can leave a case like this at work! These cases haunt you and consume your soul! I definitely took my work home with me!

    I was first raped at the age of three by a cousin and he continued raping me until I was eighteen. I was impregnated by him at fourteen, but he forced me to take medication to induce a miscarriage. This cousin would torture me in many sick ways that I can’t bring myself to mention.

    My mother’s best friend married a guy who began raping her daughter and I found out. This man molested me and told me that he would kill my family if I told. One day, my stay at home mother received a phone call while I was at school and the muffled voice told her that he was going to kidnap, rape, and murder me. Luckily, she recognized this man’s voice and called the school and told them not to release me to anyone until she arrived. This man actually showed up at the school, but ran off when he saw all the police cars. He evaded capture for many years.

    My mother’s father and an uncle by marriage sexually abused and raped many family members (including my own mother and my cousin who only has one leg) through the years……I was never raped by my grandfather or uncle, but they did touch me sexually.

    As a young teen, I was introduced to a guy that seemed very nice at first, but his behavior became strange and unnerving. I decided to end the relationship, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He began to stalk me and broke into my house while my family was out of town and he beat and raped me and threw me through a sliding glass door. I became pregnant with twins from the rape. This happened at 15 years old. His dad was a cop and they wanted to keep it quiet, so they told him he had to leave town and they wouldn’t prosecute. He left, but one of my friend’s angrily called him up once she found out that I was pregnant as a result of the rape and told him I was pregnant. Big mistake….he came back to town and beat me and raped me again. I had a miscarriage and he then became obsessed with the fact that I had lost his children. Restraining orders did nothing to deter him. At 22, I had married and had a child, but my marriage didn’t work out. I moved out on my own with my daughter. My ex-husband didn’t want a divorce, so he got involved with a girl to make me jealous (which didn’t work). She became upset once she found out he was just using her to make me jealous and had the bright idea of having a baby because she thought this would make him stay with her. Long story short, my ex-husband wouldn’t even claim the child was his and the baby was removed from the girl’s custody. I took custody of this baby because it needed a stable home. So, I am 22 living on my own with my daughter and my ex-husband’s child by another woman. I came home from work one day and found things moved around in my house. As a neat freak and someone with OCD, things must be in a certain place and I know if they have been moved. I had the unnerving feeling that someone had broken into my house, but nothing was missing. Things continued on like this and I came home one day to find my biker neighbors waiting for me on my porch. They told me that they had noticed a guy in a blue Camaro trying to get into my house and when they approached him, he hopped into his car and sped away. A chill ran up my spine because I immediately knew it was the guy who had raped me at 15 and whose dad was a cop. A few days later, I got a letter from him telling me that he was going to have payback. As I was reading the letter from him out of the mailbox, I was walking up to my front door. I could immediately tell that he had broken into my house. I also noticed that my cocker spaniel hadn’t come to greet me in her usual manner. I called out for my dog, but got no response. I frantically began searching for her. My heart dropped when I found her dead in my little girls crib with her throat slashed. My mother had the girls with her at the time, so I grabbed some clothes for them and myself and left the house never to return. I moved back in with my family for safety reasons. I did remarry a few years later and my husband and children are aware of this man. I still have problems with this man to this very day.

    Finally, I was also viciously assaulted while I was married to my first husband and pregnant with my oldest daughter by my neighbor’s brother. We lived in an isolated area, so it was very easy for this guy to break into my house. I was home alone because my first husband was out of town on business. In a nutshell, this guy and I fought and he beat me, raped me, and burned me with cigarettes all over my chest and arms. He had been doing meth for many days and had not been asleep for over two weeks. He actually dozed off for a few minutes and I was able to free myself and run through the woods towards his sister’s house. He began to chase me and he tackled me. He violated me again with a broken bottle. This caused severe internal damage. Also, I was originally pregnant with twins again at this time, but the doctors were not able to save my little boy. My daughter was amazingly born okay. I again managed to break free and his sister and her husband saw me covered in blood and running from her brother. They subdued him and he was arrested. He went to prison and wound up being gang raped by four other inmates. He is now out and he has popped up a few times just to remind me that he is still around.

    I don’t understand what makes people so evil. After enduring what I did, I decided to help prosecute rapists and sex offenders. As a victim, I understand what other victims have endured. But in the end, it became too much for me to bear. Cases like Brianna’s haunt you and consume you. I have seen children that were clearly raped and beaten handed back over to their victimizers because of mishandling of evidence or because the cops forgot to read the perpetrators their miranda rights!!! I have seen children in some of the most unbelievable and horrific situations imaginable. These images are permanently branded in my mind. I have nightmares to this day about some of the things that I have seen.

    Baby Brianna……I am so sorry for the horrors that you were forced to endure. I would have loved to have been your mother. I pray that you are at peace and the gods and goddesses of all religions watch over you and keep you safe. You deserved so much more than what you were given in your short time on this earth. I am sorry that we all failed to protect you from these people. I am sorry you never knew a kind touch with the warmth of love and protection. All you knew was pain and misery. I am sorry you never got to live your life and experience one ounce of happiness! May you rest in peace!

