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Hellbeasts Campbell & Mendoza
Crime: Animal Cruelty

Russell Douglas Mendoza and Tony Allen Campbell of Auckland have gained some fame in New Zealand, and I’ve decided to spread the word about them as far as I am able. Their claim to fame is their proficiency at killing dogs. In less than half an hour this pair of f*cktards slaughtered 33 dogs. To be precise Campbell and Mendoza shot and killed 10 adult dogs and 23 puppies.

My readers will know that I am a dog lover. I have 4 small dogs in my home and consider that I have reached the limit physically and financially. As much as I would love to adopt even one more I know that that would create an unviable situation.

Rowan HargreavesRowan Hargreaves of Wellsford, north of Auckland, is a fellow dog lover. His dogs were his babies and his family and he loved each and every one of them.

Unlike me, Rowan Hargreaves found himself incapable of limiting the number of dogs on his property. He actually lived with his dogs in a disused quarry. It’s not a lifestyle I would promote or advocate, but I’m not Rowan Hargreaves.

In January 2010 trouble came to Mr. Hargreaves’ life. He’d found one of his beloved dogs killing a neighbour’s chickens and he heard that another had attacked and killed Russell Mendoza’s terrier.

Rowan Hargreaves also got a call from a friend telling him that Russell Mendoza was out to get him. He took that threat seriously.

Hargreaves propertyLiving in a rural community you can’t have your dogs attacking and killing livestock or other dogs, so Rowan Hargreaves did what he knew would be expected of him. He took the dogs, Spots and Lumps out of their cage, walked them a ways away from the other dogs and put them down with one bullet each to the head.

Right after he’d done his duty he went with a friend to Russell Mendoza’s house to tell him that the deed had been done. He didn’t get a chance to get past the gate. Mendoza’s wife was yelling at him to “get the f*ck off the property.”

Before he left he heard someone say, “I’m going to break your face.” That was presumably Russell Mendoza. And then he heard Mendoza’s wife say, “Kill them all.”

Hargreaves' homeRowan Hargreaves went home and figured, quite rightly, that the Mendozas were not going to be content with the status quo. True the killer dog was put down and that should have been the end of it, but Russell Mendoza sounded like he was out for blood — and it also sounded like he didn’t mind if it was Rowan Hargreaves’ blood.

Rowan Hargreaves, not wanting to have a bloody feud going on with his neighbour, decided to make a “farmland offer” — he would agree to have a couple of his dogs put down for the sake of peace.

Soon after the offer was made Russell Mendoza brought his friend Tony Campbell out to the Hargreaves property. He also brought a piece of paper, guns and ammunition.

The piece of paper turned out to be an agreement Mendoza had written up that gave him permission to kill dogs with no legal “comeback” from the shooting.

Rowan Hargreaves felt compelled to sign the document. Hell, Mendoza and Campbell were standing there with guns so what else could he do? He didn’t have a gun, and he sure as hell didn’t want to be the one to get shot.

After signing, Rowan Hargreaves walked a ways away so he wouldn’t witness the shooting of a couple of his dogs. He loved them and this broke his heart.

Rowan Hargreaves’ friend Richard Hawkings stayed behind to make sure things were done right and the dogs didn’t suffer.

First Russell the POS Mendoza and Tony the waste of skin Campbell found 2 dogs in a van. They shot them both in the head.

But they didn’t stop there. They had an agenda — not just to avenge the death of Mendoza’s terrier but to actually rid the Hargreaves property of all the dogs.

Rowan Hargreaves never agreed to all the dogs being shot. Those were his family! But he and Richard Hawkings were helpless to stop them.

“They had guns and we didn’t and I sure as hell didn’t want to join my dogs,” said Rowan Hargreaves.

Mendoza and Campbell next went to a cage with 8 dogs and began shooting at them from both sides. Like fish in a barrel.

slaughter of dogsThe dogs cowered in a panic behind other dogs, trying to take cover. They cried in terror and pain. Mendoza and Campbell shot and shot at them, not caring if they killed the poor beasts instantly.

Most of those 8 dogs suffered pain and trauma before they died.

One of the dogs had 4-day-old puppies. They killed her regardless.

And Mendoza and Campbell still weren’t done.

Next they opened up a camper van with 23 puppies. Some of these puppies were only 4 weeks old. They had nothing to do with mauling Mendoza’s terrier.

The 2 bloodthirsty f*cktards opened fire. They didn’t stop until they’d massacred all of the puppies in the camper van.

And poor Rowan Hargreaves, he heard it all. He couldn’t bear to watch so he’d walked to the other side of his property. He’d expected only to hear a couple of shots but it didn’t stop for ages.

dog victims“After the first couple of shots all hell broke loose,” Rowan Hargreaves said. “Dogs don’t squeal. Dogs don’t make those noises. I’ve never heard any animal make that noise before. It was a high-pitched cry that just went on and on and on.”

