Saul David Betesh, Josef Woods and Robert Wayne Kribs

Saul Betesh
Saul David Betesh
Crimes: Murder, Pedophilia, Rape, Kidnapping, Torture

Emanuel Jaques was a handsome 12-year-old boy who worked each day shining shoes on the Yonge Street Strip in Toronto. He was an industrious boy who was busy earning money to help his family save up for a trip. His parents were Portuguese immigrants to Canada, and they didn’t have much money.

Saul Betesh

The boy’s protective father had never let his son shine shoes on Yonge Street before. Yonge Street had a bad reputation back then, and it was well deserved with the porn theatres and massage parlours. But that weekend, Emanuel had pestered and pestered his dad, telling him that all his other friends did it and made money. Finally Mr. Jaques relented, and lived forever after with feelings of regret and guilt.

Emanuel Jaques’ last day of freedom was July 28, 1977. That was the day he met Saul David Betesh, Josef Woods and Robert Wayne Kribs.

Over twelve hours later, on July 29, 1977, a horrible death was inflicted on the young boy.

Emanuel Jaques could have had no idea when he accepted Saul David Betesh’s offer of $25 to carry camera equipment that it was a trap — a death trap. He only knew he needed money for his family and that $25 was irresistible.

The gruesome threesome had not been caught at it yet, and the tally of young victims was ever growing.

So with $25 as bait the unfortunate Emanuel Jaques was lured into a squalid flophouse apartment above a body rub parlour/porn theatre. Once inside the filthy apartment the young captive was handcuffed and then tortured and raped repeatedly for twelve hours. Twelve hours of undiluted hell. The three hell beasts took turns defiling him and took photos of all. They forced Emanuel to perform sex acts on them as well. When their lusts were finally sated, Emanuel was still alive, but the three heinous pedophiles weren’t done with him yet.

They had gone too far. There was no releasing this poor young boy.

Emanuel was forced to swallow sleeping pills, but those unhappily didn’t have an immediate effect. They injected him with prescription drugs in a bid to kill him. And then Saul David Betesh the beast got busy.

“I went in and I put the stretch cord, stretch plastic to hold suitcases onto a car, around his neck and I started to choke him and it lasted about two or three minutes and I just couldn’t finish the job. I came out and by that time Joe suggested trying to put a pillow over his head so that I couldn’t see him and so be able to finish the job. Stretch and I went back in and we decided to drown him so we did it that way.”

That is what the cold-hearted beast wrote in his confession.

Emanuel was drowned in the filthy kitchen sink. Saul David Betesh held him under water while Robert Wayne Kribs restrained the boy’s legs.

Finally Emanuel Jaques’ agonizing torture was over, and the handsome young boy was dead. The three murdering child rapers wrapped the body in two plastic garbage bags and a plastic curtain, and carried it up to the rooftop. They gathered all the lumber and debris they could find and piled it on top of the body. The small box that contained the shoe-shining equipment was smashed into pieces and rammed down a chimney.

The body might have remained undiscovered for who knows how long except for one thing — Saul David Betesh just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

The police had produced a composite drawing of a man believed to be the last person seen with the missing boy. Betesh felt it was likely that he’d be identified.

George Hislop, a well-known Toronto gay activist, received a phone call from Saul David Betesh late one night three days after the boy’s disappearance. I can’t even imagine how George Hislop kept his cool when this creature confessed to murder, but keep cool he did. Hislop arranged for Saul David Betesh to hire an attorney, he contacted the police and he even managed to persuade the killer to turn himself in.

Much to Robert Wayne Kribs’ and Josef Woods’ chagrin, Saul David Betesh not only turned himself in, he turned his fellow killers in as well. Misery loves company, I guess.

Once he started talking, Saul David Betesh was more than willing to spill the beans. He even re-enacted the crime in graphic detail for police officers at the apartment, all the while showing little or no emotion.

“He was relatively matter of fact,” said Detective Bob McLean who questioned the disgusting creature Betesh.

