Ryan Paul Seddon & Paul Spanevello

Seddon & Spanevello
Crime: Murder

On March 6, 1995, Mrs. Jeanne Richter, 79, heard someone knocking on the door of her Langley, B.C. home. There were two teenagers on the doorstep asking to use her phone to call a tow truck for their broken down car.

Maybe the frail, elderly widow recognized one of the teenagers as her neighbours’ boy and that’s why she opened the door. Maybe she truly believed their car had broken down. Regardless, the last thing Mrs. Richter should have done was let them in.

Her visitors were Paul Spanevello, 19, and Ryan Paul Seddon, 15. Hell and its hellbeasts had come to visit Mrs. Richter.

Ryan the POS creep Seddon was Mrs. Richter’s neighbour. He considered her “old and stupid” and ripe pickings for a robbery. She was under 100 pounds, under 5 feet tall and was partially deaf. She was a perfect victim.

And Ryan Seddon was the perfect villain. He has an antisocial personality disorder and from an early age he was setting fires and showing physical aggression and substance abuse.

Poor Mrs. Richter didn’t stand a chance once she’d caught Seddon’s attention.

As soon as Jeanne Richter opened the door on that fateful day, Paul Spanevello punched the frail widow in the face. Mrs. Richter resisted and tried to fight back but that only inflamed the monsters’ rage.

For the next 20 minutes or so Mrs. Richter was beaten with fists, feet, a frying pan, a saucepan and a small stepladder. She was beaten so hard that the frying pan actually broke.

Incredibly the frail old lady didn’t die yet, so Paul the cowardly turd Spanevello and Ryan the waste of skin Seddon stabbed her with a carving knife and a 2-pronged meat fork. Next they tried to strangle their helpless victim with a telephone cord.

“This bitch doesn’t die,” wimpy Ryan Seddon had complained. Despite being the younger of the 2 hellbeasts Ryan had been the more violent.

At some point Jeanne Richter did die. Bless her heart, she’d done nothing in her life to deserve just a horrible, gruesome death.

The two young hellbeasts left the victim’s house with 2 cameras, some jewellery, some booze, cigarettes and $179 in cash. That’s what Jeanne Richter’s life had been worth to them.

A couple of days later the f*ckwads Seddon and Spanevello decided to return to the scene of the crime to steal their victim’s BMW but the body had been discovered and the police were everywhere.

Within days the two murderous teenagers were arrested. Master criminals they were not. Stupid and violent and murderous f*cktards they were.

Tip to criminals: don’t brag about your crimes, unless of course you think you’re too smart to get caught and the police are too stupid to catch you.

Paul Spanevello, 19, was convicted of 2nd-degree murder. He got the automatic life sentence and was to serve a minimum of 15 years before he could apply for parole.

Paul Spanevello’s reaction to his sentence was to gesture to his groin and yell obscenities. Very mature.

Ryan Seddon the 15-year-old killer was transferred to adult court. He was convicted of 2nd-degree murder like his pal Paul. He got a life sentence too, but because he was so young he would only have to serve between 5 and 7 years before he could apply for parole.

Paul Spanevello, now 36, was granted day parole starting August 2011. The community he was being sent to wasn’t very welcoming or supportive of his arrival. Gee, I wonder why.

Could it be because Spanevello was granted day parole DESPITE his parole officer’s recommendation he be denied day parole? Apparently the parole officer wasn’t thrilled with Spanevello’s lack of progress while in prison and his “low reintegration potential”.

Amazingly Paul Spanevello had gotten married while in prison. How the hell do monsters like him find women willing to hitch themselves to a killer? I don’t get it!

Paul POS old lady killer Spanevello has been assessed moderate to high risk to reoffend. Lovely, and now he’s out on day parole.

Thanks for trying, Mr. Parole Officer, to keep society safe. Too bad the parole board didn’t listen.

Where Spanevello is now has not been revealed, so I can’t warn anybody they have a convicted murderer in their midst.

