Stelios Kimpriktzis

Stelios Kimpriktzis
Crime: Pedophile

OK, it’s official. British justice is batshit crazy. I can say this without hesitation now because of the case of Stelios Kimpriktzis of Liverpool. In the event you’ve never heard of Stelios Kimpriktzis, he is an HIV-infected pedophile who was sent to prison for having sex with an underage boy. Being a pedo hellbeast, Stelios Kimpriktzis chose to have unprotected sex with his victim, putting the child’s future health and wellbeing at grave risk.

Stelios Kimpriktzis had contacted and conversed with his victim on an Internet chatroom, and after a period of “grooming” convinced the young fellow to meet up with him. He lured the boy to some secluded woods where he molested him. At no time did he tell the boy he was HIV positive.

In April 2006 Stelios Kimpriktzis was convicted in Chester Crown Court of 2 counts of sexual activity with a child, 1 count of meeting a child after sexual grooming, and 1 count of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm. The predatory pedo hellbeast was jailed for a whopping 3 years.

Stelios Kimpriktzis is now walking the streets as a free man but he had been handed a Sexual Offences Prevention Order that prevented him from accessing websites where he could contact children. That makes total sense since that was how he found his young victim and lured him into his evil clutches.

The SOPO as well banned the perv from working in jobs where he would come into contact with young children.

Thanks to that SOPO, poor Stelios Kimpriktzis, a former shopworker from Ivy Leigh, Liverpool, was banned from professions such as teaching, nursing and driving a school bus. That should have been no biggie since the pedophile was a shopworker, not a teacher, nurse or school bus driver.

Stelios Kimpriktzis could have worked in adult-oriented shops such as liquor stores. His being a shopworker was totally possible with the SOPO in place.

But no, Stelios Kimpriktzis considered himself terribly inconvenienced by that damn SOPO, and so the convicted pedophile challenged it in court.

In November 2011, Stelios Kimpriktzis applied to have his SOPO discharged, claiming the restrictions to his employment were “too wide-ranging”. Interestingly, the monstrous pedo pervert included 2 letters from “prospective employers” to support his application — and both letters turned out to be forgeries. *shock*

For that wee faux pas, Stelios Kimpriktzis got a 6-month suspended sentence for perverting the course of justice. Oooh, harsh! That’ll teach him! Not!

Amazingly and infuriatingly the hellbeast got a hearing in front of Lady Justice Hallett, Mr Justice Bean and Judge Michael Pert QC, 3 of Britain’s most senior judges.

You’d think that Britain’s most senior judges would uphold a SOPO that had been put in place to protect the youngest members of society from predators such as Stelios Kimipriktzis. Alas, they didn’t.

Lady Justice Hallett said that it just isn’t right to condemn the pervy pedo to a lifetime on benefits, unable to work. She said, “He has served his punishment. This court does what it can to protect children – you can do your best, but if you are simply depriving him of all liberty forever, the law does not allow you to do that.”

Ummm, excuse me? WTF are you talking about, Lady Justice Hallett? Depriving him of liberty forever by not allowing him to teach, nurse or drive a school bus? The hellbeast was a shopworker for pity’s sake! He could become a truck driver, a bricklayer, a bloody barrister even! There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of jobs that don’t involve children! So what is Lady Justice Hallett talking about, depriving him of liberty forever?

And since when are judges all worried about the source of income of convicted felons? He’s on benefits, whoopeee! I’m sure almost every British parent would prefer the creature live on benefits rather than work as a teacher or nurse or school bus driver.

I thought judges were about applying the rule of law, not about sorting out employment opportunities for pedophiles.

Mr Justice Bean said, “We bear in mind that the offence was serious and that … the defendant can properly be described as a predatory paedophile. Nonetheless, we consider, in accordance with the guidance of the relevant case law, that Kimpriktzis’ points are well made. The trial judge said that it would not be desirable to condemn Kimpriktzis to a life on benefits. We agree.”

And so Lady Justice Hallett, Mr Justice Bean and Judge Michael Pert QC amended the SOPO to remove the employment restrictions, as well as the right of police to seize Kimpriktzis’ computer for inspection without a warrant.

Stelios Kimpriktzis is still banned from certain professions (the teaching, nursing, school bus driving professions) until 2016.

So now Stelios Kimpriktzis has a whole lot more freedom now than he did before, courtesy of Britain’s most senior judges who didn’t want the poor fellow to live on benefits forever.

But upon consideration, I think we can all agree that this HIV-positive boy-raper isn’t wanting to teach or nurse or drive school buses. I don’t think his appeal was about employment at all. I really don’t think he’s all miserable and crying about living on benefits, being an unproductive citizen mooching off of the state.

