Stacey Dean Rambold

Stacey Rambold
Crime: Rape

I am none too pleased with Stacey Dean Rambold of Billings, Montana. He was a Billings Senior High teacher who decided it would be just grand to have sex with his 14-year-old student, Cherice Morales. Never mind he was 49 years old then — never mind he was 35 years older than his “girlfriend”. What’s age got to do with sex anyway?

Well, as you and I and every thinking and moral human being knows, age has a helluva lot to do with sex. Cherice Morales was ONLY 14 years old! A child! A troubled child at that! And her teacher Mr. Rambold targeted her knowing she was 14, knowing she was underage, knowing she was vulnerable, knowing he could control her!

Stacey Dean Rambold did not think of his victim’s mental wellbeing, or her physical wellbeing. He didn’t think of the consequences — the mental anguish, the heartbreak, the shame, probably fear of pregnancy — she would have to endure.

Stacey Dean Rambold really didn’t give a flying rat’s ass about Cherice Morales. All he cared about was having a very young female body to have sex with.

Stacey Dean Rambold is, in my opinion, a low, vile, heartless, sexual predator. And he should be treated as such.

In 2004, when Stacey Dean Rambold was hired at Billings Senior High, there were already allegations that he’d touched a girl inappropriately. The principal met with Stacey Dean Rambold and told him to “keep his hands off all students”. The principal also warned him then that any other inappropriate activity would result in a formal investigation.

Why the hell did they hire him? Were there seriously no reasonable candidates who didn’t have a suspicious past?

Obviously Stacey Dean Rambold didn’t take the principal’s warning seriously. It certainly didn’t stop him from acting upon his base sexual urges and involving Cherice Morales in his sexual activities. F*cking pervert.

It was in April, 2008 that the illicit and illegal “affair” between the 49-year-old teacher and his 14-year-old student came to light. It was not, to be clear, a love affair. It was a non-consensual sexual relationship foisted upon a child by a much older authority figure.

It was rape. Under Montana state law, children younger than 16 cannot consent to sexual intercourse, which makes Stacey Dean Rambold’s crime felony rape.

Stacey Dean Rambold had had at least 3 sexual encounters with the young girl by the time he was caught. At least 3!

In April 2008, with both school officials and police learning of his illegal activity, Stacey Dean Rambold was put on paid leave from his job. He resigned 3 months later and surrendered his teaching certificate.

Cherice MoralesIn October 2008 the pervert was charged with 3 counts of sexual intercourse without consent. In 2010, with the case still pending, Cherice Morales committed suicide. She was not even 17 years old.

Her mother, Auliea Hanlon, firmly believes that the illicit relationship between her daughter and Stacey Dean Rambold played a big role in Cherice’s tragic decision to commit suicide. I believe that too.

That f*ckwad shitstain pervert (pardon my french) Stacey Dean Rambold had deliberately targeted Cherice because she was vulnerable and troubled. He targeted her because he sensed she would succumb to his manipulation, his authority and ultimately his sexual demands. He did not choose her out of love or caring. He chose her as all predators choose their prey — he observed her weakness and then he pounced.

The death of the victim caught prosecutors by surprise and made their case problematic. Their star witness was gone. In July 2010 the Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office offered Stacey Dean Rambold a sweet deal — a deferred prosecution agreement.

The terms of this agreement would see the case put on hold for 3 whole years. In that time, Stacey Dean Rambold was supposed to complete a sex offender treatment program and adhere to other conditions, such as staying away from minors. If he behaved himself, the charges against him would be dismissed.

In return, Stacey Dean Rambold was to admit to one of the rape charges and agree that his admission could be used against him.

So did the asshole behave himself? Ummm, no. In November 2012 Stacey Dean Rambold was tossed from the sex offender program. He’d been missing meetings since August 2012, and then he was discovered having unsupervised visits with minors. On top of that, he had neglected to inform his counselors that he was sexually involved with a woman.

Because of these violations, the case against Stacey Dean Rambold was revived in December 2012. He finally went to Yellowstone County district court in August 2013. His judge was Judge G. Todd Baugh.

Judge BaughI am none to pleased with Judge G. Todd Baugh. And here’s why.

In court, Chief Deputy County Attorney Rod Souza asked Judge Baugh to order the rapist Rambold to serve 20 years in prison, with 10 years suspended. Seems fair to me.

Chief Deputy County Attorney Souza made it clear to the judge that the rapist Rambold had targeted a troubled young girl and violated his position of trust as a teacher by having sex with her.

Of course the defense attorney Jay Lansing trotted out the typical sob story — his client had lost his career, his marriage and his home. *sniff, sniffle, boo hoo* His client, said Jay Lansing, had been punished enough.

I personally don’t think Stacey Dean Rambold has suffered nearly enough. His victim killed herself! She is dead! And I think it’s pretty certain that there is a strong connection between her teacher ensnaring her in a sexual relationship and her suicide. You may disagree but I think I’m right to say that.