At the apartment the police found the victim’s clothing. And of all the photos the killers took of the rape of Emanuel, only two turned out. They were of Betesh fondling the naked boy. There was also a myriad of photos of other naked boys as young as 7, many of them tied up.

“It was horrible,” said Detective McLean about finding the body. “I had a son the same age.”

The entire citizenry of Toronto found it horrible as well, and soon afterward numerous protests and marches took place demanding that the city clean up the Yonge Street area. In the wake of Emanuel’s murder, numerous adult stores, body rub parlours and shoeshine stands were shut down and the area eventually was revitalized and made safer.

Nobody who knew Saul David Betesh was surprised by his crimes. He’d always been a creepy, scary pervert.

Smart, OK looking, moneyed, Betesh had it made. He’d been adopted as a baby by a well-to-do Jewish family and could have accomplished something in his life. Instead, as his mother testified at his trial, “We feared for our lives.” She recounted how little Saul had been kicked out of every school he’d gone to and wound up in a centre for disturbed children at the age of 17.

“We locked ourselves into the bedroom at night, we were so scared,” his mother said.

Saul David Betesh had had a comfortable home, the best private schools, music lessons and psychiatric treatment too. Little Saul, at age 5, had a shrink. Didn’t work, did it.

He hated his mother, he had no respect for his father. “I never really liked anyone,” Saul Betesh said. And nobody really liked him. He was known as a chronic liar, and being an aggressive, vicious little boy he took razors to his elementary school to threaten his fellow students. Nice. He craved power and attention. No kidding.

Saul David Betesh had had sex with girls but decided eventually he was homosexual. Being the scary, creepy, vicious dude he was, and not very employable, he found “work” as a prostitute for a while. He began having sex with younger and younger boys. And younger and younger. Pedophile territory here. F*cking perv.

Robert Wayne Kribs, a tall bearded drifter who went by the name Stretcher, met Betesh at a homosexual rights’ group meeting. Wow. Those two probably set the homosexual rights movement back at least a century. And for those who don’t know, homosexual ≠ pedophile.

Kribs spent his early years in reformatories and a mental institution. Again, it didn’t work. No surprise he wound up a murderous child raper.

Kribs and Betesh had lots in common. They both liked CB radios, war games and sex with little boys. They liked taking pictures of their victims too. How do creeps like this find each other anyway?

Kribs worked in the body rub parlor below the apartment/murder scene. He also made some money selling photos to pornographic literature dealers.

In Robert Wayne Kribs’ statement to the police, he admitted to the handcuffing, the rape and the murder.

“I didn’t mean to see the kid killed,” he said. “I would probably have confessed to the crime eventually because of my conscience.”

Thank goodness the police didn’t have to wait on his conscience to solve the brutal slaying.

And then there was perv #3, Josef Woods. Crazy Joe, as he was called, liked CB radios too, and fortune telling, experimenting and drugs. He really, really liked drugs. Josef Woods had been doing drugs big time since he was 16. I guess it gave him something to do after he dropped out of Grade 7 and left home.

Crazy Joe Woods did not actively participate physically in the murder of young Emanuel, but he did his fair share of the raping. And he certainly did nothing to save the boy.

The three were tried for murder in 1978. Saul David Betesh basked in the glory of it all, testifying against his co-killers. He certainly got the power and attention he’d always wanted.

Josef Woods’ lawyer, George Marron, had claimed that his client was neither a homosexual nor a pedophile, and really preferred drag queens and older women. Unhappily for him one of the many boys who testified said that he was forced to have sex with Crazy Joe. Sounds like a pedophile to me!

Josef Woods was convicted of 2nd degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 18 years.

Parole records showed that Woods had periods of mental instability and paranoia. He experienced auditory and visual hallucinations. I guess Crazy Joe was really crazy. He threatened to get revenge against police, whom he accused of concocting evidence against him. He even once tried to kill Betesh at Kingston Penitentiary by cutting his throat. Betesh was moved into segregation after this unsuccessful attempt on his life. Damn!

Other than that, Josef Woods kept busy with voodoo, tarot cards, witchcraft, telepathy and clairvoyance. He lasted 25 years in prison before his death in 2003. Rot, Josef, rot. He’d been denied parole in 1995, 1996, 1998 and 2000.