    As for the parents and family of Brianna, you deserve nothing but a lifetime of endless torture for the crimes perpetrated upon this beautiful and innocent child. You all are a waste of life. Why in the world would you put up a cage around this baby’s grave? I’m sure I know the answer to this one….to deny her love in death the way you all denied her love in life. You all are truly a depraved bunch… wouldn’t claim Brianna or pay for her funeral, but you all will pay for a steel cage to be put up around her grave. That speaks volumes about the character and humanity of this entire family.

    • lisa says:

      Agrippina, I praise you for telling your story. However I am heart broken for you. I could relate and understand the violence that you and Brianna had endured. Thank god you had survived to tell your story and actually try to convict monsters like Brianna’s family all of them including the grandparents should rot in hell. For all those sick bastards out there, you will suffer more then what you put your victims through. As we can see some of the surviving victims will see you serve your life in hell.

    • Chris says:

      You ever thought about buying a GUN and ARMING yourself?

    • BeenThere says:

      Bullshit..your sick in the fucking head. None of those things happened to your lying ass. All you want is a fucking Pity party you sick bitch…

    • BeenThere says:


  17. brandee says:

    Im sorry lady but your story sounds like a life time movie on crack an it dont make sence this is about baby breannaI why would anyone make it about them self i dont mean to be mean but ok one time maybe two times ok evern three but all those times attacted an thier were never prosicuted not even one?

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      brandee, if you read agrippina,s comment she mentioned that one of the scumbags who assaulted her, had a father who was police, and she was mentioning brianna, she was stating that she couldn’t do her job of prosecuting these pigs because it mentally affects you. also a lot of women don’t report sex offences because they are some times not believed, or the trauma of giving tevidence in court is traumatic with the defence putting the blame on the woman. brandee, lets not be like those people and support women like agrappina who has so bravely decided to share her story. I think she’s awesome for surviving all that crap that was flung at her, and to still come out of it a stronger woman and mother.

      • Agrippina The Elder says:

        Bengalpuss….Thank you for your supportive comments. You correctly assessed the reason that I shared my story while commenting about baby Briana….to show that I tried to work on helping to prosecute child abusers and rapists after surviving abuse, but it gets to you mentally when you realize you can’t save all the babies like baby Briana. Like I said to Brandee, I considered myself lucky to be alive after my abuse and I felt like I needed to do everything that I could for the children like baby Briana who did not survive. I know you have shared your personal story with us all about the trauma you survived and I want to personally thank you for bravely sharing your story Bengalpuss. It’s very hard to share your story to begin with, but it’s worth it if one person who is being abused reads your story and it helps them to share their abuse with others or it helps them find the courage to report their abusers. Thank you again Bengalpuss and I always enjoy reading your comments. If you need any help in the basement, I’m here for you!!

    • Agrippina The Elder says:

      Brandee….First, if you had read my comment above, I did say that the man who was my neighbor’s brother was arrested and prosecuted. My comment above stated:

      They subdued him and he was arrested. He went to prison and wound up being gang raped by four other inmates. He is now out and he has popped up a few times just to remind me that he is still around.

      I was not trying to make the comment about me….I shared my story to show how I went through abuse and decided to help victims of abuse by prosecuting child abusers and rapists. After enduring the things that I did, I considered myself lucky to be alive. Children like baby Briana didn’t survive their abuse, therefore I wanted to help children like baby Briana and I spent many years helping to prosecute violent baby rapers and abusers, but it got to me and it is hard mentally to cope with not being able to save all of these children. That is what my comment was meant to show… children like baby Briana perish at the hands of violent offenders and how it consumes the soul of the people working to put these offenders away.

      Brandee….what have you done for children like baby Briana? If you were a victim of abuse, then I am sorry for any trauma you endured. Abuse victims need the support of others to show that they do not suffer alone. Their stories are shared to let others know that you can survive and thrive after abuse. If you are not a victim of abuse, then please do not minimize and demean abuse victims by belittling them when they share their stories because you do not believe them. If you haven’t walked the mile in their shoes then you have no right to sit in judgement.

    • BeenThere says:

      Brandee…100% RIGHT! She’s full of shit tge lying cock whore..

  18. BENGALPUSS says:

    Agrippina, your welcome love, maybe if brandee, spent more time on her spelling and grammar, and less time being mean, because she knew she was being mean hence “i don’t mean to sound mean” yes you do brandee, its people like you that make women not want to report their assaults to the police, because if that’s what you think? then the victim thinks that everyone is gonna think like you, and so the crime goes unreported in the majority of cases, which is very sad. we as women should be shoulder to shoulder when it comes to crimes like what i and agrippina have been through, we don’t need other women calling us liars, it doesn’t help.

  19. Dominika says:

    Brianna zawsze będę cie pamiętać, przeczytałam jej historię tydzień temu i nie mogę o tym zapomnieć, myślę o niej cały dzień. Płacze po kilka razy dziennie. Mam nadzieje że kiedyś przyjdzie czas aby cała trójka umierała w takich cierpieniach jak Brianna. Prawo powinno pozwalać żeby wyrządzić im taka samą krzywdę jak oni tej ślicznej dziewczynce porzez ten sam czas co oni torturowali ją . Jestem za przywróceniem kary śmierci ale przez wykonanie tych samych czynów na oprawcach co oni swoim ofiarom.I zapewniam że mogłabym wykonać ten wyrok ja, z największą przyjemnością. Brianna na zawsze w moim sercu.

