Shawn Lawrence Corbally

Shawn Corbally
Crimes: Serial Rapist

Shawn Lawrence Corbally of Indiana is a violent, evil, serial rapist. In 2000 he brutally beat and raped a woman in Indianapolis and then threw her naked out of a car. The poor victim had to run to a nearby house and beg for help.

Shawn Corbally was sentenced to 25 years in prison for that vicious rape. He didn’t serve 25 years. In fact, he served fewer than 12 years in prison. He was released in February 2012.

I don’t understand why Shawn Corbally deserved his early release. He wasn’t an ideal inmate while he was incarcerated. Far from it. He was cited 23 times for breaking the rules, including use of a dangerous weapon, possessing intoxicants, and 3 instances of battery.

Despite all this bad behavior, Shawn Corbally was let out early. Damn! And within months of his release, he raped again.

At 4 in the morning on July 29, 2012, Shawn POS rapist Corbally broke into a Greenwood apartment. The woman who lived there was asleep in bed with her 1-year-old baby beside her. Her older child was asleep in another bedroom.

Shawn Corbally, who was armed with a knife, got on top of the sleeping woman and woke her up.

I can’t imagine the sheer terror she felt, waking up to a hellbeast with a knife who was threatening to hurt her baby if she didn’t cooperate or if she looked at his face.

Over a period of 2 hours that poor woman was forced to endure oral, vaginal and anal rape, some of it in the room with her baby sleeping right there. She was also forced to endure more sex acts outside on her patio.

I’m sure that throughout her ordeal she was terrified that she and her children would be killed. She knew Shawn Corbally was capable of great sadism — he even shoved the handle of the knife up her vagina.

By the time she finished enduring sex acts out on the patio the sun was coming up. She was able to get a look at the evil bastard’s face.

Shawn Corbally still wasn’t finished with his victim. He hauled her to a tree near a jogging trail and demanded oral sex. She could see that this was a relatively secluded area and was afraid that he would kill her and leave her body there.

Thank gawd the victim spotted a man nearby. She distracted the rapist by pointing out this potential witness, and then she ran for it. She ran to her apartment, locked the door and called the police.

At the hospital the victim was treated, examined and forensic samples were collected. Police now had the asshole rapist’s DNA. And they had more than that.

The victim was able to not only describe the rapist’s face, but also his tattoo of bricks on his arm.

Doncha just love it when perpetrators brand themselves with some stupid ass, easily identifiable tattoo?

Police tracked down the brick tattoo-bearing Shawn Corbally and arrested his pasty ass. They learned he’d been staying at a residence close to his victim’s apartment on the night of the rape. They discovered a duffle bag with cargo shorts inside — and guess whose DNA was on those shorts! Yup, his and his victim’s.

The victim handily picked out Shawn Corbally from a photo lineup. This bastard was well and truly caught.

Aside from the Greenwood rape, Shawn Corbally was also accused of sexually assaulting another Indianapolis woman in the laundry room of an apartment building. I can find no details about that assault.

Shawn Corbally was charged with Class A felony burglary resulting in bodily injury, Class A felony rape, 4 counts of Class A felony criminal deviate conduct and 2 counts of Class B felony criminal confinement.

In February 2013 a Johnson County jury found Shawn POS rapist Corbally guilty on all counts. Yay!

After hearing the verdict, Shawn the flaccid meatstick Corbally apologized, but not to the woman he had brutally raped.

“I apologize to my family for running their name through the mud,” he’d said.

I don’t think the victim much cared if he apologized to her or not. “I’m just glad cretins like this are off the streets,” the woman said afterward. “It was hard being in the same room with him, having him snarl at me. But I gave him daggers right back and smiled at him just now, thinking, ‘have fun.'”

The rancid rapist was handed plenty of time in prison to ‘have fun.’ The court imposed a total of 270 years in prison. Wow.

Shawn Corbally wasn’t pleased with his sentencing, so he appealed. In March 2014 the Court of Appeals of Indiana considered his appeal and concluded that Corbally is a threat to society but 270 years was way out of line. The Court then reduced his sentence to a grand total of 165 years.

I can live with the idea that this monstrous hellbeast will only serve 165 years. In fact, I can live with the idea that he might serve only half of his sentence before getting parole. Because he’ll be very, very dead by then.

The victim had said, “Glad I don’t have to worry about him coming back and killing me. He’s a convicted serial rapist.”

I’m glad too that Shawn Corbally will be stuck inside a prison until the day he dies. The women of Indiana can rest easier with this hellbeast off the streets.

I wish upon Shawn Lawrence Corbally decades and decades of misery. And for his victims I wish happy, safe and successful lives.

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9 Responses to Shawn Lawrence Corbally

  1. Aletheia says:

    … bricks? He went under the needle because he wanted his skin to be permanently marked with … bricks? Was he trying to advertise he was as dumb as one, or something?

  2. moodymagic says:

    WOW! 165 years. I hope you enjoy every bit of your time there Corbally. Be careful in the shower. Watch out fore those slippery bars of soap and Bubba. Man I love this sentence. I feel very bad for the trauma the victims went thru and I wish them all well. Cleo thanks for bringing a smile to my face. 270 years too excessive so 165 years is ok. Awesome

  3. bengalpuss says:

    Actually, i think they were wrong to lower this piece of shites sentence, but i’d bring back the scaffold or the guillotine if i had my own way.

    • Supermom says:

      Bengalpuss, we do indeed think alike! So in saying that, I dont agree with lowering the sentence & since we haven’t quite got you into office yet, we will have to settle for what he did get & that is never seeing the light of day again. Unless its through prison walls!

  4. Jessice11 says:

    Gotta’ love Indiana! Sounds like a perfect trial to me! Now he can rot!

  5. Supermom says:

    I do hope the very best help is available to all the victims involved here. Where we fall, there is always room to rise above it!

  6. Rhonda says:

    I think victims who suffer like this should be able to sue whatever idiot/idiots involved were responsible for letting someone like that out. People who make disastrous decisions like that should be held accountable. In fact in some cases they should be charged with a crime/crimes as appropriate and then have to go before the family they wronged and apologize to both them and the court for their abysmal conduct.

  7. Myrthe says:

    Hahaha love how they reduced the sentence from 270 to 165 years. Hope he got all excited about leaving prison early but this is what he got ((: He wont ever be walking out of prison, and thats exactly what he deserves!

  8. HeavenLamb says:

    Does his daughter count as a Vic?

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