Ruby C. Klokow

Hellbeast Ruby Klokow
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Ruby C. Klokow, 76, of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is a baby killer. Amazingly, it took more than 50 years to get justice for her victim.

In 1957 (which predates even me!) Ruby C. Klokow’s baby girl Jeaneen died. She was only 6 months old.

At the time of death, Ruby Klokow told investigators that her baby rolled off the couch and bumped her head. They bought it, and life carried on without interruption for the murderous mom.

I’m surprised, actually, that the death was ruled accidental. Baby Jeaneen had suffered 2 brain hemorrhages, 3 scalp bruises and a partially collapsed lung. Did the coroner think she had bounced repeatedly on the floor? How could the coroner not see that the multiple injuries were caused by abuse?

Baby Jeaneen had an older brother, James Klokow Jr. The man is now 57 years old, and lucky to have survived his own infancy and childhood.

James Klokow

James Klokow

See, Ruby C. Klokow was a lousy excuse for a mother. She made one great sadistic hellbeast though. She beat her boy, choked him, kicked him, and inflicted knee injuries that affect him to this day. She broke James’ arm, she broke his nose, and worst of all, she blamed HIM for Jeaneen’s death.

WTF? How could a little boy be blamed for that? Well Ruby Klokow always told James that because he distracted her with his bad behavior, she wasn’t able to prevent Jeaneen from falling off the couch.

That was mean, and cruel, and a damned lie. You know and I know that baby didn’t suffer 2 brain hemorrhages and a collapsed lung from a fall from a couch. But Ruby Klokow didn’t let the truth stop her from traumatizing and guilt-tripping her son for decades.

James had a younger brother, Bruce, who was mentally challenged. Ruby Klokow didn’t let his disability prevent her from abusing him either. James had memories of her covering his brother’s head and then whacking the boy’s toes with a hammer. And not just one toe — all his toes.

There was a fourth child. Scott Klokow died as a baby too.

It wasn’t until 2008 that James Klokow Jr told police about the abuse his mother had dished out all those years ago. That triggered an investigation into the death of Jeaneen.

Jeaneen Klokow

Jeaneen Klokow

Faced with a real investigation this time, with investigators serious about uncovering the truth about Jeaneen’s death, Ruby C. Klokow acknowledged that she “may” have thrown the baby roughly on the couch and caused her to bounce to the floor.

Scott was disinterred as well as Jeaneen, but investigators could find nothing suspicious about his death.

The evil baby killer was initially charged with murder in 2011. Her case was delayed multiple times because of questions about her competence. A judge ultimately decided Ruby C. Klokow was competent enough to assist in her defense.

In February 2013, the monstrous mother Ruby Klokow pled no contest to a charge of 2nd-degree murder. The prosecutor recommended lenience because (a) she’s an old bat, (b) she has medical issues, and (c) it’s tough going to trial after more than 50 years with few witnesses and little evidence.

The plea agreement District Attorney Joe DeCecco and defense attorney Kirk Obear had cooked up was 45 days in jail and 10 years of probation.

Before sentencing, Ruby Klokow played up her remorse to the hilt, claiming her baby girl’s death caused her a lifetime of heartbreak. Riiiight.

James Klokow Jr also spoke before his mother’s sentencing. “My mother killed my baby sister,” he said to the court. “She did not cherish her, she did not love her, she did not protect her. … I feel my mother should get 20 years in prison.”

Sheboygan County Judge Angela Sutkiewicz took one look at the plea agreement and declared it to be an affront to justice. Yay Judge Sutkiewicz!

“What happened to Jeaneen Klokow was no accident,” the judge said. “It was caused by the defendant’s reckless actions.”

And then with real justice for baby Jeaneen, Judge Sutkiewicz sentenced the baby killer to the max — 10 years in prison.

Ruby Klokow on trialThe sentence shocked everybody in the courtroom. It made Ruby Klokow cry.

A number of the baby beater’s relatives tried to persuade the judge that the poor old hellbitch had been punished enough (if you consider 5 decades of hiding the murder as punishment). Actually, they considered 5 decades of feeling guilty as punishment enough.

Of course, those relatives hadn’t had their arms broken or their toes smashed or their noses broken or their knees busted by the old broad. If they had, they might not feel so kindly toward her.

“Anything but incarceration would diminish the seriousness of the offense,” Judge Sutkiewicz had said. I wholeheartedly agree.

Ruby Klokow’s attorney Kirk Obear told reporters he was surprised by the 10-year sentence.

“If we could do it all over again, we’d have a trial and we’d win,” he said. Obear is threatening to appeal because he thinks the judge considered the allegations of long-ago child abuse when she decided upon the sentence. Since the statute of limitations on those child abuse claims has long since run out, Obear insists they should not have had any weight with the judge.

Obear also had the nerve to insist that the abuse either did not happen (meaning James Klokow Jr is a liar) or James Klokow Sr, now dead, was the abuser.

Ruby Klokow

Ruby Klokow

District Attorney Joe DeCecco said that Ruby Klokow will most likely be granted parole in 2 1/2 years. I’m certain that’s much too soon for James Klokow Jr’s liking. In an interview with The Associated Press he said, “Anybody that kills a little child that can’t defend themselves is an evil monster and don’t deserve to have freedom.”

James Klokow Jr went on to say,” I think she didn’t want us to be born.” Well, Ruby Klokow certainly wasn’t mother material. It’s terrible that nobody stepped in to save her children from the horror that was their childhood.

“Before I went to junior high school my mom would grab me by the neck, bounce my head … off the wall, punched me as hard as she could with her fist in the stomach,” James Klokow said in the interview with The Associated Press. “She would take her fist and hit me across the ears. … Believe me, I was hurting so bad that when I went to school, all I would do is stare.”

