Samuel Onyenweaku

Samuel Onyenweaku
Crimes: Rape, Elder Abuse

In my youth (a few decades ago) I used to work in a nursing home and I vowed then to never put my handicapped mother into that situation. I cared for Mom for many, many years and she passed away peacefully in her own bed in her own home. Now that I am getting older and less mobile, I am getting more and more concerned (ok, paranoid) about winding up in a nursing home myself. And hellbeasts like Samuel Onyenweaku only add to my fears.

Samuel Onyenweaku, of West Chester, was a nurse’s aide at the Amber Park Nursing Home in Cincinnati, Ohio. The facility was home to many vulnerable and elderly women, making it a prime hunting ground for hellbeastly predators like him.

On November 24, 2013, Samuel Onyenweaku picked out his victim. I honestly don’t know if she was his first victim, but she was his last.

The woman was 92 years old, confined to her bed, and completely helpless. She was a childless widow so she wouldn’t have many visitors. She also was unable to communicate which made her a perfect victim.

Samuel Onyenweaku, then 22, snuck into the old woman’s room and shut the door. Mercifully, he was noticed by a nursing supervisor. She considered his actions to be very odd.

Thank gawd the suspicious supervisor took it upon herself to find out what was going on. She was surprised to find the door to the old lady’s room was locked. The residents’ doors are rarely locked.

The supervisor knocked repeatedly but got no answer. Becoming more and more alarmed, she unlocked the door and entered the room.

Maybe the supervisor expected to find Samuel Onyenweaku stealing valuables from the victim. He wasn’t.

The poor old lady was still in bed but uncovered. Her nightgown was pushed up to her breasts and her panties had been removed. On the floor was a pair of men’s trousers, underwear and shoes.

Theft was obviously not what was on Samuel Onyenweaku’s mind.

Amber Park Nursing HomeThe supervisor knew Samuel Onyenweaku was in the room somewhere, and she found him hiding in the locked, adjoining bathroom. He was *surprise* naked from the waist down.

In case you haven’t figured it out, Samuel Onyenweaku had been in the process of raping the poor old dear. Whether it was the first time he’d assaulted her we’ll never know. Whether she was his only victim we’ll never know.

Ninety-two years old! Completely helpless! Can you imagine what that poor old woman went through? Just because she couldn’t communicate doesn’t mean she was oblivious to what was happening.

I am not sure why the police weren’t called then and there. Maybe it was because the immediate concern was with getting the victim to the hospital.

The nursing supervisor did fire Samuel Onyenweaku on the spot and had him escorted from the building.

Two days later, the rapist was arrested and charged with raping that poor old lady.

Samuel OnyenweakuSamuel Onyenweaku pled not guilty, and chose to be tried by the judge instead of by a jury. Smart move — if I’d been on the jury I’d have been itching to see him locked up for life. Anyone with an elderly mom, aunt or grandma could relate, I’m sure.

On June 23, 2014, Samuel the festering meatstick Onyenweaku was convicted of rape, felonious assault and patient abuse. He will be sentenced on July 28. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

I shall endeavour to keep readers posted about the sentencing. Reminders, as always, are welcome.

The court heard that the poor old dear died in February, 2014. She’d gone straight from hospital to a Hospice facility. That’s how fragile the victim was — 92 years old and at the end of her life.

I’m not happy when I consider that, even if Samuel Onyenweaku gets the maximum sentence, he’ll still be fairly young when he gets out. Here’s hoping that the prison system reforms his scuzzy ass so there won’t be any future victims.

Onyenweaku was sentenced to 11 years in prison, and has to report as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He didn’t speak at his sentencing, but he told investigators after he was found guilty that he’d masturbated while wearing the same latex glove he later used to “examine” the victim — that’s how his semen wound up inside her. Riiiiiight.

His mom still thinks he’s a good boy, “a gift from God” even. Jeez, what would he have to do for her to think badly of him? Kill somebody? I just hope that by the time he gets out, that boy will have grown into a decent man.

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13 Responses to Samuel Onyenweaku

  1. Supermom says:

    This makes me furious, in fact, that isn’t even a big enough word for how disgusted & angry I am. I have taken care of my mom for long time now bc she is unable to care for herself. She lives with me & I take care of her every need. Taking on that responsibility is a huge task on top of taking care of my two small children as well. But I won’t have it any other way, she’s my mom & only deserves the best care possible. our elderly population is just as volnerable as our children & need to be protected. Kudos to that supervisor for being there, an angel in disguise. 20 years doesn’t come close to a big enough punishment. A long torturous death, followed by eternal damnation, may he burn in hell! What a POS!

  2. BENGALPUSS says:

    If that would’ve been my mum, then this piece of shite would be minus 2balls and a meatstick, filthy disgusting raping, piece of garbage. I truly hope he is given the maximum sentence, there is no mitigating factors here, he’s just a hellbeast plain and simple.

  3. cleo says:

    To my wonderful readers, because Canada Day is coming up (July 1) I probably will not upload my next article until Wednesday. I’m going to relax in the sunshine and great outdoors with my pups — the only beasts I want to deal with on this long weekend.

    • FlyingLeadChange says:

      Happy Canada Day, Cleo! Hope they have a good fireworks show in your neck of the woods (here in Toronto there’s a nice one at the lakeshore I think)

    • wildchild says:

      Thanks cleo for all your good deeds. U deserve to relax, my friend.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Awww cleo, hope you have a nice time with your pups love, happy canada day, belated.

    • Erica says:

      Thank you for doing an invaluable service internationally by publishing your site. Thank you from Montreal. Peace!

  4. moodymagic says:

    Bengal I’m with you nothing but the max for this creep.

  5. Jessice11 says:

    What a disgusting piece of shit! Oi Oi for a max sentence!!

    Happy Canada Day Cleo :)

  6. Paul says:

    I am upset, angry and disgusted.

    The “max” is not enough. Any normal man would tell you that this bloke is very, very dangerous. It is not something a normal man would ever contemplate even in the odder parts of his psyche


  7. 2cute says:

    I wonder if the raping bastard claimed it was consensual sex. Maybe the old lady looked at him and he knew she wanted him. Good thing he forgot to grab his clothes when he hid in the bathroom, otherwise he could have dressed himself and then claimed to have been cleaning the old dear up or some bullshit like that.

  8. bulldoggy says:

    This “man” is a pathetic excuse for a man. Raping old ladies who are near death. He should lose custody of his genitalia for that IMO.

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