I think it all had to do with Stelios Kimpriktzis’ computer activity. He’s a predatory pedophile who is likely on the prowl. And now, thanks to Lady Justice Hallett, Mr Justice Bean and Judge Michael Pert QC, the police can’t check up on his online activity whenever they want.

Pedophiles don’t change, IMO. Stelios Kimpriktzis surfed online chatrooms to pick up victims before, and there’s little doubt he’ll do it again.

It’s up to British parents to keep an eye on their children. Beware of predators like Stelios Kimpriktzis — they are out there lurking on the Internet, ready to pounce.

Go to hell, Stelios Kimpriktzis, which is where every single pedophile should go.

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BBC Liverpool article

20 Responses to Stelios Kimpriktzis

  1. bengalpuss says:

    You think thats bad, that fuckall compared to what we’ve got coming this year. The british borders are slackened even further to let Romanian’s and some other eastern european countries come here to work, bearing in mind that last month british unemployment went up by 80.000 more people out of work. Now if you look on british crimestoppers, the majority of people wanted for rape, murder and other unsavoury crimes is, Ta da, eastern europeans. Now if the goverment know that this is Happening, then why the fuck are they relaxing our borders, fucking idiots running this country. And this cunt who raped a young boy and infected him with hiv, should be shot, but the courts let them get away with murder literally, because of some human rights bollocks. Im fucking sick of it, i pay my taxes for criminals to come into the country and take all our jobs, brilliant isn.t it. This country needs someone in power thats got a pair of bollocks. Rant over.

    • Lillith says:

      It’s not much better here in the US. Before I moved from Texas to Arkansas a certain chicken company was bringing in immigrants from Somalia and Thailand and giving them work visas and jobs while it’s difficult for honest natural born citizens to get a job when they want one! But, as for the story at hand, that is completely f*cked! No pedo-perve I’ve ever encountered wanted an honest job, unless it let them get closer to potential victims. They’re so consumed with thier obsessions & desires that an honest job would distract them from grooming thier next mark. IF they could keep a job that long. I gots my pedo-perve hunting liscence and a nice shiney new crossbow…who cares to help me hunt this one down & neuter him before hw reoffends?

  2. moodymagic says:

    This is another sickening article the pedo does need to suffer a whole lot of pain while dying. I’ve heard mention maybe a board with nice long nails hanging off it whacked at his genitals for hours. Trash you are. Thanks for the enlightenment again as well Bengalpuss. You always have interesting opinions and facts about Britain

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Your welcome moodymagic, im sort of an expert on “Britain, when it became a shithole” And its gonna get a lot worse. By the way, we’ve only got a well known HIV/AIDS charity saying “We don.t think that people with hiv, should go to prison, if they knowingly infect someone” and that they don.t think that a person should inform someone if they’ve got Hiv/Aids because they are stimatised enough, have you ever heard a bigger load of bollocks in your life. Its like someone thats infected with the ebola virus wandering around passing it on to everyone, giving them a death sentence and saying before they croak “I didn’t tell you because you’d have told me to fuckoff” Damn right i’d tell you to fuckoff. I believe this bastard that the article is about, has given that boy a death sentence, no matter how you look at it. He groomed him, tricked him into meeting him, then raped him, infected him, and then has the fucking cheek to appeal his sopo requirements, wtf is wrong with those judges, stupid cunts.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Well it is really swell of those judges to worry about this bastards employment opportunities but I am pretty damn sure that the SOPO did not stop him from getting a job. I am pretty damn positive it is because he is 1. a child raper, 2. HIV positive and 3. not too bothered about spreading HIV that makes him pretty much unemployable. He is, despite the efforts of those judges, going to live on benefits for the rest of his sorry ass life, or until he is tossed back into prison after having raped another young boy.

  5. 2cute says:

    This monster is not employable. Who in their right mind would hire him? Who would want him near their clients, their employees, themselves? Those judges need an innoculation to stop the spread of their stupidity to the rest of the judiciary. They KNOW he is a predatory pedophile, they KNOW he forged documents with his application, they KNOW he wilfully tried to infect a little boy with HIV and still they get all distracted by his living on benefits. Why did they forget the innocent children out there who need protecting from this beast?

    • Bengalpuss says:

      2cute, this paedaphile only wanted the sopo, changing because he wanted to get back onto the computer and carry on being a perverted paedaphile bastard. Those dumb arse judges may just as well given pol pot, the key to the city of cambodia, thats how insane it is to modify the sopo. This beastly cunt, has raped and infected a young boy, then has the fucking nerve to take his grievance to the appeal courts and wins. What a load of bollocks, he could get plenty of jobs that don.t interact with children, but the dumb fuck judges, have their heads that far stuck up their own arse’s to realise this. When he rapes another child, because he will, then the family of this child, should sue, those judges arse’s to kingdom come, daft twats.

      • MSM says:

        Can people sue judges in the UK Bengal? In this country they can’t – Judges and attorneys are protected by laws that cover their asses if they screw up.