    • cleo says:

      I believe Dominika said in Polish:
      Brianna I will always remember you, I read her story a week ago and I can not forget it, I think about her all day. I cry a few times a day. I hope that one day the time will come for all three of them to die with the same sufferings as Brianna. The law should allow authorities to inflict the same harm as the killers did to this pretty girl when they tortured her. I am for the restoration of the death penalty but by performing the same acts on the torturers that they committed. I assure you that I could carry out this sentence myself, with the greatest pleasure. Brianna is forever in my heart.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Shit cleo, you can translate polish too, now all that’s left is to sack the I T guy, as i had withdrawal symptoms while there was no hellbeasts, you must have polish in your family?.

  20. BENGALPUSS says:

    Red, i like your style.

  21. Will says:

    How the hell is this not a captial murder!?! Is New Mexico retarded!??!! If those animals had killed me or anyone else by basically torturing them to death and then death occured…thats 1st degree murder with special circumstances( Muder commited during ANOTHER felony..the RAPE and torture.) Waste of life lopez and scum sucker Walters at least should be serving life without parole.

  22. bengalpuss says:

    Will, tell me about it, absolutely disgusting sentences. The only comfort is that they are hated that much, they won’t be able to survive a few days without getting a good beating. I personally thought they should’ve been given the death penalty, but someone obviously thought different.

    • Ali says:

      Right I agree bengaltpuss. Obviously the judge n jury haven’t been tortured by these bastards or they would have sentenced them to death

  23. Pissed off says:

    If I ever see them on the street and I am carrying I will provide justice for this little girl!

  24. Heather says:

    as i sit here trying to make a power point for my class in college about child abuse… i can’t even type the words…. I have read Baby Brianna’s story before and now i have the chance to pass her story on. my heart is so shattered by this.. that’s all i can say.. rest in peace baby girl! i hope you’re enjoying being with Jesus!

  25. Lori says:

    Ever since I have heard of this story it is so hard to get out of my mind, it is people like this that make you loose faith in humanity! Pissed Off, shooting them in my mind would not be full justice.. that would be too easy for them. What they deserve is to be tortured the exact same way this little girl was for the same amount of time and die in the same manner! I have two little girls myself and cannot imagine anything happening to them let alone do anything to them… I don’t even spank my children!! God gained a new angel the day you left… rest in peace beautiful!

  26. Milla says:

    The least they deserve is being raped and done the same thing they did to the baby and then set for execution!!!
    They deserve no pitty…

  27. Christina says:

    I do not understand one thing,was not this little angel visited by any pediatrician, it is quite normal as during the first 6 months the new born babies should get home visit from hospital and what about vaccination? or was not she taken at least once to hospital, I do not get it, if the poor baby was abused all this time, how come that nobody noticed it. I am devastated, I love this pretty angel so much, I wish I could be there to protect her. Please, forgive all of us, my sweet angel, these animals must rot in prison.

  28. ANNA MENDOZA says:


  29. Anabel Pacheco says:

    Oh My God?!?! I know this is old news, but I’m soo sad and freakin pissed, sad for bb Brianna to go this n sadly she could say a word. And fucking pissed these fuckers dont deserve death or life, but fucking torture man for what they did to that beautiful angel who is now at peace.

  30. Pissed off mom says:

    This story bothers me to the core… So bad that I cry just thinking about it… While I’m glad that this gorgeous angel is no longer suffering and is in heaven… I would love for someone to tell me that these lowlife bastards have gotten theirs in prison over and over and over…. I would take a single breath of relief knowing that aside from their jail time they got a whole lot more by the inmates… Someone please just post some facts about some Beat downs… I know two wrongs don’t make a right but this type of shit is the exception!!… Please tell me you know these bastards are suffering a horrible horible life in prison!

    Rip gorgeous angel!!!

    • msellvee says:

      Some girl posted on another site that she was in prison for a short time where the monster bitch mother is being housed. She says that the mother and the other 2 inbreds are under protective custody in prison and nobody can get to them. Now please tell me why they deserve that???I was hoping that the inmates would take care of all 3 of them but the girl must be telling the truth because everything I’ve read about this case I’ve never once heard that anything has happened to them. I think it’s true. Only the perpetrators have rights. Maybe if they stopped worrying about the rights of these evil bastards that commit the crimes and worry aboutthe victim’s rights things might change.

  31. Ana says:

    Why? I just want to know why???!!! I can’t get her beautiful face out of my head. All i want to do is hold that poor little baby and kiss her and make her smile.

  32. debbie says:

    sometimes you read things you wish you could unread. this is one of them. a tiny baby, how could they, how could the others hear that child’s cries and not help. I fucking hate the world sometimes.

  33. Courtney says:

    I read that story too and it is so sad that very time I read it I start to cry. Me and my sisters cry about it!!! I like you’re story Aprgianna the elder and bengupuss thank for stick up for her and especially to branded.

  34. skye says:

    I saw that video on YouTube and since then, I can’t stop thinking about her. She did not deserve to be born in such a cruel environment. What happened to her is making me question if there even is a God because, what kind of God will send you on this earth to be beaten and abused like that with noyone around to even think of helping her. After seeing that, I picked up my own baby and held her close. How can anyone hurt someone who can’t even defend themselves or try to protect themselves. Baby Brianna I’m so sorry that you had to endure that. I wish I could have known you because I would have tried to protect you.I wish you could have lived 1 day and known what it is like to be loved.