Robert Wayne Kribs made it easy: he pleaded guilty to 1st degree murder. His lawyer, Gordon Goldman, tried to persuade the trial judge to send Kribs to a mental hospital for psychiatric treatment.

“It’s his last chance,” Mr. Goldman said in an interview, “He’s not crazy. He just has big sexual problems.”

Kidnapping, tying up and raping young boys is a sexual problem? Murdering is a sexual problem? A slight understatement, wouldn’t you say? Trust a lawyer to diminish these heinous crimes down to a sex thing.

As for his last chance, IMHO Robert Kribs got a whole lot more chances than he gave Emanuel Jaques.

The judge refused the request, and sent Robert Wayne Kribs off to prison for life with no chance of parole for 25 years. He was denied parole in 2002.

Saul David Betesh was found guilty of 1st degree murder. He has been a pain in the ass for prison officials ever since. He has been a whiny, bitchy baby for over 30 years.

Both Robert Wayne Kribs and Saul David Betesh are confined at the medium-security Warkworth Institution near Campbellford, Ontario. Betesh isn’t happy there. Awwww. He wants to be moved. Awwww.

In 2002, Betesh claimed he was on a hunger strike because of the refusal of Corrections Canada to allow him to practise his religion, Wicca. He’s apparently been on a whole bunch of hunger strikes through the years. Every time he’s unhappy he stops eating. Whiner.

Gee, I wonder how he managed to tip the scales at over 200 pounds if he truly gave up food.

And the latest? Read this March 3, 2011 Corrections Canada memo:

“Offender Betesh wants a transfer to the East Coast (Dorchester) or Bath Institution, but out of Warkworth. Please be advised already has request for transfer in for Dorchester. Betesh can not go to Bath but knows this. Offender claims he is refusing his meals and now his insulin and will do so until next week. He says will then begin eating his normal rations but will refuse his insulin and thus will bring on kidney failure. Once that happens the offender advised that it will cost CSC $2000 per day to treat him and they will feel the pain and suffering they have caused him.”

Know what I think? I think this waste of skin and space should be taken off the meals and meds lists. He wants to stop eating, so stop feeding him. He wants to stop his insulin, so stop medicating him. And don’t be in any hurry to reinstate his food and meds. Let him feel real pain and suffering for once.

The f*cktoid wants kidney failure, so by all means let him have kidney failure. Anything that shortens his stay on this planet is fine by me. And then he can reside in the depths of hell. Rot, Saul, rot. And may your pal Stretcher join you too.

By the way, for those interested Saul Betesh also wants penpals. Guess it’s kinda lonely being him. He says he’s into gardening, computer programming, cooking and he’s a Druid. He admits he’s a tad bit overweight but says he’s active. He also claims he was convicted of assault. So if anybody is desperate for a whiny, bitchy, fat, lying child raper and killer for a penpal, Saul’s your guy.

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29 Responses to Saul David Betesh, Josef Woods and Robert Wayne Kribs

  1. angela tobin says:

    nasty fat bastard

  2. Sapphire says:

    Nobody would touch this putrid whore bag with a 80 foot pole. So it is unlikely he’ll ever get to experience the damage he dealt. I can only hope the worst possible outcome for this fat sack of pathetic shit.

  3. Jannadoll says:

    Put paul bernardo and the nasty fat saul in a cell together and let them go at it. What pieces of slime these losers are.

    • Trixie says:

      THat’s an EXCELLENT IDEA!!!! Saul and Paul sittin in a tree k I s s I n g……lol!!Hopefully they will kill each other.

  4. scrappy says:

    THis is such a sad sad story. I cannot imagine the terror and pain of this poor little boy. The sad thing is, he learned too late, his Dad was right.

