Spencer Lee Jordan & Marie Eva Magoon

Marie Magoon and Spencer Jordan
Crimes: Child Abuse, Torture, Murder

Six-year-old Meika Jordan was a beautiful little girl, the kind of child any parent would love and cherish — unless, of course, if the parent is a hellbeast. Unfortunately for little Meika, her daddy and his common-law wife are both hellbeasts, and that is why that precious darling is dead.

Spencer Lee Jordan and Marie Eva Magoon, of Calgary, Canada, spent 4 days beating and torturing Meika in November 2011. It just wasn’t supposed to be that way. Meika and her little brother lived happily with their mother, Kyla Woodhouse, and they were only going to spend a few days visiting with their father. It was supposed to be a happy time for them to bond with their father and play with Marie Magoon’s children. The little ones were dropped off on November 6, 2011. They were supposed to be returned home November 11, 2011.

Suffice it to say Meika and her brother did not go home. Why? Because on November 10, 2011, Marie Magoon purposely burned Meika’s hand with a lighter. WTFH? What kind of hellbitch would do such a thing?

Marie Magoon actually held that little girl between her legs and held Meika’s hand over the open flame for a full minute. Holy shitballs, batman! Why the hell would she do such an evil thing?

Marie Magoon didn’t like Meika. She considered her a spoiled brat. In her own words she said, “Meika was a spoiled child. Meika was the most spoiled child of them all four kids. She was so spoiled, she was the most spoiled child in the family.”

And apparently the best way to deal with a spoiled child is to inflict serious bodily harm and a great deal of pain. At least that’s what Marie Magoon thinks.

With Meika’s burns and blisters, there was no way the kids could go home to mommy. Spencer Jordan concocted a story to tell Kyla Woodhouse. He told her that he’d had an argument with Marie Magoon and she’d left home. He didn’t want to be alone for the weekend, so he was keeping the kids for another couple of days.

Meika Jordan

Meika Jordan

Great, so now little Meika had two more days to spend in the same house as the hellbitch who burned her. It was two days too many.

Marie Magoon tried to find a miracle cure for a bad burn. She googled how to deal with burns on the Internet. She called Health Link Alberta for suggested treatments, telling them the girl had burned her hand on a hair straightener.

Obviously there is no instant miracle cure for bad burns. What is a pair of hellbeasts to do?

It turns out their solution was to batter and torture Meika even more. Her own father pushed the little girl down, making her hit her head on the floor. Spencer Jordan punched Meika in her stomach full force. He dragged her up their stairs, sometimes by her hair, sometimes by her ankles.

By the time Spencer Jordan and Marie Magoon had finished with Meika, the little girl was suffering from severe head and internal injuries. She slipped into unconsciousness the night of November 13, 2011. The next day, when she was in complete cardiac arrest and respiratory failure, the evil beasts called Emergency Medical Services. Meika was rushed to Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.

The story that Spencer Jordan and Marie Magoon told at that time was Meika had fallen down the stairs. Kyla Woodhouse knew that the injuries weren’t caused by any accident.

“She was unconscious, she was connected to breathing machines as well as other machines.” said Kyla Woodhouse. “The doctor told me they put her in a medically induced coma, because she couldn’t breathe on her own.”

The grieving mother continued, “I was told right then … the main doctor looked at me and said, ‘Your daughter’s very, very broken and we’re not sure we can fix her.'”

And the doctors couldn’t fix her. Within hours Meika was dead, killed by her own father and his common-law wife.

Investigators had questions, of course. The falling-down-the-stairs story just didn’t match up with the fatal injuries. Unfortunately, Spencer Jordan and Marie Magoon refused to cooperate. The investigators were going to have to find the answers the hard way.

Little did Marie Magoon and Spencer Jordan know but their phone conversations were being intercepted and recorded. That’s how we know that Marie Magoon thought Meika was a spoiled brat.

In a wiretapped phone conversation, Marie Magoon told a friend she’d been responsible for the burned hand, but claimed it was a magic trick gone wrong. Riiight.

In another phone conversation, Spencer Jordan claimed his daughter hit her head when he was playfully sliding her across the floor. Riiight.

Obviously the f*cktardian beasts weren’t about to admit torturing and battering Meika to death to friends or each other over the phone. Investigators had to find another way to get the truth. They began an undercover operation that lasted 8 months. It was the famous Mr. Big sting operation.

