Shayna Hubers

Shayna Hubers
Crime: Murder

Shayna Hubers of Kentucky is the obsessive girlfriend from hell. Ryan Poston found that out the hardest way possible. Theirs was a tumultuous relationship, with Shayna Hubers wanting a commitment and Ryan Poston wanting out. The woman just wouldn’t buy a clue!

I can see what she saw in him. Ryan Poston was a good-looking, intelligent guy, and a lawyer with his own practice focusing on personal injury cases. He was a real catch, but he didn’t want to be caught by her.

Several times Ryan Poston tried to break up with Shayna Hubers, as evidenced by 50,000 text messages and 20,000 Facebook exchanges. On the first occasion he told her, “If you want to tell people you broke up with me, go ahead and do that. I won’t contradict the story.” Incredibly, the woman refused to let go of their relationship.

On the second occasion, Ryan Poston was bombarded with texts and phone calls. He had to repeatedly text her, “stop texting me Shayna”, and threaten to block her number. Still the woman wouldn’t let go. She accessed his social media accounts and blocked emails from other women. I don’t know if he ever figured that out, but he did catch her going through his phone.

Word to the wise: don’t ever let anyone know your passwords, and don’t ever assume your ex hasn’t figured them out. Change them all immediately! (A phrase like MyEx|s100%Craz33! is a strong password and easy to remember.)

Ryan PostonRyan Poston was becoming desperate to rid himself of this psycho girlfriend. He texted the relative who had introduced them, “this is getting to be restraining order level crazy. I’m not kidding. You need to talk to her. She sent me 75 texts in the last hour. She’s shown up at my condo like three times and refuses to leave each time.”

Can you imagine that? She wouldn’t leave the condo when he told her to! Ryan Poston would have done well to call the police and get the restraining order. But he was a nice guy. He didn’t want to hurt her more than he had to.

Shayna Hubers tried to make Ryan Poston respond to her — she posted on social media that she had cheated on him with multiple men. Unfortunately for her, Ryan Poston didn’t give a single damn.

So what did Shayna Hubers do? The mature thing, maybe? Hell no. She was 21 but she acted like a spoiled teenager — she sent him nasty messages insulting the size of his physical assets, if you know what I mean. Real grownup behavior for a psych major.

Shayna Hubers also texted her friend, Christy Oyler, that her love for Ryan Poston had turned to hate. “When I go to the shooting range with Ryan tonite I want to turn around, shoot and kill him and play like it’s an accident,” she texted her friend, who took that as a joke.

Nothing did happen at the shooting range — probably because the obsessive hellbitch didn’t know yet about the new love interest in Ryan Poston’s life.

The poor guy just wanted to get on with his life without this ex-girlfriend from hell, but she was making it near impossible. I’m sure he was totally sick and tired of the hystrionics and arguments, the drama and the trauma, but he tried to keep things amicable with her.

Despite Shayna Hubers’ bad behavior, Ryan Poston did make a date — and not just any date. He had plans to go out with the beautiful Miss Ohio, Audrey Bolte. She is one gorgeous woman! He was supposed to meet her for drinks at 9:30 p.m. on October 12, 2012.

On October 11, 2012, Ryan Poston invited Shayna Hubers to dinner with his mother and stepfather. She accepted. I’m not sure what his intent was, but he talked privately to his stepfather and asked for advice on breaking the news to her about Audrey Bolte.

“I told him to make sure that he was kind to Shayna and to be honest with her about what was going on,” his stepfather said. “I told him to be direct, but to be kind.”

After the dinner, Ryan Poston and Shayna Hubers got into a nasty fight. I’m thinking honesty wasn’t the best policy after all. Still the hellbitch wasn’t ready to let him go. The next day — his big day with Audrey Bolte — she bombarded him with texts apologizing for her behavior.

As excited as he was about his date, Ryan Poston was also very worried that Shayna Hubers would show up and ruin everything. He had good reason to be worried.

