Sean Deakin & Sarah Amanda Tame

Hellbeast Sean Deakin
Crime: Animal Abuse

Staffordshire bull terriers are ultra strong dogs with powerful jaws. They are not for everyone but in the right family they are very loyal, loving pets. Unhappily for them, because of the breed’s bad reputation they often wind up with the very people who shouldn’t have them.

Tyson the brindle Staffordshire bull terrier had the horrible misfortune to wind up with assholes Sean Deakin and Sarah Amanda Tame as his owners. The pair of f*cktards from Birchfield Avenue, Atherton, Wigan, had taken possession of the dog after answering a classified advertisement on the website Gumtree.

The pair of f*cktards already had a dog named Jack. Why, when they had a child and Deakin was unemployed they decided to add another dog to the household I cannot fathom. I guess because they were f*cking idiots.

Regardless of their circumstances, they bought the Staffordshire bull terrier and brought him home.

Tyson the poor dog only lived for a few days after he was sold to the thug scumbag Sean Deakin, 19, and his female counterpart Sarah Tame, 19. He died a horrible death between May 31 and June 2, 2012.

Tyson had probably been named after fighter Mike Tyson, likely because Staffordshire bull terriers are considered a fighting breed. Unfortunately for Tyson, his name and his breed, his strength and his jaws could not withstand an attack by a murderous bastard with a hammer and a knife.

Sean the hellbeast Deakin was the murderous bastard.

For no stated reason the unemployed loser thug decided at 3 a.m. one morning to whack Tyson on and around his head approximately 20 times with a hammer. That didn’t kill the dog right away. Those Staffordshire bull terriers are incredibly strong dogs.

And what was Sarah Tame doing during the hammer attack? Was she calling for help or trying to stop Sean the bastard? Nope. Apparently she just laughed and laughed.

Yeah, animal abuse is soooo funny! F*cking hilarious! The stupid bitch!

The whacks on Tyson’s head did considerable damage and would probably have killed the dog within hours. But Sean the monster f*cktard Deakin woke 3 hours after he smashed the dog’s skull to find that Tyson, poor thing, had urinated on his bed.

That sent Sean Deakin into another murderous rage. This time he chased the poor battered dog around the kitchen, kicked him, punched him, trapped him between his legs and finally stabbed him in the chest with a 6-inch knife. Tyson’s lung was punctured in the attack. A rib was also broken.

And what did Sarah Tame do this time? She actually wiped the wound before she went back to bed.

Tyson was left suffering and bleeding on the floor.

And then the useless piece of flesh Sean Deakin trotted off to sign on at the Job Centre as if nothing had happened. Sarah Tame as well carried on as if nothing happened.

It took at least 8 hours for Tyson to die.

Think about it. What kind of heartless bitch could go about her day with her child knowing that her new dog was battered and bleeding to death on her floor? What kind of creature could not even be bothered to get the dog to the vet?

That’s Sarah Amanda Tame.

The hellbeasts waited until dark to wrap the dead dog in garbage bags and dump him in a wheelie bin. Somebody tipped off RSCPA officers who found the body 4 days later.

RSPCA Inspector Danielle Jennings said the brutal attack on Tyson was the worst case she had ever encountered.

“This was an absolutely heinous crime against an innocent animal who had done nothing wrong other than suffer the misfortune of being taken into that flat,” Inspector Jennings said. “Almost as soon as Tyson arrived in the flat a pattern of abuse which amounted to torture began.”

Sean the POS road turd Deakin was arrested and charged with 3 counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. He pleaded not guilty.

Hellbeast Sarah TameSarah Amanda Tame was charged with causing unnecessary suffering. She pleaded guilty and so she was — guilty of not seeking veterinary attention for poor Tyson.

Sean Deakin appeared in Manchester Magistrates Court in June 2012. He was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog by failing to provide proper and necessary vet care following the dog’s stabbing; causing unnecessary suffering to the same dog by inflicting blunt force trauma; and causing unnecessary suffering by stabbing the dog with a knife.