Canadian investigators, especially the RCMP, often turn to the Mr. Big sting operation to get results they can’t get any other way. The basic idea, so I understand, is that an undercover officer poses as a member of organized crime. He/she befriends the target, and convinces them there is easy money to be made performing small tasks, like delivering supposedly illegal goods. Eventually the targets are told that they have an opportunity to make even more money doing more important tasks, but they have to convince a bigwig in organized crime that they are trustworthy. To do so they have to confess their crimes.

Spencer Jordan and Marie Magoon fell for it. They confessed what they’d done to Meika, and the investigators had it all on tape. Yay!

Jordan and Magoon arrestedIn October 2012, Spencer Jordan and Marie Magoon were arrested and charged with 2nd-degree murder. In July 2013 the charges were upgrades to 1st-degree murder.

At their trial in 2015, Spencer Lee Jordan, 29, and Marie Eva Magoon, 25, pled not guilty. They maintained that the girl had fallen down the stairs, and that her death was an accident. The evil child killers were pinning their hopes on the recorded confessions being tossed. Too bad for them Justice Rosemary Nation ruled they were admissable.

On June 3, 2015, Justice Nation convicted both hellbeasts of 2nd-degree murder. They face automatic life sentences. The judge has yet to decide how long they have to serve before they can apply for parole.

In Canada, a 2nd-degree murder sentence includes a parole ineligibility of between 10 and 25 years. I’d hate to think that in 10 years either of these child batterers and killers could be out of prison.

Justice Nation, in response to a defense request, has ordered a psychiatric assessment for Marie Magoon, the results of which may affect the sentence.

“There are certain features of my client’s upbringing that may have contributed to her being in this situation,” the defense lawyer said.

Really? There’s something in her background that makes Marie Magoon want to torture little girls? Too bad she didn’t feel inclined to warn Kyla Woodhouse before she sent her precious daughter to her house.

There apparently is no excuse being offered for Spencer Jordan’s behavior. His own daughter was deliberately harmed by his girlfriend so, instead of getting her help and turning in the abuser, he chose to join in the abuse. That’s the kind of monster he is.

I shall keep readers updated with the sentencing — reminders are welcome. Keep your fingers crossed they’re put away for the maximum.

RIP, Meika Jordan. She was such a lovely little person who no doubt would have lit up the world when she grew up. According to her obituary, “Meika was a beautiful, vibrant, extraordinary girl whose wisdom and courage far surpassed her age. She was known by many for her love of singing and dancing and her love to talk to anyone about anything. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her.”

I extend my heartfelt condolences to her friends and family who grieve her loss. The world is less without her.


The nasty pair were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 17 years. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Rosemary Nation said, “Words cannot describe the egregious nature of this crime. That a parent and caregiver can abuse a child in such a way is horrendous. Children are our most prized … they are our future.”

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32 Responses to Spencer Lee Jordan & Marie Eva Magoon

  1. Angelina says:

    I would be a regular reader of this blog were it not for the obnoxious, over-the-top, insulting writing style. We KNOW these are evil people; we can figure that out for ourselves from reading the stories. It isn’t necessary to hit us over the head with “this horrible vile hellbeast” or “these stupid, sick bastards” or “omg, this is so vile! I hope they rot in a manure pile in hell!” or “can you imagine how this poor little kid must have felt?!” Yes, we can imagine; give us a little more credit. The bare facts presented dispassionately carry far more impact than all the hyperbole. We don’t need prompting to know we’re supposed to feel outrage or sorrow.

    • cleo says:

      Sorry, Angelina, but I don’t do dispassionate. Thanks for visiting.

      • MsM says:

        Yeah, Cleo rocks! I don’t get to come here as often as I should but when I do I know she’ll have the latest news in the world of child abuse and neglect for everybody to see and worded frankly and abruptly. She says what social workers WISH they could say every day!

    • bb says:

      Speak for yourself Angelina, I love Cleo’s style

      • Amy says:

        I love the way Cleo doesn’t sanitize the horrible things he writes about! For me, Cleo describes the situations very realistically – these people are HELLBEASTS, evil, vile, sick bastards, and much more!! If you want to read only the bare facts about such cases, there are so many other sites to read…

    • bulldoggy says:

      I for one like Cleo’s writing efforts. I get enough dispassionate stuff from reading the news.

    • killpedos says:

      Hey Angelina, maybe you just need a hit on the head to get you into the real world. This hideous shit happens and if its not told in detail then people won’t sit up and take notice.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Angelina, blah blah blah blah blah!!!! Is that dispasionately enough for you?

