Ryan Reed & Allison Ann Clement

Ryan Reed and Allison Clement
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Savannah Katheryn Cross almost lived to see her third birthday, but 19 days before that big day she was murdered. The beautiful little girl died on December 11, 2012, in a home near 45th Street and Sunland Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.

The people responsible for Savannah’s death have yet to face justice. I am not going to wait until the trial in late September to pass judgment, though.

Actually, I don’t think everyone responsible for Savannah’s death is being held accountable. Maybe things will change in the coming months — I hope so.

Savannah Katheryn Cross was born to Stephen Cross and Ashley Dattoli Livengood. Stephen Cross is a former marine who lives in Colorado and suffers from disabilities caused by injuries. He and Ashley split up after a volatile relationship. Ashley took her daughter with her to Phoenix in early 2011.

And so little Savannah was left in the care of her mother.

Ashley Dattoli LivengoodThe problem was her mother wasn’t particularly interesting in caring for Savannah. Ashley Dattoli Livengood worked as a stripper, a lifestyle that wasn’t conducive to good parenting. So what Ashley Dattoli Livengood chose to do was drop off Savannah at a daycare run by Ryan Reed and Allison Ann Clement. She dropped her off in July … and left her there.

Ashley Dattoli Livengood basically abandoned her little girl to the care of Ryan Reed and Allison Ann Clement. She did return on occasion to pay them some money for her care, but never to reclaim little Savannah.

The last time Ashley Dattoli Livengood had a visit with her daughter was Thanksgiving, 2012.

Stephen Cross was led to believe that his girl was left with babsitters while Ashley Dattoli Livengood was working. He had no idea that strangers had full-time custody of his baby.

“If I would have known that she was being left with complete strangers for weeks on end, I would have been down there in a skinny minute to get my daughter,” Stephen Cross said in an interview with CBS5.

So Savannah was left in the “care” of Ryan Reed and Allison Ann Clement. I’m sure those two were just delighted to have this little girl foisted upon them, and not being paid fully or regularly. I’m sure they considered this vulnerable, abandoned little girl as one of their family… not!

SavannahNope, I am pretty sure that Ryan Reed and Allison Ann Clement considered little Savannah as a nuisance and a burden, but also a source of promised income. But when their unpaid bill exceeded $1200, I’m thinking they were getting really pissed off.

But did the two fat f*cktards call CPS to come and get the girl? Hell no. And why the hell didn’t they? I’m thinking it’s because of the vast array of injuries that had already been inflicted on little Savannah.

Ryan Reed, 27, has admitted to kicking, striking and roughly grabbing the toddler numerous times. This turdpile hellbeast actually described to police what he did to Savannah.

What kind of monster can kick and hit a 2-year-old girl? Ryan Reed is that kind of monster.

And what kind of monster can watch a full-grown f*ckclown kick and hit a 2-year-old and do nothing to stop the abuse? Allison Ann Clement, 28, is that kind of monster.

So after weeks and weeks of abuse, Ryan Reed ramped it up and actually stomped on little Savannah. He stomped on her stomach! And that tiny little girl curled up into a ball and groaned in pain all night long.

And neither Ryan Reed nor Allison Ann Clement considered getting the tiny girl medical attention. They just left Savannah alone, groaning and moaning in agony until she stopped.

Clement DaycareIt was 7 a.m. on December 11, 2012, that the hellbeast and his hellbitch female noticed that Savannah had stopped. She stopped moaning, she stopped groaning, she stopped everything except breathing.

It was then that the 2 murderous monsters decided to call for an ambulance. And on the way to the hospital Savannah stopped breathing too. She died before she reached the hospital.

The autopsy found bruising on Savannah’s body in various stages of healing, which means that little girl had been subjected to beatings regularly and repeatedly.

Ryan Reed and Allison Ann Clement were arrested right after Savannah died. Their children were taken into custody of Child Protective Services.

Ryan Reed is accused of 2nd-degree murder. In addition, he and his hellbitch female face 4 felony counts of child abuse.

Incredibly, after Ryan Reed admitted to hitting and kicking the girl and Allison Ann Clement admitted to doing nothing to stop the abuse and not getting her medical attention, they both pled not guilty.

Not guilty? How is that possible? Do they want us to believe that Ryan Reed accidentally stomped on Savannah? That neither of those brutal bastards noticed the girl was mortally injured and in need of immediate medical attention?

As far as I can ascertain, their trial will begin after September 24, 2013. I shall keep readers updated.

