Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett

Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Twin toddlers Logan and Olivia had a rough start to life. Their mother, Angela Ozuna, had a history of drug abuse and prison sentences. She was a neglectful mother, thanks mostly, IMO, to the drugs. There was no electricity or running water in the hovel where they lived. There was no fresh food or milk for the babies. There was, however, an abusive asshole boyfriend who beat Angela Ozuna in front of the twins.

To her credit, Angela Ozuna wanted better for her twins. She handed the toddlers over to a church friend who arranged a private adoption with a Frisco, Texas couple, Scott and Emily Garrett. They were a churchgoing pair, and had much to offer the babies. They even had a nice house with a pool.

Because it was a private adoption, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services was not involved. That meant there didn’t have to be the background checks, home visits, or interviews with family and friends that are mandatory with state adoptions.

Scott and Emily Garrett took custody of the twins in March 2011. The adoption was finalized on September 30, 2011. All should have been sunshine and lollipops for the Garrett family, but it wasn’t.

Long before the adoption was finalized, there were plenty of signs that life was not good in the Garrett household. There was that trip to emergency after Logan “fell from a crib”. There were bruises on Logan from a “fall in the tub”. There was a trip to emergency for Olivia after a “fall down the stairs”. And there were deep bruises on Logan from “playing horsey too hard”.

Neither of the twins was putting on weight. In fact, they were both becoming noticeably underweight. And Olivia had begun to pull out her own hair.

Babysitters noticed all this and more. They had spotted black eyes, genital bruising and a cut on little Logan’s head. When they discussed their concerns with Scott and Emily Garrett, they were fobbed off with “reasonable explanations”. And so none of these injuries were reported to authorities.

Still, the babysitters couldn’t help but notice that the twins would have hysterics when their father picked them up. And as one caregiver said, “Every time Emily is out of town, something happens to Logan.”

Then came October 11, 2011, less than 2 weeks after the adoption was finalized. Emily Garrett was out of town on business, and something happened to Logan. Something fatal.

On that day, Scott Garrett had carried his injured little boy in a panic to a neighbour’s house. The neighbour was a doctor. The boy was moaning in pain and his eyes were rolling back into his head. Not surprisingly the doctor decided to call 911.

Scott Garrett, in speaking to the 911 dispatcher, told a tale of how he and Logan had been wrestling on the bed and he’d knocked the breath out of the little guy a couple of times. Riiiight.

Logan Garrett was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Within 30 minutes the 22-month-old toddler was dead.

Scott Garrett had some explaining to do — not least of all to his wife, Emily. He told his wife that he had been roughhousing with Logan, and tickling him, and they played “Superman”. And somehow something happened, y’know, and the boy just kinda sorta died.

Logan GarrettNot a very convincing story. The autopsy showed the real story. Logan weighed only 22 pounds, 11 ounces — less than he’d weighed 4 months earlier. He had alcohol in his system — and not from any medicine. He had deep bruising on his baby backside consistent with kicks or blows. And he had a tear in his small intestine, the result of abusive trauma.

The autopsy also showed that Logan had a benign tumor in his abdomen that had gone undetected.

The Collin County medical examiner William Rohr ruled that Logan Garrett died of blunt-force trauma to the abdomen. It was death by homicide.

So unless playing “Superman” involved tossing Logan from an upstairs window, or roughhousing involved stomping Logan in his belly, Scott Garrett’s version of events was total bullshit.

A week after little Logan’s death, Olivia was taken away from the Garretts and placed temporarily in the custody of a family friend. She was wisely taken for a medical exam right away.

Little Olivia was suffering from inadequate nutrition. She had traumatic hair loss and a fractured foot. The poor baby.

Child Protective Services issued a report stating that the Garretts “significantly lack the parenting skills to safely and appropriately care” for Olivia. The report also indicated that their explanations for the various injuries the twins had suffered “are implausible given the extent and seriousness of the injuries”.

Child Protective Services recommended that, in order to regain custody of Olivia, the Garretts would have to take parenting classes and counseling.

Scott and Emily Garrett decided, in mid-December, to terminate their parental rights. Olivia was sent to live with a foster family and was later adopted into a new family.