Judge G. Todd Baugh disagrees with me. Judge G. Todd Baugh, 66, who is running unopposed for re-election, thinks poor Stacey Dean Rambold should not have been prosecuted after he was kicked out of the sex offender treatment program.

Judge G. Todd Baugh reviewed the police interviews with Cherice Morales and concluded, basically, that the victim was to blame.

Judge G. Todd Baugh declared that Cherice Morales, the 14-year-old girl, was “as much in control of the situation” as Stacey Dean Rambold. The judge also declared that Cherice Morales was “older than her chronological age”. WTF?!?!

When Cherice’s mother heard that bullshit, she stormed out of the courtroom yelling, “You people suck!” She was far more polite than I would have been.

To me it sounds like Judge G. Todd Baugh thinks that Cherice Morales seduced her teacher, and because she was complicit in the illicit sexual relationship it was HER fault that poor Stacey Dean Rambold was being punished.

And because Judge G. Todd Baugh blames Cherice Morales — the under-aged child victim — he decided to go gentle on the confessed rapist Rambold.

Stacey Dean Rambold, thanks to Judge G. Todd Baugh, was sentenced to 15 years in prison with ALL but 31 days SUSPENDED. Not only that, he also got credit for 1 day already served so Stacey Dean Rambold, the CONVICTED RAPIST, will spend ONLY 30 DAYS in prison! For rape!

I am most certainly NOT pleased with Judge G. Todd Baugh.

The Morales family filed a civil lawsuit against the school district and won a $91,000 wrongful death settlement. As if $91,000 can replace a stolen childhood and a dead daughter.

Stacey Dean Rambold will be out of prison within days. He has to register as a sex offender which might cause him some inconvenience — I hope — but he needs to learn to keep his penis out of under-aged girls. He needs to learn that all of this — the trial, the loss of his job, his wife and his reputation — are HIS FAULT and nobody else’s.

I doubt the teeny weeny prison sentence will teach him anything. Here’s hoping public shaming will do the job.

RIP Cherice Morales, and sincere condolences to the Morales family and friends.

And please, please, please, people of Yellowstone County, find some way to oust Judge G. Todd Baugh from the bench. Do you really want somebody sympathetic to rapists, somebody who blames victims to decide on matters of justice?

Judge Baugh said he regrets the statements he made blaming the victim. He said in a letter to the editor in The Gazette he is “not sure just what I was attempting to say, but it did not come out correct.”

“What I said is demeaning of all women, not what I believe and irrelevant to the sentencing,” Judge Baugh said in the letter. “My apologies to all my fellow citizens.”

He did not apologize for the sentence.

On July 22, 2014 the Montana Supreme Court censured the judge and suspended him for 31 days for unlawfully sentencing the former teacher convicted of the crime to just a month in jail. The justices said Judge Baugh’s actions undermined public confidence in the judiciary and that state law requires a sentence of at least 4 years for anyone guilty of raping an underage victim.

Judge Baugh has said he intends to retire when his term expires at the end of this year. Good!

The court also overturned the rapist’s prison sentence and ordered a different judge to preside over his resentencing. This will happen in September 2014.


Stacey Dean Rambold was sentenced to 15 years, but District Judge Randal Spaulding suspended five years.

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21 Responses to Stacey Dean Rambold

  1. 2cute says:

    Totally disgusting and so very sad. This judge should be thrown off the bench immediately. 30 days for raping a 14 year old girl. Unbelievable.

  2. moodymagic says:

    You are right Cleo Rambold is a disgusting child raper and needs to be taught a lesson. I am hoping being in general population that some of the other inmates will deal with this child raper. Burn in hell Rambold.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    The judge is sure backtracking on his statements now that the shit is hitting the fan. Seems he doesn’t like the negative attention he has been getting. But being a stubborn old fart he will not revisit that pitiful sentence. If he thinks like Rambold thinks that it is ok to rape a child, he should be vilified and shamed and run out town and out of office. Rambold can just go to hell.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    This asshole rapist and the asshole judge both leave me absolutely livid. They should both be run out of town. That poor girl! I wonder how much shame and blame she had to endure before she killed herself. And Rambold’s wife! I wonder what she went through when she found out what her husband did. I am glad she left his sorry ass.

  5. TLove says:

    He is lucky it was not my daughter he victimized. He would be choking to death on his own balls as we speak! Natural justice is needed. For the sake of humanity PLEASE someone kill this animal!

  6. TLove says:

    Oh and for that judge…… I believe I know where his gavel should go!

