Sheila LaBarre

Hellbeast Sheila LaBarre
Crime: Murder, Torture

Anyone who has read this blog has to understand that I hate pedophiles. I wish the ills of the world and the torments of hell upon them all. Beyond wishing, and writing about them, and warning the public about them, I don’t actually set about capturing pedophiles and inflicting heinous tortures and merciless deaths upon them. Because that would be a) illegal and b) psycho whacko.

Unhappily for Kenneth Countie and Michael Deloge, their girlfriend Sheila LaBarre was psycho whacko. Kenneth Countie and Michael Deloge were not pedophiles except in Sheila LaBarre’s twisted mind, and their innocence did nothing to alleviate their suffering and deaths. In fact, their guilt or innocence was moot because Sheila LaBarre just plain old enjoyed torturing and murdering them. She is a sadist. She is a purebred hellbeast.

Sheila LaBarre, nee Bailey, was born in 1958 and grew up in Fort Payne, Alabama. She claims that she had been physically and sexually abused when she was a young child, mostly at the hands of her father.

Sheila Bailey got married to John Baxter on New Year’s Eve 1981. She was 23 and her husband was 19. After only 6 weeks of marriage John Baxter discovered that the bitch had been locking his little girl up in a closet-sized room all day long when he was working. He divorced her ass just after Valentine’s Day.

“The marriage didn’t last very long because as soon as the truth came out about how I was being treated, he ran her off,” the now-grown daughter said.

Kudos to John Baxter for putting his little girl first.

Sheila moved to Chattanooga next with husband #2, Ronnie Jennings. It wasn’t a happy marriage. *shock*

Ronnie Jennings said Sheila was an unbalanced woman who was placed in a psych ward after a suicide attempt during their tumultuous 4-year marriage.

“She’s just crazy, to put it bluntly,” said Ronnie Jennings. “Sheila didn’t care about anyone, she just wanted everything her way.” His bride’s wild mood swings often turned violent.

Cathryn Jennings, Ronnie’s mom, said her son once lay awake all night afraid his wife would kill him with scissors.

“She was very, very, very smart, but she was very, very mean also,” said Cathryn Jennings. I believe her.

Epping FarmhouseSheila Bailey Jennings moved to Epping, New Hampshire in 1987 after answering a personal ad placed by Wilfred J. LaBarre. Bill LaBarre was a well-known, and respected chiropractor. He was also recently widowed and quite well off. Bill LaBarre had a million dollar horse farm in Epping, and a chiropractic office in Hampton.

What was he thinking putting out a personal ad? Any crazy loon bitch that was after his money could answer it. And did.

The man at least had the sense not to marry Sheila, but she still took his name. She also became Bill’s office manager and after their “romance” petered out, she lived in an apartment above his office in Hampton.

Bill LaBarre’s daughter Laura Melisi was not thrilled at all that Sheila had insinuated herself into his life. Not thrilled at all! She did not trust the woman, and rightly so.

In 1995, the bitch Sheila LaBarre married Wayne Ennis, a native of Jamaica. Again, it wasn’t a happy marriage. In complaints filed in Hampton District Court, Sheila claimed that Wayne Ennis tried to force her car off the road, then punched her in the head and kicked her. She divorced him in 1996, but stayed in touch. She’d also stayed in touch with Bill LaBarre.

In fact, Sheila LaBarre had done more than stayed in touch with Bill LaBarre — she’d chased the man with a gun. She not only chased him with a gun, she asked her ex Wayne Ennis to murder Bill so she could take over his business and his farm. That was according to Laura Melisi who went to court requesting a restraining order to keep the psycho bitch away from her dad. A restraining order was granted for a year.

Excuse me but WTF? Was there even an investigation? Chasing someone with a gun, that’s illegal right? Soliciting a murder, that’s illegal right? Seems like a missed opportunity to put the psycho bitch in jail.

In 1998, Sheila LaBarre was charged with 2nd-degree assault, according to Rockingham County Superior Court documents. The charge alleged she stabbed her boyfriend James Brackett in the head with scissors. Ouch!

Police termed the matter a “lover’s quarrel/argument,” and eventually the case was dropped. Another missed opportunity!

And then poor old Bill LaBarre died suddenly in 2000 and left Sheila LaBarre his entire estate — the Hampton office, 2 Somersworth properties, a Portsmouth house and the million-dollar, 115-acre horse farm in Epping. All told the estate was worth about $2 million.

Excuse me but WTF? The woman who according to court documents chased Bill LaBarre with a gun and tried to convince her ex to kill him inherited everything after he died SUDDENLY? And that’s not suspicious?

There were even rampant rumours of poison! She’d already stabbed a guy in the head! What does it take to arouse the officialdom that this whole setup stank?

Needless to say, Laura Melisi was totally pissed. She was convinced that Sheila had wound up controlling everything Bill LaBarre owned through extortion and threats on his life and property.

Maybe Sheila did, maybe Sheila didn’t, but she was much better off than she’d been before Bill LaBarre died. Lucky woman.

Sheila LaBarre took to living at the horse farm and working on one of her favourite hobbies — badgering the police.

The Epping Police Department had records of more than 100 calls from her, about everything from complaints about her road and her neighbours to accusations of domestic violence. And not just calls — the woman phoned, faxed, wrote letters and showed up in person.

Her goal seemed to be to get hunky police officers to come out for a “visit” when she was feeling “frisky”. Officers were subjected to getting an eyeful of Sheila LaBarre in various stages of undress, and an earful of sexual innuendo. They were also subjected to some pretty bizarre and outrageous ranting and raving.

This hobby of hers branded her as an eccentric kook in the minds of Epping police officers. They just didn’t want to deal with her. Maybe that explains a lot.

Kooky Sheila LaBarre had another hobby — assaulting James Brackett. Yes, that’s the guy she stabbed in the head. In 2002 she tried running him over with a car. All in fun, I’m sure. And in 2003 she scratched his face and shot a gun at him. How kooky and eccentric of her!

Could somebody please explain to me why James Brackett didn’t press charges? I gotta tell you, if somebody tried to run me over and shoot me, I damn well would camp out on the police department’s doorstep until they locked the lunatic up!

Hellbitch Sheila LaBarre had yet another hobby — sexual sadism. She didn’t like living alone at the horse farm and, according to her neighbours, there was a regular procession of young men that came to work and live at there. Many of them became her lovers. And many of these young men were seen to be beaten or bloody. None of them stayed long.

A couple of them even vanished. Maybe more, but definitely two.

In the fall of 2005 Michael Deloge, 38, disappeared. He was a developmentally disabled man Sheila LaBarre had met and befriended at a homeless shelter in 2004.

Now what was Sheila the bitch doing at a homeless shelter? She wasn’t homeless. Oh, right, that was where she picked up a lot of the young, dispossessed, vulnerable men. She was a cougar and that was her hunting ground. She offered a place to stay and sex, sex, sex.

Michael Deloge must have thought he was onto something good but it turned out to be pure, unadulterated hell.

Sheila LaBarre, Michael Deloge, Gordon BostonAccording to Michael Deloge’s stepfather Gordon Boston, Sheila LaBarre was fun and attractive, and he could understand Michael’s fascination with her at first. That’s not to say that he and Michael’s mother Donna didn’t have concerns about this relationship.

Michael and Sheila spent a lot of their time doing drugs and studying sadistic material. Not good. And Sheila had a mean streak, also not good. She beat him in front of witnesses even! Gordon Boston and Michael’s mom both tried talking Michael out of staying with the bitch to no avail.

Maybe Sheila didn’t appreciate Michael’s mother’s meddling and decided to put an end to it. Michael Deloge, at Sheila LaBarre’s instigation, made a video accusing his mother of allowing him to be abused as a child.

“I’m starting to remember things about the past,” Michael Deloge says in the video. “You really messed me up. You really messed me up.”

Did he believe it? I don’t know. Did he say it because Sheila forced him to? I don’t know. What I do know is that Michael Deloge’s face was scratched and bruised in the video.

Michael also wrote his mother a letter saying he never wanted to see her again. Sheila LaBarre had succeeded in cutting all ties and communications between Michael Deloge and his mom.

Michael Deloge last seenHaving Michael Deloge all to herself, Sheila’s mean streak and sadistic nature asserted itself more and more. A neighbour once witnessed Michael Deloge limping down the snowy dirt road leading to Sheila’s house, dripping blood from his head. His ear had been sliced. As he passed the neighbour Michael whispered, “Sheila.”

The hellbitch Sheila LaBarre had stabbed Michael Deloge in the head with scissors. Sound familiar? Oh yeah, it’s what she did to her boyfriend James Brackett! What a coincidence!

Michael Deloge, heaven help him, returned to Sheila LaBarre’s tender mercies and began to look very ill and very thin. He was soon never seen again.

And Sheila LaBarre was alone again, something she didn’t like. So she began looking for fresh young meat.

Ken CountieIn February 2006 the hellbitch hooked up with Kenneth Countie through a singles phone chat line. Now Kenny Countie was 24-years-old but had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. He had a form of autism and was extremely vulnerable to the evil machinations of the manipulative, scheming Sheila LaBarre.

The two met up on Valentine’s Day 2006, and right after that Kenny Countie moved to the farmhouse. He didn’t even return to his Massachusetts home to collect his personal items.

His mother, Carolynn Lodge, was worried about him because his habit was to call her or see her every day, and that had come to a stop. She filed 2 missing-person reports because she felt certain something was terribly wrong.

The first time Carolynn Lodge filed a missing-person report was on February 24th, 4 days after a disturbing phone call. The police found him at the farm in good shape. This somewhat alleviated Kenny’s mother’s concerns.

Carolynn Lodge would definitely have been even more concerned if she’d seen what the employees of Epping Wal-Mart saw on March 17, 2006.

evidence photoStore employees working that day noticed gashes on Kenny’s face and arms and how the woman claiming to be his wife stacked yellow diesel fuel tanks on Countie’s lap as he sat in a wheelchair. Sheila LaBarre raised a real ruckus and police were called.

The officers saw Kenny in the wheelchair. “The man (Countie) was described as having greenish/yellow skin color and being quiet, almost timid, and keeping his head down the whole time and never looking at anyone,” the police affidavit says.

Now what the hell was Kenny Countie doing in a wheelchair? He was autistic, not paralyzed! Or maybe by then he was both.

Several days after the Wal-Mart episode, Sheila LaBarre began driving around the area and asking if anyone had seen Kenny Countie. Sheila told her neighbours Kenny was supposed to feed her farm animals but had taken off. Hmmmm.

Ken CountieOn March 23, 2006, Kenny’s mother filed the second missing-persons report after she had a phone conversation with she-beast Sheila. Kenny had left the farm, she was told. Kenny had returned to Massachusetts, she was told.

Carolynn Lodge was desperate and rightly so. Where was Kenny?

At 1:00 a.m. on March 24th, Sheila called the police and played a very disturbing audiotape for them. On it she yelled at Kenny and accused him of raping several children, and Kenny can be heard to be agreeing with her. And then Kenny can be heard to be vomiting. And then Sheila was telling him to stop faking that he fainted.

Sounds like Sheila the she-beast LaBarre had recorded the tail end of poor Kenny’s final torture.

The police, after hearing this bizarre phone call at 1 in the morning finally show up at the farm at 6:00 p.m. to check on Kenny Countie’s welfare.

Excuse me but once again WTF? The police had seen the man beaten and wheelchair-bound in Wal-Mart, they’d gotten missing-person reports on him, they heard him being abused on the phone and they still waited 17 hours to check on him? Remind me never to move to Epping!

Epping FarmhouseSo finally, finally the police respond and nobody was home. They took a wee gander and what did they see? A burnt mattress and box spring in the front yard. Strange. Remember those yellow diesel fuel tanks Sheila bought from Wal-Mart? They were there too. And there was more. There were several piles of hay still burning, and a big old human bone with meat on it was sticking out of one of them. Guess who!

Sheila LaBarre returned home and the police asked her about that bone. She answered it was either “a rabbit or a pedophile.” Wow. She wouldn’t allow the police to take it away.

And so the police LEFT and on March 25th they got their first search warrant to search the exterior of the farm. Sheila LaBarre was in her kitchen covered in ash and soot, holding a handgun. She told Lieutenant Michael Wallace and Police Chief George Dodge she’d burned a pedophile. That’s a confession, right? And then she told them that Ken was in a bag and sure enough there were human bones in a bag!

Lieutenant Michael Wallace and Police Chief George Dodge suggested Sheila LaBarre go with them to the Epping station to answer some questions. She agreed and as they were leaving, she turned over the loaded pistol. Before getting in the police car, Lt. Wallace asked the she-beast if she had any more weapons. Sheila answered by flashing her breasts and unfastening her pants. Right away Lt. Wallace asked her to stop that. Nasty!

In the interview, Sheila LaBarre handed over to the police a suicide note she’d penned before the police came to search her property. The note included her claims that Countie was a pedophile and drug user. She also said that Kenny threatened to kill himself and then left the farm.

After the interview ended, Sheila LaBarre was not arrested, not in custody.

On March 26th the police returned with 3 more search warrants. For the next few days hundreds of cops collected evidence, including Michael Deloge’s clothing. There was blood on a knife blade, and blood splattered in the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, 2 bathrooms and a bathtub. And of course there were human bones and teeth.

Police found evidence of older burn pits and blood splatter so old it had layers of dust in it. Just how many men had vanished? Nobody will ever know except Sheila the she-beast herself.

On March 28th Sheila LaBarre was still not in custody. She was in fact being tailed by Epping’s finest. She had $85,000 in cash and cheques on her person. I think she was planning to escape.

Sheila the killer managed to elude the cops (*shock*) and wound up on I-293 in Manchester. She hitched a ride with a stranger she later rewarded with sex. The next day she had sex with yet another guy in Boston.

On March 31st an arrest warrant was FINALLY issued for Sheila LaBarre. Yeah, and she was long gone.

On April 2nd the hellbitch was arrested in Revere, Massachusetts. She had cut and dyed her hair and was using a different name. Luckily for the Revere police, Sheila’s face was on the front page of the newspaper under the headline, “JUST PLAIN CRAZY.”

In her interviews with investigators, the she-beast had a unique version of the “truth” about what happened to poor Kenny.

She said that they were lovers and she’d renamed him Adam Olympian LaBarre. She’d cut off their relationship though when he confessed to being a pedophile. She hates pedophiles.

Sheila also said that she and Adam Olympian LaBarre went to bed on March 21 but when she woke up he was gone.

Sheila said she burned the mattress because she had “slept on it with a pedophile”. And maybe, just maybe, Kenny Countie fell into the fire. She denied she’d ever harmed him but didn’t feel bad about his disappearance.

Sheila LaBarre was charged with 1st-degree murder of Kenneth Countie and was denied bail. She surprised everyone by admitting to 2 murders, which meant she faced 2 counts of 1st-degree murder. She also pled not guilty by reason of insanity.

Sheila was counting on her eccentric, kooky, crazy behavior winning the day for her.

Sheila the she-beast went to trial on May 13, 2008. Her defense attorney Jeffrey Denner was armed with psychiatric reports to show she was not evil, merely insane.

Defense psychiatrists said that Sheila LaBarre was abused herself as a child and projected her own experience onto her victims. They said she was able to convince the men that they were pedophiles and had been victims of incest.

She then killed the men at different times on her Epping farm.

Jurors got to hear some of the hundreds of tape recordings Sheila LaBarre made of herself, some of which featured her interrogating or berating her victims.

Malcolm Rogers, the forensic psychologist who testified for the defense, said those tapes showed that Sheila has either a schizophrenic affect disorder or a delusional disorder that caused her to mistakenly believe the men were pedophiles and to kill them.

Rogers also said she believes she once died but was sent back to Earth as an angel with special powers. And, apparently, a mission to kill pedophiles.

