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Hellbeast Stacey Joy BourdeauxCrimes: Murder, Attempted Murder

Almost all human beings struggle against being selfish. Almost all. But then there are those hellbeasts in human form who don’t struggle at all against their selfish urges. They have succumbed to their selfish entitlements, their needs, their impulses. They do whatever they want to do because they want to do it. And woe betide anyone who is vulnerable to their pathological selfishness and malevolent evil.

Stacey Joy Bourdeaux of Calgary, Alberta is one such hellbeast. She hid for years behind the mantle of mother and wife. She was married to Ted Fewer and had a little girl and a lovely baby boy, Sean Ronald Fewer. On December 27, 2004, little Sean was found in his crib, dead. He’d just had his first and only Christmas.

Stacey told police she had put Sean down for a nap, returned about an hour later and found him not breathing.

The medical examiner ruled 10-month-old Sean’s death as a case of sudden infant death syndrome. Poor Ted and Stacey, who were expecting another son in a few months. They had to carry on in their grief and prepare for the next child.

Well, poor Ted anyway. What he did not know is that Sean’s death was not SIDS-related, not accidental, but murder. Stacey never told him and he never knew. Stacey wrote in her private journal all about it 6 years later, shortly after Ted’s accidental death by electrocution.

“That night that (Sean) left us,” she wrote to her deceased husband, “it wasn’t actually while he was sleeping. Due to me being very sick at the time, I did what I didn’t want to do. The crying wouldn’t stop, so I ended up putting a pillow over his face and made sure that it was stopping his breathing… I knew that I couldn’t handle three kids, more or less on my own.”

And that makes it all right, to smother the baby? In her perverted mind it did.

So Sean had been dispensed with, disposed of like a used tissue. He was inconvenient, a burden, and he cried. The poor little guy whose only real crime was to be born to that selfish hellbeast, Stacey Joy Bourdeaux.

And Stacey Joy Bourdeaux had gotten away with murder. That is until she tried it again.

Her second victim was her second son.

Stacey Joy Bourdeaux found herself widowed suddenly in 2010 at age 33. It was a traumatic time for the little family, no doubt. But then her 5-year-old boy, in the midst of a temper tantrum on May 24, told his mom that he wished she had been the one to die instead of his dad.

That is so totally NOT the thing to say to a hellbeast.

Stacey Joy Bourdeaux hauled her boy upstairs in a rage. Her daughter, who stayed downstairs, heard him crying sporadically. Mom and son were upstairs for hours.

Those hours were spent trying to kill the little guy. The beast tried suffocating him. She put her hand over his face, and then wrapped a pillowcase around his neck. His heart stopped a couple of times, but he kept reviving. Stacey Joy Boudreaux finally stopped her murderous assault.

I cannot imagine what it was like for that little boy to have his own mother strangling the life out of him and reviving him hour after hour, his brain and lungs shrieking for oxygen.

All solicitous and mothering after trying to kill her son, Stacey gave him Tylenol and cleaned him up after he threw up, urinated and defecated. No harm, no foul, right?

That evening a woman stopped by to offer her condolences about Ted Fewer’s death and learned from the little girl that her brother was sick and turning blue. Alarmed, the woman asked Stacey if he needed to go to hospital, but was told no.

The next day the boy was shaking uncontrollably, couldn’t feed himself, and couldn’t control his bladder and bowels. He was also falling over.

Stacey wrote in her journal, “I was trying to send him to you. And if I lose him now I am going to feel really bad, cause it would be my fault. I can say he’s very tough and a fighter.”

She continued, “I do feel bad about doing what I did. I’m just not sure why. It was the same with Sean too. To this day I still feel the guilt of losing Sean too.”

It sounds for all the world that she’s not sure why she feels bad about what she did. Un-friggin-believable.

Anyway, it wasn’t until three days later that Stacey Joy Bourdeaux asked a neighbour to drive them all to hospital. On the way she explained to the neighbour that she had tried suffocating the boy. He called police immediately after their arrival at Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Stacey Joy Bourdeaux’s son lived, but the damage was devastating. A once healthy child, he cannot speak any more, he has lost motor control and he now suffers from seizures. Both he and his sister were made permanent wards of the province. God bless them.

The police uncovered Stacey’s journals in their investigation, and Sean’s murder finally came to light. The hellbeast was arrested and charged with attempted murder and 2nd degree murder.

Stacey Joy Bourdeaux pleaded guilty to manslaughter, attempted murder and failing to provide the necessities of life. She is expected to return to court very soon following the completion of a pre-sentence and psychological risk assessment.

Her earlier psychiatric assessment found she had NOT been suffering any disturbance of the mind when she had murdered Sean.

Not a disturbance of the mind, just a complete lack of a soul.

Long may you rot, Stacey Joy Bourdeaux.

Stacey Joy Bourdeaux has been sentenced to 13 years in prison: 4 years for manslaughter, 8 years for attempted murder and 1 year for failing to provide the necessities of life. She’s been given credit for 3 years 5 months for time served, which reduces her sentence to 9 years and 7 months.

Bourdeaux the beast’s lawyer told court that her client had been physically and sexually abused as a child and that had hurt her ability to cope with stress. She also pointed out that Bourdeaux had received “virtually no counselling” for her childhood abuse. Excuse me but why the f*ck not? What stopped this woman from getting help when she was having difficulties coping as a mother? Especially after she murdered her baby! She had to know by then she wasn’t a good mother or even a decent human being!

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9 Responses to Stacey Joy Bourdeaux

  1. Cape Town Girl says:

    Wow, just wow thats all I have right now

  2. Cleo says:

    Thanks for visiting again, Cape Town Girl. Perhaps you have some hellbeasts in Cape Town you’d like to see written about here. Suggestions are welcome.

  3. Budgiegirl says:

    As usual, it is the sheer sneaky thought processes that go on inside these hellbeasts that create the opportunities they need to do their heinous actions. And it seems that the need to journalize their “brilliance” is part of their psychological make-up. You know, they are just so smart that they have to keep track of their genius? Glad that these idiots are so enamoured of their own intelligence that they give themselves away. ;-P

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Poor kid, and whats that bullshit about reports for the court to see if she’s a risk-she fucking killed one kid and tried to kill another how more at risk can you get. What a load of bollocks. Court case’s really fuck me off with all that bull crap about seeing if their is something wrong with The defendant. Yes there is they are murdering bastards that deserve to go to prison until they die or preferably executed. Well we can all wish can.t we.

  5. eric holt says:

    love your stuff

  6. Tami says:

    Good Grief! All I can say is that if you want to murder someone, go to Canada to do it…Oh and God Bless TEXAS!

  7. Who are you to judge says:

    I knew this girl in highschool,
    There was virtually no help from anyone there.
    As young students we weren’t given any guidance and the teachers and councillor a there
    Were a joke.
    In no way do I condone her behaviour but she needed help and wasn’t given any, in fact she was
    Tossed from an already lacking school into a far worse environment
    And teased practically everyday.
    I am saddend by this news. I have two children of my own
    She suffered numerous losses.
    I pray for her forgiveness a know she will never live down
    What she did and I pray she gets the help she needs now.

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