Chariman of the Bench Hugh Keachie said he was “appalled” by the crimes.

To be precise he said, “As a bench this offence absolutely appalled us and we need to make sure you understand how serious this is.”

Good! I am glad the court was taking the dog’s torturous death seriously! They could give that scumbag dog killer up to 6 months in prison! Yay!

And so it came to be that Sean Deakin, the 19-year-old unemployed loser/thug/dog killer was jailed not for 6 months but rather for a piddly 20 weeks and banned from keeping any animals for 10 years. He would actually only have to spend 10 weeks out of the 20 weeks in prison.

Ummmm, what happened to the whole making him understand how serious his offence is?

The court took into account Deakin’s age and his lack of previous convictions. And maybe the court also considered all the death threats the f*cking dog killer had gotten. Apparently a lot of animal lovers are really pissed off at this POS f*cktard.

I consider it a real sweet deal that Deakin didn’t get the maximum sentence. He apparently didn’t. He actually broke down in tears when he was jailed. Blubbered like a baby. Yeah, he’s a real man, he is.

If you can’t do the time, don’t f*cking batter and stab your dog to death! Pathetic bastard.

Sarah Amanda Tame was given 150 hours community service that she has to complete within a year. She also got a £200 fine.

Sarah Tame has also been banned from keeping any animals for 10 years and had to surrender her surviving dog Jack. I hope he has a good, decent home now.

I wish the same could be said for Sarah Tame’s and Sean Deakin’s child. Daddy dearest has a serious anger management issue IMO and mommy dearest seems to be pathologically heartless.

Although I wish that the penalties had been more severe, at least the community of Manchester knows about this cruel couple who will likely be watched very closely from now on.

Hopefully Deakin and Tame won’t be committing any more horrific crimes after this, but I am rather pessimistic about their chances. They have shown their true colours as hellbeasts and unless they morph into caring, useful human beings they will likely do worse.

So either grow up and grow a soul or go to hell Sean Deakin and Sarah Tame.

Daily Mail article
Precious Jules article

67 Responses to Sean Deakin & Sarah Amanda Tame

  1. Trace says:

    They have a child together? I seriously hope they get some counselling before the kid pisses them off. Anyone who would consider bodily harm as a fitting punishment needs to be kept away from children. Anyone who would consider grabbing a knife while angry needs to be kept away from children. And anyone who thinks pain and suffering is funny definitely needs to be kept away from children.

    • J.houkes says:

      It is even worse: not only could the child be in danger but, moreso in living with that kind of parents, it could and probably would develop the same behavior as its parents. It never ceases to amaze me, that that kind of people is perfectly capable of having children, preferably at a very young age, because they are on welfare and do not follow an education. The are not suited in raising children. Mister Dalrymple gave a insightful picture in some of his books. There should be a licensing system for keeping pets ( and, if it were not politically unacceptable, for that of having children too ). Given the (world-)wide uproar it is very possible that this man, not a boy, will face a bleak future; rightfully so.

    • Emma says:

      He has previously attacked a 14 year old boy, unprovoked. It went to court, but nothing happened.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Now why doesn’t that suprise me. His solicitor probably spewed a load of bullshit out in court, about how he’d had a difficult childhood and he was now learning the error of his ways, and blah blah blah. And the slack cunt of a judge will have bought it. Im british and nothing shocks me anymore about what happens in british courts. If you’ve got a solicitor with a good tongue in his head, your guaranteed 90% Of the time, to walk out of court and not be punished. British judges are stupid cunt’s most of the time. I have no faith in british justice anymore.