    • Ali says:

      Sky my baby is also premature like Brianna was n she resembles Brianna so imagine how bad I feel. I fee like I am Briannas mom nd I have let Brianna down. Them bastards motherfukers should have knives stuck in their arses in prison

  35. Grandmother says:

    My grandson had bruises under his diaper, black eyes, and terrified of his mother when he was one year old. He said mommy gave him his black eyes and several witnesses witness her abusing the baby. She ran away to WA, had YWCA protected her with a free lawyer, which forced other agencies to back him up or be fired. Schools have now reported to CPS abuse, but she is still protected because of YWCA women organization power. I cannot protect him and Pierce County CPS keeps protecting her also because of the YWCA influence.

  36. Bengalpuss says:

    Karen, not only did they abuse brianna while she was alive, they are doing it to her memory while she’s dead. Who would put a cage around a babies grave? Those evil fuckers have. I agree they should be publically executed.

  37. killpedos says:

    This case has got to be one of the worst abuse/murder cases of a child I have ever had my eyes open to.
    There is NOTHING that could possibly be bad enough punnishment for these sick motherfucking pieces of fly shit.
    When this story cane to life I spent so many days and nights crying WHY WHY WHY??? Poor defenseless little Brianna. I was told there is NOTHING we can do for these poor defensless children.
    As long as I looked afrer my own children then I will be doing the best I can…. TRUE! But why is NOTHING more being done to these perpetrators, and their families that obviously know what is being done.
    Crucifixion and 1000 cuts from chinese torture should make these diseases feel a bit more in the norm!!! Otherwise there’s always ISIS ISIS ISIS ISIS ISIS ISIS.

  38. Bengalpuss says:

    I take it sara that these 3 sick bastards upset you as much as they did me? Even hell is too good a place for these evil monsters. If there is a place worse than hell please send these 3 bastards to it!!

  39. LEEANN says:


  40. Cristen says:

    There is no punishment acceptable enough for these monsters; except maybe releasing them to general population and announcing loud & clear exactly what they did in every sick, sadistic detail… Let prison justice speak for itself!!

  41. Pat Smith says:

    First off, to the author who wrote Kudos to the Las Cruces police officers for not bashing and smashing them until they were nothing more than “nasty grease spots on the tile.”: Excellent! Couldn’t have wrote it better myself. To the person who asked, “Why weren’t they charged with murder?”: Well, funny thing is, Second Degree Murder is the best case the DA could’ve made. And considering the maximum time for that, “good” time, and the time they spent in jail awaiting trial, they’d most likely be out now had the DA gone that route (It’s bad enough the Greasy BITCH is up for parole in 2016). See, it was better to go with the other charges because you add up the minimum time that must be served, factor in “good” time, and time spent in jail, and Voila! More time will be spent (23 or so years for Walters) than if convicted of murder.

  42. Pat Smith says:

    Where did my comment go?

  43. Sandra says:

    I don’t know why these animals are being protected!!! Noone protected that poor baby from them!!! The justice system SUCKS!!! I know that bitch is gonna be paroled, pretending she’s miss goody two shoes in prison. But maybe it was meant because she needs some street justice.

  44. Sandra says:

    Why are these animals being protected!!! Noone protected that poor baby from them!!! The justice system SUCKS!!! That bitch is gonna be paroled, pretending like ms. Goody two shoes in prison. But maybe its meant because she needs some street justice. I am a God fearing woman and “Lord forgive me” but I hope she gets what she deserves. I hope she gets something rammed up ass and feel the pain that baby Brianna felt and more. She’s with the Lord now and may you rest in peace baby girl. We love you.

  45. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Decent People Deserve Human Rights Certainly that Baby Deserved
    the Human Right Not to be Murdered and Sexually Abused .

    The Sentences are a Utter Travesty

    The Death Penalty For Murder and Baby Abuse is the Only Appropriate
    Sentence .

    Evil Sick Bastards that are Worse than Animals

  46. linda says:

    Does anyone know if the grandmother of baby brianna still lives in new mexico…and I wonder if the mother will be going back to new mexico too

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Linda, i don’t know but no doubt they won’t go back to the area where they murdered that beautiful little girl, they are hated and a lot of people would like to kick their arse’s so the chance’s are they will go live in an area where they will not be recognised. I don’t condom3 violence but this bunch of lowlifes deserve to be beaten to a pulp.

  47. ashlin says:

    Mother fuckers!!how could that bitch let people hurt her daughter!! I love my dad what the fuck!! I’d stick my fist up that bitches ass and pull her insides out!! I hope those dudes are getting fucked in prison!! How could they.. She was so little and beautiful!!

  48. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Utterly Disgusting.

    I Fail to See why the Death Penalty was Not Awarded

    Liberal Do Gooders ?

    Murder of a Baby Warrants Capital Punishment as does Baby Abuse

    I Hope they are Never Released and that No other Baby Suffers because of them.