    I wish they had all died painfully. Sadly, nothing can erase the pain and despair young Emanuel’s family must feel every day they must carry on knowing he died and suffered horrifically.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    The cheeky bastard, the pain and suffering they are causing fat bastard Betesh By not moving him. What about the pain and suffering that he and his pedo buddies did to that boy before murdering him. I wish when he had his throat slit by the crazy one he’d have gone and inch deeper. Whats wrong is the hotel he’s staying in now not up to sir’s standard. Also let the cunt go into a diabetic coma they’d be doing canada a great service. And whats the point in refusing your food for a week. Doesn’t hunger strike mean until you get what you want? Oh i forgot he’s a fat fucking paedaphile that lies and thinks society owes him a favour. Well guess what mr fat cunt betesh, no one gives a fuck out in the free world whether you live or die but preferably the latter. .

  6. Joana says:

    To Emanuel your truly a very precious angel .
    To those fucken bastards who took the little
    Shoe shine boy who only wanted to help his
    Loving parents should be shot and hanged
    And thrown away like the garbage that they to where theses killers are staying
    They should sleep on the floor and have no
    Beds and tv’s in their sick bastards
    Root in he’ll.

  7. Joana says:

    Rout in hell you bastards u deserve to be
    Shot and hanged and burned in the flames
    Of hell.Emanuel they shoe shine boy
    Wanted to help his loving parents and family
    With his precious thoughtfulness.
    These bastards just didn’t give a shit
    Let them die in jail (go to hell u Fucken bastards.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Poor poor little fella, amazing how betesh was the main man in this heinous crime, but He was the one who couldn’t keep his fat mouth shut.

  8. ron says:

    Back in the early 70’s during the C.B. radio haydays I remember meeting this guy called stretch and he was quite tall and creepy looking , also a guy called shortly , a long with many people in those days when C.B. was popular and we used to talk to each other over the radio. Turns out shortly was Saul Betesh and stretcher was. Robert Wayne Kribs. I guess that was around 1973

    There was talk around the radio cumunity back then that these men
    were interested in boys. In those days there were a lot of fags as we called them after young guys mostly in their teens though . Pedophiles they call them now.

    Goes to show you that you never know what people are in to.
    Scary when I think about it now even spending half an hour with creeps like that a few years later did that terrible thing to Emanuel Jaques.

    • Trevor says:

      Around 1972, my 16 year old friend and I( I was 14) were picked up hitchhiking in Thunder Bay by Stretch and a couple of other men. There was a woman riding with them and that made us feel safe. Turned out the car was stolen and after about a day of driving with them we were all arrested and put in county jail in Sault Saint Marie, for two weeks. Until it was learned that I was 14. Then all the charges were dropped and everyone was released. We were lucky! We knew it was him when we saw the Shoeshine boy murder. Small World!

  9. Carol says:

    I remember when this happened. It was one of the first really horrendous crimes that I can remember . The whole city was in Schlick and I could feel this really creepy beginning of more to come. My heart arched fir that little boy after the details of the murder came out. All I could wish for was the capture of these devils. The only one that I can really compare this to was The Paul Bernardo and Karla homolka case..There are many more like this still going on all the time. But in Canada this never happened. The poor family come to Canada fir a better life. But not to be these bastards in their evil sick twisted minds could not resist the prey on an innocent child. Those creeps I hope they have lived a life of hell.Leave the Children alone . Cowards.

  10. dave says:

    I wonder if Kribs is out of prison now. It’s been 37 year’s sinse he was sent up and he was eligible for parole after 25 years.
    I read he was denied his first parole because he didn’t take the sexual offenders course at the sanitorium lasting about 9 months
    He may have done that by now and be out.

    Woods is dead and Betesh is never getting out but Kribs might be free, or he may be dead.
    I’d like to see a reporter check this out and update us on Kribs status.

  11. robert says:

    Tax dollars are well spent keeping these monsters out of society. Those people like Saul Betesh would have been hung prior to 1962. In those days Canada dealt with murderers properly. Our liberalized society did away with the rope and now you see the results.

  12. Bengalpuss says:

    I wonder if emanuels parents returned to their native country or stayed in canada? Anybody know?

