Sharon Hinojosa

Hellbeast Sharon Hinojosa
Crime: Murder

I know I am not the first to write about Sharon Hinojosa of Huron Township, MI, but she definitely belongs on this site. She is a demonic bitch from hell and has indubitably earned her spot on

Sharon Hinojosa had man trouble. Apparently a lot of her trouble with men was with keeping them happy. She had 4 children by 4 different guys but was unable to trap any of the fathers into a permanent relationship with her. Maybe it was the yelling and fighting, maybe it was the drama and the trauma, but Sharon Hinojosa’s men didn’t stick around very long.

In October 2009 Sharon Hinojosa and her latest boyfriend, Justin Whisler, were in the death throes of their relationship. The situation was getting uglier and uglier.

Sharon the bitch Hinojosa had had a baby by Justin Whisler, a darling little boy named Aiden.

Hinojosa familyBeing the mother of his baby didn’t tie Justin Whisler to Sharon any more than it did with the other men in her life. Justin had already found another love interest and was trying to evict her and the children from his mobile home in Huron Estates in Huron Township. FYI, that’s not too far from Detroit, Michigan.

Being dumped yet again, did Sharon Hinojosa finally do some introspective thinking? Did she take a personal inventory to figure out why she couldn’t tie a man down? Did she contemplate her personal strengths and weaknesses and her own culpability in the failure of all her relationships? Did she come to any conclusions about her strategy of having baby after baby? Did she resolve to be a single mom and to do the very best she could for her children?

Ummm, no. Sharon Hinojosa got no further than blaming the children for this latest impending breakup.

Sharon the beast confided in several people that she loved Justin Whisler but he just didn’t want her kids. She asked a couple of women what they’d do if their boyfriends didn’t want their children.

Riiight, Justin Whisler was dumping her because he didn’t want her kids, not because she’s a raging hellbitch on steroids.

Anthony and AlaynaNow Sharon POS Hinojosa’s oldest child, Erin, lived with her father, so the children remaining were Justin’s own baby boy Aiden, and 3-year-old Alayna and 4-year-old Anthony. All of them were just so lovable and darling and cute!

If Justin Whisler succeeded in turfing Sharon the she-devil from his mobile home, she’d have to find someplace for herself and the 3 kiddies to live. She’d have to start all over and try to find another penis to live with. Possible, but not easy with 3 wee ones in tow.

Nah, it would be much more preferable for Sharon not to have to bother. She didn’t want to break up with Justin anyway. She “loved” him too much!

Hmmmm, what’s a hellbitch to do?

Apparently not hand the children over to the loving embraces of family members. No, because that’s not what hellbeasts do. And Sharon Hinojosa is a hellbeast by nature. She thought up a totally different and hellish solution to her boyfriend problem.

Which brings us to the night of October 9, 2009. Sharon’s neighbours, Joseph and Misty Dickes heard screaming up and down the street around 3:15 a.m. Joseph Dickes ran outside and saw that the Whisler home was ablaze.

And where was the beast Sharon Hinojosa? Why, she was in standing in front of her car yapping away on her cellphone to Justin Whisler.

Now Joseph Dickes didn’t panic at first because he assumed that everyone was safely out of the burning structure. Sharon Hinojosa was outside, and baby Aiden was too. But … where were the kids, those adorable kids he and Misty would babysit?

Joseph Dickes approached Sharon Hinojosa and asked her directly where Anthony and Alayna were. She told him then that they were still in the house, that she “couldn’t wake them up.”

That’s right, Sharon Hinojosa got herself and the baby out, but left the other two children inside the inferno.

Whisler mobile homeWell, panic and a heroic streak took hold of Joseph Dickes. He tried immediately to enter the burning building but the smoke forced him back out. That’s when he and 2 other neighbours began smashing windows.

I gotta say, those are the kinds of neighbours everyone should have. Heroic, selfless people who would risk all to save lives.

And where was Sharon Hinojosa the hellbitch while those wonderfully brave people were trying to rescue her little ones? Why she was still yapping on the phone to Justin. Not joining in the rescue efforts. And certainly not bothering to tell those heroic rescuers that the children’s bedrooms were on the OTHER side of the house.

Joseph Dickes screamed in every broken window for the children.

“The only thing I could think of is that they are not dead yet; we’re still trying to get them out,” he said.

They wasted 10 minutes, so he figured, on the wrong side of the mobile home. Those were 10 minutes they desperately needed to get Anthony and Alayna out.

Joseph Dickes was frantic to save the children. He stood on a chair and crawled halfway through a bedroom window, cutting his stomach as he did so. A neighbour held onto his feet.