On October 12, 2012, Ryan Poston tried to keep the psycho bitch away by texting her, “I think I need some time by myself this weekend, Shayna.”

Time by himself? Not if Shayna Hubers could help it. She texted him back, “I’ll be by later to get some bath items and head to the Marriott.” Damn! Ryan Poston couldn’t catch a break!

Shayna Hubers did show up at his Highland Heights apartment that evening. Within minutes Ryan Poston was dead, shot with his own handgun. He was only 29 years old. The handsome, young lawyer with so much promise was destroyed.

At 8:35 p.m. Shayna Hubers called 9-1-1 — after she phoned her mother first. WTF? What kind of cold-blooded hellbitch calls her mother to say she’d killed a man, with his body lying right there?

Shayna Hubers was hysterical by the time she called 9-1-1. The following is part of the conversation that took place.

911 OPERATOR: Well, what happened exactly? What happened?

Shayna Hubers: (INAUDIBLE) he beat me and carried me out of the house! We got into a huge fight. He beat me and tried to carry me out of the house, and I came back in to get my things! And was right in front of me and he reached down and grabbed a gun, and I grabbed it out of his hands and pulled the trigger!

He was twitching, and I knew he was going to die anyway! He was making funny noises! I shot him a couple more times just to kill him because I knew he would have been…

911 OPERATOR: I’m sorry. You said you shot him a couple more times after that?

Shayna Hubers: Yes, I (INAUDIBLE)

911 OPERATOR: How many times did you shoot him total?

Shayna Hubers: I don’t know!

911 OPERATOR: OK, because he was twitching and you knew he was going to die, so you shot him again?

Shayna Hubers: (INAUDIBLE) he was twitching so bad, I didn’t want him laying there like that!

911 OPERATOR: So you shot him instead of calling 9-1-1?

Shayna Hubers: Do what? Yes, I did because I knew he was going to die anyway!


Shayna Hubers: He was pretty bad! He was, like — he was just twitching. I mean, he was pretty much dead. And I shot him just so he’d stop twitching.

She shot him, all right. She shot the poor guy twice in the head, and four times in his torso and back. Ryan Poston didn’t die until the sixth shot.

When Highland Heights Lt. David Fornash arrived on the scene, Shayna Hubers was ready to claim self-defense. She couldn’t even summon up any tears for Ryan Poston’s death.

In recorded police interviews, Shayna the hellbitch killer Hubers said she hadn’t gone to the apartment to kill him, but they’d gotten into an argument and she picked up the handgun from a table.

“I just picked up the gun and, in the middle of him doing something with his arms or saying something crazy, shot him,” the hellbitch said. “I thought, ‘Oh my god, what have I done?'”

Ummm, what happened to the whole grabbing the gun out of his hands story she told the 9-1-1 operator? I guess she forgot about that.

And according to her, Ryan Poston was saying something crazy. Like what? Well, Shayna Hubers told the investigators he’d insulted her by calling her a hillbilly.

“I guess the hillbilly came out in me, and I stood up for myself,” she told investigators.

Shayna Hubers went on to say that the dead man had been physically violent to her. “He’s hit me before with his arm,” she said. “He was reaching across the table motioning with fist movements and pushed me down against the arm of the couch or throw me against a chair, throw me against the bookshelf, throw me on the floor.

“When he was rushing with the arm movements, it was gut instinct (to shoot him), you know,” she said.

Shayna Hubers also explained why she fired six bullets into the man. “I shot him enough times to kill him so that he wouldn’t suffer… He was laying there, twitching and making noises, and I shot him in the head.

“I was watching him die. It was painful to watch him die and to know that I had done that,” she said.

So, to recap, Ryan Poston was pushing and throwing her around, so she picked up his gun and shot him, and kept on shooting to put him out of his misery. Riiight.

There were a few problems with the hellbitch’s story, including the crime scene and the autopsy. If her story was correct then the apartment would show signs of a physical altercation, but nothing was knocked over. If her story was correct and she was fighting off Ryan Poston, then how could he be sitting at a table when he was struck by the first 3 bullets? He’d fallen to the floor for the final 3 shots.

