Shannon Grant McCoole

Shannon McCoole
Crimes: Pedophile, Child Porn, Child Abuse

Australian Shannon Grant McCoole was the head administrator of a popular pedophile site. Alarmingly, shockingly, disgustingly, 45,000 people were members of that site. No wonder we seem to trip over pedophiles these days — there are a helluva lot of them out there!

These 45,000 pedophiles found lots of goodies on this dark web site — over 360,000 posts and 90,000 topics. To be a member, each one of those damned pedo pervs had to post “hard core pre-teen” child abuse videos or pics every month.

The pedo members were able to use Tor computer software to hide their true identity, making it nearly impossible for them to be traced.

On this horrific, disgusting site, there were different types of members. The most favoured were the producers — those evil hellbeasts who abused children on demand and posted new videos and pics every 2 weeks. They had to prove their material was original, so they displayed their user names on notes as they abused their victims.

This gawd awful site was known to international police organizations for a couple of years. Danish police had arrested a pedophile who turned out to be co-administrator of the secret pedo organization, and that started the investigative wheels turning.

Taskforce Argos was created to crack this secret pedo membership wide open. They knew an Australian was the administrator, but of course his identity was not readily discernable.

By having the co-administrator of the site in custody, Argos was able to move the computer server that hosted the site to Brisbane. They were also able to gain full access to every message posted by members. The pedophiles who frequented the site were happily oblivious to the fact that every word they wrote, and every photo and video they posted, were being scrutinized by police.

The problem for the police was that the true identities of the members couldn’t be traced. They had to look for clues in the messages and images themselves.

Very fortunately, the unknown Australian head administrator had a habit of using the salutation “hiyas”, a very uncommon greeting. The extremely clever Paul Griffiths, the Argos Identification Co-ordinator, caught that oddity, and began searching for that particular greeting online. He diligently scoured sites and forums on the Internet. He eventually narrowed down the possibilities until he pinpointed a Facebook page of a man from Adelaide, Australia. It had a photo of a four-wheel drive utility — with a license plate! Checking the registration the police got a name — Shannon McCoole.

Shannon McCooleArgos investigators checked the background of Shannon McCoole. They learned he was 32, single, and working for Families SA as a family care worker. He cared for vulnerable children at a government-run residential facility and out-of-school-hours care service.

OMG a family care worker! That meant this guy had unfettered access to children! South Australia’s Sex Crimes Investigation Branch lost no time in acting.

“[It was] almost panic stations at that point because he’s in a real position of control and access to children that we just can’t allow to continue at all,” said Paul Griffiths.

Within 4 days police were knocking on Shannon McCoole’s door. They arrested him immediately, and a search of his residence turned up metadata on a camera, a hard drive and a computer. This included 593 images and 57 videos of abuse against children.

Investigators also spotted a freckle on the pedo bastard’s finger that matched one in a child porn image. The police had got their man!

Taskforce Argos ultimately rescued scores of abused children and arrested a number of pedophiles around the globe. Kudos to those brilliant investigators! They did a job that would have torn me apart. Looking at one photo of a child being raped would sicken me, yet those investigators had to document tens of thousands of images.

I doubt that all 45,000 members will be exposed and arrested, but I’ll bet they’re pissing their pants now, waiting for the knock on the door.

But let’s get back to Shannon McCoole. He had, of course, posted his own photos and videos on the pedo website. Following the rules, he had included handwritten notes to prove they were all taken by him.

From those videos and photos, the investigators ascertained that Shannon McCoole had sexually abused 7 children. The victims included boys and girls aged between 18 months and 3 years. Most of those poor kids were in state care and had come from situations of neglect and harm.

Shannon McCoole was in deep, deep shit. Running a pedophile network carries a maximum penalty of 25 years, and that doesn’t include all the child raping he did.

The pedo perv bastard ultimate pled guilty to 18 charges of unlawful sexual intercourse, gross indecency, aggravated indecent assault, and production, dissemination and possession of child exploitation material.

Upon pleading guilty, Shannon McCoole supplied to the court his (self-serving) apology. I’ve included it below.

I’d like to apologise to my victims first. I’m sorry for what I have done. I have failed you in your time of need and I broke your trust, I took advantage of your need for a role model. I should have been the person protecting you, but instead I gave in to my urges and failed you. I hope you are getting the help you need to move past what I have done. My actions were inexcusable. I will never forgive myself for failing you or forget the damage and pain I have caused in your life. I would do anything to take it back.

I would also like to apologise to the victims’ families. I did not take the job with the intention of hurting your children. I lied to myself believing that I had control of my disorder and put myself in a position I now know I never should have. I’m sorry I let my problem affect you. I cannot imagine the pain I have caused you. I’m sorry I was not a better person and that I abused your children.

I’d also like to apologise to my former workmates and staff at Nanny SA, I know I deceived the staff at Families SA and that my actions have affected all staff at both organisations. I have deceived and hurt children you cared for. Please do not let my failings affect the passion and good work you do. I’m sorry my actions have traumatised you. I was not thinking about the impact my crimes would have on my victims or you and I hate myself for what I have done. I have seen the pain I have caused you and I will never forgive myself. My fear and being rejected and being alone stopped me getting help and now it’s too late. I also want to thank you (his parents) for your support and honesty. I wish I had been a better son.

I also want to apologise to society, the police and the courts. What I have done has impacted the wider community, forced the police to have to view and be affected by my crimes and costs the court’s time and money.