Even his neighbour Moana Prictor heard the commotion as well. “It sounded like someone in pain, like someone was hurt,” she said.

Richard Hawkings yelled at the shooters, “This is out of control, f*cking stop it!” but of course Mendoza and Campbell didn’t stop it.

“Eventually the dogs stopped squealing and crying out … but the guns didn’t stop,” Rowan Hargreaves said.

He heard Mendoza say he needed a bigger gun. That’s when Mendoza brought out the 12-gauge shotgun.

The shooting went on for 25 minutes. When it finally stopped the hellbeast Campbell yelled at Rowan Hargreaves “sorry mate” and the murderous pair got back in their vehicle and drove off.

Rowan Hargreaves was just destroyed. His family had been massacred. All that was left were the 4-day-old puppies who, without their mother, died within days.

That night Russell the monster Mendoza probably figured they’d gone a little too far. He called up Constable Barry Rose and told him that he’d shot 30 of his neighbour’s dogs but he had permission to do it. Constable Rose said that Mendoza reported that the owner of the dogs was “getting uptight and things could get nasty.”

The day after the slaughter Russell Mendoza visited Constable Rose and showed him the signed document.

That same day Rowan Hargreaves’ friend laid a complaint with police.

Constable Rose decided to drive to the property to “get my head around the scene” and to talk to Rowan Hargreaves.

Dead puppy“He was numb, I guess that’s the way you could describe it. He was on another planet. He had in his hands a small puppy who had survived and he didn’t have a lot to say.”

Constable Rose was shocked by the carnage. The pictures tell the story. It “beggared belief,” said Constable Rose.

The SPCA inspectors were likewise shocked and outraged and traumatized. They found that the dogs and puppies had been in good health despite their bizarre living arrangements, and they had all been shot. Many of the dogs had suffered prolonged deaths. Blood stains showed how some had dragged themselves across the cage, looking for safety before they bled out.

The Wellsford community was divided by the massacre. Some people said, quite rightly, that if Rowan Hargreaves had allowed his dogs to roam free to pester livestock then he had to share some of the blame. Others said, quite rightly, that no decent person would have done what Mendoza and Campbell had done. And others said, quite rightly, that those bullets could have easily gone astray and done further, unintended damage.

All I know is those dogs and those puppies hadn’t deserved the horrific deaths dished out by the heartless hellbeasts Mendoza and Campbell.

Russell Douglas Mendoza and Tony Allen Campbell were charged with reckless use of a firearm and several counts of willful ill-treatment. They pleaded not guilty in Auckland District Court. Their 3-week trial began in May 2012.

Prosecutor Josh Shaw called the dog slaughter a “commando exercise” and pointed out that there was sufficient evidence that the dogs had been ill-treated. The blood stains showed they hadn’t all died instantly.

Mr. Shaw argued that it was Tony Campbell who had thought there were too many dogs on the property and he had decided to do something about the situation. He had taken advantage of the opportunity to avenge Mendoza’s dog’s death to kill all the dogs.

Tony CampbellTony Campbell told the court that Rowan Hargreaves had asked them to kill all the dogs. He didn’t want to but Hargreaves had “basically begged” him to. *snort* As if!

Judge Mary Beth Sharp told Tony Campbell to stick to the facts. She didn’t believe his nonsense either.

Tony Campbell also maintained that he took careful aim to make sure that each dog’s death was a “quick, clean kill.”

“I knew every shot would be a head shot – if the shot wasn’t on, I wasn’t going to pull the trigger.”

Yeah, riiight. Stick to the facts, Campbell. And the facts are that after the first 2 dogs he just got all excited and began shooting, guns ablazing.

Russell Mendoza claimed he only shot 1 dog, otherwise all he did was the reloading.

After the 3-week trial, Russell Douglas Mendoza and Tony Allen Campbell were found guilty of recklessly firing a gun and 4 counts each of willfully ill-treating an animal.

When delivering the verdict , Judge Mary Beth Sharp said the killings were a “massacre”, a “spree of cruel destruction” and “pure carnage.”

“No person in their right mind would consider it either humane or safe to shoot in a cage with eight dogs moving in it,” the judge said.

Judge Sharp called Tony Campbell a “gun-happy cowboy” who was intent on “exterminating all the dogs by any means necessary”.

And while Tony Campbell took the lead in the shooting, Russell Mendoza became “fuelled by emotion and blood-lust” and participated fully in the slaughter, said the judge.

The 2 dog killers were sentenced on July 20, 2012.

Russell MendozaBefore sentencing, Russell the POS Mendoza’s lawyer Joe Koppens told the court his client had received hate mail (awwww, poor guy) and had to shut his business after the massacre. Boo friggin’ hoo.