Other problems with the hellbitch’s story arose because Shayna Hubers kept on talking and saying things she’d come to regret. She told detectives that one of those shots was to Poston’s face because “he was vain”.

“I gave him the nose job she wanted,” she said.

Amazingly, Shayna Hubers took time to ponder about her prospects of getting a man. “I don’t know if anyone will wanna marry me if they know I killed my boyfriend in self-defense,” she laughingly said.

Shayna HubersBig surprise, Shayna Hubers was arrested, charged with murder and taken to the Campbell County Detention Center where she was kept until her trial. Her friends expressed shock. “She was quiet, she was always smarter than we were,” a former high school classmate told WKYT. “She’s a sweet girl.”

When the killer went to trial in April 2015, she claimed she shot Ryan Poston in self-defense. Unfortunately for her, the tens of thousands of texts and Facebook messages told the whole story of her relationship with the victim, and forensic science proved her version of the killing to be a lie.

On April 24, 2015, Shayna Hubers, 24, was convicted of murder. The jury went on to recommend that she be sentenced to 40 years in prison, with no chance of parole for 20 years.

“It’s a shallow victory. Our son is dead. That’s it,” said the victim’s grieving mother.

“It’s very bittersweet. We got justice and Ryan loved the law so this is what the law has given us,” said Ryan Poston’s stepfather.

RIP, Ryan Poston. He had so much potential, so much to live for, and all it took was an obsessively jealous and murderous hellbitch to rob him of his future.

I extend my condolences to those family and friends who mourn his passing. I hope they find some solace knowing his murderer will be behind bars for a long time.


Judge Fred Stine sentenced the hellbitch to the recommended 40 years in prison. He was even considering adding more years because she showed no remorse.

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39 Responses to Shayna Hubers

  1. Lorraine says:

    Why did he go to a shooting range with her. It’s like he encouraged her at the same time he was trying to get rid of her

    • Dawn says:

      ^^This. How was she around to go through his phone? And in addition to the shooting range, why did he invite her to his parents’ for dinner?

      • cecelia says:

        to Dawn and Lorraine. maybe because he has HUMAN emotions and was trying to let her down easy, didn’t want to hurt her. not realizing she’d already made remarks about shooting him and making it look like an accident. stupid tramp had to have known it was already OVER when she made that comment….control freak hillbilly couldn’t walk away.

  2. moodymagic says:

    40 years not enough. Burn in hell Shayna.

  3. 2cute says:

    It sounds like Ryan was giving her mixed signals – he’d tell her he wanted to break up but then he’d take her out on occasion or whatever, sort of like she was a backup girlfriend. Whatever, that probably solidified her determination to stay in his life. Maybe he figured out she might wind up stalking him, but he probably had no clue she could turn murderous. She’s one scary bitch.

    • MB says:

      @2cute…I agree. I would never blame Ryan because he is the victim in this whole tragedy, but it seems that maybe he treated her like a “booty call”.
      It isn’t a smart move to play with anyone’s emotions, especially if they are crazy like this girl. I had a boyfriend who did the same to me, but I never stalked or killed him.

      In the end, it is very sad what happened to him. My heart goes out to his loved ones.

    • Hopeless Pedantic says:

      My armchair 2 cents/pence is that this guy was trying to let this crazy bitch down in a gentle way that wouldn’t rile her more. He saw how unstable she was, and so was using kid glove approach so as to not trigger the cray.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    She was the smart one among her friends? Geez, hard to believe. She sure wasn’t smart enough to know when to shut up. A nose job indeed. Stupid bitch should have gotten life in prison.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    I think ryan should’ve been firm with this psycho bitch by telling her up front that he’d had enough and wanted to end the relationship, but by not being firm and possibly giving her mixed messages like having her over for dinner etc, was a decision that eventually cost him his life. I’m not saying that he deserved it, what i’m saying is he should of told her crazy arse “i don’t want to be in a relationship with you any more because your behaviour and actions are unbalanced” then he should’ve gotten a restraining order to keep her away, unfortunately he didn’t do any of these things and it cost him his life by this nutcase. She shouldn’t ever be freed in my opinion, life in jail till she dies should be her sentence. Rip ryan, you would’ve been a great lawyer and made a difference in peoples lives.

