Shawn Bansfield

Shawn Bansfield

Current Mugshot (Toronto Police Services)

Crimes: Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference, Sexual Exploitation, Child Molestation, Pedophile

Canadian hellbeast Shawn Bansfield is a bad man. He knows he’s a bad man which is why he uses the names Rene Shawn Bansfield, Shawn Rene St. Denis-Bansfield, Justin Michael Ryan, Ryan Windover, Justin Michael Bansfield, Justin Rene, Shawn St. Denis, and Rene Mansfield. Make no mistake — whichever name he’s using he’s a bad man.

Shawn Bansfield is a convicted sex offender who has just been released from prison. He could be living in Toronto, Ontario, so please, people of Toronto, keep an eye out for this pedophile hellbeast.

Shawn Bansfield used to be an escort agency operator in Kingston, Ontario. He admitted to pimping out his own wife and his young stepdaughter. He admitted to molesting boys aged 4 to 17 years old. He has literally dozens of criminal convictions to his credit, including for sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual exploitation.

Sickeningly, for Shawn Bansfield’s first 49 convictions he’d never been sentenced to more than a year in prison! Justice in Canada can really suck sometimes.

The first serious sentence Shawn Bansfield was given was in March 2004. For 3 sexual abuse offences and charges of keeping a common bawdy house he was handed a sentence of 8 years 4 months, plus 3 years probation.

The judge at the time said, “If not incorrigible, he’s a sociopath and remains a present danger.” Very true then, very true now.

And now that he’s a free man once again, Shawn Bansfield is prohibited from being around children. Big deal. Every time he’s released he’s prohibited from being around children but that just hasn’t stopped him.

Back in 2001, when he was released from Kingston Penitentiary and relocated to Toronto, he was found with two 16-year-old boys and one 10-year-old boy. He was charged with sexually assaulting them, forcibly confining them, and administering a noxious substance to them.

Back in 2007, when he was released yet again, he fled Toronto for Montreal with a woman and her 2 boys, aged 10 and 6. Police had to conduct a frantic manhunt for him out of fear for the children’s safety.

Shawn Bansfield

Earlier Mugshot (Toronto Police Services)

So here we are in 2014, and Shawn Bansfield, now 58, is on the loose again. Toronto Police have issued a public warning about him — a wise move IMO. Sadly the police are unable to say precisely where in Toronto this hellbeast is expected to reside.

Shawn Bansfield has been banned from daycare centres, school grounds, playgrounds, arcades, public swimming pools, and public parks where children are likely to be.

Additionally, Shawn Bansfield has been ordered to not enter into an intimate relationship, live with or marry anyone who is the parent of an underaged child until that person is identified to Toronto Police.

Please, if anyone knows of Shawn Bansfield breaking any of these conditions call 416-808-7474 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477.

This dangerous sexual offender is described as brown, 5’11” tall, with a pockmarked face and a scar over his left eyebrow. He looks fairly heavy in his latest photo.

People of Toronto, please keep your eyes out for this monster. Young boys are not safe around him. He’s predatory and dangerous, and nothing other than incarceration has curbed his criminal behavior.

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20 Responses to Shawn Bansfield

  1. bengalpuss says:

    I will never understand why they let them out of prison, knowing that he is dangerous and will probably re-offend? that just blows my mind that. They cannot be cured these nonces, either castrate them or keep them in prison, its the only way to be sure.

    • Cherie Crevier says:

      I know one of your victims you son of bitch(sean). I would be happy to go to prison for personally adjusting your shit the way I see fit. Nothing I can print publicly. Let me tell you prick, not that you care, you destroyed my friend and you are way beyond rehabilitation. You deserve nothing more than to completely suffer terribly!! You sick fuckin coward, preying on children!! You will get yours. You better pray to the devil I don’t ever find you!! They put down pitbull but not filth like you!? Shit has to change! I dare you to step foot in Oshawa!! Fuckin dare you!!!?