I certainly hope that the appeal is declined and Ruby Klokow spends a few years in prison. I have no sympathy for her age or her declining health issues — she’d enjoyed 50 years of justice-free freedom she wasn’t entitled to. Maybe now the old hellbitch will learn what real heartbreak and real punishment feels like. And maybe now James Klokow Jr can find peace in the knowledge that his sister Jeaneen finally got justice.

I don’t know what happened to James’ brother Bruce. If he is still alive, I hope he is safe and happy now.

RIP baby Jeaneen, and baby Scott.

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11 Responses to Ruby C. Klokow

  1. 2cute says:

    You know who she reminds me of? I just saw the movie Legion and there’s this little old lady who looks so sweet until she tells the pregnant girl her baby’s going to burn, and then she turns into a demon. This old lady looks so innocent but I’m sure she didn’t when she was beating her babies. I’m glad the judge had sense not to hand out that eensy weensy 45 day sentence.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Ha ha, good for that judge. Im fucking sick of plea bargains, but this judge was having none of it, good for her. Also a big heads up to james jnr, he had the courage to tell someone, and put his baby sister first. He stood up for that little girl, made sure that she had a voice, maybe 50yrs later, but imagine how hard that must have been for him, to turn your own mother in, but he put his little sister first. And what a selfish cunt that witch of a mother is, blaming james all his life that he was the one who’s fault it was why jeaneen died, only a wicked cunt like the “wicked witch of the west” Could burden a child like that, horrible twat she is. Good on the judge once more, we need more judges like her.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Also, she’s probably guilty of baby scott’s death as well, leopards don.t change their spots, and she is one big old bag of a murdering leopard.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Where was the father? I mean 2 of his babies died, one was mentally handicapped and the other was way too “klutzy” with broken bones and such. At some point he had to be looking at the missus and wondering wtf she was doing with his children. I sure as hell hope he didn’t blame James Jr too for Jeaneen’s “accident”. I’m glad the bitch is doing hard time now.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    I am wondering if the prosecutor is to be congratulated too. I wonder if he had pulled the 45 days out of his ass thinking the old bitch and her lawyer would fall for it, baiting her into pleading no contest and KNOWING the judge would toss it in the trash for being way way too lenient. That would be sweet judicial trickery if that’s what happened.

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    She should be 6 feet under like her babies. To hammer the toes of your mentally disabled boy is torture. To break the arm and nose of her other little boy is sadistic. I can’t believe she has supporters. Probably James Jr didn’t come forward sooner because of all those credulous fools and suckers believing HER and not him. I pray he gets his wish that his mom never gets out. She doesn’t deserve freedom.

  7. moodymagic says:

    It’s terrible what the kids went thru poor James Jr to be told he was responsible. Well this hell bitch should have all her toes hammered up in fact just hammer up every single bone in her pathetic body. She needs to feel the pain she inflicted on all her innocent children. I hope James is doing well he is the only one that put his sweet sister first. The judge is awesome need more like her. Please make the hell bitch do the time because she hasn’t suffered at all.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, judicial trickery would have been hilarious, but i doubt thats whats happened. The judge has probably thought fuck this sentence for a game of conkers, they want me to give dried up prune 45 days detention after she killed her own baby, don.t think so. That judge in my eyes is what all judges should be like, but no doubt they’ll appeal and some silly Wanker Of another judge will impose the original plea agreement, and basically make baby jeaneen’s murder allowed. I don.t buy that bollocks about old hag feeling remorse everyday since that baby girl died, because if she did, then she wouldn’t have abused physically her other children the way she did. What sort of monster hammers her child’s toes, and breaks their noses and punches them in the stomach, wicked old twat. Ha ha ha, good on the judge, even if they do win an appeal, it will take longer that the original 45 days ha ha ha.

  9. MsM says:

    The dad was no doubt too busy working to care. It was another era when these poor babies were killed. There were soooo many women in the 50s and 60s who should NOT have had children (Lois Jurgens comes to mind in comparison to this case). A lot of these women got away with killing their own children because they were the only ones with the child all day, the husband was at work and just took their word for it when they said an accident happened. In many cases it took advanced technology years later to convict. I’m glad the judge saw through this nasty woman and planted her behind bars where she belongs. Hopefully she dies there.

  10. Jamaica says:

    This is yet another very shocking case. The fact that this woman was able to kill her only daughter, subject her children to years upon years of physical and psychological abuse, cause her youngest son’s death, be so subtle and cunning enough as to be beyond suspicion for over 50 years AND recieve a relatively lenient sentence for her crimes in spite of the age-old case demonstrates just how technologically/scientifically inept people were during the 1950’s and it also shows the sheer sociopathy that she displayed.

    Although this case is well over 50 years overdue and Ruby is well over the age of 70, that still does not mitigate the evil in her crimes. As harsh and as cold-hearted as this may sound, I think she she should’ve gotten life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Dorothea Puente was another senior who went undetected for years and after being found out recieved the life sentence. Age does not matter, and this woman is certainly the perfect example of that. The law is the law and if you break it, you suffer the consequences no matter what shape, size, race, color or age you are. There is no respecter of persons with real justice.

  11. Lillith says:

    If you look in her eyes they’re so dark. So evil. Hellbeasts really do come in every age, shape, size, gender, ect. don’t they? What I find hard to swallow is that it took so long for her to get caught, but at least she got some time for it. I wish they had taken the son’s reccomendation and locked her away for 20, tho. Yet, somehow I still wish someone would come along & throw her around a bit just so she can see how it feels…

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