  6. MSM says:

    DAMN. That woman has some definite mental health issues!!

    • MB says:

      @MSM…you know, I’m not sure if she actually is mentally ill. I think it’s more of what psychiatrists call a “personality disorder”.

      Based on what a friend of hers said, Shayna was always the type to throw a fit if any boy rejected her, even in elementary school.
      Some people don’t handle rejection well at all…whether because of their ego or low self-esteem.

  7. anon says:

    Some men can mind-fuck women with weak personalities… to the point where the women literally lose control. There is always a puppet-master in these toxic relationships, and it seems he played that role. Neither Shayna or Ryan were saints.

    Why are Ryan’s angry and threatening messages regarding his business partner being ignored? He states he wants to kill him and stomp on his head. Ryan had loaded guns all over the house. He was popping pills left and right. All this together does paint a picture of an angry, paranoid, unstable vengeful man, which could be important in this case. Paranoia and emotional instability perhaps from the pills and testosterone.

    Shayna was insecure, desperate, in-love and clinging to this man who was fucking with her head (and fucking her body).

    I sincerely don’t think this was planned or premeditated, more of a heat-of-the moment situation when she learned he had a date later that night. She probably started crying and begging him not to go- in his frustration he probably was physically aggressive with her. No one really knows what happened in that apartment. He may have grabbed her neck, he may have obstructed her breathing he may have thrown her around, he may have pinned her down. He may have threatened to sabotage her career, he may have blackmailed her. I don’t think it was as simple as, “I cant have you no one else can”.

    She was obviously a sick girl in a low place, who made Ryan her world. When will grown men learn to be mindful of their words and actions? When will playboy bachelors with God-complex stop preying on weak women? Emotional abuse is real. Men must realize that you cant taunt matters of the heart.

    This really is a tragedy for all parties involved.

    • mell randall says:

      Your deluded! She is a sick narcissistic evil woman who deserves to rot in prison. How can you honestly say it wasn’t premeditated? She told her friend that very day that when her & Ryan go to the shooting range that night she wants to shoot him & play the accident card. That didn’t work out for her, probably because it’s a public place, so she waited until she was in a private place with him. In her mind there was absolutely no way he was going to go out with anybody else. As far as your obvious blame towards Ryan, you are again deluded. Did you even listen to the evidence? He tried on numerous occasions to break it off with her but she was harassing him to the point he told friends he was scared of her. He only took her to dinner with his parents in the hope that would pacify her enough to leave him alone for a day or two. He asked his step dad at the dinner for advice on what he should do to break it off with her as she just was not getting the fact he did not want to be with her. She is a crazy piece of shit who should never be allowed back in society. She is a major danger to all.
      RIP Ryan & many condolences to all that you loved & all who loved you.

    • cecelia says:

      you do realize she was banging a BUNCH of other guys so i don’t buy the “she was desperately in love with him” BS… she’s an evil narcissistic conniving spoiled rotten to the core K I L L E R. her remark about “giving Ryan the nose job he always wanted” speaks volumes about her lack of “love” of any sort for Ryan. control? maybe but that sure as hell ain’t love.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Anon, he may have been all those things but he didn’t shoot her. Also she basically shot him while he was incapacitated, no longer a threat had he been all those things you mention, no this bitch was determined if she couldn’t have him then nobody can, she’s where she needs to be and she hasn’t been given life with no parole which she deserved imo.

      • Nunya Biznass says:

        He wasn’t incapacitated.. It was determined at trial that he was capable of attacking her until the last shot

        • Logan says:

          No it wasn’t, it was determined that the last shot KILLED him. She shot him in the head with the first shot! Do you even know what the word “incapacitated” means!?