But that wasn’t quite the same story she told the state’s psychiatrists.

Sheila told Dr. Albert Drukteinis that she was driven to kill Michael Deloge because he was hurting and killing her rabbits and had said he wanted to kill her, too.

She said they both ran into the house and ended up in the kitchen, where she grabbed a chain and began beating Michael. Afterward, he was still alive, but bleeding from the head. Being all loving and caring, Sheila told him to go to the hospital, but he told her he deserved to hurt because he was evil. He just went to the couch and was there for about 2 weeks when he took a turn for the worse and died.

Ummm, where’s the pedophile story? Where’s her avenging-angel-back-from-the-dead story?

In another interview, Sheila said Kenny Countie’s death was an accident. She said when she woke up one morning Countie wasn’t in bed so she got up to look for him. ALL OF A SUDDEN Countie was choking her with his hands!

LaBarre court caseSheila wriggled out of his grasp and Countie told her he had only come to the farm to steal money from her to support a drug habit. The two of them argued, then fought. They somehow wound up in the bathroom tub, and then Countie slipped and hit his head!

There you go — an accident! With self-defense thrown in!

“He just stared up at me. He just didn’t move,” blubbered Sheila LaBarre. “I started CPR on him. I didn’t know what else to do. I was screaming his name … I tried everything, and in a second or two I immediately started CPR on him. I used to be certified years ago. I did the best I could.” Riiight.

When she knew poor Kenny was truly dead, Sheila said she set him on fire to give him “a kind of Native American funeral”.

See? She had a totally plausible explanation! It was totally believable! *snort*

Ummm, but where’s the pedophile-must-die story?

Dr. Albert Drukteinis testified that he believed Sheila LaBarre was sane, after spending more than 12 hours with her.

Hellbeast Sheila LaBarre“She answered questions well, she tried to explain evidence away that made her look bad. This is not what someone sees over many hours in a person who is psychotic,” Dr. Drukteinis testified.

Dr. Drukteinis suggested that Sheila could have been faking or exaggerating symptoms of mental illness. Imagine that!

The good doctor also rejected the idea she believed she was an avenging angel brought back to life to kill pedophiles.

Sheila’s actions were not consistent with believing she had a moral duty to kill the men, Dr. Drukteinis testified. She brought them into her house, lived with them, cared for them and had sex with them before torturing and eventually killing them.

Accusing her victims of being pedophiles “may have given her an excuse to kill them because she’s sadistic and because that’s what her aim was, to be sadistic,” Dr. Drukteinis said.

Prosecutor Jim Boffetti told the jury, “She knew what she did in both murders was legally wrong… She made careful decisions to conceal her crimes and systematically destroy evidence.”

Jim Boffetti said LaBarre isn’t insane but sadistic. “She taunted, tormented and tortured both men as part of her sexual perversion.”

Hellbeast Sheila LaBarreIn the end the jury agreed with the prosecution and rejected Sheila LaBarre’s insanity defense. Sheila LaBarre, 49, was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

It was a good decision, IMO, and it was the right decision. And the jury came to it without even hearing about the toe bones!

See, while sifting through the old burn pits on the farm, investigators discovered toe bones that did not belong to Kenny or Michael. So either someone left the farm without their toes, or they didn’t ever leave the farm. RIP, whoever you are.

And 3 murders makes her a serial killer. So suffer lots and rot in hell, Sheila LaBarre.

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189 Responses to Sheila LaBarre

  1. Trace says:

    Too bad she didn’t go after real pedophiles. Something good could’ve come out of it then. But she’s like 40 – 45 years too old to appeal to pedophiles anyway. Not surprised the guys she lured to the farm were desperate — they’d have to be desperate to agree to have sex with her. Butt fugly bitch.

    And why was Kenny all yellowy green? Was she poisoning him too?

    • Linda says:

      I think it might have been that yellowy green color that old bruises leave when they are healing.

    • ladytruth says:

      Both Kenny n the other victim were vomiting …my guess is that she pobably did poisoned them. That is one ugly ass bitch…EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! They shoulda gave her sadistic ass the injection. Now this nasty bitch is living offa our tax money until her wretched asss dies. I feel for the victims’ families….

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        I feel for the families as well. And what makes it worse is the fact that the stupid arse epping police fucked up, so that makes the families, always thinking “what if” The police failed these young men. I do hope that sheila is getting her arse whopped in jail, serve the fucking bitch right

  2. Nathan says:

    It was most likely gangrene. At least I think it was.

  3. dogwalker says:

    So the owner of the found toes was never found. Probably burnt to ashes along with who knows how many other of her boyfriends. Too bad she won’t fry for her sins.

  4. scrappy says:

    Usually cops are much more suspicious of this sort of behavior…is there so much crime in NH that they could not pursue some of her crazy and clearly illegal behaviors? Maybe they are just such small town cops in Epping that they don’t recognize crime when they see it?

    This is sad on so many levels…

    The only bright spot, the first husband who DID NOT allow his young child to become her first sadistic victim. He stopped right at locked door; didn’t even wait until the poor little one was covered in bruises and fighting for her life.

  5. Carolynn says:

    I am the mother of Kenneth Countie and you have it correct in stating the police chose to do nothing…
    On the 23rd of March, it was a Detective that phoned me, not Sheila, to state that Sheila had phoned the Police Dept. to say, Kenny had left in the night..That’s when she also played the tape.. I immediately told the Detective to issue a 2nd missing person report on my son.. I told him, my son is not here, he didn’t call and I believed he was still at the farm ,for them to go and check & to get back to me ASAP…The police dept.never phoned me back that afternoon.

    I tried numerous times to have the police take me or go themselves to do a wellness check on my son. They gave me one excuse after another..I had no idea where she lived & when I was given the police report on the Wal-Mart incident by the SGT. my husband and I were told, not to go there, she has surveilance camera’s. guns and there’s no telling what she would do to my son/myself if she saw us coming..And oh by the way, “don’t call her”!!! She would be irrate, wanting to know how you got her number and we don’t want to have anymore dealings with her.

    I decided at the end of her trial to go after the police for their gross negligence in a Civil Suit at the Superior Court…My suit was never heard: stating the police” acted in good ” Took it to the Supreme Court: never got heard.(case closed_) Lastly, went to the FBI sighting the pollce lied underoath during Sheila’s Trial..told me is wasn’t federal, but civil!!!

    • Linda says:

      I have no words for your story. I totally agree with you that the police could and should have done more. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • cleo says:

      I extend to you my deepest sympathies for the loss of your son. I cannot understand in any way, shape or form why the police refused to help your son, especially in Wal-Mart when they could see he was in dire need of help. They seemed to go out of their way to appease that murderous broad and avoid all dealings with her, which makes them incompetent at best, criminally negligent at worst. I am sorry that your law suit was never heard — the Epping Police should be penalized for their incompetence and inaction.

      I wish you all the very best. If you would like send me a tribute to your son, I’d be very pleased to add it. I know he was much more than an unfortunate murder victim. He was a valued and loved person and should be remembered as such.

  6. Carolynn says:

    Thank-you for your kind words, Cleo and Linda…

    Everyday, I try and make sense of it all: Why the police were so reluctant to help my son or me, for that matter!!! BUT there is no justifying their incompetence.

    I was never a vidictive person…I am now!! I pray everday, all those involved who side stepped in helping my son, walk the rest of their day disgraced by their cowardly behavior.

    Protect snd Serve: that’s the oath these men took..The only one they protected and served was Sheila.

    They seen with their own 2 eyes, Kenny was being tortured/abused by this she devil and walked away…Had it been a young girl with an older man or a animal..they would of acted accordingly and called for an ambulance….

    I need to get total justice for my son…that I promised him!!! Sheila is where Sheila belongs, but the police are still doing what they do best..Turning a deaf ear, and Fecking up!!!

    The police should be ashamed of themselves and hang their heads low, for they too, were part of my son’s murder..Sheila committed the murder…they never helped Kenny!!!

    • Trace says:

      Serve and Protect for the Epping police means serving coffee and protecting their asses. I’m sorry you went through such hell. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a child that way, especially knowing if the cops had just DONE THEIR JOB it wouldn’t have happened. At least justice was served insofar as the murderer was found guilty and sent away for a long, long time. Too bad you can’t find justice with the police dept.’s ineptitude. They’re a disgrace, and who knows how many lives weren’t saved because they avoided dealing with that crazy bitch. Take care and all the best.

    • Linda says:

      I am so sorry for your loss, your son would be the same age as mine..I can’t imagine your pain. I saw Kenny’s story on the ID channel tonight. I will pray for you to find peace and for all those responsible to be held accountable. I never have had much faith in the police. They should have done their job and protected him. At least that beast of a woman is locked away. It makes me sick to think about what she did and how the police ignored it. They will all answer to a higher court one day. Take care and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Carolynn says:

    Trace, from what was told, ” many a men lost their lives, due to the wrath of Shela”.

    Once she knew I was looking for my son, she went out of her way to send my disgusting tapes, forever changing the my life. sent DSS to my house, called the police in the town I live in, & called the gym I belong to and told them a bunch of lies, concerning me..

    I lost my son, who I love dearly…I prayed she would take me and let him live..I lived a good life, no regrets. but Kenny, he was young, his life never got started, before she ended it..

    I will always have the emptiness and total shock of what’s happened to my beloved son…That can never be filled!!!! I ‘m forever walking in limbo!!!

    • 2cute says:

      I wish I could wrap my arms around you and say how sorry I am for your loss. I cannot even imagine the horror you’ve been through and continue to go through. Justice is a cold comfort at best and when it isn’t complete justice it’s no comfort at all. There’s probably nothing any of us can say to help you through your grief, but please know you’re in my prayers.

  8. Carolynn says:

    2cute…that’s just what you are, 2 cute!!! Thank-you for your kind words and thoughts… Because of all that’s happened, I got so much negetivity coming out of New Hampshire, when all this happened…I even had someone tell me, ” my son deserved to die”Before the courts, people read what was written in the papers & took it for gospel truth..Sheila made up lies about everyone, including me and my family..that way it justified ( in her demented mind) the right to murder & slander ones name… She knew exactly what she was doing when she murdered my son..She knew by murdering Kenny, she was murdering me and the life I once knew!!! Again, thank you for your thought, prayers and kind words..

    • cleo says:

      I hope everyone reading this article realizes that Kenneth was not a pedophile, had not been abused as a child, and was an innocent victim of a vicious, sadistic killer. He had done nothing in his entire life to deserve being tortured and murdered.

      I hope all the readers understand that when Kenneth agreed in that tape recording that he hurt children he said it under extreme duress and suffering. Who among us would not say anything if we thought it would end our torment?

      Carolynn, I am sorry that Sheila’s lies were believed and that you were made to suffer all the more because of that monster. Nothing good can come of her life except her death, and may that be soon. You are in my prayers as well. Take care.

    • scrappy says:

      Oh Carolynn, as a mother my heart absolutely bleeds for you. You are one of the people I thought about when I read this article.

      As a school teacher, I have worked with many kids who will grow up to be semi-independent but will always be vulnerable to the ill-will of malignant people. Our “special needs” kids. I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been to try to save your son and to have the freaking authorities too afraid (or lazy?) to help Kenny.

      I can completely understand your newfound vindictiveness. To be turned away in court, to know that your child, raised with love and care suffered because of pure selfish negligence…I just don’t know how one remains calm in the face of these horrific circumstances. I grow more angry the more I hear how mishandled this situation was.

      I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I am aghast at the depraved and irresponsible behavior of the police. I can only pray that your suffering will find a positive outlet and be grateful that poor Kenny is not in pain any longer. I can think of no other salve that could bring any peace to you. Prayers and wishes for you and the families of her other innocent victims.

  9. Carolynn says:

    Thank-you…My son, Bryan has suffered the most…He’ll never be the same as he once was..But then, who among us will ever be the same…She tortured my son, beyound belief…Everyday, she gave him poison..nicotine…I can’t begin to imagine, what my son was going thru..He had dreams….His biggest dream was becoming a soldier..Unfortunately, that was not to be!!! I know how viciously she beat him..I have the pictures she took of him in her house..His back, arms, face, & hands were covered in slashes and burns..He had such a gorgeous smile and she pulled out all his teeth by the roots…

    Cleo, talking about this is cathardic for me..I can’t heal, I’m scared for life, as is my son, But, I can talk… son can’t !!~!

    Seriously, I do hope Sheila lives a very, loooooong time…The thing she loved the most was being about and doing whatever she please..She knew the neighbors and police were never going to confront her..She had the run of Epping and she knew it!!! Now, she is locked up 23 hrs a day…She’s going out of her mind and that suites me fine..Actually, if I could do to her what she did to my son and all the others…that would be the best gift, ever presented to me..

    I wish people would take time and read the truth about Kenny. Michael and all the rest, but there will always be those who choose to remain ignorant…No excuse ,but that’s their excuse!!! total ingnorance….

    Thank-you for keeping in your prayers..I need all I can get…Life has been a struggle and only gets worse…But, thank-you..much appreciated…

  10. Carolynn says:

    Scrappy, I wanted Kenny to have his independence, so he could grow..Mind you, I went by his work everyday, he would come to the gym an visit me on lunch breaks and we always talked on the phone..The biggest regret/mistake I made, was dropping the power of attorney….Biggest Mistake!!!! I’ll take that one to the grave with me…Had I kept it, the Sgt. told me they would of taken him at Wal-Mart. My mouth became unhitched when he said that..I told him, they should of taken Kenny when they had seen him at Wal-Mart..He was in dire condition and the fact that Sheila told Kenny to shut the Feck up and not talk the the Fecking police, in front of them. Was reason enough to remove my son from her!!!! I imagine the reason none of the courts went against the police, it would just make the whole System look bad..Which they are!!!

    I’m thankful that Kenny’s not hurting or in pain, anymore…But, I would give up my life, it I could just have him back home, where he belongs..My heart is broken to bits…Even now, when I say or write his name, ” I can’t breath”!!!

    I wish I could bring a suit against the police…But, it’s been chucked out the door…

    Thank you for your warm thoughts and prayers…

  11. Carolynn says:

    A friend of mine told me about this article. It was told to her by one of her friends. I/we read the article completely and slowly and I ,of course, took each paragraph apart in my head to see if there were any fabrications in the Sheila story…There weren’t!!! The story was correct from the beginning to end. ( except of course, what had really happened on the 23rd of March) That was one of many misgivings ,the police put in their timeline…

    If any of the readers knows who wrote this story: please tell he/she, I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart, for seeing what I had seen in regards to the police, from day one. The writer has been the ONLY one to give their thought on the inept police…How they were scared of Sheila and had they done their jobs,all these young men would still be alive today..I would have my son…who I love dearly!!!

    My life has been hell for me…there was/is no closure and I’m more than 100% sure, there never will be!!!!

    This didn’t have to happen!!! Police let Sheila have the run of town in Epping, NH…

    • cleo says:

      You are most welcome. I do my best to be accurate and thorough with all the articles, of course adding a generous helping of my personal opinion. I hope that people will rethink the codswallop Sheila the hellbeast had spewed regarding her victims. She was and still is, I am sure, pure evil.

      Please give the rest of your family my best regards and sincerest sympathies.

    • Nijah Fowlkes says:

      “A man’s rage is a long, hot darkness in the night, but a woman’s sunrise is a cold, early morning.” -Me

      Meaning: Indifferent women are the most dangerous at the beginning of a relationship with a man.

      I myself am a victim of all-around child abuse [because of my high-functioning Autism], but by daycare people and students at an old high school I transferred from. However, that does not mean I will beat, curse, talk down on and isolate the man I’m in love with. I’m from the South and don’t date most men from the South because of my past memories and situations such as this. It goes to show you that not all Southern ladies and guys are belles and beaus and not all Northern men and women are volatile. And yeah, there are corrupt blue-bombers [cops] everywhere, even as we speak.