    • Sam Phillips says:

      Anyone on here with a link to any of these persons facebook please reply to me or add me on Facebook SAM PHILLIPS thanks

  2. Steve-O says:

    These 2 should be taken off the dole, no question. Assholes like this need to learn society will not put up with cruelty and criminality. Why are taxes being spent to keep morons like this? They’re young and healthy, they have children way too young, they don’t bother to work, and they entertain themselves with torturing dogs? Stupid c*nts.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      My sentiment’s exactly steve-O. I don.t know if your british but in this country the benefits system is too soft. You have young girls getting pregnant just to be given a house which housing benefits pay for, they are given community care grants to do up the house and also get child benefit, tax credits and income support, and stupid cunt me, is paying for it. They are on that much of a good screw that they can buy dogs from gumtree and kill them. It goes to show what a pussy he is by him Blubbering In court. I hope he gets his arse kicked, and when her released gets it kicked some more the horrible bastard. And as for the girlfriend, its frightening that she has a child with him, i personally believe that child to be at risk with those two. I might just inform social services and tell them that they have a child, and the boyfriend murdered the dog while she laughed and all this happened with a child in the home. What else have they done, they were only caught this time by someone doing the right thing.

      • Eve says:

        Hey bengalpuss29, how young does a gal have to be to get on the benefits gravy train there? It sounds just right for me — I’m willing to sign up for grants to do up the house and get income support from the British taxpayer. Do I have to be British as well?

        As for this royal piece of crap and his bitch of a consort, I certainly hope their child is removed from their “care”. And I also hope their reproductive organs are removed as well.

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          Eve when it comes to gravy train, were the slackest bastards on the planet. They give young girls from the age of 16, then we have asylum seekers, i mean economic migrants they come here they get a house then all the extended family come. Its fucking ridiculous. Now im all for helping someone who’s life is threatened but iraq and afghanistan have flushed their toilets and we’ve ended up with the crap. Only the other day an iraqi said to me “Your country is very good they give you money” I just shook my head in shock. Yes young girls get knocked up so the can get a council property and benefits, you think im joking just look on the internet. Im british born and bread worked all my bastard life yet these fucker’s have got more rights than me, its all wrong, no wonder those two cunt’s can buy dogs at will and kill them, and they’re on benefits. The mind boggles.

  3. Tulipchic says:

    Nothing gets my blood boiling more than animal abuse and child abuse. I am so over reading how animal abusers get off so lightly. If they did that to a dog who’s saying they wouldn’t do that to a child. I would love to have a few minutes alone with them whilst holding a hammer.

    • dogwalker says:

      I totally agree with you Tulipchic. Animal and child abusers should get the max every single time because the victims are totally helpless and vulnerable. I don’t know why the courts are so lenient on them. Don’t judges have children and pets? Maybe it’s because the babies and animals can’t speak for themselves while the abusers can whine and moan about how tough their lives are, boo hoo.

    • PJ says:

      I agree with you! What’s wrong with the Judge??????Don’t they see how they are making these idiots available to do it again? I hope someone gives him a lesson he will never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      We need more stricter rules than that!

  4. 2cute says:

    OK, this one made me cry again. I HATE when animals are put through so much pain and terror. They don’t deserve it and Tyson sure as hell didn’t deserve it. When will people start being more careful about who they give or sell their pets to? Any monster off the street can take them and do what they like with them. I know times are tough and a lot of people have to give up their animals, but they should get references or at least permission to check on their pets in their new homes.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    I have answered this but my comment has disappeared in cyberspace again. Cleo said that certain keyword’s put the comments into the spam pile. I wonder if its one of my profanities thats the keyword lol. But yes were a slack country when it comes to handout’s. Like i said in my lost comment iraq and afghanistan have flushed their toilets we’ve ended up with the crap, economic migrants. They all lie and say they can’t go back because of danger to their lives which the majority of them are talking bollocks. One said to me “Your country is very good they give you money” I just looked on mouth open in shock. If your 16 and you get knocked up, you get a house and three types of benefit, plus a £1.000 maternity grant, thats why we’ve got the highest teen pregnancy rate in europe. Eve come over get on the gravy train you might as well cos every other fucker is. Thats why cunt’s like these can buy a dog and kill it, too much money. They should get off their bastard arse’s and get a fucking job.