Poor Russell Mendoza’s health had suffered, and his marriage too. But hey, didn’t Mendoza’s wife demand he kill all the dogs? That’s what Rowan Hargreaves heard. So I guess the marriage suffered not from the heartless sadistic slaughter but from the public vilification and the loss of the business.

Mr. Koppens also said Russell Mendoza was deeply remorseful and he asked for a “merciful” sentence.

“He’s not the sort of person who would want to cause suffering to an animal,” said Mr. Koppens. *snort*, *cough*, *choke*

Really, Mr. Koppens? Mendoza wouldn’t want to cause suffering to an animal? Based upon his vile, sadistic actions I beg to differ.

Tony Campbell’s lawyer Nikki Porner said, “He’s done something extremely foolish and wrong but it’s not a cause of conduct throughout his life. It’s one incident.”

That was one hell of an incident! Half an hour of shooting helpless, caged dogs and puppies!

Judge Mary-Beth Sharp said there were various aggravating factors, including the scale of violence, callousness and cruelty, and level of recklessness displayed.

Judge Sharp also said the sentence needed to deter other would-be animal abusers. YAY! Sounds like those 2 puppy killers are gonna face real justice!

Prosecutor Shaw had asked for 15 months in prison and reparation to the SPCA. That sounds fair and just to me!

So what did Judge Mary Beth Sharp do to punish these puppy killing f*cktards?

Judge Mary Beth Sharp sentenced Russell Mendoza to a whopping 6 months community detention and 300 hours community work. Ouch!

Excuse me but WTF? What happened to the deterrent? What about the violence and cruelty? Six months community detention and 300 hours community work? That’s it? Again, WTF?

“Mr. Mendoza, I don’t doubt that you love dogs and I don’t doubt the unfortunate series of circumstance that involved you in this offending,” said the judge.

Is the judge saying that poor Russell Mendoza was a victim of circumstance? True his terrier was killed but the dog that killed it was already dead, thanks to Rowan Hargreaves. Why was he entitled to demand more dogs be killed? Why was he entitled to do the killing?

This man PLANNED to kill all those dogs when he made up that document he forced Rowan Hargreaves to sign.

And the judge thinks Russell Mendoza is a dog lover? HIS dog maybe, but he sure as hell doesn’t love anybody else’s dogs. I wouldn’t want him near my puppy pack under any circumstances!

I just don’t get Judge Sharp’s reasoning. If I wanted to deter other dog abusers out there, I sure as hell wouldn’t have sent this bastard home!

And then Judge Sharp sentenced Tony Campbell to 6 months home detention, ordered him to pay $4700 reparation, and to complete 300 hours of community work, which she said should be carried out at the SPCA.

Riiight, like the SPCA wants Tony Campbell anywhere near their animals! Or their workers! Did the judge actually ask the SPCA how they felt about this? I don’t think so.

SPCA Executive Director Bob Kerridge said, “This is a case involving the brutal and bloodthirsty massacre of innocent animals for which there can be no absolution.”

That doesn’t sound like a man who wants to Tony Campbell to work for him.

“I have never before witnessed the level of trauma experienced by our SPCA inspectors in having to deal with a situation of this magnitude,” said Bob Kerridge.

That doesn’t sound like the SPCA inspectors want Tony Campbell near them either.

Incredibly Judge Mary Beth Sharp did not ban either hellbeast from owning dogs. Yeah, cuz they are such dog lovers!

The judge did however order the destruction of all firearms seized during the investigation. THAT probably hurt those 2 canine killers more than anything.

“In her summing up the judge indicated that sentencing in such matters should act as a deterrent to those who are cruel to animals but in our opinion these sentences do not send that message,” said Bob Kerridge.

I agree. No animal abuser is shaking in his or her boots because of those paltry, half ass sentences.

I can only hope that the Wellsford community will send these 2 dog butchers the message that what they’d done was vile, reprehensible, reckless and sadistic. And I also hope that Campbell and Mendoza are never in a position where they can bully and shoot anyone or anything else ever again.

Go to hell, Tony Campbell and Russell Mendoza because you are nothing but a pair of sadistic, animal abusing hellbeasts. article
New Zealand Herald article

14 Responses to Russell Mendoza & Tony Campbell

  1. Scourge666 says:

    These 2 terrorists went on to someone else’s property with weapons and they forced the owner to sign a document that they had prepared. Without even considering the massacre that followed, this is an act of terrorism and they should been put away for years.

  2. dogwalker says:

    I do have an issue with anyone having 33 dogs, but that in no way makes it right for those two beasts to do what they did. THIS WAS NOT HUMANE! This was not euthanasia! This was torture and sadism! And for that these guys should have been banned from owning any animals. I hope they’re run out of town!

