Ronald William Brown

Ronald William Brown

Crime: Pedophile

Ronald William Brown of Largo, Florida, scares me because he’s a monster in the making. I’m afraid that some time in the future we’ll be reading about acts of unbelievable barbarity he’ll have committed. For now, he’s in prison, thank goodness, but his kind never changes for the better. He is a pedophile who wants to graduate to become a cannibal.

Ronald William Brown was stopped in his tracks by Operation Holitna, an investigation by special agents of the US Homeland Security Investigations. They were tracking child predators who belonged to a worldwide pedo network. At least 163 children have been rescued and 51 child predators have been arrested around the globe so far through Operation Holitna.

Ronald Brown, 57, of Largo, Florida, was one of the pedophiles that were nabbed. Hallelujah and praise be that he was caught.

Ronald Brown lived in the Whispering Pines mobile home park, very close to playgrounds, surrounded by young families. He also ran Puppet Plus, and worked as a puppeteer for children’s events. He performed at schools, malls, private birthday parties and churches.

Ronald Brown was apparently very interested in a certain little boy at a local church. Ewwww.

In fact, Ronald Brown was perfectly situated to launch himself into his career as child predator, molester and killer. He was so trusted that he routinely invited children in his neighbourhood over to his house for pizza.

There were only a couple of instances in the past where he slightly fell under the suspicion of police and neighbours. In 1998 he was found with little boys’ underwear in his car. He explained that away by telling the police that those were for his puppets.

In 2010 neighbours called police when they spotted little boys in his car. Turns out he had their parents’ permission to take them to church.

US federal agents got to learn all about Ronald Brown’s plans when they discovered his online chitchat with a fellow pedo. Apparently, the pervy pals were getting really, really stoked about the prospect of cooking up and eating their tiny victims. That would come after the kidnappings, rapes and murders of course.

During one particular chat session, Ronald Brown said he wanted to tie a little child up, lock him in his closet and then devour him for Easter supper. In another session, he said that looking at one female toddler made his mouth water.

Here’s a sample of Ronald Brown’s discussions with another online pervert. His pal wrote, “have pics of nude boys and any babies too” and “some boys are tie-up” to which Ronald POS pedo perv Brown answered, ” Oh, I would enjoy seeing the boys who are tied up.”

Later in the chat, the hellbeast Brown wrote, “Would love to snuff him”.

Ronald Brown also wrote, “I like the tied boy. Looks like he will be killed” and “The tied ones are the best.”

Now do you see why he scares me?

Police searched Ronald Brown’s home on July 19, 2012. They seized his computer, his cameras, some CDs and DVDs and a thumb drive.

These items contained hundreds of images of child porn and child torture, and photos of children tied up and posed in bondage positions.

Worse than that there were also photos of dead children. Dead children. Yeah, that’s the kind of guy you want entertaining your children at their birthday party.

Ronald Brown and puppetsOn his Dell computer, hidden among all the child porn, were 2 images of a naked baby whose little hands were tied to his splayed legs with his genitalia displayed in a lewd manner.

The child porn came from all over — California, Wisconsin, Taiwan, and Florida of course. A lot of his online pals have been caught too.

Tampa Bay police arrested Ronald Brown’s pasty, pervy ass right away.

In October the prosecutor offered him a plea deal in which he could serve up to 10 years in prison but would have the conspiracy to kidnap charge dropped.

Amazingly, Ronald Brown rejected the plea deal. He wanted to face a jury. And then he changed his mind again.

On March 25, 2013, Ronald William Brown, 57, pleaded guilty to 3 counts of possession of child pornography and 5 counts of receipt of child pornography.

He maintained that his online conversations about killing and eating toddlers were just fantasy and that he would never hurt anyone. Riiight.

The disgusting pedo, Ronald Brown, faces 5 to 10 years in federal prison for each possession count, plus a fine of $250,000.

He faces 5 to 20 years in federal prison for each receipt offense, plus a fine of $250,000.

I shall keep readers posted about Ronald William Brown’s sentences. Meantime I shall keep fingers crossed that he is given the maximum, all to be served consecutively.

This is one monster who should not be allowed to roam free. I hope and pray we won’t be reading sometime in the future about a cooked baby. Ronald William Brown’s brain needs rewiring if he can look at a little toddler and think of raping and eating it. May he be forever thwarted in achieving his fantasies. And may he rot in hell too.

Ronald William Brown was sentenced to 20 years for possession of child porn. Bye bye Brown, enjoy your new roomies.