    • cleo says:

      Swear all you want, bengalpuss29. Actually it’s words like blog, site, comment, submit and howdy that the spammers use a lot.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    I would just like to say im not racist christ my partners family are from india. But when your working hard you pay your taxes and then you read story’s like these pieces of shit that get everything they’ve got by sitting on their arse’s and economic migrants that are given houses to live in and have paid fuck all into the pot then that pisses me off. If someone is genuinely fleeing for their lives fair enough, but we the british are now known as a soft touch. Eve hit the nail on the head, gravy train’s not the word stupid cunt’s is nearer the mark. Its bad when young girls get pregnant just for the benefits. No wonder there is child abuse, once they’ve got what they want then the child isn.t wanted no more. Im not saying all young mums are like that but what do they expect. Maybe if they stopped handing things out to these people then it might make them realise that theres nothing getting handed to them on a plate so they would think twice.

  7. bulldoggy says:

    I didn’t want to read it cause I knew a dog suffered and died, and not much on this planet makes me more pissed off than that. So wtf happened to British justice? Once upon a time they had quite gruesome, inventive and extremely punitive punishments and weren’t afraid to use them. They chopped off heads, they burned at the stake, they hanged, they used the rack. Nowadays the punishments are so limp dickish, so pathetically weak that the criminals don’t fear them. Except maybe this pussy Deakin who cried. It’s time the British justice system brought real justice back.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      British justice bulldoggy went out of the window, the same place where agreeing with you went. No seriously this country britain is fucked up when it comes to punishment. The other day in the local paper a shoplifter got prison and a nonce (Paedaphile) walked. My country im ashamed of, i kept thinking cleo had it in for us, because most of the posts were about british people. But i had a think and thought “No she doesn’t have it in for us, its just were justice is concerned we are slack” Look at that paedaphile excuse that the girl forced him back and stuck her tongue in his mouth, the girl being 7years old, and the judge believed him. Fucked up country.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo im starting to get an inferiority complex. If your next article is based on someone who’s british, then im going to section myself under the mental health act 1986. Jesus christ, the last few articles have all been about dispicable behavior and i totally agree with you that they are definately hellbeast’s, but they’re all bloody british. Thats say’s a lot about us brits don.t it. Im actually ashamed to share the same country as there pieces of shit. It must be the punishment the courts dish out, is that pathetic and an insult to some of the victim’s, that people must be thinking “I know i’ll go commit a heinous offence and i’ll get a poxy little sentence” Well we are known as a soft touch.

    • cleo says:

      Sorry Bengal. I do try to make at least half the stories about Canadian hellbeasts. I don’t include as many Americans because damn those people sure aren’t afraid of applying harsh sentencing. As well their hellbeasts are extremely scary and sickening and it takes a lot for me to research and write about them.

  9. moodymagic says:

    This one is makes me so sick. Another case of horrible animal abuse causing death. Why isn’t it taken more seriously. Again I think the punishment should match the crime but I am afraid using the hammer would not be the solution for Deakin because there can’t be a brain or heart to damage in him or Tame.

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    Just another pair of knuckle heads, anyway i’ve contacted social services, because im worried about their child being around 2 people that think its acceptable to smash a dogs head in with a hammer and then to stab it, and think its funny. If im wrong about them, then so be it. But i think that the behavior they have shown is disturbing. I would hate to think that something happened to that child and i did nothing. I don.t live far them these two excuses of a human being. Anyway told social services to google their names and read what they’ve done and take it from there. At least as a member of the public i’ve done my duty in alerting them to that child’s welfare. Anyone that can do that to a poor defenceless animal, are capable of anything. And as for the mother of a child who can laugh at a poor dogs head getting beaten with a hammer and laughs, needs watching for the sake of thu baby.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Good for you turning them in to social services. These 2 have some real scary issues and should not be around children or animals.