Joseph Dickes screamed for the children to come to him but right away flames had taken over the bedroom, flared above his head and even singed his hair. The neighbour holding his feet pulled him out to safety.

Joseph Dickes could hear the children screaming and pounding for about a minute and a half after that. It must have seemed like an eternity in hell to know that those little darlings were burning to death, screaming in pain and terror with nobody able to save them.

And then it was all over. The house was gone, the children were gone, all ashes and embers.

Justin Whisler arrived at the scene and I can’t imagine what he was feeling. Sharon had told him on the phone that someone was breaking into their home and that someone had firebombed his house … his uninsured house.

Not surprisingly, Whisler and the bitch began arguing at the scene. A firefighter overheard what they were saying.

“She said something like, ‘Don’t worry. I saved your kid.'”

Huron Police Detective Jonathan Betterdorf and Lt. Scott Carey hauled Sharon Hinojosa in for questioning about the fatal fire.

The first story she told them was that somebody, some mystery person knocked on the door and then she smelled smoke.

That story didn’t satisfy the police, so the second story was that she might have flicked a cigarette and it maybe landed on some chemicals.

Yeah, so much more believable. Her cigarette landed on chemicals. Riiight.

So the third story Sharon the hellbeast Hinojosa told was that she had used tiki oil to burn a picture and maybe it spilled near a trash can by the front door.

Trouble with all these stories is that an accelerant was found throughout the mobile home. The house went up in flames because of arson.

But there were more stories. The morning after the fire Sharon Hinojosa phoned up a relative to say that Whisler had shot the children! WTF?

And Sharon POS Hinojosa must have figured that the police didn’t believe her bullshit worth spit so she tried to convince them that Justin Whisler was responsible for the fire and her children’s deaths.

That’s right, she was now blaming the very man she sacrificed her children for. The man whose penis she couldn’t live without so that she burned her children alive. The man who didn’t even want her any more.

The police did question Justin Whisler and cleared him.

They couldn’t clear Sharon the monster mother Hinojosa because as she was waiting in the police station she’d scribbled some interesting notes on some paper.

Sharon Hinojosa“Mommy’s little love bugs. I love you so very much. I am so sorry I did … Alayna and Anthony, I am so sorry for this. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. I did wrong … I am so sorry for that I have done.”

Sounds like a confession to me. And to the police too. They arrested her sorry ass that very day.

A couple of days before her arraignment on charges of felony murder, arson and 2nd-degree murder, Sharon the POS monstrosity Hinojosa drank rubbing alcohol, possibly in an attempt to kill herself or possibly to garner sympathy. She had to be hospitalized and, as with most hellbeasts, she pulled through.

Prosecutors didn’t wait for her to get out of hospital before arraigning her on the charges. If she’d wanted their sympathy, she’d obviously failed.

“As a mother, it is extremely distressing to think of innocent children screaming out as their bodies burned in the fire,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said at a press conference when she announced the charges. “This should send chills up the spine of every person. I can’t imagine the abject horror of the last seconds of their young lives.”

Sharon HinojosaAnd so after more than 2 years of preliminary court proceedings the murderous mom finally went to trial on November 1, 2011.

All through the trial Sharon Hinojosa cried and cried. I am fairly confident that most of those tears were for herself and not for the babies she burned to death.

On November 9th, 2011 a jury deliberated for 2 whole hours before finding the hellbitch Sharon Hinojosa, 31, guilty of felony murder and arson.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Daniel Hathaway sentenced the child killer to life in prison, a sentence that she so rightly deserves.

Judge Hathaway said when sentencing her that her acts “constituted a complete betrayal of what being a mother stands for.”

Sharon Hinojosa just had to speak up and what she said angered many, including the grieving grandmothers.

“You think you’re mourning?” she addressed the family members in the court, “I’m in mourning too.”

Riiight. Mourning for what, I wonder? For the lost children? Or for the lost relationship? Or for her lost freedom?

Alayna’s grandma Denise Jones said in a TV interview afterward it was cowardly for the killer to “disregard these children like a bag of garbage.”

Cowardly, yes, and selfish and pathological. Sharon Hinojosa is a hellbeast and hopefully after suffering for decades in prison she will find herself suffering for eternity in hell.

RIP Anthony and Alayna.

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27 Responses to Sharon Hinojosa

  1. MoodyMagic says:

    What a monster. How could she let those sweet children BURN TO DEATH. What a coward. Those poor neighbours how they must have suffered that night listening to the sounds of those poor kids screams as they burned alive. Hinojosa does not even deserve all the prison comforts. She now does have a place to live for life. I hope everyday is hell for her. Suffer long and hard

  2. 2cute says:

    Those poor babies! The agony and the terror they must have gone through tears my heart out! At least their murderer is in prison forever not like that Canadian killer Louie who may get out after 18 years for murdering his 2 children.