        • doug rogers says:

          Are you that fucking stupid? Really?

          A paid DEFENSE witness gave his opinion that Ryan MAY have been able to move until the last shot.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    Anon, you may be right but it doesn’t change the fact that she murdered him. I don’t care how shit she thought she was being treated. She could’ve walked away, but she didn’t, she basically decided that he wouldn’t be seeing any other women, if she couldn’t have him then nobody else could, and ended his life,

    • MB says:

      @Bengalpuss…I agree with you. I think Anon made some valid points as well; Ryan seems to have played with Shayna’s feelings for him.

      However, that is no excuse for murder. I had a boyfriend years ago who broke my heart.
      He used and abused me. He did a lot of damage emotionally. Then he started dating this other girl, just to hurt me even more. AND he had a baby with her on top of all the other shit he put me through!

      I wanted to fucking burn his house down. I wanted to put nails in his tires. I wanted him to suffer the way he made me suffer. Some people can be really cruel in the way they treat others.
      But you know what? As bad as he hurt me, I decided to move on with my life.
      I tried to focus on self-improvement and take care of myself. That is what Shayna should have done.
      It’s hard when you love somebody and you can’t stop obsessing over them, but at some point you have to move on for your own sake.

      I believe that Shayna has severe emotional problems and she just couldn’t move on or handle the thought of him being with anybody else.
      Just like you said…if she couldn’t have him, no one could.

  9. Nunya Biznass says:

    Thank you for quoting exactly what the media aired and putting your own twist on it. You clearly know exactly what is going on! 🎉 I can’t wait for the new trial and for the truth to come out! It’s a shame that it’s all about “A Story” Or “The Family Name”. I have lost all faith in the judicial system. Shayna was abused and there IS proof! It saddens me that more people can’t read in between the lines. As far as the nose job comment.. Shayna was IN SHOCK! She didn’t even shoot him in the face. She didn’t know what she was saying… But of course the media didn’t bother to mention that fact. She was scared for her life! She was a young girl so YES she called her mom. There is proof that she is innocent & he had anger issues… He had threatened others & shot guns in the condo on multiple occasions.

  10. Nunya Biznass says:


  11. Jigsaw says:

    He was a decent guy trying to break up with a girl in a nice way. Most people understand it’s over, however painful, and just move on. Unfortunately for him, he met a psycho who couldn’t take no or rejection.
    Surprised at the leniency of her sentence as well. She will only be in her forties when she is up for parole. I hope they post warning notifications up for all local men, the poor sods.
    She can rot.
    His family will have a life without their beloved son and family member. All because a lovely guy tried to be kind to an ex who lost the plot.

    • MB says:

      @Jigsaw…I didn’t know Ryan personally, so I can’t say what he was like. It seems that he might have played with the emotions of an obsessive, unstable person and it cost him his life.
      Not blaming him at all…just saying that sometimes when people play with fire, they can be burned.
      Look at what happened in the Jodi Arias case. There is a reason why the movie “Fatal Attraction” exists, because some people react VERY badly when a relationship ends.

      It’s very sad that Ryan’s life was taken so brutally…I wish his family nothing but peace in the future.

  12. doug rogers says:

    I bet Shayna is getting straponed by all the bull daggers in prison. Hopefully the little slut gets life without parole at the new trial.

  13. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Maybe Ryan was trying to be her friend not hurt her. PLENTY of me and my boyfriends when I was young ended things with “But let’s be friends” and WE DID. Literally. I’ve gone to lunch with exes. I’ve gone to events with ex’s when other people didn’t want to go and I knew my ex was interested. Like for real? He leads her on bc he’s nice? Like to this day, my 2nd boyfriend is on my FB friends list. It’s not unheard of to be nice, hang out and act friendly with your ex. ESPECIALLY if they were cool but you all didn’t ‘mesh’. TO me, that portion is completely irrelevant bc I DOUBT he would have tried being nice if he thought she was murderous. That’s stupid.
    This little psycho faker is a nut and she probably let him think they could be friends just to have that tie to him. I don’t think she has anything except an addictive personality. Like those parents that make their kids sick to get attention. Walking around with a young wealthy good looking lawyer brought this weird little bug eyed freak attention and she wanted to keep it on her. Her answers to cops say as much.