      What I would do, Carolynn, is have the police and prisons at your district, city and the State of New Hampshire investigated in corrupt malpractices by lots of private investigators before giving them a civil suit. That, plus getting a load of cameras, night binoculars, whatever you can find. Then, have contact with the other victims of Sheila and people who closely know her and take notes on what y’all chronicled of her actions. If that doesn’t work, I would go see a Santero or a Babalawo- not a psychic! Psychics only are limited with readings of the living and the dead, yet Santeros and Babalawos are more versatile spiritually in helping the Orishas [Yoruban African Gods and Goddesses with Catholic counterparts] guide and protect you while exposing the truth. But mostly, carry a Bible with you.

  12. Carolynn says:

    Cleo, I want to get this correct…I was informed that the articles are written in Canada.. ( correct)?

    I received on Valentines Day ,a magazine about Sheila and my son, that was written in England..They called her, ” Killer Cougar”!!!
    They too, were spot on!!!

    I will indeed give my family your best and again, thank you!!!

    • cleo says:

      I am, indeed, from Canada. A lot of my articles are about Canadian hellbeasts and injustices, but I also include stories from all over. There is no shortage of hellbeasts in the USA.

      • Carolynn says:

        Cleo….that I’m sure of!!! (hellbeasts) Being a writer of it all….you see it every second, minute, hr of everyday…heartbreaking!!!

        I’ve read articles about children, young adults and adults, shaking my head saying, ” how awful” never once imagining what the family goes thru & their horrifying ordeal, they’re put through during the trial…Until Now!!!

        Hell on Earth!!!

  13. lori says:

    just seen the story of this visous monster, my heart goes out to all affected. may sheila burn in hell 1 day!

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    First off Gangrene Isn.t green but black coloured. He was probably that colour through old bruises and second why the fuck did it take so long for the cops to arrest the stupid bitch. I mean come on did she have to stand in front of them with a Placard Saying im a murderer before they did anything. I mean for fuck sake they had a report of the guy missing, they saw a human bone sticking out of a fire outside the farm and a confession saying it could be a rabbit or a pedaphile. Christ no wonder she thought she could get away with it. She had the keystone cops dealing with it.

  15. Carolynn says:

    You’re absolutely correct in calling them, ” keystone cops”..
    The whole lot of them are a disgrace!!! They should hang their heads in shame, knowing, they didn’t do what they took the oath to do..Protect and Serve…Kenny was poisoned…Nicotine to be exact…THE EPPING POLICE WERE SCARED SHITLESS OF HER!!!

    • cleo says:

      The Epping police, at best, were criminally incompetent and negligent. They could have saved lives if they had only done their due diligence when Dr. LaBarre died. I firmly believe that that poor man was a murder victim and died because Sheila made the most of the opportunity presented to her.

    • 2cute says:

      How are you doing, Carolynn? I wish nothing but the very best for you and your family. You are still in my prayers. Reading about hellbeasts like Sheila makes me hold on tight to those I love and I can’t imagine how you are coping. Take care.

  16. Carolynn says:

    Cleo…He was a well respected and loved doctor, by the time Sheila finished with him, he was dead!!! She destroyed who he was as a person and his practice, as a chiropractor…She threaten to kill his beloved horses on a daily basis and him…Deed done!!!

    2Cute…I’m still trying to make heads or tails of my son’s horrific murder…(can’t)!!! It’s ruined me as a mother and a wife to my other son and husband…They’ll NEVER be closure!! To make matters worse, when I go to my son’s Memorial Site in Epping, flowers, figurines, pictures are either missing, broken or smashed!!! Hated doing it, but I had to call the Epping Police to file vandalism reports…They chose not to believe anything,until a neighbor stepped forward and told the detective, ” she did hear commotion at the site”!!!! I called the TV Station in hopes they could help me by doing a interview with me…They’re meeting with me Sunday!!!! I’m not sure what will come of it, but……..I continue to fall down, but somehow ,I find strength to pick myself up and move forward…Thank you for all your prayers…Much needed…I feel as though, soon, the final nail will be driven into my coffin.. ” When I don’t think it can’t get any worse” Surprise!!!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Im so sorry for the loss of your son. And i understand that you want justice, this murder was something that didn.t have to happen carolyn. From the time your son was seen in walmart distressed and wounded, the police should have realised that kenneth was a vulnerable person. And what makes me angry for you carolyn is the fact that they went to her property found a burning mattress with a human bone sticking out, asked her what it was and she told them “It could be a rabbit or a pedaphile” Now to me thats Tantamount To a confession, yet they did nothing. So no wonder your angry and upset. This could have been prevented if they would have done their jobs properly. I truly hope that you get to have your day in court, at the very least to be given an apology and hope than one day it will get a little easier for you. Although you’ll never forget your lovely son and the good times you had together will hopefully over shadow the bad. And once again my deepest sympathy for your loss.

  17. bengalpuss29 says:

    I think that anybody that can go and vandalize a place of rest are sick and basically inhuman to do that. And then for you to contact the police and for them to not believe you is absolutely disgusting. Not only did they screw up with your sons case carolyn, they then call you a liar. Also please remember however low you feel, that you’ve always got your husband and other son and they need you. Its easy for me to say but when you say its like another nail in your coffin, then thing can only get easier and with time more bearable. Keep pressing on with trying to get the police to acknowledge their failings in your sons case. And i hope and mean this from the bottom of my heart, that you get the answers that you deserve. And take care carolyn. from susan england.

  18. Carolynn says:

    Bengalpu552…..I will NEVER get my day in court….for it was dismissed without a brief hearing….When my son, Kenny’s Memorial Site was vandalized, WMUR came and did an interview with my at the Site…A Epping Detective was present and at the end I asked him about the Wal-Mart Incident and why they wouldn’t take me to Sheila’s house to get my son…What was the reasoning behing their thought process…I was told, ” Oh they did talk to Kenny at Wal-mart and he refused their help and told them, he wanted to stay with Her”… Which is a bunch of lies and bullshlit!!! My son couldn’t talk when they seen him at Wal-Mart..Plus, underoath in court, they said, ” Sheila told Kenny to shut the F—up and not F–ening talk to them!!!! THIS IS OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM…MY DAY WILL NEVER COME FOR GETTING KENNY COMPLETE JUSTICE…THE DETECTIVE ONLY PUT MORE SALT IN MY WOUNDS…tAKE cARE..

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Hi carolyn i hope your well, to answer your last reply when you said you asked the police at your sons resting place when you were giving an interview about it being vandalized “Why didn’t you do anything for kenny when you saw him in walmart” & he replied “Kenny told us he was fine” that police officer made a fundamental mistake, that when someone is frightened & the person thats persecuting them is stood right next to them, that your son wasn.t going to say anything due to fear. What should have been done was for those police to take kenny aside away from the hellbitch sheila & said to him “Look you don.t have to be frightened, if she’s hurting you its ok to tell us she won.t be able to hurt you again” But no they basically never gave kenny the chance. They even acknowledged that she said to kenny in front of them “Shut your fucking mouth” so i don.t understand why you can.t get them done for being negligent. Not only did they fail kenny, they can.t even admit it & apologise, unfair

  19. Carolynn says:

    Bengal—-Trust me, I have tried every angle that’s imagineable….Judges, lawyers, police officers, etc. all have each others backs…It’s been 6 horrific years for me and my family…They see, (don’t understand) my continuous fight, in trying to get TOTAL justice for Kenny… I don’t want to be defeated in tnis, but I’m afraid, until someone who has some kind of clout ,reads both books and get in touch with me to hear, ” what really happened” as far as the police goes, I’m heading down a deadend street…My first suit against the police was gross negligence, however, the court dismissed it stating, ” tney the police, acted in good faith”!!! Isn’t that a kick in tne ass!!! If you have no standing in this society, you have nothing!!!! The truth in all this, MONEY TALKS and without it, I’m nothing but a piece of dirt under their shoe!!! A friend of mine, who’s a priest, told me to pray, I did and look what good it did me…My son was murdered!!!! When a parent looses their child to murder..They lose their soul!!!! Time stands still….tomorrow comes, but for me, it’s just a blurrrrrrr….. It is SO unfair, but life, isn’t fair, that’s one statement my mom always repeated to me growing up!!!
    :*-( ……..

    • 2cute says:

      The justice system is blind and deaf except to those who are in special positions to be seen and heard. Money and power and connections talk, and tragically the justice system is nothing but a legal system that sanctions injustices.

      I am so sorry that Kenny has been denied justice and has been slandered in death. I do not know if it is any comfort to you but none of us who have read this believe the horrible accusations made by Sheila the shedevil. All of us know your boy was not deserving of his fate, and neither were you.

  20. bengalpuss29 says:

    All i can say carolyn is that if ever i go to the area where sheila hell bitch lived, i better hope i never get into a position where i need the police’s help, otherwise i will be screwed. I like the comment that they “Acted in good faith” Jesus what planet are these people on carolyn. No wonder your frustrated, i’d be pulling my hair out in lumps. My god if walmart staff could spot that it wasn.t right, im from england but i’ve heard people saying that working for walmart is like working for mcdonald’s, anyone can get a job there, so to say walmart staff thought it wrong that something wasn.t right, is like saying a blindman could have noticed. Its always the victim’s family’s that get two fingers stuck up to them. Cleo’s right in saying a blog on injustice because ultimately thats what it always comes down to. The criminal gets more rights than the murder victim’s which is disgusting its about time the politicians pulled their heads out of their arse’s and the police and start putting the victim’s first.

  21. bengalpuss29 says:

    The other night carolyn i was in bed on my laptop and was reading some of the story’s on this site, and all of a sudden i got quite upset, thinking about you. I thought when i read the articles on here i get to log off and go to sleep, but you don’t and it made me think how would i feel if i was going through the same situation as carolyn and not getting anywhere, and worst still it could of been prevented. So carolyn i would like to say to you from me and probably thousand’s of others “How sorry we are that you’re having to go through this, and how sorry we are that your not getting justice for kenny. And how sorry we are that the police can.t even give you an apology. And i truly hope and i mean this, that you one day do eventually get justice for your son kenny.

  22. Carolynn says:

    2cute…when she stated in court about the horrific things I and Kennny were doing and why she did what she did…It was said, ” she stated that before,& that gave her the reason to murder”!! She had to have a reason to murder the men on her farm & that was it!!!!She made sure she detached Kenny from me …God only knows what she said to my son…The beatings, scalding and poisoning, my son had to endure from her, still today, is unbearable for me to come to terms with…I loved/love him so much, the pain is an aching pain that will never subside… You’re so right…Kenny. NEVER deserved this…He was too loving!!! Kenny couldn’t believe, there was someone out there ,that would ever harm him….To him,there was no such thing as an EVIL person!!! :*-(….I soak my pillow every nigt with tears, just thinking about what he endured and my son, I lost…

  23. Carolynn says:

    Bengal…I thank you from the bottom of my heart with your apologies from yourself ,and all those that feel, as you do!!! Again, thank-you…I would LOVE nothing bettet than to get justice for Kenny and all tnose men who were killed on her farm that the police knew about, but chose to do notning because they and her neighbors ,were so scared/intimidated by Sheila…From what I heard in court, ( all the tapes Sheila recorded) She was PURE evil!!! She tried to torment me with her accusations, calls, letters, in hopes that I would stop, in pursuing getting Kenny!!! You mentioned your from Englad…Where???? There have been 2 books written…” Wicked Intentions, by Kevin Flynn and Burn Farm by Michael Benton..Wicked Intentions is what I would call, ” story form”, which is good…Burn Farm, is factual in court proceedings…Word by word…What is written in the book and exactly what was said in the courtroom…..I makes you cringe when you read such words….
    Thank-you for your kind words…If only for a moment, puts a smile on my face…. :-)

  24. bengalpuss29 says:

    Im from a city called leeds and its in the county of west yorkshire. Its an ok place lots of grass and hills. Are those books available in england? How many people is sheila hell bitch suspected of killing. And was she married to the person who she got the farm off, didn.t he have a daughter wouldn’t she have been rightly the beneficiary of his estate? I would really like to read those books carolyn. I would like to read them to find out why this women got away with so much. Kennie would be still with you carolyn if they’d have listened to people before hand. I’ve never known a more greater tragedy than the story of your son, their were just too many missed opportunities to get this woman, and when wou rang them as well carolyn. Too many missed opportunities to save your kennie. Shame on them. And to add insult to injury they won.t even admit that they are wrong. So why are they so scared to have a case brought against then if they’re so innocent, otherwise they’d let it go to court to prove you wrong.

  25. Carolynn says:

    Bengal…..yes, why indeed didn’t the justice system fall on them..( I don’t know…I guess, I never will)
    I’m not sure if the books can be bought in England, but if you’ld like, I can find out??? My husband comes for Guildford, Surrey, England…I know this past Valentines Day, 2 magazines—Pick Me Up and Chat printed a fairly long article on my son, Kenny and what Sheila did to him and what the police didn’t do, before and after Kenny…
    Let me answer some of your questions: In court the estimated she had give or take 7 young men on her farm….They could only prove at the time, Sheila murdered the young man before my son, Michael and Kenny…They found someone elses toes when the trial began, but since the trial was on Kenny and Michael, that part about the toes and who’s were, couldn’t be discussed…
    She was never married to the Doctor, however, she took his name..Oh she was cunning, the doctor ,never once thought, ” Sheila being Evil”!! Sheila, knew exactly what she was doing when she took the doctors name…As I mentioned. she would try and destroy anyone that got in her way if they questioned what she was doing/upto..
    You can’t begin to imagine what she tried to do to me, but I wouldn’t let her..I kept calling the police and Attorney General’s Office..She made my life, living and out of court!!!
    In the end, after Sheila went to prison…I tried to tell my story on what REALLY happened, but there were no takers..I just wanted justice and the truth be told for Kenny…NADDA..Funny, when there is a murder that’s horrendous, a picture is made…My son’s murder was gruesome and nothing was ever done, why? because it would tell the truth about the inept police!!! Plus, it was a woman doing it to ayoung man and not a man, doing it to a young woman..If so, they would of been all over it!!! Here, if you would like to email me, I can be reached at [email protected]..That way, we can discuss in length about my son and his killer… It still takes my breath away, when I have to type, murder, killer.etc. :*-(

  26. bengalpuss29 says:

    Hi carolyn yes i know them two magazines pick me up and chat they’re only about £1 each i’ll see if i can get hold of some. You would think if they’ve found toes surely to god they would want to find out who they belong to. That could be someone’s son, brother father or husband, whats wrong with those police in that area where Kennie Was murdered, they seem like a bunch of incompetent bastards to me (Excuse my french) Im gonna have a look on amazon for those two books and i will contact you by email but i’ll have to go use my brothers so it’ll be a couple of days, my computer won.t accept any email’s for some reason or another thats technology for you carolyn. Im gonna read cleo’s article again because that bitch sheila has gotten away with murder for age’s. I wouldn’t be surprized if sheila went to homeless places or to people with no money and enticed them to maybe do some work for money. I know surrey thats near london im all the way up in yorkshire about 300miles from where your husband’s from.