    All child killers though should get the death penalty. As to her “suicide” attempt, has anyone else noticed that these murderers are so much more successful at killing others than they are at killing themselves? Instead of drinking rubbing alcohol Hinojosa should have set herself on fire so that even if she survived she’d know what she put her babies through.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Why wasn’t she charged with first degree murder. She obviously planned the murder of her children. The eldest child was lucky to live with her father otherwise she also would’ve died with her sibling’s. She also should have been given the death penalty. 2cute is right, any body that murders a child should be given the death penalty. What a fucking waste of skin this Whore Is, she killed her children just so she wouldn’t lose the latest prick. But the irony was that he wasn’t even remotely interested in her, and even while her two children were burning to death and a neighbour risked his life to try and save those toddlers, she was on the phone to the babies father saying “Don.t worry i saved your baby” The horrible fucking cunt, i hope she’s had a real good welcome by her new friends in jail, because child killers don.t get a warm reception, i hope they make her lick some carpet its the least she deserves the fucking whore.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Whoops, didn.t know that, thanks cleo. So where does the second degree murder come into play? And do you know anything about what happened to the baby, is he with the father or in foster care? And why do they have the second degree murder alongside felony murder cleo?

    • cleo says:

      I think the 2nd-degree murder was added to cover all the bases, just in case the jury didn’t find her guilty of felony murder. The baby was placed in foster care right after his monster mom’s arrest and last I heard his father and his grandmother were both asking for custody. I don’t know who he’s living with right now.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Makes sense. Its like when someone has killed a few people but they only prosecute for one and hold the other ones back just in case they happen to either get a jury that Aquitt Or a judge thats lenient, then they can use the other murders. I just hope that baby gets to have a good life, but by the easy way the father could create children not give a shit then move onto another woman and have children with her, makes me think if he’s bringing the child up then i don.t think the child will have a stable and consistent life. I pray im wrong and hope the child is loved and gets the best opportunities but im cynical.

    • TakuroSpirit says:

      Maybe after the other children burning to death he reassessed his priorities. Or maybe not, but that had to have been a huge wake up call. Life is short, could have been his, he knew them, etc.

      This is some of the most fucked up upsetting shit I’ve ever read and I’ve been reading sites like this one almost daily for years. I’ve heard of this woman before, obviously, but this article really brought home the total horror of the situation. They should maybe douse her in rubbing alcohol and see if she ignites when they put a match to her.

  6. ashl33 says:

    Somebody in prison should offer her a cigarette and accidentally set her on fire instead. This creature shouldn’t be allowed to live a comfortable life in prison while her babies are dead in their graves.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    I still can.t get over how any mother could deliberately start a fire, and while her kids were dying she was on the phone to her ex boyfriend. You have to be pure evil to kill your children.

  8. Trace says:

    The bitch shouldn’t be allowed to live. Burning at the stake, right BengalPuss29? Those poor little ones waking up to the smoke and heat, screaming for their mom who never came, hiding in their rooms, seeing the flames shooting towards them, hearing the neighbours calling for them, flinching from the scorching heat, coughing from the suffocating smoke, and finally feeling their flesh burn. Yeah, the bitch needs to die.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Trace i want this bitch to die in the most horrible way possible. Burning at the stake is good, i like that one, we could even toast Marshmellows In the fire as the bitch is burning. Or throw a couple of potatoes wrapped in baking foil for jacket potatoes, just to show how much were enjoying burning the fucker.

  10. Spock-71_ says:

    I’m sure the children who were killed in that fire are within the Lord’s grace now, because children who do not reach the age of accountability are rewarded with Eternal Life; Christ loves them all, as he loves all of us.
    As to this woman, if she does not accept the gift God gave to us (Christ’s death and resurrection) for the forgiveness of sin, then she will go to the home of Satan and his demons (the Lake of Fire). That gift of God is available to all of us, for not one of us is righteous or deserving of Heaven according to God’s Word; it’s only by God’s GRACE (through faith) that we can obtain it. I hope you all indeed do that, as I hope this woman does that, before it’s too late.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Are you being serious or is this a joke. Now correct me if im wrong but why did god let these children suffer, why didn.t he send a ray of fire from heaven and smoke that fucker of a mother. Now im sorry to be a non believer, but reading articles like on this site make me slightly cynical of god. Your comment was interesting but i feel if there is a god well then why are little children suffering?

      • elle1272 says:

        Don’t apologize for being a nonbeliever. It’s not a fault but rather the triumph of reason and logic over illogical nonsensical beliefs. If there is a god that chooses to let children and good people suffer then that’s a god I can and do live without.