    • MB says:

      @AngryLittleMexican…cute username, LOL. You made some good points.

      I think some people can remain on friendly terms with their exes but for most people, it’s hard to do that.
      Shayna still had feelings for Ryan and I think he might have been leading her on.
      That doesn’t mean he deserved to be murdered, of course…there is no doubt that she is evil.

      But I think that maybe Ryan played with her emotions. She believed that they still had a chance of making things work, and he was still obviously having sex with her.
      She didn’t want to just be “friends”; she wanted a relationship with him.

      The problem is, we can’t make somebody love us if they don’t want to. I think she took the whole situation much more seriously than Ryan did…and when she realized that it really was over and he was trying to move on with his life, it was too much for her to handle.
      I believe that girls should learn at a young age that if a guy dumps you, it’s not the end of the world.
      Maybe it was a self-esteem issue in her case, I don’t know. Like you said, having a cute guy like Ryan probably made her feel better about herself.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        He tried to break up with the nut job, she wasn’t listening. He invited her to dinner with his parents and wanted to end it, even asking his stepfather what to say. He told her and she said she was calling over for toiletries, she had no intention, she went to kill him.

  14. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Thanks MB, I’m no good at usernames so I just went with how I’d describe myself haha.

    75 texts later he def should have known she wasn’t your average ‘needy with a side of daddy issues’ basic bitch BUT STILL, I don’t see a guy even fathoming that his booty call/fun for the moment/sidepiece/friend with benefits or WHATEVER she was to him (although he made it clear not a girlfriend or anyone he wanted around seriously) being someone capable of killing him. I mean, who does that???
    Key his car, tell your friends his penis was tiny or you couldn’t orgasm bc he was the worst sex ever, or embarrass him in front of his neighbors by making a scene – but shooting him in cold blood? I DOUBT very much Ryan could even fathom she was capable of that.
    You know why? Because she is a psychotic murderer. Think about it. Bundy was charming. Manson made ppl live with him in his cult. People with psychotic tendencies can fake normalcy until they flip on you. PLENTY of girls get lead on/lied to on a DAILY BASIS and don’t kill a guy for it.
    You have to be pretty fucking psycho to do shit like that. Psycho enough to text someone 75 times begging them not to leave you, give you another chance, ya ya you’ll just be his fuck buddy – THEY WILL SAY ANYTHING.
    All I’m saying is we are fast to bash and blame guys but as a woman, I know how scandalous an d wacko some girls are! I’ve been in locker rooms at the gym and heard nice looking, well dressed women – grown women!- talking about how they poked holes in condoms or lied about their birth control to get knocked up by a guy so he’d leave his wife. Girls aren’t all sugar and spice my friend! And Shayna is straight up rotten – just read her statements to police! SMH, rotten!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Thank you AngrylittleMexican, people need to realise that some women can be very vindictive and this idiot had in her mind that nobody was ever going to have him, he belonged to her or nobody. I’m sick of people saying poor shayna, Fuck shayna, poor Ryan should be said. This bastard is one spiteful vindictive evil cunt who should be locked away for life, otherwise society isn’t going to be safe.

  15. Angelica says:

    Just wanted to let you all know that the original conviction ended up getting overturned because one of the jurors was a convicted felon and no one knew. There was a second trial recently and the jury has recommended a LIFE sentence for her!

  16. Tawdry says:

    I just read about this case today and that woman belongs behind bars for the rest of her life.
    I’m female and I met a woman like her-malignant narcissist/sociopath who become psychotic if you dare to distance yourself from them or reject them.
    I feel so sorry for Ryan’s family but not so sorry for this psycho’s Mother who obviously enabled the monster she gave birth to. The movie The Bad Seed reminds me of this nutter.

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