    • 2cute says:

      I’m glad you contacted social services too. It was the right thing to do. No child should grow up with psychopaths/sociopaths/whatever-paths like them as parents.

      • AllieKat274 says:

        Wow, doesn’t the british child services check into cases like this? I am sure they would have heard about it. One would even think they were called in when both were in custody. I worry for that child., and I hope that someone looks out for him or her. I am appalled at the sentences the parents got. Here in the USA,, I would like to think we would have more juxtice served in a case like this.

    • PJ says:

      Good for you…turning them in! I am glad you did! They need to be punished a whole lot more than they got! That is very disturbing!!!!!

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    Exactly my point bulldoggy, if they can do what they did to a poor defenceless animal and stab it because it urinated on the bed, “Probably because its head was smashed in and it didn’t know what it was doing” and think it funny. What would they do to the baby if the baby pee’s on the bed. Scum like this are a danger and need to be watched by the authorities.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    People like these two specimens frighten me. Their pathology isn.t normal. What young mother laughs at a poor little dog getting its head beaten with a hammer, or wipes the stab wound and leaves it to die. I don.t need to say anything about that cunt, he’s just an evil bastard full stop. I wouldn’t let him within ten miles of my child, and with actions like he’s displayed and the mother i’m worried for that baby. And with me still being off work after the operation, i decided to pass my time on alerting social services about my concerns, its the least i could do for that little one to try and make it safe, hopefully with the local authorities on their backs they won.t put a finger wrong. Hopefully.

    • Matthew B says:

      Animal cruelty is one of the early cardinal signs of psychopathy or sociopathy, the other two which complete the triad of symptoms are fire starting and persistent bed wetting. Whilst one symptom on it’s own or indeed all three don’t necessarily mean one will automatically be psychopathic, having the three together is one of the indicators of psychopathy, especially in young men. In the UK someone under 18 with psychopathy is referred to as having Conduct Disorder. I was taken in to care and adopted as my late birth mother was sociopathic and extremely sadistic. I am seriously concerned about the welfare of the child in question as both seem to exhibit remorseless behaviour and a lack of conscience, along with violent behaviour from the father. Extremely distressing story. I feel equally sad for the child as it seems they are at high risk of serious damage, abuse or neglect.

  13. Lillith says:

    You can generally judge how a person treats children by how they treat animals, and it scares me that these morons still have that poor child after what they did to that poor dog. Animal torture and murder is often a gateway to violent acts on humans. If they can do that so easily to the dog, what could they do to a person? Someone please get these sociopaths a mental health check up STAT!

  14. Alexandra Fiona Dixon says:

    So, when they’re potty training their little boy and he wets his bed, will they hit him in the head with a hammer then chase him around the kitchen with a butcher knife?

    The poor dog probably urinated on the bed because he had head trauma and had lost control of his bodily functions.

    God help me for saying this but I’m glad they got death threats. I hope they’re scared every minute of every day.

    • AllieKat274 says:

      I totally agree, I feel badly for the dog…God rest his soul, but I am extremely worried about the child.

    • Krystal says:

      I agree! This made me so mad when I read it! It made me feel sick to my stomach!
      I wish I was there!! I would have grabbed that hammer and beat his legs with it!! Ahh, It makes me so mad!! That stupid trashy girl is a piece of shit just like he is! They don’t need to be on the streets!! It’s obvious they have issues and don’t need to be free!!

  15. Alexandra Fiona Dixon says:

    BengalPuss, don’t worry we have our share of animal abusers over here in America. Just google “justice for snoop” or “justice for patrick” and you’ll see what I mean. Snoop was a lovely pitbull puppy who was adopted by a couple about the same age as Deakin and his girlfriend. Snoop was only 4 months old. They put him in a cage in their living room and after a while stopped feeding him. He starved nearly to death while they sat in the same room with him every day, eating food, watching TV, having sex. It took weeks for him to die. Visitors who questioned his condition were told he had worms. Then when he was nearly dead, just a bag of bones, they took him out in the middle of the night and left him to die on a sidewalk in the snow.