    Arseholes Describes Them Very Well

  49. Lori Kelly says:

    Throughout my life of 43 years, I have heard so many times when the question arises…”Who could do something so awful? What could possibly possess a person to do such things?” The answer I continually hear is..”They’re sick, just very sick people.”
    That answer does not satisfy me. The answer I look for must be so horribly evil that maybe it could justify these acts or atleast release some understanding…I’ve yet to find this answer. Maybe such an answer does not exist. Or, just maybe it does.
    I am a believer of the Christian faith. I love the Lord our God and I DO believe that Jesus, the Son of God, did live here, on earth, and died upon a wooden cross, even then without sin, so we all may be freed of sin and live forever in heavenly paradise with Him, the Savior of the World. My wish is not to preach a sermon, AS I am not deserving and still, even though I believe, lead a quite rocky and sinful life. My wish is only to attempt for myself, a better understanding, I suppose.
    I had noticed a while ago, a post that caught my eye. The individual had written basically that he/she/they believe in hell because it was created for people just like these murderers of precious Baby Briana, May God give sweetest rest and life eternal with You Father, in Heaven where lifes wows cannot reach.
    As my life would have it, I am quite “experienced” in prison life. It’s hard, it sucks, you would really rather be in a gazillion different places but, jail is jail, prison is prison, and that’s all. However not fun it may be, it certainly is not justifying of this horrible and disgustingly evil crime, nor is it equivalent to many violent crimes at all. How can we expect or even settle to believe that justice has been served? If any term could best explain this, I imagine that, at best and in the respect of sweet Briana, this court ruling is nothing more than a mockery! A foolish man-made game who sentences such people of this lowly form of evil to years to a life on easy street, providing for them protection, shelter, bed, even clean linens, food (and a choice of foods, if one is not to your liking), clothes, jobs, counseling!! Counseling??? Are you serious? They have trained psychiatrists to whom you may share your feelings, if the prison systems aren’t wiping your ass the way you like it wiped! Many people…MANY would love the privilege too share with another what haunts them daily, because of the therapy and psychological benefits this practice provides. All these amenities, all the necessities, all the extras and there they are, their evil and demon-designed minds, designed for murder, rape, any kind of abuse served up on a silver platter, and they sit there with all they need and much of what they want, within the confines of a self-sustaining community to do whatever they choose and, AS you know, I’m sure, and even like myself, take personal insult to the fact that for every imprisoned inmate, WE..we the people, are left to pay their bills.

    I guess my feelings as to the answer of a never-ending question of what should be done with these black secrets that no governing body, state, city our community wants in our neighborhoods is considered what some new-age law makers have called savage, barbaric and too offensive…GIVE THESE EVIL-CONSUMED AGENTS OF SATAN DEATH!! Give them death. For taking ones life, you receive death. However you wanna cook it up, just do it and be done, then the demons of hell can manage their brutal, severe and most certainly deserving punishments, however they see fit, and we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the pain these godless scum age enduring will be enough to last forever.
    Most importantly, the people of this great nation can all rest easier knowing the communities we live in, whatever state and all over the nation, are finally free forever from the evil imposed by each and every inmate, for which death was carried out.
    …and I can’t see one thing wrong with the safety it would, it could afford us all.

    • Polly says:

      Hi Lori, great comment and I agree with what should happen. Please can I ask you a question which you don’t have to answer but its about the faith thing and the whole heaven and hell – a lot of evil in this world will & has turned to faith in prison, whether it be a born again Christian etc and defenders of this evil especially around executions every comment I’ve read the evil has had a preacher and says he’s off home to god and been ‘forgiven’ etc etc do you feel this ‘saves’ people like this just because they read the bible and live a faultless life whilst in prison? because for me no amount of praying to whoever your god is will get you a cloud after this level of evil so therefore if people do think these monsters can ‘apparently’ change (kinda easy in this case with no baby girls around) that hell is more of a scare tactic to everyone so they live a life of of never sinning especially if all this evil can them be forgiven by god via a pastor, preacher etc?

      I’m not starting a is there a god etc its just reading your comment and with your faith and that you think they should go to hell I’m curious to know how you view the so called ‘saved evil’ ones. As I say no need to answer. Thank you

      On another note I’m curious why the family were allowed to put a cage up, if they did absolutely nothing for her funeral etc and the community claimed her, surely who paid for it or the land she is on is that persons and the family need to fuck off and die somewhere (like the uncle) and leave people to give Brianna the resting place and peace that she never saw in her little life. Oh and how can they show their faces again. Day by day this world seems to make less sense and I just don’t know what is wrong with people, there are so many whys to this that I can’t think straight.

      • msellvee says:

        I agree with you Polly, why not just take the cage off and throw it in the trash. It’s not like they (the family) are going to come there to grieve and put flowers on the grave. That bitch of a grandmother is the one who put it up. She couldn’t claim her little granddaughter’s body or pay for her funeral but she could buy a cage to put up. That incompetent judge on that trial should have made them pay for the whole thing. Why would she spend only 30 days in jail when one telephone call from her could have saved that baby’s life. Isn’t that failure to protect from harm, the same thing the mother was charged with? Neither of those sub human females cared one iota what was being done to that baby. Also why was the mother not charged with child abuse??? She admitted she slapped her, bit her and threw her across the room when she was pissed off (or drunk). Now if any of us did 1 of those things to a child wouldn’t we be charged with child abuse? You bet your ass we would be. All she was charged with was failure to protect a child. Same as the grandmother who only served 30 days??? What the hell is wrong with this whole picture? It’s infuriating!