    • Cherie Crevier says:

      I seriously need to find this guy. My dear friend has been suffering since this filth got a hold of him. You can’t cure these pigs. I have no sympathy for their problems or if they were born that way! I just can’t even believe this shit! Where the fuck is he lurking?! Why isn’t someone monitoring this creep? You can bet I’m looking and I won’t stop. When I find you, you will cry like the little bitch you are and pray for death!

    • Cherie Crevier says:

      I’m beyond sick over this creep. I’m looking for him and he won’t be in control then. I will never stop looking

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Where’s his face tattoo? This sneaky bastard needs one. He uses all those different names because he wants to fool women into letting him around their sons. If he had a perv tattoo on his face he’d be easy to spot and avoid. Why can’t the penal system mark them up before they release them especially if they know they’re high risk to reoffend? Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not in charge because I’d make that a rule.

    • James whitmore says:

      I was the kids Sean took and confined when I was just a child I am 32 as of a week ago and still fucked up because of the trama I suffered as a youth myself being james whitmore and my friend Justin pots I have not seen him in a long time but he is probably messed up today as well if any one needs to talk about this man I’m at [email protected] or 604 505 4657 call if you need to know things about Sean I spent five years of my life with him as a confused child I tell you peapole he suckers children in by spending money on them so much that they deal obligated to please him in any way

      • Bengalpuss says:

        James I’m so sorry you had. To go thru all that abuse at the hands of that bastard, lets hope that hell is as bad as they say and this cunt ends up there roasting his balls off. Your a survivor and should be proud of yourself for wanting to help other victims of this pig, I hope you continue to heal, take care.

      • Cherie Crevier says:

        I am so sorry. I know one of his victims and am so angry about this creep! Don’t let him rule your life anymore. He will get his!!

  3. 2cute says:

    With all the offences he’s committed, including all the sexual offences, he should be locked up forever. Why do they keep letting him out? Isn’t there some way in Canada to keep predators like this in prison?

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Unfortunately 2cute, in canada and the uk, these lumps of shite have a thing called “human rights” I know it’s insane, but the governments of these 2 countries need to grow a pair of bollocks. The victims human rights tend to get pushed to one side, which is crazy, they are the innocent ones, surely their human rights should come first, america doesn’t mess about when it comes to sentencing bastards like this.

    • james says:

      dear bulldoggie i am the kid sean and nichole pimoed out myself and my5 brothewr justin pots my very best childhood friend both of our liofes are scarred vecause of sean and nichole and his friend leo st sinclare he started by paying myself to prostitute with older woman then it bACAME WITH MEN BY SUPRISE usually bad men by force the first couple times if you want too know more ,yu number is 604 505 4657 i left ontario to hide fromew him and people asociated with him i even jumped bail asnd came out west leaving multiple warrents for my arrest yah ni ruined my life to ghert away from this guy you are the first person i have told about this in years i am thirty now and still runniong from my home town because of this guy and his wife nichole and his daqughter michelle they arte all creeps i was 12 sleeping with michell when she was 26 well hey call and we will discuss this fuck if you wanna know more or if any police are reading this and need help with putting this fuck away i did once and i will again before any other thirteen year old boy get to the point where in there mind it is ok for a 55 year old man to have sex with them because thats exactly how he is he brainwashes boys woith expencive cars and cloths trips to stouffvill ont to the markets for shopping sprees and after thast its to his friend leos a male black nurse in stouffvill living in a small apartment with a roomate named dawn also male and gay that raviush young boys from behiond without premmission (personally a victin and can prove it with the multipull stich marks ) so if you or your friend people comes across sean be carefull he is smart manipulative and charming to both sexes he like s girls to be carefull kids and use my number if you need advice to get away from this guy thnx and goodbyy sean if its you reading this im thirty two now and if i ever see you with a child again ill take it in my OWN HANDS AND DO THIRTY TO SAVE A YOUNG KIDS LIFE SO BE AWARE IM ALWAYS AWARE LEAVE YOUNG BOYS ALONE YOU PHYSCO

  4. MoodyMagic says:

    You are right bulldoggy were are the face tattoos for these monsters.