  27. Carolynn says:

    Sheilal did just that …went to the shelters to get men who were slow and or drug additics that she could talk total control off…One of the mothers, (Michaels, the man who was killer before Kenny) sat with me in the courtroom and had to listen to the tapes she made Michael do accusing his mother of all sorts of things…The unfortunate happened to his mother..After the trial she died!!! This she devil killed alot of those who stepped in her way…After the 6 yrs…I’ve just be diagnosed with an illness that will never be cured….Do I smile or do I cry??? Right now, it’s been a toss up…I’m not sure what’s in my cards …Nor do I want too…I always thought I was one better than those that preceeded before me…I would have to say, I’m a mother of a murdered son and it will never get any better than that……No matter what I tell myself as far as the police, not doing theirs jobs..had they, ” my son would be here with me” Now,,,today….I can think and agonize over all the wrong doings, but it will never bring him back …My son, Kenny has been murdered…fact…I can hold my head up high..& tell Kenny, ” I’m so sorry…I did everything in my power to get you/help just wasn’t to be!!!! The police were a group of mickey mouse cops, who didn’t know a frig about, what a real police man is or their job calling”!!! I may had but an end to Sheila’s killing spree. but it cost my lovely son his life!!! I die a small death each and every day….Gerald knows yorkshire real well!!!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I can honestly say carolyn, it would destroy me if any one of my children were murdered. It would even be made worse if i knew that it could of been prevented and the police did bugger all. I would try and fight to get the police done, but if your getting every door slammed in your face then what are you supposed to do. I really feel bad for you. That sheila must have been one twisted bitch to have made that poor guy say on tape about his mother, that must have broke her heart to have to listen to her poor sons voice. What did she tape him saying? She didn.t tape kennie did she? Im sorry to hear your ill, its probably due to all the stress over the past 5yr’s and the upset at losing your son and the way you lost him. No mother expects her children to go before her, and like i said it would destroy me. My heart breaks for you carolyn. So gerald knows yorkshire well, we’ve got the yorkshire dales and moors and i live in a place called roundhay does he know it? Can.t wait to email you carolyn my new friend.

      • Carolynn says:

        Hiya, Sheila, was more than twisted..from what I was told by the neighbors, she would try to run them down with her car, if they were on the streets doing their morning walk…
        Gerald told me to tell you, that his mother got the books by going onto and ordered them..See if that works for you.
        Sheila’s trial proceedings began with tapes of me…her saying, “nasty, cruel things about me”!!! and it ran until her trial had ended…Each day there was something said, in regards to me or my family…Mostly, it was just me!!!
        It was s video tape she made with Michael, and in it, the mother saw the horrible condition, Michael was in…He said something to the effect, that if he weren’t for Sheila. he wouldn’t of come as far as he did…Plus, her being a child molester,(which he wasn’t) but that’s what Sheila coerced Michael and Kenny to say, about their mum’s!!!! The nail in Sheila’s coffin, was the fact that she taped everything…So the jury got to hear her. as well as those who attended her trial…And oh, by the way the most important tape that had the time and day, of Kenny vomitting and fainting that she played for the police ,went missing!!! I say, ” important” because that’s when the police started to fabricate their stories!!! That why in the end, I went to the F.B.I….

  28. bengalpuss29 says:

    So was it the FBI that arrested her and got all the evidence or when you went to the feds did the keystone cop’s realise you meant business. Did the tape that went missing, has it ever turned up? Did they deny that the tape ever existed? Those police are really bent. What i can.t get my head around is the fact that they knew she had done something by finding the burnt mattress and a bone sticking out & her sarcastic comment of “It could be a rabbit or it could be a paedaphile” I mean for crying out loud what Was there fucking problem, (pardon my french) They knew kennie was vulnerable and yet they did fuckall. Money talks carolyn and bullshit walks. I know i’ve said this before but i’d hate to need those police, because i’d be fucked if i did. Was the power of attorney that you relinquished was that to do with kennie’s independence or was that for something else? You can.t blame yourself, you did nothing but love your son how were you to know that he would meet a psycho, wolf in sheeps clothing evil bitch.

  29. Carolynn says:

    Hiya…No ,the FBI came much later… As a matter of fact, as soon as I was told, “that the court dropped my case against the police”..I headed into Boston to see the FBI…That was Oct. 21st , 2010…
    The State Police took over the investigation back in 2006… and the Attorney Generals Office..
    From what I learnt in court, the police acknowledge hearing the tape, but never produced it in court…BUT, when an ex-FBI profiler did a segment on Sheila at the Wal-Mart with my son, Kenny in a wheelchair all battered, burnt and bruised, somehow, he had the tape and played it …Go figure!!! As soon as I saw that, I called the FBI again and told them what I had seen on TV!!! (the so called missing tape being played) It’s a cat the dog fight…no-one wins…At least not me!!!
    Hmmmmm. hard knocks for me..I relinquished my rights of power of attorney for Kenny, because I thought by doing that, he would feel grown-up and it would help him to feel better about himself and maybe, just maybe, have his self-esteem returned to him!!! I regret that decision, BIG TIME!!! It’s something ,that I now have to live with!!! and trust me when I say this, ” It’s killing me”!!!! “I’ve made alot of mistakes in my life, but that mistake, eats away at me day by day”..
    I thought, bringing his hopital records to the police would be proof positive, Kenny lacked in his social skills, amongst other skills…. NOPE!!!! I couldn’t have painted the road any brighter, for Mutt and Jeff to see/follow… They were a useless bunch..still are, in my eyes!!! I was told, “for me to move on, I have to forgive”!!! That was the biggest laugh I ever had!!! Not in my lifetime or theirs!!! I loathe them both!!! I could go deeper, but it wouldn’t be printed..

  30. bengalpuss29 says:

    Move on and forgive. Forgive who, sheila the evil bitch or the keystone cop’s who basically in my view were complicate in your son’s death. If they had any brains at all carolyn when the walmart employees contacted them, they should have done something there and then. In fact the officers that dealt with that situation should have been suspended pending enquiries, but no they’ve all got each others backs. Don.t you blame yourself about relinquishing power of attorney, i would have done the same carolyn, not in your wildest dreams would you have thought that your son would have come across such a psychopath. We all believe that things like that only happen to other people, but sadly sometimes it can happen to you, which you can attest to. You probably can.t even bring a civil case against any of the incompetent fools because i assume that it costs a fortune in canada for a lawyer. Its not like here in england where we can get legal aid. Whats your next step concerning this case of suing those idiots.

  31. Carolynn says:

    Many a people told me to forgive and move on.. I cannot and will not, ever forgive!!! Especially, Mutt and Jeff, those loosers , from the Epping Police Dept. I don’t know how they get up each day and look at themselves squarely in the face, knowing, they helped in the murder of my son…As I see it, ” they too, along with Sheila, killer my son”…I’m not a vindictive person, but in this instance, I AM!!!

    This blog is from Canada, however, I’m from Massachusetts…I did have a lawyer for a civil suite against the police, but that’s the one that wasn’t heard in the Superior Court..It was the same court, Sheila’s was convicted in…The court by the way, is in New Hampshre and the police are from New Hampshire…So ,it was a loosing case to begin with..( both parties coming from New Hampshire)
    I wish I did have a next step but I DON”T!!! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t do more research into options that could/might ,open up for me…Right now, “I’ve exhausted everything”!!!
    My friend that’s a priest, keeps telling me to pray and ask for God’s Help ,in directing me ,to find the way to open up the eyes of those around, into seeing that police were at fault & they should be held resposible too!!
    Were you able to get the books to read or those magazines?? If you or anyone out, who still read this has any suggestions of how I can have the police charged with gross negligence..please let me know..I would greatly appreciate it!!

  32. bengalpuss29 says:

    No not got books yeti im layed us in hospital, just had the gal bladder taken out, doctor said another couple of days then i can go home, so im using my cell phone to go online, not the same as computer at home. I’ll have a good look on the net and see what i can find out, their has to be a way of getting them stupid idiots from epping police, into court and to then get someone to take your case for nothing. I think because of what she did and how many people tended to die around that cow that its got to get your day in court. That’s what you need a lawyer, but because You have to pay its an option that you can.t take because its a lot of money that you just cannot afford. I’ll have a good look online you see i’ve got the time im in hospital. Do you still live in the states or are you now living in canada. Like i said i’ll have a really good look & see what i can find out for you carolyn, give my regard’s to your husband and you take care will be in touch soon & can let you know what i’ve Found Out.

  33. Carolynn says:

    Bengal…I’m glad to hear you’ll be home soon…May you have a quick and speedy recovery…I had a pro-bono lawyer in 2008-2010..He was completely and utterly useless..I did all the leg work, when it came to the documents, that were to be used in court…At one time the judge stated that the family of Kenneth Countie ( myself and my ex) could go forward in our suit against the Epping Police…That same judge, when it came time to present the case against the police, decided to nill it…
    I wish I could go forward with my life, but until I get total and absolute justice for my son, Kenny…my life will continue to go at the pace it’s stuck in!!! I dream the dream that Kenny would want…His suffering is the unthinkable to me, his mum….

  34. bengalpuss29 says:

    Thanks guy’s. I can tell you i’ve given birth naturally to four children no pain relief except gas and air, i’d rather give birth to ten babies than suffer gal with gal stones. I have never known pain like it, it felt like someone had stuck a knife under my right ribcage and was twisting it round and round. Yes cleo your spot on i won’t miss it. I thought i was dying no exaggeration but better now and home in a couple of days, thank god i hate hospital’s

    • cleo says:

      I had my gall bladder out decades ago, and even with my recent health issues and surgeries, nothing has quite matched that searing pain. If only it could be bottled and served up to the various and deserving hellbeasts! Pain like that should be reserved only for the dregs of mankind like Sheila, not for good people.

  35. Carolynn says:

    Can anyone direct me to a reputable person, who can help me write a short story, for my son, Kenny…I need/want to tell, what really took place when Kenny went missing and the complete and utter F…up by the Epping Police…
    After tallking to a detective, when my son’s memorial site was vandalized, he opened up new doors into the fantasy world of Mutt and Jeff. How they kid themselves and those around them , as to what took place at Wal-Mart…

  36. bengalpuss29 says:

    Carolyn you don.t need anybody else to write an account of what really happened to kennie and the incompetence of those keystone cop’s. The way you write is good enough (imo) To need no one else. Are you thinking about a book or an article, because with what those stupid idiots epping police and various other agency’s have done. People will be interested in how you’ve been let down how they let kennie down and worst of all how none of then have excepted responsibility or even apologised. With what you’ve got to tell would probably be enough for a book and/Or articles on numerous websites. It will also be like therapy for you knowing your telling the true story & that this is your way of letting people know just what really happened to kennie, the lies, missing tapes and opportunities to save your son, plus numerous fuck up’s by them along the way. If they’d have done their jobs properly to start with sheila would have been locked up & your son would never have met her because she’d already killed someone.

  37. bengalpuss29 says:

    It would be brilliant if you could bottle it up. But even if you could some lawyer would probably say its a “cruel And unusual punishment lol. I’ve never been able to get my head around that, isn.t it supposed to be a sentence of death? Then how the fuck can it be cruel and unusual…….-hello!!! Do they want to kill these murdering sick fuck’s by tickling them to death. Its madness. They’ve even gone politically correct on death sentences now, what next people on death row can wait in the community now until their sentence is ready to be carried out. The murderer didn.t care if his victim could stay in her community.

  38. Carolynn says:

    Hiya Bengal…I was told by a publisher, whom I contacted a few months ago, that I should JUST do a short magazine article, because it’s been 6 yrs and people forget, or don’t care anymore.. AND by doing a magazine article, (one that is read by females), then if interest is shown, I should proceed to write a book.. However, I was told,” NOT to say anything against the police, courts, etc..for the article would not be selected for print in any magazines”.. That’s the whole idea…going forward and writing what the police didn’t do, that cost not only my son, but those before him, their lives….
    Hellbeasts isn’t a blog/article we get here in the U.S. You have to go online and search for it…I never heard of it, until a friend of one of my neighbors told her about it, then she told me..If she didn’t…I NEVER would of seen it/read it…They did an absolute brilliant job, writing the piece… They were spot on in mostly everything that was printed…They did a better job than anyone, here, who printed the story…BECAUSE, HERE, they went out of their way to protect the was half ass, story!!!
    In New Hampshire, the only time a person can be sentenced to death is when a policeman is killed…I would never want Sheila to be sentenced to death, she loved her freedom too much..and trust me, that’s what she had in NH..She ran Epping, NH..they were all too afraid of her…
    I feel as though the police officers in my son’s case should be found guilty of gross negligence and lose their jobs, pension, etc..Take their life away, (job, money wise) they took my son!!!!I will never hear his voice, see his smile & laughter, but most of all, have him here with me, in my arms to hold onto and never let go!!!

  39. bengalpuss29 says:

    Thats the one thing i love about this site, cleo doesn’t pull no punches she just tells it as it is. Its quite refreshing to find a blog that puts the victim’s first and not the criminals. I was reading an article last week about a guy called gary Simmons Who was getting executed for commiting 2 murders, a guy he chopped up and fed to the alligators and his girlfriend he raped & said to her “It depends on how you perform whether i let you live or die” He killed her anyway. Outside the prison people were protesting not to execute him, i couldn’t get my head around that, what about the victim’s family. Anyway cleo speaks for the victim’s & rightly so, thats why i enjoy reading her articles. Im still going to see what i can find out about writing your story, i’ll have to wait to get out of hospital & back to my computer, thought i was going home no chance i’ve got an infection in my wound so stuck here for a few more days but i’ve got my cell to go online but limited 2 what i can do but should be out Soon yay.

    • 2cute says:

      So sorry to hear about your wound BengalPuss29. Wishing you a speedy recovery. And I agree, I prefer to read articles that call assholes assholes and put the sympathy on the victims where it belongs.

  40. Carolynn says:

    Oh wow…not good ,”having infection in the wound.”.. I hope they help heal you to get better soon..Knowing from my husbands wound, when he had his gallbladder taken out ( I took care of him) had to irrigate it 3x a day and pack it …Plus, I’m sure, as you know, antibiotics for awhile…It healed just fine and no scar!!!! They’ve come along way ,as far as taking the gallbladder out…His was done 15yrs ago!!!
    I don’t read to much, should, but don’t….It sickens me beyound belief, to think ,”someone had to endure, unjust pain, agony that leads to their death” I just don’t get it, why, why bloody torture them…SICK. SICK WORLD that my son was part of…I can’t even go there it’s toooooooo painful…. If you could help in anyway, of finding out, how I go about writing the piece…I would be ever so grateful..Maybe,hopefully, I could close my eyes at night and not go down such a horrible, never ending road…It’s torture!!!!

  41. Carolynn says:

    To this day, 7/1/2012, only the half truth will ever be told here, in the USA.
    Cleo did a sensational job in the article about Sheila, in her evil ways that eventually led to the murders of my son, Kenny,& Michael”…BUT ,one of the outstanding mentions, was not being intimidated in the writing & questions in regards to those absent minded keystone cops, from Epping NH” As to why, they didn’t take Kenny from Sheila at Wal-Mart, after seeing the dire condition my son was in….The employees, stated he should be taken to a hospital and they voiced this, to both Mutt and Jeff when they came to escort Sheila from the Store …Surely, they both seen and knew what should of happened, as far as helping my son..Howeveer, they rolled the red carpet out for Sheila and each took their bows, in the opposite direction she was heading to her car with my son in a wheelchair.
    Hellbeast, wrote it as it should be read….
    The papers don’t want to hear about their precious police who could never do any wrong…They, however, can talk up a storm about Sheila, and her evil ways…This was bestowed upon her by turning of heads, doing as she commanded. so no-one would have to suffer her wrath..
    I was told time and time again, ” not to go to her house, she had guns and there would be no telling what she would do with them” She could kill you , your son, or both!!! Nice…..if they knew this, why wasn’t anything ever done, as far as taking the guns away from her…She was NEVER given a permitt…The Chief refused to allow her to have one..They knew she was abusive to men she had on her farm..They were called to her home, several, if not many times..Why was she never charged with domestic violence?? Why did it take so long to go to her home when she played the tape of my son vomitting and fainting…They should of went right then and there and they waited to go there 17hrs later…WHY….Obviously. when a police man hears that, and the knew how my son looked on the 17th of march when they saw him in wal-mart, then why was there such a hesitation on going to the house that very same night the tape was played…WHy did I receive a phone call from the detective telling me how I could get my son back from Sheila’s …All I have to do was call an ambulance and send them to her house…I quesiton why he couldn’t do it and he stated it wasn’t his call….I could infor them that I spoke to the police and they explained how they observed my son at wal-mart and as a concern parent I would like an ambulance to go to her house and take my son to hospital…. Now it’s my turn to tell what really took place and why I feel as though there was absolutely no justice given as far as the police are concern…I’m so adamant about these facts, I would be willing to go head to head with both police officers that were involved..I have NOTHING to hide, do they!! sorry, there are good and bad police…these are pitiful officers…they should never be wearing a badge in my opinion…

  42. Gerry says:

    I’m Carolynn’s husband, Kenny’s stepfather. I just want to back up what Carolynn said above. When we were in the middle of everything happening you looked for any update from the Police. You put your total faith in them. At the time nothing made sence it was all happening so fast but then you started to build a picture of your own with mosiac peices. Everybody seemed to know Sheila, or have had a run in with her, the bit about her having guns and survelance cameras and we could ask for an Ambulance to go and get Kenny. The Ambulances were in the same building as the Police, but we had to do it the Police wouldnot. Oh and if Kenny didn’t leave with you and the Ambulance there is no telling what she might do to him afterwards. Then somebody from Eppons finest wanted to compaire notes with Carolynn, maybe to see if she really was putting 2 and 2 together. Of course we heard that they couldn’t go up because there was only one officer on duty and they only ever went to her house in pairs, she would often expose herself. You know with a mosaic puzzel/picture when your close to it its hard to make it out, but step back and it all bacomes clear…..

