Shamser Pottwal

Hellbeast Shamser Pottwal
Crime: Serial Rapist

Shamser Pottwal of Birmingham has “issues” to put it mildly. His biggest issue is his inability to comprehend that he is not entitled to stick his prick into anyone he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants. Shamser Pottwal is a serial rapist asshole.

Shamser Pottwal was unemployed when he began his raping spree on December 29, 2011. (Gosh, I am so not shocked that he was out of work!) His marriage had also broken up. (Gosh, I am so not shocked by that either!)

Shamser Pottwal began his career as rapist with a 21-year-old former sex trade worker. He invited the woman to smoke drugs with him at his apartment in Booth Street Handsworth. She agreed. Not a good decision on her part.

Shamser Pottwal actually asked his guest for sex but she refused and told him she wanted to go home. A decent sort would have accepted the refusal and taken her home but obviously hellbeast Shamser Pottwal is not a decent sort.

The horny bastard wanted sex and damnit he was going to get him some. So Shamser Pottwal grabbed the woman, overpowered her, threatened her and spent 2 hours terrorizing and raping her.

At one point his victim managed to rush to the window and scream for help. She even tried to climb out of the window but Shamser POS turdhead Pottwal pulled her back inside for more of his fun and games.

I am guessing that all the rage and frustration he’d been feeling from losing his job and his wife he took out on that poor woman. It must have made him feel powerful to have her under his total control, real manly. F*cking loser.

Those two hours must have seemed endless, especially since the unfortunate woman feared for her very life.

The ordeal ended when the victim insisted she needed to go to the bathroom. She escaped his apartment and ran to a nearby taxi rank.

Kudos to the woman, she reported the rape to police. The POS Pottwal was questioned and then bailed. Yup, he was let out to continue his raping rampage, and that’s exactly what he did.

I have to wonder if Pottwal would have been bailed had his victim not been a former sex trade worker, if she’d been, say, an accountant.

On January 3, 2012, Shamser Pottwal was feeling the itch. He invited a man and his girlfriend to his apartment for drinks, and they accepted. The woman eventually left and her boyfriend, presumably quite drunk, fell asleep.

Shamser the rapist Pottwal apparently wasn’t going to miss any opportunity to stick his prick into somebody that night. He chose his unconscious guest as his next victim. The man awoke to discover he had indeed been raped.

I know how difficult it is for women to report a rape. I can only imagine what men go through to get the nerve to go to authorities and reveal they’d been raped.

On January 30, 2012, Shamser f*ckwad Pottwal invited a 48-year-old woman to his apartment. I don’t know what pretext he used, but once she was inside his home the monster locked the door and raped her.

The victim managed to effect her release by telling her rapist she needed medication.

Shamser Pottwal, 31, was arrested and charged. He pled guilty to 3 charges of rape. His excuse was that he lost his job and his marriage broke up and that made him start binge drinking and taking drugs.

In other words, no excuse! Real men who lose their jobs don’t rape. Real men whose marriages fail don’t rape.

The truth is Shamser Pottwal is a pathetic excuse for a man. He’s a f*cking loser. He screwed up his job and his marriage, he stupidly chose to indulge in booze and drugs, and he felt entitled to capture, overpower, terrorize and rape people. The only thing that stopped his crime spree was the fact he was caught and imprisoned.

The truth is that nobody, men or women and likely children too, are safe from this disgusting loser rapist. Hell, I wouldn’t trust him with a family pet or a house plant for that matter!

Judge Murray Creed said at the perv’s trial in July, “These were extremely serious offences committed over a relatively short space of time.” And then Judge Creed threw the perv’s ass into prison for 12 years.

Judge Creed, noting that there had been “intimidation and coercion” involved in the rapes, ruled that Pottwal should remain “on licence” for 7 years following his release. He also ruled that this disgusting rapist register as a sex offender for life.

That was a pretty substantial sentence for rape, especially considering other cases of British “justice” I’ve written and read about. But you know and I know that when Shamser Pottwal gets out he’s going to carry on capturing, terrorizing and raping innocent people. No sex offender registry will stop him. No period of parole will stop him.

I am truly afraid that this monster will refuse to release his future victims, that he will imprison them or kill them.

I hope when he does get out Shamser Pottwal will be closely tracked and monitored. I hope people will recognize him for what he is and avoid all contact.

Shamser Pottwal is a hellbeast rapist who has already messed up enough people’s lives. I pray there’ll be no more victims of this f*cktard beast.

Birmingham Mail article

16 Responses to Shamser Pottwal

  1. bulldoggy says:

    So this guy is willing to rape anyone? Watch out world! It’s a better sentence than most, I gotta say, in the british justice system. I’m thinking it’s because one of the victims was a guy. If Pottwal stuck to victimizing prostitutes he would probably still be roaming the streets.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, your right again, mark that calendar. This idiot probably knew he was screwed after raping the street working girl. So he thought fuck it i’ve got nothing to lose and the british justice system would sentence me the same for 3 rape’s instead of one, so i might as well go for it. Seriously he’d have got the same sentence, madness isn’t it. Maybe if this stupid arseole conservative goverment we’ve got in now, changed the draconian laws we’ve got now and updated or re wrote them, then maybe we wouldn’t be as fucked as we are now. But its nice to dream isn.t it.