  50. wildchild says:

    Baby Brianna’s birthday was February 14th, Happy birthday sweet baby, may you make a wish on your heaven cake, that I hope taste like clouds.

  51. wildchild says:

    Stephanie Lopez may get paroled this year, 2016, all the petitions I looked for to sign have been closed. I beg everyone on this site to do your part to sign something, make petitions, write someone, we can make a difference, not divided, but as a whole. Thank you, and God speed to you all. Baby Brianna, as do all children on this site, may have been ignored in life, but in death, whatever we can do to save their legacy, and the lives of living children, give us the strength to do it, Amen.

  52. New.mother* says:

    I saw this video on YouTube last month and I haven’t been the same since. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the precious baby brianna. I have a 5 month old daughter and I cry every time I think about what that poor baby had to go thru. I don’t think I’ve ever wished death upon someone but I truly wish those 3 horrible people should never breath the same air as me. It breaks my heart to look at my baby and think baby brianna was the same age when she left this earth. No infant should ever go thru what she did. I tear up just thinking of her sad short life. In my opinion… what they did to this baby should justify a death penalty and the family who lived in the home and didn’t report the abuse should have received a longer sentence not 30 days in jail. I despise that entire family..if anyone deserves hell it’s that family. Rest in peace baby brianna… I love u and will think of u always..

  53. Sheyla Arriaza says:

    Espero que estos tres animales salvajes, malditos desgraciados, endemoniados, se mueran y se quemen en el infierno por la eternidad!

    Espero y le pido a Dios que no tenga perdón de ellos. Espero que un día reciban y sufran el mismo dolor físico, menta y emocional que causaron a esta bebita tan linda y bella. Espero que a esos dos malditos (uno el padre) los violen repetidamente día y noche.

    Espero que a la maldita (madre) que vio sufrir a su bebe sin hacer nada, le hagan daño, la lastimen, la torturen, la muerdan, le quiebran las costillas, los brazos, que la violes mil veces por delante y por detrás, así como ella permitió que le hicieran a esta bebita bella.

    Malditos desgraciados. Los odio con todo mi corazón! Han sacado lo peor de mis sentimiento, nunca he sentido tanto odio y repudio por alguien como por ellos.

    Mi bebita hermosa, en cambio tu, Brianna, haces sacar lo mejor de mi, aun cuando no te conocí, aun cuando esto paso hace muchos años, te amo inmensamente y tu memoria esta siempre en mi mente y corazón. Hubiera dado mi vida por evitarte todo este dolor. 5 meses fue mucho lo que aguantaste, pero gracias a Dios fueron solo 5 meses y ya estas descansando en paz, feliz, tranquila en un mejor lugar.

    Te amo inmensamente!

    • cleo says:

      I believe Sheyla said:

      I hope these three wild animals, are unhappy, cursed, possessed, die and burn in hell for eternity!

      I hope and I pray that God does not forgive them. I hope one day they receive and suffer the same physical, mental and emotional pain that they caused this cute and beautiful little baby. I hope those two damned parents are repeatedly violated day and night.

      I hope the mother who allowed her baby to suffer without doing anything is damned. The torture, the bites, the broken ribs and arms, the violation, and she allowed him to do that to this beautiful baby.

      Inglorious bastards. I hate them with all my heart! They have brought out the worst of my feeling, I’ve never felt so much hatred and revulsion of someone like them.

      My beautiful baby girl, instead you, Brianna, do get the best of me, even though I did not know you, even though that was many years ago, I love you immensely and your memory is always in my mind and heart. I would have given my life to save you all this pain. 5 months was all you got, but thank God it was only 5 months and you are resting in peace, happy, quiet in a better place.

      I love you immensely!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Cleo, your good, it was only last year you translated that comment that was in polish, now spanish? Wow, what other languages do you know? I feel as thick as pig shit now only knowing english lol.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Its so true, brianna will never be forgotten, like you said you would’ve given brianna all the love and had her place for her in a heartbeat, so would i, these horrible pigs were given a beautiful gift which was brianna, they didn’t look after her, i truly hope there is a hell, these three monsters deserve a front row place.

  54. Betty Decou says:

    In all the articles I’ve read on this heartbreaking story, I have not found any info on the brother of baby Brianna. He was 18 months old at the time. Would be a teenager now. His name was Andrew Walters Jr. (ironically, he was given his father’s last name, but Brianna had just her mother’s last name of Lopez??) Does anyone know if he was taken away from this sick family. I hope he was given to loving people. With Stephanie’s pending release in Sept 2016, I wonder if she will be able to have contact with him. Please post any info you have. thanks.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Hi betty, the chances of that little boy staying within that evil family are 0% which can only be a good think, bless his little heart. I hope she is denied parole the bitch she is.