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Well what can i say? First I’ll start of with rapist cunt, i hope kthat people recognise this cunts face, and someone decides to whoop this fucker’s arse on the street. That poor girl must have been mentally tortured by what that cunt did to her, so much so that she wanted to die, and sadly she took her own life. Poor sweet beautiful looking girl, destroyed by this cunt. Now moving onto the judge, this mother fucker should be removed from the bench, and not allowed to sit as a judge ever again. Its obvious that he is losing his mind if hes giving such pathetic sentences. Poor girl my heart goes out to hier family at this injustice. Her poor mom having to listen to that fucked up judge blaming her 14 year old daughter for that nonces actions, absolutely disgusting. Remove the judge from the bench,

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    Rest in peace cherise morales x x

  9. FlyingLeadChange says:

    While we’re at it, let’s blame shooting victims for being “willfully complicit in standing in the path of a speeding bullet”.

    Also robbery victims, stop punishing robbers because the victims were consensually carrying money at the time.

    Dumb judge.

  10. scrappy says:

    I am especially disgusted by the statement that the victim was, “older than her chronological age.” What was he using, Dr. Oz’s ‘Real Age’ calculator?

    There is a reason that we have laws saying a 14 year old is too young to consent…because we recognize that CHILDREN of that age are immature and incapable of making informed choices reliably. I don’t care if a 14 year old child slept with every boy on the football team, she is still a victim when a grown middle-aged man in a position of power approaches her for sex.

    The judge is a pus filled boil in the Montana legal system. Hope he is drained and removed soon…

    • Todd says:

      Well lets just hear what her mother had to say:

      “If you’d ever met her, she was a very intelligent, very straightforward, fun-loving kind of person,” Hanlon said. “She was very mature for her age, but that’s irrelevant. She was 14.”

      The mother is in agreement that she was mature.

      ” I don’t care if a 14 year old child slept with every boy on the football team, she is still a victim when a grown middle-aged man in a position of power approaches her for sex.”

      We don’t know who approached who.

      Also, is being in a position of power the same as using it? If so, I guess police cannot have sex with anyone ever.

      • kari says:

        Hope you have a daughter someday. Then you might understand for now your an inconsiderate asshole! Probably a sexual predater yourself you sick fuck!

        • AngryLittleMexican says:

          Kari, you slapped that nail on the head. I don’t care if she wore floral blouses from the old womans section and used Shakespeare verbiage when she spoke SHE IS 14 YEARS OLD.
          TEACHERS are there to TEACH not troll for fucking victims. JUST BC a 14 year old has a vagina doesn’t mean some grown ass man can jump inside!

          ALL THAT ASIDE. Look at him, most 14 year old girls dont dream of having sex with a guy who looks like he’s from a bad 70’s sitcom. ALSO and more telling, HE WAS ALREADY IN TROUBLE FOR INAPPROPRIATE TOUCHING WHEN THEY HIRED HIM! Mr Grabby hands has a problem liking the kids, let’s not blame the dead victim, let’s lay blame where it goes, on the disgusting pervert who likes his job so he can troll for little girls to touch and rape.

  11. Kat B says:

    That judge is a complete asshat. Once again, let’s blame the victim and let the predator justify his depravity. A sentence like this sends the wrong message. Rapists need to be dealt with less leniency.

    • Bengalpussy says:

      Well a few months ago, this guy was at court for having sex with a 13yr old. The judge gave the nonce 6month jail suspended for 2yrs. He also said that the 13yr old was preditory. Anyway there was a big stink made by womens groups and the prosecution, and appealed that the sentence was lenient. Yesterday in the london appeals court, the 3justices agreed and gave him two years in jail, and told his solicitor that he needed to present himself to a police station before 6pm, because only the solicitor was in court. The judge has been removed from sitting anymore sex offences

  12. BWC says:

    There was a teacher in my H.S. in the 70’s who not only had an affair with a student but she was his ands his wife’s babysitter! This all occurred after I was graduated, this pervert left his wife and sons and eventually married the poor girl.
    We…the girls I went to school with were always off put by his forward behavior and unfortunately we all joked…being young and dumb that one day he would bed someone in the school.
    To this day I and I am sure a lot of my fellow classmates regret not informing someone of his advances rather than making fun of him.

    • 2cute says:

      I agree BWC that you and your classmates should have informed somebody about that teacher, but teenagers don’t like to think of themselves as children. They always think they’re adult enough to deal with adult situations. And back then in the 70s you knew the relationship to be gross but never thought about it being criminal.

  13. Todd says:

    “Stacey Dean Rambold had had at least 3 sexual encounters with the young girl by the time he was caught. ”

    Sexual encounters? I think you meant 3 rapes?

    You know so much about this. How did he rape her 3 times before getting caught?

    Also, how did he get caught? Who filed charges against him?

    And, I heard she committed suicide because of the media attention. Can you confirm that? Or would that be inconvenient to your viewpoint or mission of your website?

  14. kari says:

    Todd, your obviously a sexual predater yourself u sick fuck!

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