  6. MsM says:

    Damn, Bengal, you’re right…GB is going to hell in a handbasket!

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    This is how fucked up britain is msm, last week a school banned triangular shaped flapjacks in school dinners because a child threw one at another, and it hit the kid in the face on the corner part of the flapjack. Now this is where it gets totally insane, they then said “Only square flapjacks are allowed to be served in the dining hall” Hello!!! Fucking square flap jacks have corners also, slack twat’s. And a clown that does childrens parties, had to get insurance because(Wait for it) The children could slip on the residue of the liquid bubble’s he blows, WTF. Yes this country i live in is going down the pan, if not already there. Remember, be careful when throwing flapjacks, cos you could end up in the shovel, and walk if you rape a child, mind boggling.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    By the way, don.t know if you have flapjacks in other countries but its a biscuit made from oats and treacle. Plus a clown would have to be blowing bubbles till he dropped dead to make enough of a damp patch for a child to slip on, and thats if it doesn’t dry out in the sun, i need to stop getting worked up otherwise i’ll end up having an heart attack.

    • MSM says:

      lol Flapjacks here are pancakes Bengal! What you’re describing is what we call scones over here! lol

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Msm, what country calls them Scones? And what country calls them pancakes? And what shape are they lol.

        • MsM says:

          Here in the US scones are usually triangle shaped (at least in Florida) and flapjacks (pancakes) are round and cannot be used as lethal weapons. lol

  9. pj says:

    If those judges are so worried about this arsehole being unable to find work, why don’t they hire him? I’m sure he’ll be glad to be a child minder, or domestic worker of some sort for the judges. But they won’t because of the same reasons nobody will — he’s a disgusting f*cking perv!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      They won.t hire him pj, because once they deliver their stupid verdict its jo public that is left with him. Its like that guy that asked george Osborne, after he delivered his budget “Why don.t you live off £55 a week, and see if you can do it” He didn.t even bother answering Because you can.t live off that amount of money and pay, gas, electric, food, council tax, tv licence, and travel, but unemployed people are expected to. Theres no jobs as it is, and at the end of the year, the borders are slackened to let romanian’s and polish in, to look for work, and if they can.t find it, they can apply for benefits, and break the law. Romanian’s are known to pick pocket people, and you have gangs that clone your credit cards. So my point is, its gonna get a lot worse. We have too many rogues at the moment, and now theres gonna be more. So when they come, i hope that they target, the politicians and judges that make slack arse decisions, and don.t give a shit because it doesn’t affect them.

      • MsM says:

        This is going to sound horrendously bad but that sounds a lot like the United States and our illegal alien issues. People sneak into the country all the time and then end up appying for benefits and getting them. I still haven’t figured out how THAT works.

        Here in the US if a child or teenager from another country is trafficked into the US and rescued they qualify immediately for all govt benefits yet if a child from the US is kidnapped and trafficked within the confines of their own country and are rescued, they get no assistance at all. I’m all for govt helping those within its borders – other countries need to be responsible for their own people and issues. (Yeah, yeah, I know, not very one world peace love and light like but I’m tired of footing the bill for people who shouldn’t be here…I want to know my tax dollars are feeding people HERE who need food or providing housing for people HERE who need housing, not somebody who came here, lives off our benefits and then tries to blow up the Boston Marathon because they hate the country so much…go figure)

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Msm, i like you, you have the Same views as me. We can.t afford our Own nationals, yet slack arse british goverment have slackened the requirements for romania and poland, so that they can come here and apply for working in a bakers etc etc where before they had to be skilled like engineering, joiner etc. One councillor said the other day “We can.t manage as it is, so were gonna be in deep shit when they can just come here as easy as 123. Also we’ve Got enough problems with the british criminals, but over the last few Years the majority of them are Immigrants, im fucking sick of reading the newspapers and watching the news about women being raped by some illegal Immigrant, watched a documentary the other night, where they work in gang’s in london to pickpocket people coming home from work, not one of the pickpockets was british. We’ve got our own arseole’s to deal with, we don.t need anymore arseole’s. The conservative party needs to go, they don.t know their arseole’s from their elbows lol.

          • MSM says:

            Awww, thanks Bengal, I like you too!! I agree, it’s hard enough to handle our own people – the added burden of illegals makes things twice as complicated. And you guys have an even smaller country landmass wise – with all those extra people pouring into the country ya’ll have to be almost on top of each other! The govt. needs to get their heads outta their assess – both there and here! Sadly, I THOUGHT Obama was going to be a good president. Most social workers thought the same thing…now we’re getting a rude awakening. Guy’s screwing us over left and right!!

  10. Bengalpuss says:

    if you could msm, then there would be a back log of cases, because the british judiciary fuckup daily lol.

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