    I remember when Sheila reported that he had left and the Police were searching, we would go up to the station everyday. They would tell us they were searching but had nothing. One night instead of taking the normal route back to Massachusetts, i went along RT 101 and Carolynn started sobbing ” he’s dead, i know he’s dead”. I pulled over as she broke down, crying and saying the same thing over and over. I think i believed her at that point. The next visit to the station was going to be different.

    • 2cute says:

      Hi, Gerry. I just can’t imagine how you and Carolynn cope with the pain of your loss and the missing answers about Kenny. I know there is no silver lining or bright side, no closure even to make things better. I feel for you and your family, and as inadequate as it is, I extend my sympathies to you all. God bless.

      • Gerry says:

        Thanks 2 CUTE. When you look in the newspapers or see a story on TV, as soon as there is something more newsworthy that story becomes history, person found or not. But the real life story continues, many stories of people still looking for lost loved ones, trying to heal oe make sence of everything. Think of the toes that were found on the farm. There is a story there yet to be told, somebody somewhere is missing a family member, friend.

  43. Gerry says:

    NOW, they’ve decided to write about the toes, they found 6yrs ago, on Sheila’s farm…Why wait so long?!!!!

  44. Gerry says:

    The Union Leader, Boston Globe & it was on Fox TV….Also, NY Paper and a few others…

    • cleo says:

      Is Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young new to the job? It sounds like she’s spearheading this new line of inquiry — which is disgustingly 6 years late. I’m glad it’s finally occurred to them that people don’t just leave their toes behind, that it’s probably murder.

      I hope the press starts asking embarrassing questions of the police — like WHY did they sit on this for 6 years.

  45. 2cute says:

    Hey Carolynn, I see you got quoted! I hope the press gets the idea that nothing that the Sheila bitch says can be trusted to be truthful. And I really hope the police have the spotlight turned on them for their total lack of action. The world should see what pathetic losers are working for the Epping police force.

  46. Gerry says:

    Cleo, In the very beginning, when the shit hit the fan..Peter Odham was the lead, then he abruptly left the DOJ Office and quickly moved on..The second in tow, was Kirstin W..She left…Jane Young basically, got thrown into the case..During the trial, she did a wonderful job with all of the other members, from the prosecution team. In the first few days of the trial, that’s when the mention of toes was printed by the press…The judge axed the questioning of the new found sighting, stating the trial is about the murders of Kenny and Michael…the toes
    would be for later discusion/findings!!!
    I’m sure none of this would of surfaced, had Sheila not wrote to the papers and her Defense Lawyer, stating,”the abuse she’s receiving and she afraid for her life” ( My God, she has a nerve writing that..) She doesn’t for one minute think about Kenny, Michael and all the other lives she took and how SCARED they were!!!
    Like anything else…the papers will only hit the top layer and then stop, without ever really hearing the TRUTH ,in regards to their little boys in blue!!! I’m sure it will only be news,for a week or two..Then ,it will nicely be packed away for another 6 yrs.SAD, SO SAD!!!!

  47. Carolynn says:

    2cute…yes, I was hoping they would quote me on what I said….How could they not, it’s the truth,” as far as Sheila goes” Her weaving her web and everyone, especially, the Epping Police and the tabloids, getting caught up in it, once again”!!! I mean come on, “Defense, is going to try & represent her, for the Florida Prison abuse “!!! I have no words or sentences that I can say, that could go into print!!! They should just hand her over to me, and I’ll give her exactly what she deserves…Without a flicker of the eyes…Sadly, the spotlight will NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS, SHINE ON THOSE SAD, PATHETIC, EPPING POLICE OFFICERS…THEY’LL AGAIN, WALK AWAY SMILING, SMIRKING, BEATING THE SYSTEM THAT’S SUPPOSE TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS & THOSE, THAT CAN’T PROTECT THEMSELVES…( THE UNFORTUNATE ONES)

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      hi carolyn sorry i haven.t been in touch been really i’ll with a bad infection, so i had to be taken back to theatre to clean it all out and they left the wound open and packed it. i thought i was going to die thats how bad i was. anyway Whats this about being missquoted and finally doing something about the toes they found if a new enquiry is being carried out maybe when its finished you may be able to sue them, but let me know about this miss quote hope you and gerry are well, we’ve had heavy rain and floods over here in blighty, he’s lucky to be living over there instead of here lol..

  48. Carolynn says:

    Bengal… sorry to hear that you had a horrible infection in your wound…That’s what Gerald had a wound….
    No, the papers quoted me correctly!!! I thought they weren’t going to put that in print, because I gave a jab at the police .. (as you can see, they did)
    They’re looking in the wrong area, (states) for the belonging of toes…The papers are going to have to spread their wings much further ,if they want to know who the toes belong too…Ohhhh, how I hate writing that…I sounds so cold!!!
    Gerald, loves living here in the States…I suggested to him. now that the kids are grown, we could go back to England…He rather go there, just for a visit!!!
    The weather here in Massachusetts, has been nice…It got off to a rocky start in June, however, no complaints now!!!
    I hope your back on your feet soon and feeling as good a new!!!

  49. Charly says:

    They’re searching for someone to call or come forward for the unidentified toes found on Sheila Labarre farm, back in hopes for a DNA match..From what I learned about Sheila, she never let anyone go free from her farm and there was/were young Irish men working her farm…????? The search/results in my opinion is going to have to take a wing spread, futher than the United States..Hmmm..just a gander of a guess!!!

  50. bengalpuss29 says:

    Well with the way they treated carolyn and the stupid police from epping, if they can.t spot a man thats cut and bruised and in distress then im afraid to say that the owner of the toes will more than likely remain unidentified. Which is sad really because obviously someone hasn.t cut their toes off and hobbled away, someone else has died up their. I cannot even imagine the pain carolyn and all the other relatives have gone through because of sheila the piece of garbage la barrie. Not only was it bad that those men didn.t have to die, but the people that screwed up was the Police

  51. Charly says:

    Hmm. ” you would think, papers, lawyers, or higher ups, would pick up on the obvious”..” The Epping Police Dept. didn’t do THEIR jobs, long before Kenny became one of her victims…She had men working on her farm all the time…Where did they go????? The police went to her home many of times for domestic abuse calls….THEY ALWAYS chose, not to do anything but to let Sheila know, that it’s not their problem…THEN, she would call the dept to let the police know that the men had left,that they weren’t there anymore..(My God, HELLO!!!!! REDFLAG, Well, if they weren’t there, where were they)The mother was told this and right away she asked, ” Why would she call the dept to state they were gone..have you ever gone to the farm to make sure they left or worst yet, to make sure Sheila didn’t hurt them or kill them” They laughed and told her,
    Sheila wouldn’t do that, that wasn’t Sheila’s MO..She was well known to the dept, so they would know if she did something like that…OK!!!! ( let’s eat those words and continue to live with the fact, knowing deep in your hearts, YOU DIDN’T DO YOUR JOBS & BY TURNING YOUR HEADS, YOU HELPED A KILLER BECOME A SERIAL KILLER…The blood of those young men killed on her farm are on your hands too!!! What’s going on here: Why didn’t the Superior Court or Supreme Court look into this????

    • 2cute says:

      I keep thinking of them as the Effing police. It’s just a hunch but I think they’re all inbred or closely related to one another. They definitely have some defect — maybe genetic — that has closed their minds and blinded their powers of reasoning and deduction. I doubt they have even cared that toes were found, probably thought of them as one might a running shoe on the highway, “Hmmm how did that get there?” and then no more thought about it.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Well knowing the attitude of the effing police (good one 2cute) the discovery of them toes would have pissed them off meaning they would have to do some proper police work, something they are inept at, i seriously doubt that whoever those toes belong to will ever be named and re united, especially if those effing police are anything to do with it. kennie counties mom even phoned them about her son, the inadequate police said don.t go up there she has a gun, worried about her safety fair enough, but even they wouldn’t go up there. when those poor guys needed help from those keystone cops, they were fucked (sorry for being blunt) but they were, i have never known an incident as bad as this for mistakes that were made and opportunities missed, and the worst part is that the relatives can.t even sue that police force, so whoever those toes belong to i think we’ll never find out and someone’s relative is layed dead somewhere and they’ll never know, how sad that is.

  52. Charly says:

    2cute and Bengal, Why is Hellbeast the only one to conclude that these key stone cops were just that..little boys dressed up in big man mens outfits, that they couldnt fit into….
    Rumor has it and I’m sure it’s not just rumor…the police screwed aroung with the timeline to guide and suit them….It’s been said, printed and even told by the press, the police went to Sheila’s farm at 6pm following that 1am phone call , the previous night…17 hr. difference… Oh, how not true..THe time put out there by someone of good standing and character, was 12pm in the afternoon they went to her farm and came back to the dept. shitting, slamming doors, not knowing what the fuck to do….He’s dead…Kenny’s dead…the mother was correct in here sixth sense of what was going to happen…What do we do, let’s wait it out and hopefully, there’ll be no body ….Then we can list Kenny as a missing person…They’ll be no investigations into that of homicide…

    • 2cute says:

      I should think it’s glaringly obvious that the Effing pardon me Epping police department is full of incompetents. They messed up repeatedly and it cost people their lives. I don’t know why their incompetence isn’t broadcast everywhere, but it should be.

  53. bengalpuss29 says:

    Carolyn read the comment from charly i think you’ll be the best one to answer this and its made my jaw drop about the effing keystone cop’s

  54. bengalpuss29 says:

    Charly I’ve asked carolyn to answer that one she knows better than anyone, she’s kennie counties mom and she’s been fighting for 6 years to get at least some justice against those incompetent cop’s. My heart goes out to her, she’s had to endure lies cover ups and being told to let it go and move on. I’d like to see the person who made that quote move on after one of their children was murdered and the police were to blame in a big way. I bet they couldn’t. All carolyn wants for kennie is some justice. And also to find out who the person was who’s toes were found on the farm. And i’d bet a thousand pounds that if a proper search was done more remains would be found there. The fuckwit police had a thorn in their side when carolyn wouldn’t give up they thought that she’d disappear like a puff of smoke, not carolyn and she won.t stop until she gets the truth and justice of the slack officers that left kennie countie to his horrible death by that twat sheila la barrie.

  55. bengalpuss29 says:

    I wonder how many more men died at that farm. She had the advantage of being secluded so no one would have been none the wiser if any gunshot’s went of or bonfire’s which she had regularly so i read. But when the stupid police went upto the farm enquiring about kennie, there was a mattress burning with a bone sticking out and when the cops asked that sheila “what is that” She replied “It could be a rabbit then again it could be a paedaphile” Then the police left. Now if i was a cop and i was confronted with that scenario, you can bet your life on it i would be arresting her arse. Carolyn had rang them concerned for her sons welfare, they go there to find a burning mattress and a bone sticking out and leave. What the fuck were they thinking, who employs these so called twit’s, a nursery full of infants would have done a better job. In fact they should sack all of epping police and let a bunch of kids run it, they’d clear all the backlog that the incompetent idiots couldn’t clear.

  56. bengalpuss29 says:

    2cute i’ve never known a bigger bunch of incompetent idiots in my life. If it wasn.t a sad story then their antics would be hilarious because some of the things they’ve done begs belief, for instance going to walmart observing a man with cuts and bruises and in obvious distress that obvious that the staff at walmart ring the police, when the police come sheila basically tells kennie countie to shut up and so he can.t tell them he’s frightened. So kennie says nothing and they leave after listening to hell bitch. They should have taken kennie aside away from sheila fuck face and maybe kennie would have told them what was going on but they didn.t give a fuck. They screwed up big time and then covered it up.

  57. bengalpuss29 says:

    Also charly hellbeast will probably be the only one thats naming those inadequate police because cleo doesn’t like Injustice And this blog is basically for the victims and injustice of crime. Cleo tells it as it is and i think she’s very passionate about letting the people know about scumbag’s that should be remembered for what they’ve done. Thats why this is one of my favourite sites because i know what i read is fact and i can vent my frustrations on here about the pieces of shite that literally get away with murder.

  58. Carolynn says:

    I find I can’t breath, thinking about my son, Kenny’s birthday…5 days and then I’ll be heading to Epping to his Memorial Site, with cake in tow to sing him Happy Birthday and Make That Spec. Wish he so deserves…TOTAL JUSTICE, JUSTICE, JUSTICE…. I so want that to happen for him…I have Never gone back on a promise and I promised Kenny, ” Sheila and the police would pay for their gross negligence”!!!! It’s been 6 yrs and I only have half of the promise….I’m hurting so much, knowing that Kenny should be here, right now with me to celebrate his 31st birthday…..The police should lose their pensions, jobs and face with the community….

  59. bengalpuss29 says:

    Is that how old kennie would have been carolyn 31? I know that on that day you’ll be very sad and angry because kennie should be here with you and the rest of the family. Im so sorry that he isn.t with you anymore. Is that what you do every year take a cake up to the memorial site and spend sometime with him. I haven.t forgotten about writing that book and your side of the story. Did you read charly’s comment about the police fixing the timeline, goes to show you just how far they will go to covering the fact that they fucked up. And now they are trying to find who the toes belong to. If they did their jobs correctly then your son would be here and someone wouldn’t be missing toes, and probably other people wouldn’t be dead as well. Its taken them 6years to start an investigation to find who those toes belong to, ridiculous

  60. bengalpuss29 says:

    Hi carolyn hope you and your family are ok. So kennie would have been 31. I guess that days gonna be difficult for you. Is that what you do every year, go to his memorial site and take a cake, bless you. He was so young it’s unfair, i can.t say i know how you feel because i haven.t had a child who was murdered and shouldn’t have been, and if anything happened to one of my brood and the cop’s were partly to blame i would be like you are, fighting for justice. I haven.t forgot about the book i’ve only just got out of “hell” The hospital, god i hate those places. What disability did kennie have carolyn? I don.t know if you read charly’s comment, i thought it was interesting, and it wouldn’t surprise me that the police back at the station were shitting themselves, they didn.t count on carolyn, they thought that you’d meekly accept their word, when you didn.t they knew they were fucked so they started to change the time frame and covered it up, right to the top official. You need someone to take this further.