  55. Ashley says:

    Stephanie Lopez should have been charged and given the same sentence as the baby’s father and uncle. I believe she was right along side them when they were molesting that poor little girl. And what makes people do sick and twisted fucked up things like this… This story is so disturbing. I have not been able to stop thinking about it since learning of it 2 days ago. I can’t bear to look at the autopsy photos again, but I keep looking at the different mugshots of the mother and how she has this sociopathic blank look on her face…like she doesn’t give a fuck about all that her poor child endured. I’m surprised baby Brianna didn’t suffer from feral alcohol syndrome cuz I can just imagine the stand up job the mother did while carrying her for nine months. Where the fuck was CPS?? I bet the baby cried all the time due to the awful abuse and neglect she suffered. They shouldn’t have even been able to leave the hospital with her and I am so sorry that they did. I wish I never knew something so awful actually happened and that the consequences of it were not nearly as severe as they should have been. I hope that this woman and these two men are never given the opportunity to bear any more children. And I’d just really like to know what provoked them to be such evil inconsiderate disgusting monsters. I hope there is a heaven and I hope there is a hell. And I hope that hell has its way with them in much more cruel and perverse ways than the torture and pain they inflicted on that sweet, precious, and undeserving little baby. I hope they rot for an eternity and then some

  56. The most saddest thing I have ever heard says:

    This case after hearing it has made me sick to my stomache. Monsters! should never be released. I pray for that little girl that she is in a better place surrounded in gods love.

  57. Nicole says:

    i recently learned about this horrendous crime and honestly, I have not been the same!! It has haunted me. The agony that beautiful little precious baby had to endure for the 5 tortuous months of her “life” are beyond anyone’s most horrific nightmares!! I have children and I can’t imagine the screams that came from that poor little angel!! Why didn’t the grandmother Patricia Salazar Walters do anything? Why didn’t the other uncle, Roger Walters Jr, who was 23yrs old at the time, say anything? (He’s dead now.. KARMA😁) What happened to Baby Brianna’s 18mo old brother Andy Walters Jr, who showed zero signs of abuse? I don’t know, maybe I was raised by an alien but in my household, my father was my protector!! He instructed me to tell him, and only him if anything were to ever happen to me. Never go to the justice system bc unfortunately they will sentence u 20yrs in jail for selling some bs weed but let out pedophiles and child murderers in less time!! How can the government expect us to honor and respect our justice system when this has happened way too many times. And why didn’t someone from the neighborhood beat that grandmother Patricia Walters into a coma?? I think Baby Brianna’s “mother” should stay in jail….she will be safer in there

  58. Nicole says:

    Also…so many people have been affected by this case!! What about all the first responders, nurse & doctors from the hospital that witnessed the condition of the poor lifeless baby, the community…do they not matter?? This will certainly haunt me for the rest of my life…but Stephanie Lopez deserves a 2nd chance, rehabilitation?? What she was an accomplice to is way beyond rehab!! They are sick evil individuals that don’t deserve a 2nd chance…I hope whoever signs her release has nightmares for the rest of their lives

  59. Bengalpuss says:

    Thought id let people know that a photo of breanna has been found while she was alive, its posted on a website called “angelizd place” such a beautiful baby girl.

    • msellvee says:

      I’m sorry Bengalpuss, I don’t know who Joanie is but I don’t believe this is a picture of Brianna. The police combed that place looking for a picture and found not even one. The picture you show does not even look consistent with the story the people involved in this case tell. Brianna was never cared for at all, let alone be dressed up in white with a cute headband on. This is the way the cops, prosecutors, etc. described it based on the evidence and the 3 pigs ratting on each other. Now Stephanie Lopez has the nerve to say that she will feel guilty for the rest of her life. Well you know what, she should but I don’t believe she will. And her worthless attorney Stephen Ryan says “after all she didn’t kill the baby, Andy did. So she has the right to blame him. Really? Her baby died on the floor of that grimy trailer all alone while their drunk asses were no doubt passed out. Where was Mommie Dearest? Then she knew that something was wrong and she couldn’t wake her up. What did she do for her? Nothing. She waited 3 hours before she finally called 911. So that POS was only convicted of negligence that led to her death. What a crock! You stated that one of the Grandparents buried the baby. That’s not true. No one in that whole family even came forward to claim her body so the townspeople got together and were determined to give her a nice funeral. They paid for everything including clothes to bury her in and a casket. Those POS relatives couldn’t even provide her with something to wear.

  60. Jennifer Martin says:

    These monsters deserve the worst more horrific torture known! Unfortunately we have “do-gooders” in society that say “oh they made a mistake, they deserve another chance” Go to Hell dogooders!! This poor precious babe DID NOT deserve ANY of this! these monsters must be put down like the rabid animals they are! Sick sick sick!! ALL of them!! everyone that knew this baby and did nothing! Burn in Hell!!

  61. Someone says:

    This is not over. There is someone who has made it their goal to seek them out and torture and kill every animalistic sleazebag that was involved in this little angels death. It’s been in the works since 2002.

  62. Courtney says:

    They should be fed to lions, and even the lions won’t want to eat them because they are pure trash and taste like 💩 Hope they die a most miserable death, with lots of suffering.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Courtney, go on the website called angelizd place and go to brianna story and you will see a picture of this little angel when she was alive!!

  63. Lisa says:

    As a Las Cruces resident this story has haunted me for years. I cry for this poor baby girl many times a year. Local news is reporting the Stephanie’s parole has been approved and she will be out within weeks. I hope this story is plastered all over the world over and over so that horrible monster will have no where to hide. As angry as most New Mexicans are with her, if she stays here I think people will come after her. Whatever happens, I hope she suffers

  64. Hayley says:

    You now have another New Mexico case of little Victoria Martens…both are the worst cases of child abuse I ever heard in my life. Yet now they are going to parole this bitch? I have a hard time believing she is not going to get her ass killed when they let her out and I hope someone does kill her and she rots in hell. A person that commits these types of crimes is no longer a human being to me and shame on the system for not punishing these people properly for such heinous crimes. They deserve to be sent to the electric chair.