  13. Nikki Henderson says:

    I remember this case well. I was 9 or 10. Confused that adults could do this to someone like me. I thought they were supposed to protect us?!? His lovely face has stayed with me to this day. After having two children of my own, I can’t imagine the agony his parents have endured for all these years.
    To the guilty? A response? Nothing. Human wiring gone wrong. Not deserved of any attention. May they exist in the criminal system getting shuffled and ignored until their dying day. They aren’t worthy of any attention…negative or positive.
    The only attention required is that of a young boy taken too soon. May he always be remembered. xx

  14. Advocate says:

    Justice 4 Emanuel PLEASE
    Where is the justice?
    The killer is in jail and using internet to interact with people
    Betesh doesn’t deserve to breath the air he breaths.
    Emanuel Jaques spirit is alive
    Check out cemetery visit by advocate
    He says “Hello” on second visit

    • Dave says:

      As long as he remains in prison along with the other bastard Kribs that is the important thing. They have been incarcerated now close to 40 years and atleast in this instance the Canadian legal system is working to protect the citizenry from these predators.

  15. Please update info on Emanuel’s child killers
    Betesh , Kribs and Woods
    Which one died?
    What prison are the two convicted killers
    It’s alleged Saul Betesh got transferred to prison he wanted to go to
    It is the east coast Do you know what prison ?
    We must keep updated if this demon gets parole hearing.
    Where is the other convicted killer ?
    Is it Woods or Kribs who died ?
    Thank you:)
    God bless the children t

  16. Linda says:

    I found it is Woods who died in prison
    Two child killers in jail are Saul Betesh and Robert Wayne Kribs
    We must find out what jail and if they get a parole hearing.
    Woods who died in jail was denied parole in 1995 1996 1998 2000
    Woods lasted 25 years in prison before his death in 2003
    Thank you for your work
    God bless the children

  17. Arthur Berry says:

    was 22 years old living in Yarmouth when I heard about the murder of the shoe shine boy Emanuel Jaques., now living in Toronto. this is the 40th Anniversary of his death. on July 29 at 1pm I will be putting up poster up on a poll outside 245 yonge st where this boy was murdered. the poster is a picture of Emanuel Jaques, 1965-1977 Gone But Not Forgotten

  18. xMan says:

    Saul Davis Betesh is alive (unfortunately) and residing in the Pacific Institution in BC. He will forever be in the custody of federal corrections for the remainder of his mortal life. Doubtful that even if he escaped that his fat ass would make it over the fence. If his wretched life were to end now it wouldn’t be soon enough. That [email protected]@rd will burn in eternal Hell once his bloated ass finally dies.

  19. Lauren says:

    Such a disturbing read.

  20. Joe Raposo says:

    A very disturbing story , I remember very well , I took part of the walk to City Hall , I remember crying a lot felling helpless ,the a little boy suffer and died on the hands of horrible 3 monsters, may the 3 rot in hell

  21. Phil mitchell says:

    What ever became of Emanuel’s family

  22. John Oates says:

    If old man Trodoo had not cancelled the rope they would all be hanging around

  23. myra brachfeld says:

    I lived next door to the kribs family in Windsor Ontario. bob kribs would come home when he was released from reform school. his parents were nice people. I was living in Toronto when the killing happened and it was all over the Windsor paper. I happen to go back to Windsor and saw his brother jack. the kribs moved to another part of Windsor. they were destroyed from this. jack his brother did not know what to say to me. when bob kribs was in the back yard my mother would not let me out of the house. there was something weird about him

  24. Paul Hargiss says:

    One thing has been left out! There was a fourth monster involved: Werner Gruener. Somehow this paedophile queer was set free. Keep in mind he:

    Opened the door.
    Did not find it unusual that a 12-year-old boy was brought in.
    Was in possession of copious amounts of kiddy porn.
    Was involved in the disposition of his the child’s dead body.

    This murder, along with the insensitive article written a mere year after this event “Men Loving Boys Loving Men” in the gay paper “The Body Politic”, proves there is a link between gay men and kid touching!

    I don’t care how “liberated” we become, to me, a fag will never be welcome in my home! Let them around your kids if you’re so enlightened!

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