Shane Thompson

Hellbeast Shane Thompson
Crime: Animal Abuse

Shane Thompson, 22, of Boca Raton, Florida, is a skeevy dog killing hellbeast. And who did he kill? His own 1-year-old 3-legged dog/wolf cross named Moonshine, that’s who.

On October 7, 2012, Shane chickenshit bully Thompson took his pet’s body to Cole Animal clinic in Boca Raton to have him cremated. Yeah, it’s easy to kill a dog but not so easy to hide the corpse!

Shane the brutal bastard Thompson told the vet that poor Moonshine had suffered from a seizure and died.

The vet who examined the body found bruised ears and a bloody snout. There was food trapped in the throat so Moonshine possibly choked to death.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control got a tip from one of Shane Thompson’s acquaintances that poor Moonshine had died a horrible death from abuse.

Not surprisingly the animal control investigators were already familiar with Shane Thompson and the dog. They had been called to the bastard’s apartment twice since February 2012.

Neighbours on both occasions complained that the puppy was heard yelping in pain. The poor baby!

When the investigators responded to the complaints, the dog seemed unhurt and not scared, so they issued Shane Thompson a warning. They could not legally remove the dog unless they found evidence of injuries or fear.

And now Moonshine was dead. After receiving the tip Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control investigators recovered his body from Cole Animal clinic for examination. Sure enough, Moonshine had been beaten multiple times and had suffered multiple fractures and bruises.

Why the hell does anybody do that to an animal? I’m thinking Shane Thompson is one nasty, sadistic sonofabitch. He beat that poor animal multiple times! He broke his bones! He choked him to death!

And BTW, just how did the one-year-old dog/wolf cross lose that leg? I have to wonder if that poor beastie had suffered abuse for most of his short life.

Investigators interviewed the chickenshit meatstick’s roommate and friends, and all reported they’d seen Shane Thompson abuse the poor animal in the name of discipline. He’d even bitten off a chunk of Moonshine’s ear!

Now I don’t care that Shane the shitstain Thompson gets his thrills performing in gay porn movies (his stage name is Jason Creed). I do care that Shane the meatstick Thompson gets his thrills from torturing and abusing and killing a helpless pet. And I very much care that the justice he faced was totally inadequate.

In November 2012 Shane POS dog killer Thompson pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty. He could have been handed a 5-year sentence and a lifetime ban from owning an animal. He wasn’t.

I cannot understand what the judge could have been thinking. Shane the sadistic bastard was sentenced to only 3 months in prison followed by 3 years probation. And after that the hellbeast will be permitted to have another dog!

I cannot find the name of this very lenient judge. I wish I could put a name to the judge who was responsible for such a piddly ass sentence.

The director of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, Dianne Sauve, wasn’t impressed by the sentence.

“I believe the prosecutors work very hard for us. But this is a case I am really disappointed in. I certainly think that three months is laughable,” said Ms Sauve. “It is disgraceful that a man can beat a dog to death and only get 3 months jail…bloody shop lifters would get more!”

Ms Sauve likewise finds the prospect of Shane the sadistic animal killer Thompson owning more pets “totally unacceptable”.

“I’m starting to think some judges just don’t like dogs, or they don’t have the balls to use the sentences available to them!” said Dianne Sauve.

I agree with her. I personally would have liked to see Shane Thompson get a serious sentence for his serious offense. And if the courts aren’t going to deliver a deterrent, maybe his fellow prisoners will.

The bastard showed up to begin his prison sentence on January 9, 2013. Maybe the next 3 months won’t be so comfy for the monstrous hellbeast.

RIP Moonshine, and long may your killer rot in hell. And may all the witnesses who didn’t make the effort to save the dog from abuse rot too.

Hopefully fans of Jason Creed will find the skeevy bastard a major turnoff now that they know him to be a nasty piece of shit and waste of skin.

Shane Thompson deserves as many chances for a happy life as he gave Moonshine IMO — and that means none.

WPTV article and video
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11 Responses to Shane Thompson

  1. bulldoggy says:

    WTF was the judge thinking? 3 months instead of 5 years? And the creep can own more animals after this? Remind me not to move to Florida. Too many stupid and evil bastards there.

  2. 2cute says:

    This brutal dog beater deserves seriously painful punishment. He is heartless, soulless, an inhuman killer, and he should not be loose until he learns how to be a decent person. Fear is probably what will motivate him most to change, fear and pain. I can’t imagine any other rehabilitation treatment that would work with a sadistic monster like him.

  3. pj says:

    This revolting cowardly turd makes me wanna rip open his guts and pull out his spleen.

  4. moodymagic says:

    Thompson needs to be bludgeoned and choked to death brought back to life just so it could be done all over again. His sentence makes me sick as well.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, its a shame that we don.t know what jail this cunt has been put in. Cos i’d make sure it was all over the net, then people would see it and someone somewhere would know somebody in the jail that this piece of shit is at, and make sure the cunt gets whats coming to him. Cowardly bastard he is. I bet you that if he was confronted with someone that was gonna whoop his arse, he’d probably shit himself, the cowardly cunt. And because this twisted fuck likes to make gay porn films, he can have as much of bubba, and his friends no problem. That poor dog, death must have been a blessing. And the judge that sentenced him is an absolute arseole, giving sentences out like that.

  6. brad says:

    People who abuse animals are the lowest form of scum. They should have done to them what they did to the animal.

  7. FlyingLeadChange says:

    You’re all angry at the judge; understandable, but it says he pleaded guilty, which almost always means it was a plea bargain with a sentence jointly agreed upon by the prosecutor and the defense. It’s very rare for a judge to ignore a joint sentencing agreement (although they technically do have that option, it is rarely used for a variety of reasons).

    I wish they’d lock him in a cage for ten years, but the court system is annoying sometimes.

  8. awesomeblossom says:

    I just cannot fathom how anybody could witness some asshole biting a dog and otherwise abusing it and not doing something useful like beating his ass until his teeth fall out. Those friends of his who stood by and accepted the dog abusing should be named and shamed. Thompson and friends are all heartless cowards, total waste of flesh.

    • bengalpuss says:

      I thought that as well awesomeblossom, that they were prepared to say what he had done, but none of them stepped in and said “You piece of shit, lay another finger on that dog or i’ll fucking beat you, and im reporting you” I just couldn’t stand by and watch a dog being battered, i’d be going to prison, because i would have gone postal on this piece of shit. There’s too many people willing to just walk away and pretend they haven’t seen anything, they all should be ashamed of themselves.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Amen to that – they should all be ashamed. Too bad they can’t be shamed publicly now so their families will know what shitty people they raised.

  9. T says:

    I was in jail with this kid, no one knew his story, he finally told us he had a dog that died, he would leave it home and it would bang his head on the cage and he brought it to the vet multiple times. If we only knew the truth when i was in there..

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