  3. bulldoggy says:

    I don’t care if Hargreaves is a hoarder – those puppies never hurt anyone! The dogs in the cage never hurt anyone! They weren’t diseased, they weren’t sick, they weren’t a threat! I’m so mad I can hardly contain myself!
    I keep wondering what I would do if some sick f*ck or two came to my property with weapons and demanded that my old Charlie be handed over to be shot. And Charlie like those puppies never hurt anyone in his life!
    I’d probably figure that it’s either 1 dead dog or 1 dead dog and 1 dead dog owner so I’d probably stand aside, vowing to seek justice for poor Charlie.
    I keep wondering what I’d do if the “justice” for being threatened and terrorized and for having my beloved dog killed turned out to be a few months of community work.
    I’d probably hunt the f*ckers down myself. At gunpoint I’d tell them that their right knee has to be shot, here’s a paper to sign giving me permission. And then I’d shoot both their knees. And their elbows. Then I’d tell the court they had begged me to do it.
    These sick f*cks need teaching a real lesson!

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, i personally don.t think you could stand by and watch anybody hurt charly. You’d either 1) Put an hatchet in one of their heads 2) Put a hatchet in both their heads or 3) You’d die defending charly. You wouldn’t be able to just do nothing while someone was going to hurt him, you love him too much. I would hope you’d opt for no 2) The hatchet in both their heads. In fact fuck it, anyone offering. And even though the guy was a Hoarder, the vet said that those dogs were looked after not in anyway neglected, he just loved dog’s and they were his friends and a pair of cunt’s came in and murdered them. Little puppies that are cute were murdered, those 2 cunts should have been put away for life the horrible set of cunts.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I was thinking if I was unarmed like poor Rowan Hargreaves was. But if I had a hatchet or a chainsaw or machete then f*ck yeah I would do what I could to save my old Charlie. He is my best friend and it would kill me to lose him to murderous bastards like these two.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Get your point bulldoggy, its not every day you walk around with an hatchet or Machette, or again saw for that matter. But if i happened to have a chainsaw handy, i would chop their legs off, cover them in a bit of dog food, then let a pack of hungry and vicious dogs loose on the fucker’s, they would be helpless, like those poor little doggy’s.

  6. moodymagic says:

    I hate these two sick FUCKS Wow the judge was so harsh as well. What a joke. This cruel sadistic story needed to be told though.

  7. Alexandra Fiona Dixon says:

    I’m sorry but you just fucking skimmed over the fact that the owner of the dogs who were slaughtered had a litter of four day old puppies that were VIABLE and he allowed them to starve to death after their mother was shot to death – and they took days to die. He didn’t think to take them to a vet? feed them milk with a syringe? Four days old means they had received antibodies from their mother’s breast milk, and were likely to survive if they were fed.

    And why the hell is a man with over 30 dogs allowing them to BREED?

    They’re all idiots. It’s a disgusting story.

  8. Trace says:

    Haven’t read for a few days and come back to find this puppy massacre. Sick! These two idiots are nothing but vigilantes, taking the law into their own hands. They didn’t think Hargreaves should have all those dogs (probably right) so they had to do something violent and sadistic and criminal about it. Hope the community is keeping a close eye on these two fucktards. And I also hope Hargreaves moderates his hoarding tendencies and only keeps a dog or 2. 33 dogs were way too many even tho he kept them healthy.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Well ain.t that a nice welcome back for you trace! I know i hate bastards that are cruel to animals, why didn.t he hand rear the puppies instead of letting them suffer over so many days. Those puppies could have lived.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    If i worked for the s.p.c.a, i wouldn’t want any of those two cunts doing their community sentences near a fly let alone any other animals. And that stupid cunt of a judge, what was her fucking problem. Was she petrified to give a proper sentence in case they came after her dog’s, stupid bitch she is.

  10. Lillith says:

    Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m not what you may call a “dog person”, but this is fucking sick! What the fuck is wrong with these people- IF you can even call them that! If I have an issue with my neighbor’s dog I do what SANE people would do- call the local sherriff’s office to take care of it! I definentlt don’t take matters into my own hands, and even if I did I’d do little more than run the buggers off my property by raising a ruckus to scare them off, definently NOT by shooting them. Those poor puppies. I hope some animal lover gives these human animals what they deserve!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I’d do the same lilith, but those two cunts with guns went onto the property of the man and his dogs and forced him to sign an agreement so they could kill some of the dogs. Basically they tricked him now between those two idiots and that idiot of a judge, they should all be executed and sold on to “Purina” The makers of pet food and added into the dry Kibble That dogs like, then at least they would have done something useful in life, and come in useful. Seen as though that judge is fucking useless and those two turd’s should be wiped off the planet, no questions asked.

  11. Stalker says:

    These cocksuckers deserves a death in great pain.If a day i will meet some kind of people like these i will give them steel. D2 steel.

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