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15 Responses to Ronald William Brown

  1. moodymagic says:

    Please lock him away forever. You are right Cleo he is scary

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Jeez, I bet everyone who hired him to entertain at their parties felt just sick knowing they had brought a pedo to their children.And to think he was contemplating roasting their babies is just sickening. I hope Florida justice will lock him up for centuries because if he ever gets out he will be on the lookout for Thanksgiving supper.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, what an ugly cunt this beast is. He’s that Fucking putrid, that he can’t get himself a woman like normal men, so he abuses babies and children. The sick fuck should be served a side of fries with that pentobarbitol, don’t you think bulldoggy my good friend, lets do society a favour and hope some hero, snuffs this cunts life out. Why do most paedaphiles have that same look about them, baffles me that one, lets hope the judge has got a big pair of bollocks, and sends this arseole down until he dies in jail, fingers crossed

  3. MsM says:

    Ah yes, “The Puppet Man”. Trust me, this guy is going to jail for a very long time. I have a friend who runs one of the preschools he performed at. She was absolutely mortified when this was discovered. Thankfully he was never alone with any of the children at any time but there’s always that thought of, crap, what if he had? I live in Largo – this guy is lucky he hasn’t been iced in jail yet. There are a lot of people calling for his head on a platter and I think before this is over, they’ll have it. I doubt he makes a year in prison if they put him in the general population. He’s already gotten death threats from inside the major prisons in the state. This is probably the only good time that there is honor among thieves (so to speak). Brown is the lowest of the prison food chain and he’s never going to survive. Serves the bastard right.

    • 2cute says:

      MsM, you live in Largo? Wow, the press must have been full of stories about this asshole. Was there any indication he had molested any children? It sounds like he was just about ready to abduct a child. I hope no children had been victimized by him.

      • MsM says:

        Yes 2Cute, I live in Largo, right next to Indian Rocks Beach! I can walk to the beach, it’s a nice place live save for the perverts that float in and out…

        There was a lot of talk about this guy for quite some time when the case broke because he was actually a VERY popular performance guy at schools, preschools and daycare centers. He was highly regarded and respected in the community even with the odd happenings that seemed to keep cropping up around him.

        It’s pretty much agreed that he was gearing towards abducting a child but, to my knowledge, they never found any evidence the he had actually molested any children. If there were any victims, they have yet to come forward – but that’s not to say the DA’s office doesn’t have info the public isn’t privy to. I’m just going on local news reports and the rampant discussion that’s been going on ever since he was arrested.

        And I know that trailer parks are normally considered trash outlets, but here in Florida they’re not all like that. A lot of wealthy retirees keep winter residences in exclusive trailer parks. The place where this bozo lived wasn’t a gated location but it’s still one of the better and pricey places to live so people shouldn’t get the picture that he was this smarmy guy skulking in and out of a trailer park full of druggies and hookers because that wasn’t the case. This guy was a respected member of the community who lived in a nice residential mobile home park and was a leader in his church – making his bizarre crimes stick out even more around here.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          msm, i wish i lived near the beach, lucky sod. This turd has probably got victims that he’s molested. These paedaphiles are sly bastards, they pick their victims at a very young age, so the poor little child probably doesn’t understand whats going on, or should i say finds it difficult to articulate at such a young age, whats happened to them. I find it very frightening the online conversations that this beast was having with another nonce, and he more than likely would have carried it out, murdering a child. And even if this nonce wouldn’t have carried it out, he’s still to blame for viewing that type of sickening filth, because while ever there are beasts about willing to watch it, then there will be beasts about willing to film it and post it on their sick Fucking sques

    • joy says:

      I agree he is a sick man and need more punishment.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    I am glad he was caught before he attacked a child. I am surprised by that because he is no spring chicken and a lot of pedophiles can’t help but act out their fantasies.

    • MsM says:

      I think this guy was very attached to his public persona Awesome, that’s why he didn’t strike when other pedophiles probably would have. That’s not to say he didn’t or wouldn’t have, but given who he was in the community – we’re not talking some poor guy who played with puppets in an occasional show. This guy was booked solid almost all year around he was that popular. There was even talk of him getting his on tv show over in Tampa at one point so he had a lot at stake. This is probably the only time someone being a narcissist actually worked in a positive favor – his attachment to his publicity probably saved a lot of children in the long run.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Just been on the british news today about two prisoners who broke a nonce’s neck, he’d just been sentenced to 26 years, for killing his two year old daughter about a month ago. I personally think they should either be given a medal, or a full time job killing these sick fuck’s on a permanent basis. I know that sounds bad of me, but i don’t give a flying fuck,these nonce.s cannot be cured simple. They can;t lose that urge to molest children, so best thing is kill them all. Who’d like to vote for me with policys like this? I reckon i’d get a ton of votes lol.

  6. Tasera says:

    The Young Turks on YouTube did a story on this guy and they showed a recording of one of his puppet shows. An anti-porn puppet show, ironically enough. Watching it was beyond creepy.

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