Ryan Paul Seddon, now 32, was denied full and day parole at a parole hearing in February 2012. Good! He actually said at his parole hearing that he was not ready for full parole, that he would need a slow reintegration into society.

Ryan Seddon has kept himself busy in prison. He “embraced” his aboriginal roots and finished the Aboriginal Maintenance Program in April 2011.

BUT Seddon also got involved in the prison drug trade and has had to be moved from facility to facility because of problems he created. Apparently he doesn’t respect authority.

In 2012 a psychological assessment of Ryan Seddon indicated he is a moderate to high risk to reoffend generally and violently.

The parole board was right in denying Seddon full and day parole. Yay!

BUT then the parole board decided to grant him overnight un-escorted temporary absences!

Excuse me but WTF? A killer who is a moderate to high risk to reoffend violently (that means he’ll likely kill again!) is given OVERNIGHT … UN-ESCORTED … absences!

Because killers never kill at night, right? And killers never kill if they’re alone, right? When nobody’s watching, right?

The Canadian justice system makes me shake my head at times in bafflement and dismay. The system shows far more concern for the scummy criminal element than it does for decent, law-abiding Canadians. It’s prepared to take chances with the lives of innocent Canadians while protecting the privacy of offenders.

Canadians have a right to expect the justice system to consider their safety foremost when decisions to release killers like these two are made.

Spanevello and Seddon, the cold-blooded, heartless, convicted murderers who were sentenced to “life”, are walking freely on unidentified Canadian streets — Spanevello in the daytime and Seddon unescorted at night. Somehow I don’t feel safer.

I don’t even have photos of these murderous f*cktards. How frustrating!

To Ryan the POS cowardly killer Seddon and Paul the POS road turd murderer Spanevello: rot in hell.

Langley Times article
BCLocalNews.com article

26 Responses to Ryan Paul Seddon & Paul Spanevello

  1. Moodymagic says:

    How the lady must have suffered. I am disappointed you could not find a picture of these 2 monsters. Another story how the Canadian government protects the privacy of the criminal rather than public safety . Why is it.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Goes to show you moodymagic what cowards they are. They go to the home of one of the most vulnerable members of society, they didn.t have to kill this poor old lady. They could’ve stolen her belongings and left her alone, but no they had to brutally murder and old lady the bastards.

      • Steve-O says:

        They picked a neighbour lady who could identify one of them. They did not wear disguises. Their plan had to be to kill not just rob. Good thing they had big mouths and got caught so fast. Sick little bastards should have got the death penalty!

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          I know they picked a neighbour thats how they got her to open the door. The point was picking on vulnerable people they didn.t have to go to that ladies and kill her she wasn.t the only old person on the planet, they could have gone somewhere else to someone who didn.t know them. Christ they shouldn’t have done it full stop. There was no need to kill that old woman i hope when he’s out on his night parole, that someone takes a baseball bat to his head and the other one as well.

    • Michelle says:

      I happen to have alot of photos. However, its sad to see how the public can advertise the negative without knowing the facts & reviewing the paperwork. Yes, this tragic horrific death happened, but certain actions that play out Paul to have taken part in any physical part are 100% incorrect. Like I said, I live with him now and have started a happy family with him. If only I could post the proper paperwork & facts, compared to what the press has stated !!

      • Dave says:

        so then post the facts on here so people know the full story, as it stands he was involved in a terrible crime. I am sure people would like to hear the truth.