Stephen Cross and SavannahAnd as far as I can ascertain, Ashley Dattoli Livengood is not facing charges. She pretty much abandoned her child, didn’t check on her child’s welfare, and didn’t even bother paying the “caregivers” what was owed. She put her little girl into harm’s way by dumping her with strangers. She repeatedly lied to Stephen Cross about his daughter’s wellbeing. I hope she faces severe consequences for her actions. It would be morally repugnant to me to see her walk away unscathed, as if little Savannah had been nothing more than a temporary, bothersome burden to her.

I hope the beastly creatures Ryan Reed and Allison Ann Clement are found guilty and get the maximum penalty. I find no mitigation for their cruelty toward that helpless little girl. They deserve no leniency, in my opinion, no leniency at all.

RIP little Savannah Katheryn Cross. And best wishes to your daddy who loves you.

“No father or mother should have to bury their child before them, no matter what age, no matter what time; it shouldn’t happen,” said Stephen Cross, and he’s right.


On September 24, 2013 the judge dismissed murder and child-abuse charges against them after prosecutors failed to produce crucial forensic reports related to the victim’s death. WTF happened!?! I guess the Medical Examiners office was too slow and the judge got tired of excuses from the prosecution.

The prosecutors may refile the charges at a later date.


In November Ryan Reed was arrested again on 2 counts of child molestation. Evidence was found that Savannah was molested. Allison Clement has not be re-arrested as of yet.

I shall endeavour to update the story — reminders are always welcome.

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29 Responses to Ryan Reed & Allison Ann Clement

  1. 2cute says:

    So the fat bitch just sat and watched her “man” stomp a baby and did nothing? They both deserve to rot in hell. How can they plead not guilty? Mental defect? He was too stoopid to know stomping a baby was wrong and she was too stoopid to know to get her to a doctor? And they had kids of their own who are much better off with people who will take care of them properly.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      2Cute, what a horrible pair of fat bastards. Why do most child neglect cases, involve fat cunts? Puzzles me that one. If that mother doesn’t get punished then thats an absolute travesty. If it wasn’t for her dumping her daughter like trash and forgetting about her, that little girl would still be here.

  2. pj says:

    She was such a beautiful little girl who deserved nothing less than a good life and lots of love. I hope all those who let her down, who let her suffer, who let her die will in their turn suffer and die.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    That poor little girl, being dumped with 2 fat cunts she didn’t know, while her mother swung round a pole. How the fuck has she not been charged with child abandonment at the very least. Me personally would slap so many charges on this bitch’s arse, that the paperwork would weigh her down. Everybody remember her face, and if you bump into her, spit in her face. Cos thats all she,s worth. As for humpty dumpty no 1 and no 2, they just a pair of worthless cunts. They could of taken the little angel to social services, and informed them, that her lowlife mother had dumped her, but no, mr potatoe head killed this little angel, and fat arse jelly belly sat by and watched, worthless pieces of shit.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, where for art thou bulldoggy, we need your opinion on a bunch of worthless fat cunts lol. Im that pissed, i’ve started mixing the cement for the construction of my dungeon. We need your input on 3 horrible bastards.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Aww bengalpuss missed me. Warms the cockles of my heart. If we are going to develop your basement suite we should follow the plans that Chinese bastard made.

      This baby stomper needs to suffer every day. And his evil fartfaced female needs to suffer too. They both take too much space on this planet. And probably eat more than their share too. I hope the stripper loses her looks and winds up in prison too the evil bitch.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        I still can’t get over that chinese bastards basement dungeon, it was impressive to say the least, wonder if he could be commissioned to work on mine,even fit those sound proof doors to keep the screaming under wraps. No seriously, just look at the picture of that little sweetheart with her daddy, she,s so tiny bless her. I truly hope the mother slips off her strip/lap pole and can never earn,s another cent, and her arse does up doing a dance twisting around one of the prison officers baton. As for big fat arse,s may they be deprived of food and wither away. Mind you that could take years seen as they are gigantic, lol.

  5. moodymagic says:

    there are 3 terrible bastards here not just 2 . Burn in hell all of you.

  6. twitchy says:

    This makes me so sick. I wish they could fry them both. How do you just watch a toddler be beaten and do nothing? How do you beat a helpless little girl like that? They will get their own justice here on earth and God will give them justice after.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Its unbelievable twitchy, any normal person wouldn’t even think of harming a little girl, let alone doing it. And as for the mother, she,s culpable also, she dumped that sweet little girl like she was a piece of garbage, didn’t even pay these so called child minders, who were strangers to the little girl. She couldn’t even be bothered checking to see how she was. I honestly think all 3 of them should lose their freedom for the rest of their lives, that would be justice, but we all know that

  7. Jena says:

    I wish they would’ve left this baby with me. She would still be alive and very well cared for. Who in their right mind would drop their kid off with these two? She’s a stripper not brain dead.