    • TimeToFaceFacts says:

      Yeah, it borders on being TMZ for violence and abuse, but we don’t have to read it now, do we?

    • Ron says:

      Right on Cleo! I don’t think our justice system has the capability of properly dealing with these *ahem* monsters, I think they left the human race once the lighter was raised to the hand. We put down sick dogs that did a lot less, just sayin

    • BeenThere says:

      Hit the road Jack and don’t come back.
      Cleo don’t stop…

  2. bulldoggy says:

    R.I.P. Meika. I hope her mother finds some solace in the killers going to prison for a long time.

  3. AussieGal says:

    OMG That precious little angel, how the hell can anyone do this to a child!! This is just heartbreaking. They should put them in general pop. with CHILD KILLER tattooed across their faces! R.I.P beautiful girl.
    I for one love this site and come here daily, they way it is written is exactly how im thinking, awesome site Cleo

  4. moodymagic says:

    Well these 2 are a disgusting pair. Canadian prisons are a joke. But I read some where that the Step Dad runs with a biker group, hope thats true. Bikers know how to deal with scum and get away with it. Suffer you 2 child killers.

    • awesomeblossom says:

      He’s a biker? Does that make her a biker chick? How the hell does she fit on the back of a bike? Woof!

    • Evon says:

      The step-father, who was her father for the majority of her short life, is with a biker “group” not gang, they are Bikers Against Child Abuse….they aren’t a gang out to kill for revenge. Try reading the news before you jump to conclusions.

    • Ron says:

      Yes! I believe the only thing left for the scum to do is commit hari kari with a butter knife or have it performed on them over the Internet as an example of what happens to soulless bottom feeding monsters. Regardless of prison they still get to live. The only punishment in my opinion is severe torture with possibility of quick execution

  5. Graciesnana says:

    I love your style Cleo. Keep on tellin’ it like it is!

    • cleo says:

      Will do! I can’t please everyone, but I’m glad I can please someone. And considering I’ve had close to half a million unique visitors, I’m confident there are plenty who do like my site just as it is.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Half a million readers cleo? Wow thats awesome. I love your writing style cleo thats why i visit your site on a daily basis, fuck the miserable turd’s who like to moan, i don’t think our cleo will lose any sleep over them!

  6. Mary Helen says:

    I love that you write the way you do Cleo! The telling is not just to expose the hell beasts, but to tell the ‘story’ of the victims. If I wanted impersonal facts I’d go to the dry cold news. Angelina is just being rude, maybe she’s jealous of you or maybe she’s a hell beast herself, I don’t know. But who needs a regular pain in the butt reader like that anyways? I’ve kept up with you for a long time and never felt the need to comment (although I LOVE the regulars and their comments). I love and appreciate the time, effort, compassion and down to earth writing style that’s you! Just thought I’d tell you…thank you! Anyone else that doesn’t like it here can click away from the site and go to….well another site, lol!

  7. CH says:

    These people are some of the lowest of the low!!! I am personally very close to a few individuals affected by sweet Meika’s murder and let me tell you, what the media was aloud to publish doesn’t come close to the pain and anguish she suffered at the hands of BOTH of them! They are sick, twisted f*cks who seemed hell bent on torturing that poor girl. They seriously psychologically messed up her brother as well. So so so terribly sad and heartbreaking. RIP sweet Meika

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    Evon, i’ve read about those biker groups and they’re pretty amazing guys. One story was that a little girl was being molested by her father, the biker guys were only a phone call away if the dad turned back up at the house, on the court date they even went to court to show her that she didn’t need to be afraid about giving evidence because they were there to protect her and that when she was giving her evidence she should look at them if that made her feel better and safer, great guys those fella’s were.

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    Killpedos, thats some spooky shit that we both layed into angelina at the same time lol, great minds think alike!! Angelina wants dispasionately, wonder if she’d feel the same way if isis got hold of her?

  10. metalcrazy36 says:

    Why would you do something so mean and hatefull. Sick should have gotten the chair.

  11. metalcrazy36 says:

    sick and venal

  12. SarBear88 says:

    This is utterly disgusting… That little girl is absolutely adorable how could anyone harm a single strand of that beautiful blonde hair on her head. Someone who is able to harm a sweet and innocent child deserves to be tortured in the worst kind of ways imaginable. I hope these sick fucks die a horribly painful and agonizing death. RIP Babygirl

  13. Robert says:


  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There is Nothing Acceptable about Child Abuse and Murder

    It Warrants the Death Penalty Not a ” Sentence ”

    Utterly Sickening what Happened to that Child

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