    Patrick survived, but his case was just as bad.

    There’s also a facebook group “In Memory of Snoop.”

  16. bengalpuss29 says:

    Alexandra, these scumbag’s that do this to poor defensless animals need putting in a cage themselves and starve them while eating a big dinner in front of them and leave them until they starve to death. The only reason those cunt’s starved that poor dog, was because they are sadistic bastards. They had food to feed the poor dog but they just didn’t want to. I say take them out into a field and put a bullet into them actually no don.t do that, i wanna see them suffer. Skin them and them dip them into a barrel of vinegar. Horrible bastard’s. They probably are cowards. Only cowards hurt women and children and animals. Plus you also have female cowards as well.

  17. Jayme says:

    I seriously, find this one of the most disturbing thing’s i have ever read on the internet!

    I cannot even put word’s together for these two,absolutely make’s my skin crawl an my blood boil,so disturbing, an made me cry an cringe!

    I just hope Karma get’s these two disgraceful thing’s!

    I could swear, an curse but where would that get me, so all i have to say is….

    “ROT IN HELL” – Bastard n Bitch! ( couldn’t help myself) sorry

  18. bengalpuss29 says:

    Jayme, swear as much as you want love, i do. Yes this article upset me too, i can.t believe that their are people like this on the planet, but unfortunately their are, so i did my public duty and turned them into social services, because if thats what they can do to an animal for peeing, what will they do to a child, i let social services know what happened to that poor dog, its disturbing knowing that these two people have a baby but are killing animals in the home where this baby is kept.

  19. bengalpuss29 says:

    Alliekat274, i’ve already turned this pair of fuckwits into social services. I live in britain and im afraid our police are slack and don.t inform social services, so it takes a british person that reads this blog to do it. Sad really isn.t it. Maybe if they pulled their heads out of their arse’s and alerted the authorities on serious matters instead of stupidness like removing squatter’s from derelict buildings or wasting their time on checking who doesn’t have car tax. I could go on all day but i’d probably bore myself, but you get the picture. Just hope they have taken some action on these two stupid cunts, but im cynical.

  20. Sarah says:

    The first thing that a serial killer tries out his torture is an animal. That’s true….check for yourself. This guy should have been sent to a psychiatrist and the child taken away from them. If they can allow this to happen to a poor little dog, what can they do to a little child. Take the child away….send them to a mental institution, because they are going to do this again. Please….learn from the past mistakes. How many people, like this, have been let out of prison, only to do worse crimes, or kill some innocent passer-by. Please……don’t let this be the case here.

  21. bengalpuss29 says:

    Sarah, if you read through the comments then you’ll see that i’ve contacted the authorities about this piece of turd, and explained my fear that something may happen to that child. Also its been stated that serial killers usually start by killing and torturing animals, and setting fires being little arsonist bastard. So we know that’s usually the case. I personally wouldn’t lock them up in the mental asylum, i would torture each and everyone of those animal killing bastards. By the time i was finished with them, i would have them licking, my cats arse and every other cat and dog in the uk. They’ll of wished they never lifted a finger to any animal. I believe the only deterrent nowadays is swift justice, not babying these bastards that commit unspeakable crimes against poor defenseless animals.

  22. steve says:

    Its unfair to call this POS an animal, unfair to animals that is, he doesnt qualify as an animal, its obvious he has spent too much of his benefits on whaccy baccy, its frazzeld his 1 available brain cell, however his 10 weeks in prison could be his salvation, his name is very public and i really hope he gets the help he needs, both in the showers when he picks the soap up, and at night, when the dorm lights go down (he will be in an open nick in 2 weeks) and then a few of the real men pay him a visit, and the next night, and the next night….