  8. Cathy Cross says:

    And if you think all of the above was outrageous – this one knocked us off of our feet. The Judge let them just walk….no trial – dismissed all charges:


  9. scrappy says:

    How could this happen? A child died from abandonment, abuse, and neglect and nobody even goes to trial?

    Poor little nippet. I know there are others somewhere who suffer from your loss…RIP baby girl.

  10. ANON says:

    She was such a beautiful little girl! I can’t imagine feeling anything but love for such a precious child, whether she was mine or not; and I certainly can’t imagine doing her harm rather than alerting someone that cared about her that they were needed.
    I can’t decide what’s worse, the despicable pieces of filth that murdered this poor baby, or the disgusting “mother” that left the one good thing she’s probably ever done in her life without a single backwards glance.

  11. Charley says:

    What monsters!!! They shall burn in hell and I pray they´ll get the same torture day by day in jail, their whole life!!!!

  12. Megan Cluff says:

    I’m so glad today they arrested Allison Clement. Prison will take care of her.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Megan, you have just made my day, now all we need is for the worthless mother to be dragged off her dancing pole and made to pay for what she didn’t do for her child, protect her, comfort her, and be a mother instead of a lap dancing lowlife, because she shouldn’t be allowed to get away with failing that little angel.

  13. Stephanie says:

    “Documents cite specific DNA evidence and injuries to Savannah to support the molestation charges. Although it’s not related to these charges, the court documents also indicate that the medical examiner’s testing revealed “critically elevated levels of methamphetamine” in Savannah’s system.”


  14. Cathy Cross says:

    December 4th, 2015 is the next Complex Case management hearing where the family is told a solid trial date swill be set. It is anticipated that jury selection will begin late February/early March with the trial immediately following. The trial is expected to last 4-5 months and will be live-streamed via KPHO from Phoenix Phoenix.

    Anyone interested in helping Savannah’s father and myself in our attempts to be present every day in the courtroom for the trial, can donate securely via Paypal throught he FAMILY link at http://thesavannahfund.org/donate.html We are both disabled with limited incomes and would be blessed to have your assistance to be present to see and participate in Savannah’s justice being served.

    For the record, there have been monthly hearings for the past three years, excluding the time they were released due to the ME delays. Ashley Livengood only attended ONE hearing, and that was the hearing where Reed and Clement were released. She lives in Phoenix and has attended no other hearings.

    Please help us be there for Savannah.

    As you can imagine, December is a difficult month for us. There will be no Christmas for us until Savannah’s justice has been served. Her death on the 11th, Reed and Clement’s birthdays both falling in December, Savannah’s funeral on the 22nd, and her birthday on the 30th, make it impossible to overcome and feel any joy as these days are seared in our soul.

    Thank you for your continued supports in keeping her story in the forefront.

    Cathy Cross
    Savannah’s Grandmother

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Cathy i’ve just had a peep at the savannah fund link and was disturbed to see a picture of a childr bruised eye, is that child ok now? And safe?

  15. Cathy Cross says:

    Separate trial dates how now been set for the brutal murder of my Granddaughter. Our family is asking for the public’s assistance for trial attendance to be donated through http://thesavannahfund.org/donate.html using the FAMILY link.

    See https://agonizingjustice.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/separate-trial-dates-set-for-reed-and-clement/ for details on trial dates.

    Please keep us in your prayers.


    • wildchild says:

      Cathy Cross, I hope the verdicts come out in your favor for beautiful Savannah. I’m sorry for your loss of a granddaughter. I’ll pray for your family. Peace.

  16. Geneen says:

    Does anyone know where they stand with court? Is Clement still out? I want to know more but her Grandmother won’t share info unless you pay money to her fund.

    • goat says:

      Well that’s bullshit. And I gotta say, Savannah’s dad abandoned her, too. He was every bit as responsible as her mom was to take care of her and keep her safe, and he fucking failed.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    They used to be my neighbors. I saw all the little kids they had in their “daycare.” I saw their own two children, a little girl about 3 years old and a boy who I think was 6. I never saw that boy talk. I never saw him smile. I saw him come home from school and go straight inside. The little girl was happy and friendly. Cute little thing who loved coming over to pet my cats.

    I moved in 2010. Didn’t give them another thought. They weren’t my friends. They barely qualified as acquaintances. Then one day I saw their pictures on the news. I was stunned. Horrified. Disgusted. I didn’t want to believe these were the same people who once lived next to me. What made that day even more emotional was that I was three months pregnant with my first child. What if that had been my little baby?

    I keep checking up on this case. It’s chilling to know that I lived next to these monsters.

  18. LawyerChick says:

    They both are in prison. He got a 30 year sentence and she got 24 years. He’s also got to register as a sex offender.

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