  61. bengalpuss29 says:

    I thought i’d lost a comment in cyberspace so i wrote another and the lost one has turned up so sorry if two comments are similar, its not cos im a loon (Although i don.t know lol) But sometimes there gadgets tend to screw up from time to time.

    • cleo says:

      Sorry, bengalpuss29. I get so much spam every day (hundreds) that I have inputted some key words they commonly use so they are not automatically approved. Unhappily, some real comments use those key words and are put on hold for me to approve. I have yet to find a better solution — some of these spammers even steal the names of others who have left comments here (even MY name) so I have to spend a lot of time wading through that crap.

  62. Carolynn says:

    Bengalpuss….I got to the Memorial Site at least 2-3 a month…I use to go everyday in the first 1-2yrs, but it did a number on me!!! I would sit there for hours talking to Kenny and making promises that I thought in the beginning were very possible…( at least that’s what the lawyers had me believing) When I go there I think of all that happened to him and how it could’ve been stopped…That’s the killer in all of this, IT COULD OF BEEN PREVENTED AND IT WASN’T!!!! I go for the change of seasons and put new floweres, angels,or whatever makes that holiday so special…From what what was told to me, “I’ll be neeting wth the press to have a stoty geared only towards my son…( but for some strange feeling,I think it’s all going to be shifted toward Sheila…She’s had her acclaim, not it’s Kenny turn..If anyone, he deserves this big time!!! It the very hot season, the cake melts, which is his favorite, choc/choc..One year the cake melted in my hads as I was trying to take it out of the cotainer…it looked as if I had shit all over my self…It was indeed a disaster…I cried the whole time i was there…I want his day to be a vig day….my god, he deserves everybit of it…..If I can make it happen, I will!!!! Yes, my lovely son would of been 31…he never had a chance to see his 25th birhtday….. such a very sad tine for me…Right now, I’m walking in limbo…..

  63. bengalpuss29 says:

    Sorry but did have to chuckle at the way you looked with melted chocolate cake melted on you, looked like you were covered in shit. Anyway kennie never reached his 25 birthday, got i fucking hate that sheila la barrie she has a lot to answer to the bitch. What prison is she in carolyn do you know? I also remember you saying that she was making your life a living hell what sort of stuff did she do, and did the press print this or were the press more inclined to believe the police. After reading that comment from charly it go’s to show they fucked up knew it and covered it up. My jaw literally drops at the stupidness of those so called idiots. Sometimes i think about what you’ve had to endure and really feel for you, if that was me going thru what you are i would be a basketcase. Unfortunately when your up against the system after they have screwed something up to get people to do something is hard and i admire you for what your doing. Believe me carolyn it will come eventually you’ll see justice for sure.

  64. Carolynn says:

    Bengal…At first when the cake went all over me, I was cursing up a storm…I couldn’t remove the chocolate frosting from my hands and under my finger nails….At that point in time, I wasn’t laughing…It takes me a good 1hr or so , to go my son’s memorial site and on that day, as I recall. it was wicked hot…I wanted to throw the cake against the tree and walk away…BUT. it was for my son, so I wiped away the tears, pulled myself together and sang Happy Birthday to Him and blew out the candles on the cake….I did however, on the way home, have a good laugh!!!
    Sheila sent horrible tapes, to my husbands work, called his boss and tried to get him fired…sent DSS to my home, sent the Billerica Police to my home and sent me disgusting letters/threats…Oh, and called the gym that I work out at and told them lies about me!!!
    Sometimes,( not that’s a lie) I am a basketcase…I an very robotic in all that I do…There are no feelings, genuine smiles, I’m very ” as a matter of fact”..I hold no punches..why bother, lifes to short…If a person doesn’t like or agree on what I say,, ” Oh Well” it’s only my opinion and people have their own…
    The police did change thier timeline to coincide with each other..They fucked up royally and the public doesn’t want to hear that…They put their hands over their ears and mouths….nothing heard, nothing said, they’re in the clear…. Those that knew Sheila , other than the police and knew what she was doing to those innocent young men on her farm, are just as guilty!!!!
    I wish it would finally come out that thier Men in Blue were nothing but scared/frightened assholes ,that didn’t know how to be a true police man…. Everyday, my jaw drops more and more and my hatred, increases…

  65. bengalpuss29 says:

    Was she contacting your husband’s work and your gym etc because you contacted the police about kennie or did she do this after kennie died? From what i’ve read and from what you’ve told me she sounds like a right vindictive bitch. What i don.t get is how those professional men fell for this woman. She must have been a good actress and manipulator. I’ve never read a more sad and upsetting case than this. Because all it ever needed was someone in the beginning with a pair of balls and should have put their foot down, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Do you go to the Cemetary On your own or does gerry come with you and what date is his birthday carolyn. Is your other son younger or older than kennie, and he must miss him a great deal.

  66. Carolynn says:

    Bg…No all of this happened before she murdered my son….She was beside herself, because I sent the police to check on my son and see if that was him!!!! When Kenny left Mass., for days I had NO idea where he went…( I was a total wreck) Then my ex called me to tell me that his roommate mentioned the woman MIGHT be from Epping…So, I called!!!!! Everything she had done to me and my family. was when Kenny was still alive..She couldn’t let him go…She knew I would have gone to the police, FBI, and dragged her thru the mud…But when you come right down to it, it wouldn’t have mattered…they didn’t listen to me when he was alive…surely, the NEVER would of listened to me, if she let him go….THE EPPING POLICE WERE SCARED OF HER!!!!!
    There is no cemetery that I visit because there was NO body given to me!!!! On the week-ends when I do go and visit his Memorial Site, Gerald, most of the time comes with me..On the weekdays when I go for long visits, I go myself…
    Kenny’s birthday is this Wednesday, 7/18th….
    Bryan. is my younger son…Bryan, won’t/can’t talk about his brother..He’s in denial….Which makes life so difficult for the boht of us…It’s at the point where I’m afraid to every mention, I’m heading to his brothers Memorial Site..For 6 yrs, Bryan’s been put on the back burner and I haven’t been much of a mother to him, but I really do try…When you lose a son to murder…a horrific murder , where there is no body to bury. as a mother I just can’t get around that,,,” I gave birth to Kenny..However, when he died, I never buried him, so I’m still waiting for Kenny to walk thru the front door…I know it never going to happen, but I still wait!!!

  67. bengalpuss29 says:

    Oh my god carolyn, i never realised that you never got your sons body how stupid of me and how awful for you. No wonder your stuck in limbo love, you never got your son back to lay him to rest. Did that bitch destroy all of kennie, or is she saying nothing? Carolyn so where do you go then, is it like a memorial garden that you go to? In a way i understand what your youngest son is going through, he doesn’t want to talk because if and when he does then he has to accept that kennie has gone and maybe thats something he’s not strong enough to do just yet. We all take grief differently, my mum died of stomach cancer 17 years ago and i know this may sound awful but i can.t visit her grave my sister and brothers can but i can.t, i get really neurotic and have panic attacks yet nothing in my life can make me Feel like that except the cemetary. Carolyn im really sorry for being an idiot, i should have known. I get my laptop back next Week hurrah, then i can email you. I hope everything is ok on wednesday for you.

  68. Carolynn says:

    BG…that’s why I’m so adamant about my quest for COMPLETE JUSTICE…So, we were told, ‘ the police went to her house at 12pm not 6pm as they stated at her trial”..Saw my son’s body burning and left…left…..going back to the dept. slamming all the doors, swearing and making phone calls…( I’m sure this goes a lot deeper than just the police dept) if they made a phone call..than who was it that told them to wait…hoping his body would be completely be gone beyound recognition.. There’s more to
    the story than what meets the eye!!! Will I ever find out what really took place..NO….I’m not rich, important, or own a paper or TV Station that can delve deeper and get answers, into what REALLY happened…
    I have a Memorial Site that he was murdered at in Epping…It’s quite a distance from where I live, however, that was the LAST place he was at when he got murdered… I have a small memorial for him at my, red oak bench with a marble plaque inscribed with his face and a saying I wrote…In Boston. at the Garden of peace, a lovely ocean rock with his name, date of birth and death…Also, in Laconia, HH the same as Boston..
    You’re not an idiot, a lot of people, (if not majority) have no idea there was NEVER a body given to me…For some reason, they assume there was a partial body to bury…I was given ASHES..ONLY ASHES..They’re placed in Everett…
    My stomach is turning….not knowing how I’m going to be when I go to his memorial site to celebrate Kenny’s birthday..

  69. bengalpuss29 says:

    I’ll never understand why they saw a burning mattress with a piece of human bone sticking out, then have hellbeast sheila say it could be a paedaphile and for them to walk away. The more i learn about this fiasco the more angry i become. They basically treated kennie as if he was nothing more than an animal. If it was my son carolyn i’d be doing the same, to have an enquiry and get justice for my child. Your doing what any mother would do. Unfortunately your up against people who have lied, falsified evidence and let a murder happen by doing fuckall. I have a son he’s sixteen and if anyone ever hurt a hair on his head i’d kill them. Epping knew sheila was a loon, but yet when you reported kennie missing instead of them being alarmed knowing what that bitch is like, they did absolutely nothing. Surely someone has to be culpable for not acting on information that a man known to be at sheila’s farm with disabilities and was seen at walmart cut and bruised has been reported missing surely heads should roll.

  70. bengalpuss29 says:

    I can only say i hope your day isn.t too traumatic for you at kennie’s memorial site. And i would like to wish kennie a birthday wish and let him know he will never be forgotten and justice will prevail one day the fight won.t stop because kennie your mom’s one determined lady, who loves you more than life itself and will get you the justice you deserve, and carolyn, if its going to be hot weather take some disposable gloves with you, i bet even kennie would have chuckled at you covered in chocolate cake. God bless

  71. Carolynn says:

    Ya.I bet he’s stll laughing at the fact of me getting choc. all over my hands and I didn’t know where to wipe them or how I was going to get the choc. off my hands and from under my fingernails…When I was young ,I was such a tomboy and now, I’m such a girly, girl…that if 1 piece of hair is out of place, I’m in a full
    Right now we’re in a heatwave…the temp. has been in the 90’s…Wednesday, is suppose to be hot, but they’re saying, “rain”..I really am holding my breath, hoping it will hold off until late afternoon…
    Thank you for wishing Kenny a happy birthday…I know, if he were here, he would of liked that very much.. Again, thank you…

  72. Carolynn says:

    Want to wish my son, Kenny a Happy Birthday….If he were here today, he’d be celebrating his 31st. birthday…Kenny, I love you and miss you, more than life itself…
    Went to Epping and spent some time with Jason from the Union Leader…He and I spoke at length…It’ll be in the Union Leader, Thrusday, (tomorrow) have to wait and see, what he gathered from my speaing with him…
    Cleo..if your reading this, I have a question to ask you, “why, when telling a story of what happened/didn’t happened of a murder, do higher ups, always believe that the police,when relaying their story, are ALWAYS telling the gospel truth”??? (it had to happen they way tne officer said it did..there could by no other way/explanation…??

    • 2cute says:

      Kenny knew he was loved, and had lived almost all of his life surrounded by love. His mom and his family had given him a good life and he knows that. There is no way on this planet that good and loving people like you could anticipate and prepare for the sheer evil that exists out there in guises such as Sheila. God bless you Carolynn, and I wish you much success with your efforts for justice.

  73. bengalpuss29 says:

    You ok carolyn, well thats a bit of a stupid question obviously your gonna be sad. Hope you stayed chocolate frosting free today. Do you meet this journalist on kennie’s birthday every year im sure you mentioned in a comment before that you was at his memorial with a journalist and you had a bit of a confrontation with a police officer? Kennie knew and knows you love him. And kennie knows that you did everything remotely possible to try and get him away from that bastard bitch, it was just unfortunate that the police in epping are all a bunch of stupid fuck’s that are as thick as pig shit. I mean what are the odds in having the keystone cops and sheila psycho living in the same town. But anyway did you stay a while with him (Kennie) Was it as warm as yesterday. Did gerry come with you. He was kennie’s step dad what age was kennie when you and gerry met. It must of been hard for gerry as well losing kennie and watching you devastated. We see things on tv and think that won.t happen to me. How wrong we can b

  74. bengalpuss29 says:

    Do you know carolyn i never thought about something like that. Its the police that “Investigate and if there is a crime they make up the report and gather the evidence but what happens when you got a police force who have screwed up big time and change the times that they interviewed people and arrested people, what can you do then. Who can you go to then, who are they gonna believe the police or you. And your story goes to show carolyn that you don.t stand a chance when your up against the establishment. Seems very unfair and wrong. If anyone knows who to go to it will be cleo who will know if there is anyone who you can go to. Hope the newspaper article article does its job and lets people know not to forget about kennie, and letting them stupid pigs from epping know that your not going away that your always gonna be their to try and get proper justice for kennie, your gonna be like a bad disease that you can.t get rid of and a thorn in their sides until you get justice for your boy kennie countie.

  75. Carolynn says:

    Time to say, “good-bye & thank-you” Thank you everyone for your input and caring….It’s meant a lot to me!!!

    • 2cute says:

      Aren’t you visiting us any more? I do hope you’ll keep in touch and let us know how you’re doing. A lot of people here admire you for fighting so hard and diligently for justice. Keep well, Carolynn!

  76. Carolynn says:

    Hi 2Cute,

    Having a real rough time with things…In the end, the main reason, (from what I was told) that the police were never charged, was no-one came forward in regards to other victims..So, the courts dismissed the suit I had with the Epping Police, with reasons that seem dimwitted, ” how were the police to know, she was going to murderd my son”!! “They had no was of knowing” That’s what their lawyers main arguement !!!! Now, that there is toes???? The Epping Police knew from day one, when the had their first encounter with Sheila…That she was bad to the bone!!! I mentioned to the Union Leader last week on Kenny’s birthday, that I would like to meet and go head to head with them.. Questions and answers…If they have nothing to hide, they will meet with me!!!! If they’re guilty…well, let’s just say they’ll come up with another lame excuse, why they can’t possibly meet with me! AND I sure, “fucking get away with that too”!!! I’m so mad and burnt, wondering where to turn to next!!!

    • 2cute says:

      Have you met with the other victims’ families – Michael Deloge’s and Dr. LaBarre’s? Maybe the group of you can join forces to speak out about the incompetence and inaction of the Epping police. Many voices are louder than just one and might even get the attention of the Attorney General.

  77. Carolynn says:

    I speak to Michaels sister thru Facebook…I’ve never met the Dr. Family..and as from I can tell….” A little too late”!!! I don’t know if they see it the way I do, in so far, as the police being totally incompetent…There is no proof that she murdered the Dr. Michael, they found his license. old bloor splatter, & other material, which proved he was there…
    The Attorney General Office………that’s where it also went on deaf ears and flat…If this were Massachusetts, it would be treated a hell of a lot different and the police would of been charged with gross negligence…BUT, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!! THEIR MOTTO: “LIVE FREE OR DIE” AND IF YOU DON’T LIVE FREE, WE’LL MAKE SURE YOU DIE’….

  78. Carolynn says:

    2cute, With a lot of tossing and turning, I finally decided that I would contact the investigation unit in NH…I wrote to them and cc: Union Leader and WMUR TV….Haven’t heard back from the investigation team or WMUR ,but I did hear from the Union Leader…I will continue with my quest, in getting Kenny Full Justice…Not saying, ” I’ll ever receive it” but the fight is still in me….

  79. Carolynn says:

    Trace….thank-you…..My son, did deserve a hell of a lot better, than what he got!!! No one and I mean no one, should ever have to fight for their right for protection by the police,from being beaten, poisoned, etc… A Right, in which my son NEVER got..The police should have kept a close eye on Sheila,each & every time she had a young man on her farm..( they knew how deranged she was) Every time there was a young man on her farm, she did whatever she did, (kill) and call the Epping Police to say, ” they left”!!! How bizarre is that!!!