      • Doesn't matter says:

        Your so miss informed Hun your clock is ticking like his temper

      • Stephanie says:

        I personally know Paul and Ryan , I was good friends with these 2 at the time of the murder, I was 13 and knowing that guys I was friends with did this back then fucked me up big time. I believed them at first being young and stupid. They should die a horrible death. Michelle your fucking stupid , I do know the facts , and your so messed up if you believe anything other than the FACTS.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    What is the point in people training as probation and parole officers, when they assess someone and deem them to be not suitable to return to society because they are more than likely going to reoffend again for the parole board that come in, listen to the prisoners bullshit and lies, bearing in mind the parole board have probably spent 10 minutes with the scumbag compared to the parole and/Or probation officers spending countless hours with them, to just Flipantly Disregard whats been reported and give the pieces of shit parole/Day parole. And what the fuck is night parole. Thats the worst time of day to release there cunt’s, especially cunts like these two. Sometimes i don.t understand the thinking in these peoples minds. I would guarantee if you said to one of the parole board “Ok lets release them in your neighborhood, on night parole near your family” I’d guarantee you they’d be getting their night parole denied. And the suffering that poor old lady must have gone through god rest her soul.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Also even the younger one said “Im not ready to be released back into society” And they release him, at night time. I just shake my head in bewilderment, trying to work out who employs these idiots that are releasing murders back into society. I was gonna say “canadian justice is fucked up im glad i live in england” Then i realised that ours is as fucked up as yours and is probably on a par or even worse than yours. Its time to start thinking about the victims, their families and joe public, instead of these murdering sick fuck’s the justice system have got it the wrong way round, the criminal has got more rights than the victim ever had. I believe that once any of these bastards crosse’s over that line from productive member of society to being a fucking murderer or any other criminality then they lose their rights. Goverment start thinking of the victims. “Rant over”

  4. bulldoggy says:

    I wouldn’t trust either of them to have unescorted temporary passes at night or during the day. At what level of risk to reoffend do criminals have to be for the canadian parole board to take it seriously? Moderate to high risk isn’t enough apparently, so I guess they’re waiting for a 100% f*cking guarantee they’ll reoffend before they decide to deny parole or passes. I really truly hope these 2 don’t decide to attack another victim, but apparently the canadian parole board has more faith in them than I do. So I really truly hope their next victim has a vicious guard dog and a pissed off wrestler grandson to whip their pasty asses to bloody oblivion.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      They are that slack bulldoggy, that even that even ryan seddon said that he didn.t think he was ready to be reintergrated back into society. So what do they do? They give him night release which the cover will aid him if he feels the urge to murder any old ladies, not daytime duh! How do these people get picked for this responsibility, because it is. They need to make sure that they are stringent in assessing these fucker’s but no they release one that says im not ready. How were they chosen, did they play a game of twister and whoever one got the position on the parole board panel. Or maybe it was paper, Sissors, stone, best out of three stupid arsewipes.

  5. Tasera says:

    I’m not surprised that Paul “Brave Old-Lady Slayer” Spanevello found himself a wife. There are certain types of women who are drawn to serial killers. Google “serial killer groupies” and you’ll find tons of articles. The woman married to Richard Ramirez is a nutball.

    I really don’t understand this “night parole” that Ryan Seddon has. You let cats out at night, not convicted murderers with a high chance of violently re-offending. At least put one of those tracking bracelets on his ankle.

    • 2cute says:

      The women groupies of these repulsive mounds of useless flesh must be mentally ill, delusional, psycho, whatever. Any woman who shows up at a prison to marry a lifer should be carted off to a psychiatric facility and held there until she gains or regains her sanity.