It’s hard to understand or explain how I could commit these crimes, even to myself. I hate what I am and I hate what I have done. I made choices when I was lonely and heavily depressed that led me to associating with others like me. I found that when I first found people online who understood the loneliness and hate I had for myself, I felt that I was not as alone as I first thought. I had found people who understood my attraction. They made me feel normal, the more I talked to others, the more I justified my attraction to myself. Through the website I thought I was helping others like me when I was really hurting children in the image and videos. I became more isolated and spent more and more time online. I surrounded myself with people who justified the exploitation of children and I became one of them. I thought I had control of myself after not having given in to my attraction. I had worked with children for several years and never given in to my attraction.
The passion I have developed about the care of children and helping them with recovering or dealing with trauma makes it a lot harder to accept what I have done but it is what helped me to try and stop abusing the children and leave the internet activities I was a part of. Having seen the damage I have had to acknowledge what I have done to my victims’ lives and I will never forgive myself for it. I would do anything to take it all back.

It has been hard for me and my family trying to deal with the media attention and the comments labelling me a monster and that I should be executed. I believe I am a better person than who I was when I committed the crimes, I know that I will never harm another child and the help I am receiving will help prevent me from being the person I was when I committed the offences.

This is my chance to do the right thing — I owe it to myself, my family, and especially my victims. I’ll never forgive myself for what I have done and I’m sorry I hurt so many people.

At sentencing, Shannon McCoole told the court that he had stopped himself sexually abusing children after seeing the impact on some of the children in his care who were sexually abused by another pedo.

“After working with them for nine months … they had become good kids and then two weeks after they moved back home they were abused by a random person again,” he said.

“It was when I made the decision to never ever do it again.” Riiiight.

The apology didn’t pluck at Judge Paul Rice’s heartstrings. He told Shannon McCoole that he had “no moral compass” and that his crimes were “evil and depraved”.

“You have to live with self-inflicted infamy,” said the judge. “The impact on most of the children is not in the past, it is in the present and ongoing.”

The judge continued, “The nature of the offending was depraved and sickening in the extreme.”

On August 26, 2015 Judge Rice sentenced Shannon Grant McCoole to 35 years in prison, of which he’ll have to serve 28 years before he becomes eligible for parole.

Judge Rice also took Families SA to task, saying they had “failed with disastrous consequences”. Yeah, I’d say hiring a predatory pedophile was disastrous. On the plus side, apparently, a royal commission has implemented several measures to better ensure the safety of the children in care.

“We have tightened the recruitment and screening process for prospective staff and strengthened oversight of residential care facilities,” said Education Department chief executive Tony Harrison. “Candidates for residential care positions now undergo a comprehensive psychological assessment process during recruitment, which includes a face-to-face interview with a registered psychologist. Specialist oversight teams are conducting around 500 scheduled and random visits of residential care facilities each month.”

Here’s hoping the new measures will prevent another pedophile from gaining employment as a child carer in Australia.

I wish the victims all the best in the future. I hope and pray that they are now in nurturing, safe circumstances with all the therapy and support they need to grow up to be happy people.

I wish the members of Taskforce Argo all the best as well. They must be incredible people to do what they do.

I wish the 45,000 pedophiles who frequented the child porn site a lifetime of fear and sleepless nights as they await the arrival of police at their door.

I wish Shannon Grant McCoole a lifetime of loneliness and rejection. He chose an occupation that allowed him access to children with the intent to defile and abuse them. He, like almost all pedophiles, put his sexual urges ahead of everything and everyone else. For that he deserves to rot in prison. article
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11 Responses to Shannon Grant McCoole

  1. MoodyMagic says:

    Mcoole you need to rot in prison for ever. You sick freak. Your apology letter was crap and glad the Judge thought so. The taskforce you are amazing for having to go thru all the horrible documentation of all those abused children. kudos. To all the poor victims I wish yo all the best.

  2. Andrew Sexton says:

    See, this is why I’m not a cop. I would have shot the bastard, be damned the consequences. It would have saved government money, time and would be considered a public service. I would have done it for free.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    These nonce’s are sly fuckers, they always gain employment where they can aquire victims. This bastard isn’t sorry he’s only sorry he was caught, that judge didn’t fuck about sentencing this cunt did he? We need more judges like him. As for nonce boy i hope he gets his arse ripped inside out in jail lol

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is a Massive Improvement upon a Pantomime Suspended Sentence
    as is the Case all too Often in one particular Country.

    Child Abuse is Pure Evil

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    There is no hell hot enough for those who destroy children.

  6. John Muhleisen says:

    This piece of shit deserves to fuckin suffer terribly. Fuckin disgusting what he did, sexually abusing very young children, one of which was only 18 months old.

    Absolutely fuckin disgusting, what the fuck is wrong with these sick pieces of shit, how can anyone enjoy having sex with little children and babies.

    Fuck this cunt, I would love to get my hands on him and I would love to fuckin beat the shit out of him and torture him and kill him.

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Revolting what this Monster Done.

    Appalling that Federal Government Stopped Individual States from
    having the Death Penalty

    Child Abuse Warrants the Death Penalty and that is what the Government
    of the Commonwealth of Australia Needs to do For Murder Rape Child Abuse
    and Animal Abuse

  8. Blissxx23 says:

    This is so sad.
    Honestly if I could devote a lifetime to putting each of these people through the most unimaginable torture, I would.
    I have so much respect for the guys who make it their duty to hunt these people down.. Because I wouldn’t have it in me.
    I think after the first day of seeing the filth that’s out there I could want to end my life completely :(

    • BeenThere says:

      You wouldn’t end your life. Why? Seeing the crap first hand, it made me stronger and I fought for the victims. Of course it heartbreaking and you cry. Wipe away the tears and go back to work.
      You my friend have a heart..

  9. Waity says:

    This guy had already been investigated for misconduct and ended up getting a promotion well before the police intervened. The South Australian government is a basket case. Soft on drugs, soft on crime.

    The Families SA child abuse telephone hotline has an average waiting time of 5 hours. Use the online reporting system and wait 4-6 weeks for a response!

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