  80. bengalpuss29 says:

    I know its been hard for you just lately. Obviously it will be hard, you just had kennie’s birthday and i know that was going to be a very difficult and upsetting day. But like you said carolyn you’ve still got the fight left in you, and you made kennie a promise that you would fight until you got justice for your boy. And i believe in my heart that eventually you will achieve your objective. You said you’d been in touch with the union leader, how did the article go from when you met at kennie’s and what did the leader say when you contacted them? I also wonder what new hampshire authorities will say about the article in the leader. It would be good if it kick started their butts into action. But we can only hope.

  81. Carolynn says:

    Hey BG…..The article in the Union Leader was a well written piece…I’m sure everyone that gets the Union Leader, read it…I wrote to the Attonery Generals Office with my complaint and how they need to do a investigation into the Epping Police Dept for their gross negligence, back in 2006…I aired what happened between the police and myself and how bizarre their statements made to me were!!!! I sent that out to the investigation unit, Union Leader and WMUR TV station…I only heard back from the Union Leader..I’ll give it until Wednesday, and send it to different outlets…..It’s another start, but one I’m willing to take for the sake of my son!!!

    • Trace says:

      Great start! If the Attorney General’s office gets involved then maybe, maybe something will finally happen and the effing police will be made accountable for their f*ckery.

  82. Carolynn says:

    Well, Trace, here’s the problem…I’m trying to get ahold of his email address, so I can send off my letter to him…Contacted the Witness Advocate, who was with us at the trial…Tried to look on the internet for his email…NO SUCH LUCK!!!! I don’t want to talk on the phone…I’d rather send out my letter to him!!! I tried in the past to meet with Mr. Delaney, but he basically pawned me off to someone else!!!! In the past and seems as if the present…they hide behind close doors…My thought and qyestion becomes, ” what are you afraid of”!!! In my opinion my son’s murder, not havng the police do their jobs, goes higher up the ladder!!! Or why else, would doors be shut so quickly, when questions are asked???

  83. Carolynn says:

    Tuesday, 7/31-first thing this morning, wrote to the NH State Attorney General…Let the count down begin!!!!!

  84. bengalpuss29 says:

    Carolyn i’ve had a think and i think you should start a petition asking for a review of the handling of the case of sheila le barrie, and how they failed in their duty to protect your son and all the missed opportunities to arrest that evil bitch. I think if you started a petition a lot of people would sign it.

  85. 2cute says:

    I’d sign the petition. I’m sure a lot of us would.

  86. Carolynn says:

    Clea, I thank-you..It’s been hellish, but I keep trekking along!!Somehow, someway, something has to happen in the positive light ,for getting Kenny complete justice!!!

  87. Carolynn says:

    BG & 2cute….how do I go about having a petition against the Epping Police signed??? Seeing, that I live in Mass. & what happened took place in NH….NH is such a small community and even if the people felt,( which they do), the police didn’t do their jobs….They would never sign it…So far, everyone that I talked to in Epping. agreed that the police didn’t do their jobs, but to put it in writing, is another story..

    • 2cute says:

      An online petition can be signed by people all over the globe. And they’re free. Like They have petitions for social change which is what you want right? You want the Epping police to be held accountable.

      Go to and follow the directions to make a petition. The cool thing about online petitions is that it gets attention world-wide and that puts pressure on politicians.

  88. bengalpuss29 says:

    Also carolyn like 2cute said, with an online petition its world wide and people that haven.t heard your story, which at the beginning you outline your story and when people read it, they will be disgusted at the way you’ve been treated like when i first read your story. I honestly think that for once i’ve come up with a good idea (Theres nothing like blowing your own trumpet bengal) But seriously carolyn when i’ve signed petitions some people that have them also leave their email and people can send you messages of encouragement. I think that this and the attorney general is the right way forward. Let the world know just how badly they let kennie down and how you’ve been fighting for 6yrs with every door slammed in your face. And if you do set up a petition, i’d let the union leader know so they could do an article on your fight for a review. Because a review is independent and they look at how the keystone cops conducted themselves and it will show their fuckups Skewz The language.

  89. Carolynn says:

    If any of you are serious in what you say about the police and Kenny. Please sign the petition !!! Thanks ever so much!!!!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      carolyn of course im gonna sign that petition have you got a link to it and im straight sighing it like a lot of others. justice for kennie.

  90. Carolynn says:

    BG…thanks so much, the link is marked on this website. stated above…it’s the….If you look above marke website…my husband put it there, since I had no idea on what to do….let me know how it works for you….thank you, thank you, thank you…It means so much to me!!!

  91. bengalpuss29 says:

    Just been and signed it carolyn, 38 signatures and counting. Carolyn oh my god, i told you my laptop was broken so i’ve been having to use my phone, and the article on here the picture of kennie in walmart is small so i can.t really see much. Just been on to sign the petition saw the picture of kennie and it upset me. How the fuck could they walk away from that young man. Im not slagging people who work for walmart, but if a walmart employee can see that something is really wrong, and call the police, then how the fuck could they walk away from kennie in the state he was in. My god those police had a perfect opportunity to take kennie out of earshot of that bitch and coax the truth gently out of kennie. Stevie wonder could of easily noticed something was badly out of whack. They’ve got a lot to answer for. Then your told to move on forget about it. Move on any mother who would be given a picture of her son in obvious distress isn.t gonna move on. Like the headline “Would you walk away” Brilliant.

  92. bengalpuss29 says:

    Carolyn if i was you, i would also go onto pysih and go onto the article about hellbitch sheila and leave in the comments section about your petition and asking for people to sign it. Im sure they will. And if at all possible, i would get onto the union leader & ask them if they would do an article about the petition that you’ve started about the negligence of the Effing Police but i think you should also ask for a review of the way the case was handled, that would show how they lied & didn’t do nothing from the phone call at 1am until 17 hours later. If they would have gone there at the time your son was heard to be in distress & vomiting, then your son would be still alive today. They left her to do what she wanted to kennie for 17 hours, & it must have been serious or else why did they go to her farm almost a day later. Those police have got kennie’s blood on their hands along with the bitch sheila la barre. Yes a review is also what you need. But the petition will collect signatures you just Wait & See.

  93. Carolynn says:

    Bg….I need your help here..I can’ tfinde it on syish…There’s othing there for me to forward….Help!!!!

  94. bengalpuss29 says:

    My fault carolyn i thought it was on pysih. Anyway never mind you can still put it on there. Just find a article about torture and just comment and say about kennie and the petition link. That will go up as recent comment’s so everyone that logs on will see it, hence more signatures for the petition.

  95. bengalpuss29 says:

    Just been reading some of the comments on the petition carolyn and mike deloge’s sister has signed, and reading her reason puts into respective just what those epping police are, a bunch of inept twats.

  96. bengalpuss29 says:

    Carolyn, i think the petition is really great. But i think if you can edit it or add on additional information, that you should also include in the covering piece, of kennie’s disabilities and you basically having been told to move on with your life and get over it. That way people will understand why your son was vulnerable and thats why you were begging the police for help. Believe me when i say that by putting that information in then people that read it will be like, wtf how could police not do nothing to help this poor woman get her son back who was obviously in danger, but still its a great petition.

  97. Carolynn says:

    BG….I was going to write so much, but I become too long in the tooth….I had a English Teacher that helped me…We bounced ideas back and forth and what you read was the end result…My husband came up with the idea of putting the Wal-Mart picture of Kenny up…Seeing, that’s what the Epping Police saw when they walked away from him…Just looking at that picture, puts a knife in my heart..” how could they” ” how could they”!!!!
    Saturday, went to my son’s Memorial Site to visit and clean up..When we got there, it was destroyed!!! All the angel ornaments, flowers and sayings, were broken to bits!!!!! After the initial shock, I called the police to make a report and THEN cried my eyes out…Wondering, how could anyone desecrate a Memorial Site…THis is his grave for me ,because there was no body to bury…I’m still in shock!!!!

  98. bengalpuss29 says:

    How can anyone be so wicked as to destroy a memorial site. What the fuck is wrong with these people i don.t get it. One time i went to my mums grave and left some flowers. I left but driving away i remembered i’d left my little gardening tools, so i doubled back and when i got there, the tools were gone and the flowers. I swear to god carolyn if i’d have known who would have done that, then im afraid i wouldn’t been communicating with you, because i would be in prison for attempted murder the bastards. Thats a place where you go to talk to kennie and think about him, although you think about him all the time, but you feel close to him when you go to the memorial. Is there other memorials there.or is it the place where kennie died? Im so sorry that you had to discover that on saturday. You’ve got enough on your plate without having to find that some evil cunt (Scuze The language) Has Desicrated Your son’s memorial site. What did the police say? If it were epping i wouldn’t have bothered ringing them. Useless

  99. bengalpuss29 says:

    Just had a visit to, theres more info now thats brilliant is that, the more signatures you get the more the epping police’s arseole’s will be twitching lol. That should cheer you up! Nowt better than to see karma on a bunch of incompetent fucker’s. (I know i need to curb my language, but when im emotional the expletive’s just flow out) Carolyn those bastards might have broken your angels and prayer’s but they can’t destroy your memories with him, nothing can break that. Only a mother knows what im talking about.

  100. Carolynn says:

    BG…hahaha…I spend most of my day, swearing in my head, just thinking about how frightened and sick my son was!!!…I keep plugging away, not really knowing ,if in the end ,it will do any good…As Kenny’s mother, I MUST/WILL FIGHT!!!! Trust me, the idea/notion that the police could be destroying my son’s Memorial Site, has crossed my mind, many times….
    Yes, his sight is in Epping and I did indeed call the Epping Police to report the vandalism..Do they care…I think not!!!! However, if I don’t report it, then I can’t bitch that NOTHING is being done!!! I realize that it’s all a joke to them, but what goes around comes around..maybe not in my time, but it’ll come..

  101. bengalpuss29 says:

    Do you know what carolyn, i actually thought about the police destroying kennie’s memorial. I mean lets be right about this if they can wait 17 hours after hearing someone getting tortured and know where they are getting tortured, then they can certainly be as vindictive enough to destroy kennie’s memorial stupid cunt’s. Just had a look at the petition, and this girl who went to school with your kennie signed. She said he was always a good kid who would listen to her when she needed someone to talk to. It makes you realize the sadness and hurt of what people feel about kennie not being here anymore. It should be sheila labarre that should not be here the fucking bitch., and a good few of the effing slack police officers. I would never wish anyone to lose a child, but i just wish that for a few days that those police officers could experience the pain that you’ve experienced. I tell you what carolyn if they did i guarantee you that they would assist you with whatever you needed. But thats not gonna happen.

  102. bengalpuss29 says:

    Hey carolyn, just had a look at how many signatures you had on the petition, and it looks like people in massachusetts don.t really have a lot of faith with their law enforcement. Hmm! I wonder Why. Its picking up now is the petition, they usually go slow at first but your not in a hurry, christ you’ve been fighting for 6yrs to do something, so a while longer won.t make a difference. Would love to know what the hot topic is in the epping police station, if this doesn’t get their arseole’s twitching, well then im out of idea’s. Those copper’s that neglected their duties that night, must be shitting themselves. Maybe the desicrated memorial, was to try and make you stop. I wouldn’t put nothing past those bastards.

  103. Carolynn says:

    BG…I don’t even think they know about the petition…the police that is!!!! Most of the signatures are coming from young people, who either knew me or Kenny….I have one person who went to school with Kenny and she’s done so much to reach out to those that knew/may have known Kenny… When I got home yesterday, the count was 85ppl…once I reached out to her to send the petition to others, my God, the count skyrocketed!!! Truly, I don’t think the Epping Police will give a fuck or even twitch…Think about it, the lied in court and when they wrote the police report of the incident regarding Kenny and Sheila at Wal-Mart, they never included his name or how they saw him….No, that’s a of the officers put down Kenny name , but they got rid of that one!!!! Trust me, ” they have no soul or the mentality to sense right and wrong!! THAT’S WHY THEY BELONG TO THE EPPING POLICE DEPT!!!!!!

  104. bengalpuss29 says:

    I’d bet my life on it that they will know about the petition, and crapping themselves ha ha ha. And boy they fucking had this coming, you can.t shut people up, kennie is deserved to get justice and carolyn you are deserved to get it for kennie and yourself.

  105. bengalpuss29 says:

    305 signatures and counting. Its picking up now isn.t it carolyn. This little girl over here in england went missing last friday while staying at her grandma’s house. The grandma was working and the boyfriend of the granny was the last one to see her. She’s 12 years old. Anyway she was supposed to have left the house last friday and gone into town to buy shoes. We’ve all been following the case and just found out her body was found in the attic of her grandma’s house, im absolutely devastated. The grandma’s boyfriend has been arrested. Its absolutely awful carolyn, my heart is broken for her poor parents, and i thought thats how carolyn must of felt but only a 1000 times worse. I don.t know what i’d do if anything happened to my kids like that i’d probably be getting charged with murder because whoever did it i would hunt them down and kill them. Im glad the petition is picking up

  106. Carolynn says:

    BG…I’m so grateful to everyone that is signing my petition for Kenny….I’m sure there have been many of cases where the police turn their heads and walk away and the person isn’t seen anymore!!!But it’s almost, it not impossible to go against the police, be heard and win….They all cover up for one another!!! It has to be stopped and nows as good a time, as any… They got caught on tape and they found a great excuse, thru their lawyer as to why it happened…The reason, ” How were they to know, Sheila would kill Kenny”..And the Judge bought that line/excuse…How were they to know…from all of the other times she called to say, ” they’re gone” not here anymore” and the most evident..Looking at how my son, looked!!! Duh…….
    It’s so heartbreaking to see a child, young adult,. anyone for that matter, get killed and the one that does the Killing, especially, a a person that the child knows and trusts!!!! If you can pass along the petition to your friends in England, that would be great…Gerald is telling his mate and mother to sign and to send it off to all their friends….

  107. bengalpuss29 says:

    Carolyn when they say that “How was they to know she would kill kennie” the point is that if they’d gone to sheila psycho’s farm when she called them at 1am and kennie was distressed and vomiting then kennie wouldn’t have died because sheila would have been arrested for assault and kennie would have come home. I’ve tried signing the petition but it won.t let me for some reason, it could be because its usa and to do with american courts and justice, if you can find out why i can.t sign would really appreciate it. Also its happened to some of my friends who i asked to sign it in england. Thats why i think it must be only america but not sure. See what you can find out. Thanks Bengalpuss.

  108. Carolynn says:

    BG..yes, I will find out from Gerald’s Mother if she can get onto it and sign..I did see, that there were a couple of people that had signed and were from England..I’ll let you know!!! Heres’s the day thing, that got the phone call at 1am, but waited 17hrs to go to her house so do a wellness check on Kenny..I mean come, how could they have possibly believed her when she said, “kenny left”…He was in a wheelchair…beat up, poisoned and burnt, (his arm) could he of all of a sudden, miraculously got up and ran????IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

  109. Carolynn says:

    Hmmnmm. The new chief…Chief, Wallace ( who was on the police force when Kenny got murdered) was given the option to talk to me…He has refused!!!! I WONDER WHAT HE’S HIDING!!!!!

  110. bengalpuss29 says:

    How long ago was this when the new chief of police declined your request to speak. Doesn’t suprise me though. If i was you on that petition i would also put that you want a review of how the police handled the investigation from start till the end. So that it can be documented, how they screwed up and how they left 17hrs before checking to see if kennie was ok. Slack twat’s they are.