  2. 2cute says:

    Another candidate for the dungeon, I think. This guy has got serious impulse control and it pisses me off that he’s blaming everything but himself. I hope he doesn’t have children from his failed marriage. His exwife is probably so relieved she dumped his ass.

    • bengalpuss says:

      2cute, we need to be on the look out in future. Because if someone’s wife leaves them, it turns them into a raving alcoholic & Rapist. Well thats the excuse shister pottwal is using. It pissed me off too 2cute, when he used his wife leaving him as an excuse to rape 3 people, fucking shit head he is.

  3. pj says:

    I find it hard to believe that this jackass got to the ripe age of 30 before he became a raping piece of turd. If there aren’t other unknown victims out there, then he probably abused his wife to vent his frustrations at being such a major loser. Or maybe the drugs and booze destroyed his inhibitions. No matter, he should be put away a long long long time. Why btw wasn’t he charged with unlawful confinement or kidnapping too because he kept the women locked in the apartment? I think the more charges that are thrown at him the better.

  4. Netherwarper says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that maybe the wife was probabaly raped too?She did leave him after all there had to have been some kind of stuff going on in thier lives. I agree with PJ, theres just no way this guy “just started” doing this!

    • 2cute says:

      I agree netherwarper. I think his wife was put through a shitload of crap before she left him. And without her he turned to strangers to assault.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Actually, 2cute, this turd is indian and probably a sikh, they like to drink a lot so his wife probably put up with a load of shit before leaving him. Also he won.t serve 12yrs it’ll be about 6-7yrs so he would still have to have gone on licence for 7 yrs anyway. Typical sentence in england for rape, shit isn.t it. I wonder what his sentence would have been if all the victims were prostitutes, community service! Wouldn’t suprise me. The wife fucked off at the right time if you ask me. This twat lives about 126 miles from me thank god. Actually no im upset he didn.t live near me, cos if he did, i could’ve got his arse raped jail style, bending over for the soap. I hope some one makes him grab his ankles, and gives him the ride of his life, let him know what it feels like.

  5. moodymagic says:

    This guy is scary and needs to stay in prison. I wonder how he’ll like being on the receiving end.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Moodymagic, he might like it, seen as he stuck his meatstick into that poor fella. It might be like disneyland to him. Plus he’ll go on a vpw(Vulnerable prisoners wing) So he’ll be with his own kind (Scumbag’s Paedaphiles & Rapist’s) Yes he’ll have a whale of a time, sick fuck he is.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Just like to say, that most sikh’s are lovely people, but their men folk do like a drink, but the majority are nice drunks the few minority are arseole’s like all cultures and creeds and religion. My comment above sounded a bit bad that was unintentional. I was quoting through my experience, i lived with a sikh guy for 3yrs and put it this way, he could put away his liquor, so if my comment upset anyone it wasn’t mean.t that way,

  7. citysoup says:

    I imagine that you guys are right that he had been abusing his wife before they split up. I hope that she manages to stay away from him and that if there were any children as a result of their marriage then he should never have access to them.

    Not quite sure what they do in the British justice system but perhaps they could cut his dick and balls off with a rusty machete and leave the wound open….that might stop him from putting in places he shouldn’t.

  8. Netherwarper says:

    Something to me doesn;t seem right about the guy he raped. I know if my hub and i went over for drinks at someones house we wouldn’t get so drunk that one of us needed to stay thw whole night. I don’t know though i guess everyone is different. Maybe…just maybe here…the dude wanted to stay and have sex witg Pottwal after g/f left but things got a little frisky…went from a experiemental thing to the straight up struggle cuddle. I could be wrong but something just seems strange about that story. Either way the guy was raped and it wasnt right.

    • 2cute says:

      If the girlfriend had passed out her boyfriend would have to be criminally stupid to leave her there and go home. But when a guy passes out I don’t think it really occurs to his buddies or girlfriend that he is at risk of being raped if he’s left behind. It’s just not something that crosses most people’s minds.

      • bengalpuss says:

        It must have been Horrendous For that guy. 2cute, Not only has he been violated in the worst case possible, but now he had a dilemma, should he report it, and what would people think, because we all know some people can be extremely nasty. Im glad he choose the option to report this raping cunt. Only wish his sentence was longer. And i hope the victims can return to some form of normality again, although they’ll never forget what this cunt did to them. The night he chose to rape them, was the night their lives changed forever, thats why he should spend a long time in jail to think about what he’s done. The sentence was a joke.

        • Trace says:

          Damn, I feel bad for the male victim. I’ve crashed at people’s houses when I was too toasted to go home. Never ever thought I could be raped. I gotta wonder how often that happens.

          I feel bad for the female victims too. Sick pervs should be shut up forever!

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