  5. James whitmore says:

    Sean should be considered a dangerous offender and locked away for good

  6. Cherie Crevier says:

    I’m seething now. My friend just informed me of this creep. He was a victim. His life is in turmoil still. I wanna know where this fuck is hiding and piece of shit friends. This has to stop! Ppl get put away for longer for fraud for goodness sake!!!

  7. Cherie Crevier says:

    Anyone heard anything about this degenerate?! I am on a mission to wreck him!! One of his victims is my close friend who I love dearly. I can’t forget this. I won’t let it go! Does anyone know how to track ppl down? I’m new to this. Someone needs to stand up for his prey and future victims! I’d love to be alone with him and his scank girlfriend for 5min. Let’s see who would be the victim then!!!

  8. Brad says:

    I found Sean Bansfield. I’m living in a men’s shelter in Toronto he’s here under the same roof I have to sleep in at 16 Vaughn road. The place is called na-me-res. I recently found out about this information and did my research and found out what kinda monster this guy is. My heart goes out to the victims and there families. I have caught him in the internet talking to young boys. The shelter officially can’t do anything because the don’t have his conditions.. which already puts him in breach for not reporting his where abouts. I can’t sleep nights… I called the police and newspaper and am doing so again tomorrow in effects to bring him back to the public eye. I’m doing this, very much alone as so far I have been stone walled by all authorities to date. I am going to take this fight to the it’s conclusion, whenever whatever it takes. I know this means little to those already effected by this . I plan on going around the area which is populated with daycares, schools parks and a ice cream shop right beside the men’s shelter and flyer the area in hopes to bring this to the light of day. I hope I can update this post with results. … I have yet to make my move in hopes to gather more evidence and support. But I can no longer stand idle. I will also leave a mesg with the editor of this site in hopes to gather any crucial advice that they or the people involved can offer.

    • Brad says:

      Update: Today I was to take a Peer Mentor group at a Public Health training center. As part of a course provided by the Shelter previous mentioned. I was informed that Shawn or Renee as he is known here was to attend this Class as well… I was furious!!
      Because as todate nobody has publicly outted him for the depraved person he truly is. I have sat back and watch him grow bold in his new banner as Renee….earning people’s trust and look like a upstanding citizen as far as to try to get appointed in leadership rolls.
      I refused to go to the class if he was going. And stated my intention to call the police one more time before publicly outting his misdeads as enough was enough. They finally agreed it was time to take further steps with the law. They told me they would go to the police after dropping me. And only me at the trianning center. And so they did. As I arrive and about to go in “Renee Mansfield” and his now overly bloated stomach in his same stained shirt he wears day in day out, shows up. And then sits beside me…..
      I got all of 3 minutes into the Class as my blood boilid to the point . Here is this man sitting here beside me atepting to take a Peer mentoring group. Trying to blend in. I stopped the class and stood up and point at that man and Outted him in front of some 20 student adults and two public health workers. I told them what little I could before my emotions forced me too storm out in fear of a further more extreme reaction.

      • Brad says:

        Update: I left after explaining myself to those who worked there and Renee called and discharged from the shelter. I had to act the cops were too slow to do so, but now are actively involved. I have done what little I could and am only mildly content with his expulsion. but fear that they will be able to keep track of his where abouts. But Mens Shelters should be first to be informed. I am drained from experience. And can offer little in the was of solace, yet these few words

        “The people we hate either don’t know or don’t care so life’s greatest revenge is simply to live well”
        And please above all elea
        Keep something inside you that fules the light to keep the darkness of the wicked at bay and never stop fighting that good fight wherever you may find it…..

    • momof3canada says:

      Holy crap i used to live on that street..

  9. James whitmore says:

    Hey this is James again anyone who wants to find Sean can look in Kingston Rideau Hightstown or in stuff Villegas Ontario at a nurses place named Leo st Hilary he is a nurse at a old folks home there in Stoneville watch your young boy everyone around him he like s them ages 10 to 15 I was 12 turning thirteen when I met Sean Nichole and his daughter michelle

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