  65. wildchild says:

    Stephanie Lopez has a release date of September 25th, 2016.

  66. Destiny says:

    As of today September 21 2016 Stephanie Lopez has been released from prison on”good time”.

  67. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Utterly Disgusting

    NO Parole for Murderers and Child Abusers

    Better the Death Penalty

  68. wildchild says:

    “Good Time” or Good Behavior” should never apply to child abuse or child murder cases, especially since the abuser, or killer, wasn’t exactly doing good behavior or being good to the poor defenseless angels they abused or murdered.

  69. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Agree

    There is Nothing Good about Child Abuse and Murder

    NO Parole

    Better the Death Penalty For Murder and Child Abuse and NO to Liberal
    Do Gooders bestowing ” Human Rights ” upon such Sickening Scum

  70. CANDI says:

    The government in new Mexico is
    Very corrupt. I did a short amounts of tine in the dention center last year. And was completely taken advantage of by the guards. They had drugged with medicine I shouldn’t have been taking to the point I slept for over a week eating three meals. I wish I could prove it. Only female in medical and crazy the males were let out to walk the hall past my cell were u could see right in and see everything my shower toilet. That place is sick. Thus story I was told while I was in there my last week. And justice was not served. At all. NEW MEXICO IS THE WORSE STATE FOR GOVERNMENT ANDREW JUSTICE. THE GOVERNMENT THERE MAKES ME SICK.

  71. Shelby says:

    What sick fucks, I hope and pray the other guys they’re in jail with find out what they did and rape the shit out of them and beat them the fuck down till they’re dead and in a place they deserve to be, straight to hell, burning for all eternity.

  72. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    They definitely are Sick Fucks

  73. Sharon gallimore says:

    Ohhh poor baby!

  74. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Do Gooders Actually Do Evil

    Villain Lovers

  75. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Social Liberalism Aids Child Abuse

    Social Moralism with the Death Penalty For Child Abuse Says Child Abuse
    is Morally Wrong

    Tears For the Victim Not For the Villain

  76. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Condoning Paedophilia is as Evil as Committing Paedophilia in that it
    Aids the Evil of Paedophilia

    The Degenerate Left should Realize it is the Victim who Deserves Support
    Not the Villain

  77. Alexandria says:

    There is a special place in hell just for stephanie lopez, steven Lopez & Andy Walters & many others alike them where there souls will be tormented repeatedly endlessly for eternity with the same abuse they inflicted on innocent helpless Brianna & many other children with the same that had suffered the same abuse as well unable to defend nor protest for themselves.

    • alka says:

      Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”
      Then why did Jesus let baby Brianna suffer so much when he already knew that this is what is going to happen with her..Why did he sent her to this cruel world?

  78. Tom Daly says:

    Seriously. Stephanie deserves to be stripped of her rights as a human, never mind a mother. I hope she spends the rest of her days being subjected to the same pain her baby went through-being bitten, raped and beaten to the point of death.

  79. I was in prison with Stephanie Lopez right before she got out but they made it a law in New Mexico prison that if we hurt or put hands on her we would be charged for it and get more prison time ….. and of course most of us have children at home we love waiting for us to come home so I needed to just do my time to be home to my kid .But the fucked up thing there in prison a lot of people were friends with her…. It’s crazy in prison in n.m. I have a bad crime I become famous and liked …

  80. Lynn Mitchell says:

    Deport her, Deport her. Where is the Donald when you need him. I will send baby B’s story to Sessions and his crew maybe we can get her deported and then beheaded by the Mexican cartel.

    That would be a nice picture to see.

    • Facts only please says:

      I agree with the beheading part, but where does it say she is illegal? Because you only get deported if you are illegally in the United States. Obviously, she is an American Citizen, or she would have been deported, not paroled.

  81. Bernadette says:

    You took the thoughts right out of my head.

    • Bernadette says:

      Reading about this story makes my heart hurt my stomach is in a not I want to through up. Baby Brianna, I am so sorry you had to go through this pain and torture. I Love You and you will always be in my heart and prayers. You did not deserve this! You are resting now with no pain.
      I am not a person to wish bad upon anyone, though these Horrible Horrible Sick ( I can’t even think of the right word ) Fuckers should not be released or pitied for any reason!!!! They did unimaginable this to an innocent Angel. My heart breakes and my chest is tight, I cry wishing that this Beautiful Angle was saved, was brought into a loving family. They need to be out of society! Forbidden to have any more children at that! I would like to see them be burned and hear them being tortured! Let them be out with other inmates and not isolated with there same kind!

  82. Jaime says:

    The thing that has always stood out to me is how Stephanie hugged her brother Steven as they cried because they were going to jail. She had claimed that she loved her daughter, but it had come out in court that Steven had raped Brianna. Anyone who loves their baby does NOT hug anyone who raped and beat them, brother or not! She knew. She didnt care.

  83. Linda says:

    Does anyone know her Alias in Plainview TX or the Alias’s Steven Lopez and Andrew Walter’s are under in prison.

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