      How the hell anyone can think that this POS old lady killer is husband material is just too sick for me.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Tasera, i know this is an old comment but your right, groupies that seek out and right to killers are nut jobs. I don.t understand why someone would want to marry a man that cut his victims eyes out.(Richard ramirez) That kenneth bianchi the hills murderers actually met a woman through another prisoners wife and started writing to each other. Anyway she goes to visit him, he slips her a condom to her with his sperm in and the Idea was for her to kill a woman and insert the sperm inside her, thus throwing doubt on him because he’s in jail. Plus dna wasn.t discovered then subsequently the woman she attacked didn.t die and the plot was discovered and she ended up getting life. The point is that these killers are very good at manipulating people. These idiot women that write think that they are special and don.t realise that they are just 1 of many idiots writing to him. And its known some have been given parole and killed the woman when they have been released. You have to be a loon to write to a murderer.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Yes but even tracking bracelets can.t stop someone if they wanna kill you. And why would any sane person want to marry a man that cut a woman’s eyes out, and drew pentagram’s into the person’s back that they had just murdered. If richard Ramierez By some miracle got released tomorow he’d murder the stupid cow that married him. She’s only a commodity to him, someone to visit him, send him magazines and money, stupid bitch. And why hasn.t this turd pile been executed yet, whats the delay. I say kill the fucker asap. Because his poor victims families are still suffering cos this cunt is still alive why? Its disgusting fuck the victims protect the scumbag’s jesus it pisses me off

  7. Trace says:

    I’m not thrilled that these two critters are loose, day or night. How does one get to be a member of the parole board? Do they discount applicants that know victims of crimes? Do they ignore applicants who are opposed to leniency? And what failure rate will it take for them to get thrown off the board?

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      No trace they discount applicants with a brain and hire imbecile’s with only a brain cell. I mean fucking hell even the young one said he felt he wasn.t ready for day release, so what do they do, they give him night release. Talk about a bunch of stupid cunt’s, and im being careful with my language.

  8. Lillith says:

    OMG?!?! I really can’t say that the U.S. is too much better, but really? They visciously beat and murder a helpless elderly lady and are granted parole? I know of dudes here who have consensual sex with a minor and get 10 years flat, with parole denied just for looking at the warden wrong! Wastes of flesh like this deserve the death penalty. At least if they’re 6 feet under the world would be safer, the taxpayers would pay less for stupid criminals to live, and there would be more air, food and water for the rest of us!

  9. Michelle says:

    I am with Paul today. I also happen to work for the Federal Government and happen to not be a nut ball. Thanks :)

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    Michelle, you mentioned nutball, are you doubting your sanity? Im kinda worried for people in your country. Someone who works for the federal goverment that marry’s a murderer. you say we don’t know the facts, he never did anything. why then was he found guilty and sent to jail, not long enough in my opinion. i find it sad that people like you can defend pieces of shit like these two beasts. The man your planning to have a family with, punched a frail old lady in the face, and when he was sentenced, chose to do a gesture with his groin. You want to pray that your unborn children don’t inherit this Fucktard’s evil ways. And cleo the author of this article doesn’t write her articles with Tittle Tat from newspapers. She researches her material from the court transcript’s and statements. If i were to chose to believe someone about this granny killing beast, then you would be the last person. You are obviously biased and blinded to the truth. Even you mentioned nutball. I rest my case!

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    Hey cleo, why don.t you ask paul spanivello’s partner michelle for a few photo’s of the fuckwit. Seen as she’s so proud to have lots of them. Although im wondering, could they be mug shots or has she kept newspaper article photo’s, you know the one they print with the write up of the Horrendous Despicable murder of an old lady. Apparently though she’s got the paperwork showing he wasn.t a participant, but wishe’s she could show us. Its not that difficult to scan and upload documents, so we’d love to review this paperwork. And cleo surely someone working for the federal goverment would know how to upload documents. Although choosing to have a family with a brutal murderer of a vulnerable member of society, shows lack of common sense and stupidity, so actually i can understand why you wouldn’t have posted these documents and paperwork.

  12. dont be too quick to judge says:

    Also, there were 3 individuals involved, not just my uncle and seddon.
    The article leaves out many details of what really happened.
    And youre all so quick to judge..
    My uncle was a 17 yr old immature minor when the c

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Morality Matters

    There is Good and Evil Right and Wrong with No Shades of Grey

  14. Rockin Ryan says:

    I knew Paul and Frank Spanavello when they were children. They were both hell dogs right from when they were little and to their mother they could do no wrong. It was always everybody elses fault. Very sad situations indeed.

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