  23. Howard says:

    Let me have him for a few hours. The little bastards mother would be praying over his coffin. Where are the parents and how do they raise a child like this.I would kill him!!

  24. Kelly says:

    How can they live with themselves? I hope they burn in hell…
    I hope that the child has been taken away from them…

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Thats what im hoping kelley, since i turned the bastards in to social services. I find it very frightening that these two evil stupid fucks have a baby. If he can do that to a poor dog, what could he do to a baby. And im not interested in stupid idiots that make excuses for what this bastard has done. I hope that people that know him where he lives, know what he’s done, and beat ten balls of shite out of him the way he did to that poor little dog. And the sentences that they are given, is a fucking joke. Im almost embarrassed to be british and sharing the same isles as cunts like this. If social services don.t do nothing about that baby, and later he harms the baby, i would contact the newspapers, and let them know that i complained and they did fuckall, which is nothing new.

  25. bengalpuss29 says:

    PJ, pieces of shit like this that can hurt an and kill an animal like its a normal day to day thing, and have a young child worry me. They don.t live too far away from me, so i had 2 options 1) Go to where they live with a baseball bat and beat fuck out of the pair of them or 2) Turn them into social services and pray they take the child out of harms way. I chose the 2 because i wouldn’t have appreciated going to jail for 2 shit bags like these two. And if that would have happened they still would have had their child with them. Dread to think what they would do to their own child if she/He pissed them off. They need to understand that their actions have serious consequences, i.e removal of your children because you are deemed unfit to have something so precious. The sick fucking cunts they are.

  26. mike says:

    dumb fucking tea drinking brits.. the justice system over there is a joke.. here in america we have a real court of law.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Mike, im british and i don.t drink tea and im far from dumb. Just because someone commits a heinous crime, doesn’t mean we all do. I could therefore say fucking dumb arse american’s, real courts, poor murdered shaniya davis 3yrs ago and there still has been no trial. Or how about this one, they sentence someone to death and don.t carry it out until 20yrs have elapsed. What you should have said was “Evil woman” But you instead insulted me. When a serial killer is in court in america i don.t say, stupid mcdonald eating americans, i keep my comment to the subject at hand and don.t insult the people where the killer has come from. And your court and law system is fucked.

  27. alcatones66 says:

    I appeal to anyone who lives in the same area as this monster and his filthy rubbish girlfriend to keep an eye on them for the safety of their child. I seriously hope that someone will give that neo nazi looking bastard a serious faq-ing hiding.

  28. bengalpuss29 says:

    Alcatones66, i’ve done better than that, i’ve turned the pair of cunts into social services. And i rang social services back to make sure they don.t forget to investigate those two horrible bastards. Seen as they can be so cruel to a defenceless animal, i want them to know what its like to lose something, plus that fucking cunt did what he did to that poor dog inside the home where the child was. Even the mother the slack twat, did fuckall. I worry for that child thats why i turned the cunts in. Read through the comments you’ll see. Dread to think what this fucker would do if the baby had a pee on the bed. Doesn’t these two dumb fucks realise, that, thats what puppies, kittens and babies and other small young do. If i ever saw any one of those two evil cunts, i’d get someone to pin them down and piss in their faces, i might even be disgusting and make them eat dog shit. In fact fuck it i would make them eat dog shit. I’ll be phoning social services periodically, just to check those cunts out again & Again.