    • Hopeless Pedantic says:

      You don’t know that. You made that up, the whole fairy tale of what god thinks or judges: that’s all you. Your ideas, from your mind. You invented this particular god and made up characteristics and a narrative, like little girls playing with their dolls.

      The god of the bible is a notorious childkiller, smiting and wiping out first-born sons and sending forty wolves to attack some kids for making fun of a guy’s beard.

      Unlike your pathetic wimp of a heavenly father, Joseph Dickes actually bothered to try to save the kids.

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    Yay A voice of reason, thankyou elle1272, its not often that people agree with what im saying. Thats my sentiment’s, what sort of god would let his son suffer on a cross. And i don.t get he died for our sins? Can someone explain that one to me in laymans terms. Yes if this god exists then i don.t like him because he’s full of shit, for letting children get abused, murdered and raped, and animals suffer and he lets innocent people suffer, that sound’s like a fucked up god to me. You’d think that he wouldn’t let people suffer after he has millions groveling to him on a sunday morning in church, you’d think that would keep him sweet but noooo!!!so im not a believer in someone who can be cruel and let innocent people suffer.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Any religion that won’t let me spend eternity with my dogs is bullshit. My old Pete is waiting for me and my old Charlie will be waiting for me to join them in the afterlife. You can’t ever convince me animals don’t have souls. And you can’t ever convince me that murderous parents like this bitch and other twisted sickos do have souls and could somehow earn heaven.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Bulldoggy i think that your like me where your pets and animals are concerned. I love my cat and animals more than human beings and every time i see another article from cleo and i either see a picture of a puppy or just start reading and dogs are mentioned, i either psych myself up before reading it, or just read it and get damned pissed off. I hope that there is an afterlife but with all the crap that goes on in this world i wouldn’t like to put bets on there being one. How old is charlie and was pete the bulldog you had.

        • bulldoggy says:

          Pete was my old bulldog. Glorious fellow, full of personality. Handsome like me. Charlie is my terrier cross, brilliant fellow. Has me trained. He’s around 14 now.

          I just can’t fathom how anybody can think of harming animals, they must be sick twisted bastards, but with the half ass sentences what’s to stop them if they have no consciences.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    People that hurt animals are cowards, because most of the time the animal will be Cowering In a corner. What would be karma would be if someone was hurting the animal, if the animal turned around and savaged them. I really despise people that hurt animals, cowardly bastards.

  13. bethany says:

    I also lived across the street from this cockroach. Ppl moved out of neighborhood cuz they couldn’t bear to look across street. She deliberately led neighbors to wrong rooms of trailer. She did try to kill little baby afterwards cuz my 16 yr old neighbor took baby out of car that had some sort of cocktail in gas tank, and at that point car was melting on front end due to being so close to trailer. I tried to shelter my 6 yr old girls from the truth but unfortunately ppl talk where they shouldn’t and my girls learned the truth. I had to explain to them a mother doesn’t do that that the cockroach was sick in her brain and heart. It also hurt my heart watching my girls run arms outstretched to put stuffed animals in the driveway. That night crossed my mind so I was trying to look her up to c if they’ve mutilated her in prison but unfortunately I think it still breathes.

  14. bethany says:

    I lived across street from that trailer for 30 yrs, other than jack korvorkians visit some yrs ago this place has been quiet. I was under the understanding that the two fathers of the 3 and 4 yr old were already in the process of fighting for custody. I hate how family defended her saying she was outside playing with her kids all the time, she loved them. Well than y for however long she lived there did I never c them first time I seen them was pics on news! I was outside everyday with my girls cuz I didn’t let them out to play by themselves at 6 yrs old. Also to add horror (I’m sorry) those babies were buried together (despite law) because they were fused together arms around each other.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Seriously Bethany, they were fused together? The poor little angels must’ve been holding each other while dying, and that bitch of a monster was outside and more bothered about speaking to the ex boyfriend. Did she really think that she would get away with what she did? The irony is that her plan proper blew up in her face because she ended up without her boyfriend, without her children and without her freedom, stupid evil witch.

  15. Mindy says:

    Holy shit, Bethany – that’s terrible. Hoping you and your girls have recovered from the horror of being so near something so awful.

  16. Tom Daly says:

    Sharon is probably the most sickening excuse for a human being that I have ever seen. Letting her children be burned to death after her last piece of d**k dumped her? Well, I hope to God in heaven that she goes through the same suffering she put those little babies through. Maybe someone could make her wash in petrol and then “accidentally” set it on fire?!

  17. Erica says:

    Those 2 little babies were my neice and nephew. That bitch should rott and burn in hell them kids were 2 perfect angels. R.i.p my 2 little angels

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