Sohonlal Chouhan

Sohanlal Chouhan
Crimes: Cruelty, Domestic Abuse

Sohanlal Chouhan, of Indore, India, is a firm believer in genital piercing. There’d be nothing wrong with that if we were talking about his own genitals. If he wanted to pierce it so much he could use it as a flute, fine. More power to him. But we aren’t talking about his genitals. Nope, we’re talking about his unfortunate wife’s.

Sohanlal Chouhan’s wife of 19 years, Sitabai, was made so miserable that she tried to kill herself. On July 16, 2012, the mother of 5 actually swallowed rat poison in a desperate attempt to commit suicide. She was rushed to the Maharaja Yashwant Raoin Hospital where her life was saved and her private misery was exposed.

Much to the shock and horror of emergency personnel at the hospital, they discovered that Sitabai’s vagina was clamped shut with a padlock. A padlock! WTF!

In 2008, Sohonlal Chouhan had gotten a brilliant idea to physically ensure his wife’s fidelity — not that there was any question she’d been unfaithful. He drugged poor Sitabai with opium and, while she was helpless, he punctured holes on either side of her genitals. He then inserted a small padlock to which only he had the key.

For 4 years the unfortunate Sitabai had to endure the pain, discomfort and humiliation of her husband’s DIY surgery. Every time he left their home, Sohanlal Chouhan would lock his wife’s privates shut and take the key with him. That’s torture, in my book!

But as bad as this was, it may not be why she tried to kill herself. Sitabai told officials that her monstrous hellbeast drunkard of a husband had tried to rape their eldest daughter. I am not surprised that such a brutal bastard would do such an evil thing. Obviously he had no respect or regard for females — an attitude apparently shared by many men in India as evidenced by the growing rape crisis there.

So back to poor Sitabai , who was in the hospital being treated for her ingestion of rat poison. The hospital personnel called the police about the cruel and crude mutilation. Officers tracked down the monstrous Sohonlal Chouhan, found the key in his sock, and delivered the key to the hospital.

Finally 4 years of humiliation and discomfort were over for Sitabai as the padlock was permanently removed. She was kept in hospital for treatment for the poisoning and made a full recovery.

Sohonlal Chouhan was charged with cruelty and voluntarily causing grievous hurt. His excuse for mutilating his wife’s genitals was that several women in his family had been unfaithful in the past.

In May 2013, Sohonlal Chouhan went to trial despite his wife’s retraction of her statement. Additional Sessions Judge Avnindra Kumar Singh relied on circumstantial evidence and the statement of the attending doctor and convicted the evil f*cktard of causing grievous hurt and subjecting his wife to cruelty. Charges regarding the alleged attempted rape of the daughter were never laid.

The judge then sentenced Sohonlal Chouhan to 10 years of “rigorous imprisonment” and imposed a fine of Rs 1,000.

“Rigorous imprisonment” — I like the sound of that. It conjures up pictures of smashing rocks in the blazing sun or working on the chain gang. I hope Sohonlal Chouhan suffers every single moment of his imprisonment.

I truly hope that Sitabai is living a safe, peaceful and satisfying life now, and is not beleaguered by threats and mistreatment by her husband’s family and friends. She’s been through enough. And I wish her children all the best as well.

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10 Responses to Sohonlal Chouhan

  1. moodymagic says:

    This is one sick Bastard. The real punishment he deserves is to have his penis hacked at with a dull knife, cruel sick pig burn in hell. I too hope Sitabai is living peacefully with her children. 10 year not enough.

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    Reading this makes me wish someone would do DIY surgery on his privates, maybe a ring by which a leash can be attached.

  3. 2cute says:

    I really really hope that poor woman has recovered and is living a good life now. How horrible for her to be put through that, and I hate to think what the eldest daughter went through with her drunk of a father trying to rape her. I hope he never gets out.

  4. BENGALPUSS says:

    jesus, wtf was wrong with this arseole? i’ve read some things but this has to be the most shocking act of abuse i’ve read for quiet some time. lets hope this cunt suffers on a daily basis.

  5. Stacey says:

    WOW. That poor woman probablt still fears for her life reagrding repurcussions of his family. I feel so terribly for women in countries where they ave little to no worth. in this day and age I cannot comprehend why it is still happening and thank my lucky stars I live in Canada

  6. bulldoggy says:

    If life were fair, which it isn’t, then this asshole should have his foreskin stapled shut to ensure HIS fidelity. Might be painful but you can’t tell me his wife didn’t feel pain.

  7. BENGALPUSS says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of a nail gun bulldoggy, but you all know i’ve got a sadistic streak. How about super glue his foreskin shut, that would be fun.

  8. red says:

    rigorous imprisonment thats a much needed term to be implemented in our penal system plus a few others like harsh imprisonment brutal imprisonment tortuous imprisonment hell a whole revision of our system for the degree of offence an eye for an eye

  9. BENGALPUSS says:

    I agree with an eye for an eye, whatever they have done to someone, then the same should be done to them, like sharia law, quesa, meaning you will have done to you what you did to the victim. put it this way, if i knew that getting caught stealing would result in my hand being chopped off, then i wouldn’t do it. I was reading the other day about a guy in saudi arabia who threw acid into a girls face and blinded her, all because she wouldn’t marry him, anyway he’s been sentenced to have his eyes removed as punishment, and only the victim can stop that punishment being stopped, and with murder the victims family can only stop the execution, and take what is called blood money from the perpetrater, but this is where it is fucked up, because in blood money terms, the murder of a man is worth more than the murder of a woman, which i don’t understand, because without us women, men wouldn’t be here. i bet my last few words come back to bite me on my arse lol.

  10. BENGALPUSS says:

    In fact did you know that god was a woman? because only a woman would put the balls on the outside of the body!!!

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