  29. bengalpuss29 says:

    Yes j houkes, and this is our next generation. You don.t have the aspirations anymore of becoming a doctor or a policeman, or maybe a dentist. No they want to have kids while they’re kids themselves, get a council house, paid for by housing benefit, claim income support, child benefit and council tax Benefit. Then they either smoke weed(Cannabis)) or heroin or crack, while they play on their xbox or playstation. Yep this is what we’ve got for the beginning of the millennium. They’ve been handed everything on a plate and they’re ungrateful little bastards. Look at the poor kids in africa or india or any other country where school isn.t mandatory but a privilege. I dare say you wouldn’t be finding those people buying a puppy and beating & stabbing it just because it had a pee. Im glad the goverment have grown some bollocks & decided that if your under twenty five you can.t apply for housing benefit. So when a teenage girl gets pregnant now, either the boyfriend has to work or she’ll stay at her parents. Ha Ha

  30. Anon says:

    These people disgust me to the fucking core, I was attacked in the street (in broad daylight) by the same pair in Aug the year before and they only got put in probation. I’m glad they got punished for this but the fact that the sentences are so tiny isn’t gonna teach them a lesson.

  31. bengalpuss says:

    Anon, these two bastards i grassed up to social services and informed them about what they’d done and that the child was present when they’d done it. Im from leeds so i wouldn’t know he anything has happened. Mind you social services are pretty fucking stupid, do you know anything? Would love to hear that their baby is not with them two idiots and safe.

  32. bengalpuss says:

    I bet you emma, that if it was a man his own age who Stood in front of him he’d shit himself. No this fucker only beats up young kids and animals. I would love it if a dog bit it badly or that teenager had turned round and gave him a good battering. In fact im suprised he hasn.t been battered for beating up on that kid, he should have gone to jail, stupid fucking british justice system.

    • Britin Texas says:

      Any updates on these disgusting vile moron excuses for human beings?I cannot politely express my feelings on this hideous act that the above mentioned committed.It truly made me cry and vomit.Originally from Manchester (spent 6 weeks in Ilkley during the Olympics ) and never heard a word about this.Currently living in the death penalty hub of America,just wanted to mention that two teenage brothers 19,17 yrs old were sentenced to 10 YEARS EACH in Atlanta for torturing and killing a dog.Of course personally I think that they should be fried themselves and save us the expense of another trial when they eventually escalate and kill a human being……that’s what usually happens with sickos like this.
      As for these two having a child……I have to go now my blood pressure is about to blow my heart up….God Help Us All …and I’m not religious…

  33. Antonio says:

    Devi morire ucciso.

  34. bengalpuss says:

    I live 3 miles away from ilkley lovely place it is. yes my blood pressure gets high reading about arseole’s like this, we should bring back the death penalty. I love texas they’ve got the right idea, if you murder someone you get a date with a needle, thats how it should be. Don.t know what happened to this evil bastard will try to find out.

  35. David says:

    These two should be burnt alive and dumped in a wheelie bin they are a useless pair of nothings god help the kid

  36. BossMan says:

    ive only just heard about this – no wonder he doesent have facebook – trust me ill be looknig around online for him and once i have found him ill get his house address and i will plaster it all over the net, 20 weeks in prison, no deal hes deserves death for this

  37. Armanian says:

    I’d love to kill him!! Make his gf watch as a knife is puncturing him, see what she’s like then and then do same to her. Their address needs to be published watch them get what they deserve.

  38. Matt says:

    Everyone can leave the vicous little fucktard a message here above… I’d welcome a meeting with him, even if he had a fucking hammer or not… FUCK IT, bring TWO you retarded fuckwit!!!

  39. karon says:

    i am reading this in tears i have a brindle staffie and wouldnt do a thing to hurt, his is a much loved member of the family
    these 2 deserve to rot in hell. Their child should be removed too for its own safety

  40. tom t says:

    They should be banned from ever having or owning a cat or dog forever,maybe someone should bash him and her on the head with a hammer to see wot it feels like then buttfuck them both fuckwads

  41. tom t says:

    They need hammer on their heads grrrr!

  42. tom t says:

    No words can sumup how i feel towards them

  43. Kerry says:

    Hope the people of Manchester get a hold of they pieces of shit n batter FUCK out them black tramps,as for there sentences…wtf wrong with that judge, just as bad in my eyes!!

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