  111. Carolynn says:

    BG..he declined as of yesterday, Monday!!! He was the officers that said to the police secretary, “fuck her”…Now mind you, ths is in the very beginning when Sheila , was being brought from Massachusetts to New Hampshire…The detective at the time, (who, by the way is now the Sgt.) asked me to stop by the station to compare notes!!!!! Of course, when I got to the police ststion, he wasn’t there!!! I’m sure the reporter must feel as I do….” No-one wants to enter into any kind of converstation because they lied their asses of”..AND when you lie, the story ALWAYS becomes different when telling it…So why bother!!!! We’ll only purgery ourselves….

  112. bengalpuss29 says:

    Are the police the same with the journalist’s, say nothing to anyone, or have they been able to bullshit their way out of this still today. Because if they are keeping stum to everyone, then if i was a journalist i’d be hounding their arse’s off. They can.t get away with being incompetent, because their incompetence has cost kennie his life, and maybe more, well we know that someone is missing a loved one, or we’ve got a man walking around with no toes. Why don.t they get their arse’s to the prison where she’s locked up and interview her, they’ve got nothing to lose have they. Mind you it might even show them up for the incompetent prick’s that they are. And as for the new chief of police, why won.t he meet with you. surely he’s got 30 minutes spare. Excuse my expression, but they all piss in the same pot, the epping police. Its blatantly obvious that they are running scared and are frightened in case something slips out.

  113. Carolynn says:

    hahaha…As you stated, ” they all piss in the same pot”!!! No, the cheif knows that they won’t be able to keep the same story straight, as they said in the beginnihg…He’s afraid, that once the interviewer starts to ask the questions they haven’t rehearsed for,” shit is going to hit the fan”…And they’ll all come tumbling down!!! Deep in my heart, “I can feel as though it goes higher up the chain, for the negligence that cost my son his life”…But as we all know, ” the higher the command, the tighter the lid!!!! I have ths gut feeling, when i approach the State Attorney General Office to hand over my petition..He’s either going to be out of the office or on he won’t have to deal with me….That’s when I explode….All this is rubbish that they’re handing me is total bullshit!!!!

  114. Carolynn says: This is the site for the petition and you have to type in Kenneth Countie…Please help me get justice for Kenny against the negligence of the Epping Police…If any questions …please leave in reply and I’ll get back to you all..thank you with all my heart..I greatly appreciate it!! Love, carolynn

  115. Carolynn says:

    2cute…thank-you!!!! I do hope that everyone signs…Especially, since NH, thinks the petition that I have for Kenny, ” is nothing but a joke”!!! I was supposed to sit down and meet with the Chief of Police, in Epping…But, it’s been one excuse after another!!! I sent the AG Office a email, to have him set up a day, date and time that we can meet and go over the petition…He’s NEVER returned my email request…I’ve called, emailed him, to tell him my grievences about what took/didn’t take place at Wal-Mart…NEVER responded back, himself…If you take a look at the petition you’ll see the picture taken of my son, Kenny at Wal-Mart and the dire condition he was in….’ THAT’S WHAT THE EPPING POLICE WALKED AWAY FROM”!!!!

  116. Carolynn says:


  117. bengalpuss29 says:

    I’ve signed it carolyn love, and im gonna ask my friends and family to sign it tomorow cos its night here so i’ll put the word out ok. Hope your keeping ok and gerry. Eventually got to sign about 6 days ago but before that for some reason it wasn.t letting me sign. Mine is the one “Susan from leeds” Also my partner’s as well. So i’ll get on with that tomorow ok. Slowly but surely.

  118. Carolynn says:

    BG…Thanks so much….we have a few from England that have signed…I was hoping they would pass it along to their friend, creating a chain reaction..But, it wasn’t to be!!! Please, anyone who does sign…please for Kenny and myself, pass the petition along to your friends, so the can sign.There’s were the chain effect takes place!!! Gerald sent it out to his mother, in Guildford, but as it stands, she still hasn’t signed…I don’t think she knows quite what to do…I’m sure before next Friday, he’ll explain how to do it!!! Next week, I’ll be taking the petition to and AG Office…He never got back to me , so, I’ll make myself available to him..I guarantee, they’ll say, ” he’s not in the office or he’s attending a meeting!!!! That’s how NH operates…They’re a bunch of cold harded fuckers!!!

  119. Carolynn says:

    To all those that signed my petition: Thank-you with all my heart.

  120. bengalpuss29 says:

    Can everyone that reads this blog please sign carolyn’s petition for negligence against the epping police new hampshire, if they would have done their jobs properly then carolyn’s son would not have been murdered. It took them 17hrs to respond to a call that was placed to them and carolyn’s son could be heard in the background vomiting and distressed. When they turned up 17hrs later they found the burning remains of carolyn’s son. Lets not let them get away with this everybody pls sign the petition and let them know that they failed kennie countie. What is the moto “To protect and to serve” the petition is at change.Org, would you walk away from him? Thanks.

  121. Carolynn says:

    BG…thank-you for that!!! Having a real hard day…emailed the TV Station, WMUR to let them know that I’d be heading to Concord, in hopes to meeting the the Attorney General Michael Delaney, so I can give him my petition and show him the police reports, made out the the police officers, themselves,never mentioning my son or the condition he was in a Wal-Mart…just Sheila name and the fact she was taking pictures and the management wanted her to be removed…End of police report!!!! They fuckin changed so many details of my son and the horrible condition he was in…Well. from the way I see it….” WMUR has no interest in it” Everyone was a bloodhound when he got murdered..but no one wants to hear the regards to their men in blue!!!! Each day I’m amazed by the lack of interest, concerning police officers and how they don’t do their jobs..Sure, not every police dept is a total Fuck-up..Just Epping and they’re allowed to get away with it!!!!!

  122. 2cute says:

    I don’t get it, Carolynn. It sounds like Epping has the police force they deserve. But really it’s the establishment that doesn’t care. I bet the ordinary citizens do care since a killer was allowed to carry on in peace and the police didn’t have a freaking clue. Are any local newspapers interested?

  123. Carolynn says:

    No..there was someone who mentioned to me that they would write an article on the petiton and why it was drawn up by myself…but when push came to shove…Nothing ever happened…I wrote the to the person, a few times, but there was no response…So, I left it…there wasn’t anything else I could do!!!! Trust me, the Epping Police and the neighbors from that area, all knew about Sheila and the men on her farm…What she was doing to them, but never picked up a phone to call in the domestic violence that was taking place…One of the neighbors, called about Mikey and how bad he was..told the Epping Police to go and check on him..They told him they would…they (police) never went to do a wellness check on him…The Neighbor didn’t pursue it any further, nor did the police!!!He was the young man,that was murdered before my son!!!

  124. bengalpuss29 says:

    Someone rang up the police regarding mike delogue and they never went to check on him? If you could have the backing of mike’s family as well, then all the better. But i don.t know what else to say. You really need the press on your side, cos with out them you can.t let people know whats going on. Would the union leader put an article in their paper about your petition so that you can get more names added, because its slowed down a lot, i check it daily. If they did the more names on it the better because it would be letting them know(The attorney general) That people are disgusted at how you’ve had to fight for them to accept they neglected their duties concerning your son. You shouldn’t have to fight like this, they should’ve admitted and apologised to you 6yrs ago how they failed kennie. All you want is for them to say look because of the way you handled the phone call that sheila made to the police someone should’ve been sent out first thing that night, if they did then kennie would still be alive.

  125. bengalpuss29 says:

    Couldn’t you take out a private law suit against the epping police? Or is that a stupid idea on my part? I don’t know if thats gonna cost you a lot of money, then that wouldn’t be an option. Im trying to think of idea’s. You have a good relationship with that union leaders journalist, would he do a piece on your petition and the attorney generals lack of interest and admittance of the police’s fuckup. Otherwise i don.t know what to do next.

  126. Carolynn says:

    Hey BG…I have good standing with the Union Leader…( I hope) lol
    They mentioned they wanted to do a report on the petition next week.
    First, they have to gather up all their information and then proceed..I’m trying like hell to find a lawyer that would help me in a suit..But, when you mention police…they all run in the opposite direction…Everyone, is well aware of the pollice negligence ,as do the police themselves..BUT, will the police ever admitt to their cock-up..NO…. You’ve given me wonderful ideas that I put forth and I thank-you, my friend!!!

  127. bengalpuss29 says:

    Carolyn, the fight isn.t over, thats what those bastards epping police and other people in this cover up want. They think that you’ll give up, but your not gonna you made a promise to kennie and your gonna succeed. Im gonna have a think, and we’ll come up with a plan, cos i want justice for kennie too. I can.t let this go carolyn. I was reading one of the comments that people who signed the petition leave and there was a woman who had also been let down by epping’s “finest” Yeah right! Those bastards didn.t do their jobs properly, because if they did kennie would still be here. They can.t get away with that you need to be a thorn in their side, which you are. They know they fucked up, by not going to that farm as soon as that tape was played to them. In fact they should have dealt with that fucking bitch sheila, on the night when walmart staff rang them. For fuck sake even the walmart staff knew something wasn.t right, so why couldn’t the police, because they are incompetent bastards. Let me have a think.

  128. Carolynn says:

    Hey BG….I’ll NEVER Give up or let go of the sight,” that the police fucked up, royally”!!! They know it, the courts knows it, the Attorney General knows it, but they all make excueses for them!! I may not get my full justice for Kenny…BUT, I’ll keep fighting until my dying day!!! WMUR ran the story Friday and today…Most all of the remarks people make a positive…

  129. bengalpuss says:

    Whoops cleo, looks like another one snook past you. I was reading it and thought, christ sue you must be tired, what your reading doesn’t making any sense.

  130. bengalpuss says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it cleo, it only sneaked past you, i was gonna reply to it. On about a load of bollocks about getting good stomach muscles, i thought what the fuck is this bullshit. At least it wasn.t as bad as the one last week, streaming this and streaming that. And streaming fuckoff slack twat.

  131. dc says:

    I was looking this story up because I have never read the whole story and I’m so glad I did. I knew Sheila when I was a kid, her brother lived next door to me. I remember she liked taking pictures and apparently she never got away from that taking pictures when you best people.
    That whole family was messed up, yes I believe she was molested as a child because her pedophile brother molested me as a child but just because that happened I don’t go around beating torturing and killinrg people! I don’t want anyone to think that I’m taking her side because I’m not that whole family is messed up! I am so very sorry snowfall the things she did and it’s digesting that she would try to say that it’s because she was molested? She should have killed her brother Richard Bailey who was a pedophile but now innocent people have been killed and tortured it’s sad. Now she can Roy in jail and the brother died of cancer and is burning in hell for what he did don’t worry she will go burn with him one day.

  132. dc says:

    Sorry for all my typos I was angry and typing on stupid smartphone.

  133. spookie says:

    Dear Carolynn,i watched kennys story tonight and have not been able to get it out of my mind. i sincerely hope you get justice for Kenny.There must be someone out there who could take on this case.I have a nephew with aspergers who is the most delightful,kind,trusting teen that i have ever met.The thought that he could fall prey to a predator like the creature poor kenny ended his days with is a worry. Icant understand why the cops were so frightened of her,and why was epping under her spell? i have signed the petition. god bless.

  134. steffygermanotta says:

    I feel totally sorry for Kenny and Michael and i believe that these angels now are in the greatest place,heaven where they actually belong… I’m form Greece.. I’ve heard some things about the case in the past but what made me look up for further information was the ”Deadly Women”series..It was a real shock for me to see and hear about those nasty things a woman(sheila)have done to her victims.. how sick and vicious can someone be? But the thing that shocked me the most in this case,is the apathy of the police who didn’t do anything when they received sheila’s calls, and heard the awfull tapes she played for them.. I’m totally disgusted about the disastrous,inhuman reaction of the police to that concerning situation… In Greece we are always complaining about our police, but this apathy it’s hard for me to belive that can exist….sorry for my english, they are not the best… My heart and my prayers are always with the relatives of the victims…

  135. moodymagic says:

    My heart goes out to you Carolynn. What a sick bitch Sheila is. I am a a real believer in matching the punishment to the crime. I wish this is how it worked. it does disgust me to see just how incompetent the cops were. You are in my prayers Carolynn.

  136. Bonny says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  137. lulu says:

    When I found out what this crazy lady did on the news I was modidied. I rented one of her properties in somersworth with my children n husband. This lady use to come over all the time and I found that odd.they should change the law that we should do a background check on the landlords as well..I we could of been victims our selfs. I can’t phantom how the families are doing. I’ll never uunderstand how much red flags their were n never did anything or were to late. My thoughts n prayers go out to the families.

  138. goatgirl says:

    Carolynn, if you check back here ever, just want to say your lovely son is not forgotten. I’ve just gotten to know a little bit about him today. I hope you and your family are doing ok, and that the hellbitch Sheila is suffering every day in prison.

  139. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    What went on was Demonic

    • charly says:

      Hi, all. this year has been a very dark year for me.. After all of the heartache of my son, Kenny’s murder. I became quite ill from all the stress I had/have to endure. Time hasn’t healed .. it’s been unbearable and heartwrenching, more today, then it did, 10yrs ag. I’ve learned to fight for Kenny.Only to fail I’ve learned to shout, only to be silenced. I’ve learned to cry, only to be ignored. I’ve learned to hate,and that’s the way it shall remain.. Husband, cheated.. health, deteriorated , went from having a home, to being homeless. Prayer, didn’t get me far. didn’t get me anywhere. Hate and me go, “hand in hand”.. And how is your day!!!

  140. MichelJab says:

    Имеется такая услуга – добровольное медицинское обслуживание (или ДМО).
    Она предполагает, что вы вносите небольшую сумму за то, что посещает врачей целый год не платя за каждый прием.
    Однако соцопросы показывают, что лишь 3% жителей Санкт-Петербурга знают о такой услуге.
    Почему так происходит?
    Потому что частным клиникам выгоднее брать плату за каждый визит.
    А если какой-нибудь сотрудник клиники посоветует добровольное медицинское обслуживание клиенту – это сулит ему увольнением.
    Эта информация уже вызвала кучу возмущений, сразу после того как информацию об услуге распространил один врач.
    Его уволили “по собственному желанию”, после того, как он предложил ДМО постоянному клиенту.
    Самое невероятное, что официальные положения по ДМО присутствуют в открытом доступе, просто находили на эту информацию только случайные люди.
    Как отстоять свои права?
    О правилах предоставления услуги и обязанностях частных клиник можно узнать, сделав запрос в Яндексе: “добровольное медицинское обслуживание”.
    Именно обслуживание, а не страхование.


  141. Dennispooto says:

    Недостаточно хлопотать о состоянии здоровья родного малыша – нужно предпринимать решительные действия для его защиты. Причем поручить данный вопрос следует лишь опытным проверенным врачам.
    На сегодняшний день помощь индивидуального врача по карману далеко не многим гражданам Нашей страны. А отправляться по любому вопросу в поликлинику, выстаивать долгие очереди и подвергать ребенка риску заразиться вирусами от других детей – тоже не вариант.
    К счастью, различные частные клиники дают оформить программу Детского Добровольного Медицинского Обслуживания (ДМО), которая позволяет за небольшую сумму купить полис на одногодичное обслуживание у докторов.
    К сожалению, не многие осведомлены о данной услуге и продолжают лечить детей народными методами, ждут длительное время в очередях и переплачивают за посещения частных докторов.
    А программа Добровольного Медицинского Обслуживания для детей позволяет:
    ” Бесплатно получить больничный лист по уходу за ребенком;
    ” Бесплатно проходить обследование у индивидуальных врачей педиатров;
    ” Бесплатно или со скидкой осуществлять лечебные процедуры и диагностические процедуры;
    ” Лечить малыша вовремя, качественно и без очередей.
    Чтобы ознакомиться со списком клиник и условиями оказания лечения необходимо вбить в поиск Яндекса или Google ключевое выражение: “Добровольное Медицинское Обслуживание”. После этого надо подобрать приглянувшуюся клинику и оформить договор.


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