Later in December 2011, Frisco detectives arrested Scott Garrett and charged the baby killer with capital murder.

Scott Garrett, 40, went to trial in 2014. He pled not guilty.

The defense called their own medical expert, David Posey. He testified that his review of the medical records indicated Logan died of respiratory arrest caused by aspiration. He said there was no evidence of blunt force injury. WTF? Was that intestinal tear a figment of the imagination? Were the deep bruises on the victim’s backside fictional?

The defense also called character witnesses who testified that Scott Garrett, that good, churchgoing man, would never hurt his children.

“The evidence doesn’t show Mr. Garrett to be the kind of guy to intentionally kill a child,” defense attorney Bill Schultz said. And he pointed to missing video recordings of witness interviews. “We don’t have all the evidence because the police lost it.”

The defense suggested that the cause of death was the benign tumor in Logan’s abdomen, even though their own medical expert’s testimony had refuted that notion.

Prosecutor Daniel Lewis pointed out to the jury that the opinions of the character witnesses were meaningless. “You don’t snap when there’s company over,” he said. “You don’t snap in front of your in-laws. You snap when … no one is watching.”

Prosecutor Lewis refuted David Posey’s testimony that there were no indications of blunt force trauma by pointing out the litany of injuries both children suffered over the previous months.

On July 9, 2014, the jury found Scott Garrett guilty of capital murder.

Because prosecutors did not seek the death penalty, the baby killer received an automatic life sentence without parole.

District Judge John R. Roach Jr. had some words for Scott Garrett. “You should be ashamed of yourself,” he said, “I hope you rot in hell.”

Wow. It’s not often that a judge says that sort of thing out loud, in court. I’m sure Judge Roach wished he really could sentence the baby killing hellbeast to rot in hell. I wish he could too.

Speaking of wishes, I wish nothing but the best for little Olivia. I hope she is now in a happy, loving family, with a great future ahead of her.

And I wish caregivers would learn from little Logan’s death and report all suspected abuse to the authorities. It doesn’t take much to kill a child, so early intervention is critical.

I don’t know what to wish for in regards to Emily Garrett. She wasn’t there the day Logan died, but she was probably there when the children had black eyes and bruises. She was probably there when Olivia’s foot was broken. She was probably there when the children lost weight.

There were so many signs of abuse yet Emily Garrett did nothing to save the babies. Was she ignorant or indifferent? I don’t know. Whichever it was, Emily Garrett should never be a mother again. IMO her ignorance and/or indifference cost Logan his life. When she adopted those babies she owed them her protection, even at the cost of her husband’s freedom.

RIP, little Logan. I extend my condolences to those who loved him.

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10 Responses to Scott Garrett

  1. bengalpuss says:

    I like judge roach, he doesn’t mince his words does he? as for that child murdering twat, i hope his jail time is miserable, and the wife must of known what was going on, all those bruises on those children? or she’s very dumb and naive. RIP Logan.

  2. fuctup says:

    I am so tired of people assuming that church going people are automatically good and kind. So many of them just aren’t. Their religion gives them permission to be evil — they just have to ask forgiveness from God to get to start over with a blank slate. I think the church people who set up the adoption had a responsibility to check up on the welfare of those children but obviously they didn’t do that. It’s a crying shame.

    • bengalpuss says:

      fuctup, you are right, people seem to think that all church going people are saints and couldn’t commit a heinous crime, take eunice spry for example, bible basher she was but inflicted horrendous cruelty on those poor kids she was supposed to be looking after, and there are plenty of catholic nonce priests, nuff said!!

  3. Moody Magic says:

    Child killers do not deserve three meals a day and a roof over their head that is too good for them. The missus is not totally innocent either. These children deserved so much better.

  4. Lyn says:

    I have known people who religiously go to church every sunday but yet are not very nice people. And as far as “private” adoptions. That should be illegal.

  5. LeoAPM says:

    Hey Cleo, are you going to talk about the child molester Raymond Frolander, who was beaten to a pulp when the boy’s father caught him molesting his son?

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