Ronald Miller

Ronald Miller
Crimes: Attempted Murder, Felonious Assault

Ronald Miller, a retired pharmacist from Cleveland, Ohio, was a believer in “til death do us part” when it came to his marriage vows — to his third wife, that is. That’s not because he’s romantic or religious. It’s because he wanted to avoid paying big bucks for another divorce.

In February 2013, Ronald Miller’s wife, Rhoda, was driving along in her 2004 Honda Civic when she completely lost control. The car sped up and the poor woman was unable to get it to stop. The car ultimately smashed through two pillars and into the front of a salon in Richmond Heights.

I cannot imagine how terrifying that ordeal was for 64-year-old Rhoda Miller. It must have shaken her up considerably. Good thing she wasn’t hurt or killed. It’s a good thing nobody else was hurt or killed. But why on earth would a 2004 Honda Civic take off like that?

According to Richmond Heights Police Detective Darren Porter, a wooden shim in the throttle caused the accelerator pedal to stick. And with it stuck there was no way Rhoda Miller could stop the car.

WTF? A wooden shim in the throttle? That’s bizarre to say the least.

When questioned by police, 73-year-old Ronald Miller denied placing the shim in the throttle. In fact the man suggested that “things get stuck in automobiles inadvertently all the time”. He went on to suggest that the wood had somehow, magically, bounced up into the engine.

The police weren’t buying that explanation. I’m sure of all the hundreds or even thousands of car accidents they’d attended not one involved a wooden shim skipping up off of the road into the throttle.

Ronald Miller next suggested that a would-be assassin had mistakenly targeted his wife’s car. I gotta admit that’s a lot more credible than the bouncing shim nonsense.

The problem Ronald Miller had was his own DNA was retrieved from that piece of wood. Explain that, why doncha!

Ronald Miller just couldn’t explain that, and in April 2013 he found himself charged with attempted aggravated murder, attempted murder and felonious assault.

Crash sceneNeedless to say Rhoda Miller was absolutely gobsmacked when told her husband had tried to kill her. I’m sure she had no idea her husband loathed her like that. She filed for a protection order right away. Smart woman.

Ronald Miller posted a surety bond of $10,000 to get his pasty white butt out of jail (only $10,000 for an attempted murder?!?) but then he just had to go and violate the protection order by calling his wife. Not a smart man.

Ronald Miller, phoning from a motel, told his would-be victim he was going to commit suicide, or at least was thinking about it. Aww, the poor baby. I doubt Rhoda Miller had much sympathy for the murderous asshole. After all, he chose murder over suicide to get out of the marriage!

Ronald Miller got his ass hauled back to jail for that piece of stupidity. The price of his bond went up to $500,000. That’s more like it! And on top of everything else he now faced an additional charge of violating a protection order.

Almost a year after tampering with his wife’s car, Ronald Miller went to trial at Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. The murderous POS pled not guilty to all of the charges except the violation of a protection order. He pled no contest to that one.

At trial Ronald Miller didn’t talk about magical bouncing pieces of wood or would-be mixed-up assassins. Instead, Ronald Miller had a brand new story: he had unsuccessfully tried to change a windshield wiper blade on his wife’s car and a wood shim accidentally wound up lodged in the engine. Cuz that sort of thing happens all the time.

I don’t believe that bullshit story, and I’m not alone. The Cuyahoga County jury didn’t believe it and on February 4, 2014, they found him guilty of 3 counts of attempted aggravated murder, attempted murder and felonious assault. They also found him guilty of violating a protection order.

Rhoda Miller has filed for divorce. I hope she takes him to the cleaners!

Ronald Miller, now 74, will be sentenced in March 2014. I hope at his sentencing consideration will be given to the fact that, by causing his wife’s car to accelerate out of control, any number of innocent bystanders could also have been killed or injured. They could have been run over or involved in a fiery wreck. There was no way Ronald Miller could foresee how and where the car would crash. He was satisfied knowing that a crash was inevitable.

I have to actually wonder if Ronald Miller assumed the car would burst into flames. After all, he hadn’t worn gloves when handling the piece of wood. Either he was ignorant of DNA testing or he didn’t think there’d be anything left of the wood after the crash.

There is something fundamentally wrong with Ronald Miller if he values life — other peoples’ lives — so little, and his bank accounts so much. That he was willing to have the woman he once loved enough to marry die horribly in an automobile accident is pure evil. IMO he’s a hellbeast.

I am relieved that this murderous plot resulted in no injuries and deaths. I am glad that he was so easily caught. I wish his soon-to-be-ex all the best. She’s better off without that stupid f*cktard.

I am also relieved that Ronald Miller is a retired pharmacist — if he could have gotten his hands on drugs he might have chosen a different sort of death for Rhoda, and possibly been more successful.

I truly hope that Ronald Miller gets the maximum penalty for his completely evil and selfish actions.

I will keep readers posted when I learn of his sentence. Reminders are, as always, very welcome.

Ronald Miller was sentenced to 8 years in prison. article
Fox 8 News article
Photo Credit: Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office

10 Responses to Ronald Miller

  1. moodymagic says:

    I am glad Rhoda is ok. I hope Ronald ends up in prison and looses his bank account entirely. Rhoda take all the lousy pricks money and truly enjoy the rest of your life.

  2. 2cute says:

    This ass hole needs to rot in jail for the rest of his life. He could have caused her to run over little kids crossing the street or smash into a pile of people on the sidewalk. I don’t know if Rhoda was lucky or a really good driver but it was so fortunate nobody got hurt.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Jesus, with friends like this idiot, who needs enemies. Gotta Feel sorry for the poor wife, learning your husband is trying to bump you off, and has already put his plan into the action with the piece of wood that mysteriously appeared from nowhere, dumb arse he is.

  4. cleo says:

    Sorry for the lack of articles this week. I have been sick and feeling too crappy to get out of bed.

  5. BENGALPUSS says:

    Poor cleo, hope your better now, i’m having withdrawal symptoms from my daily dose of hellbeasts. And where is my pal bulldoggy? I miss you bulldoggy, hope daisy hasn’t eaten you lol.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Ya missed me bengalpuss? Aww shucks. Tully, formerly known as Tulip, and I have been busy Olympicking instead of hellbeasting. Kinda uplifting watching maniacs on mountains doing incredibly brave/stupid things that you wouldn’t think humanly possible. This maniac Miller isn’t uplifting at all. He’s the dregs of humanity, doing stupid things that are downright inhumane. I hope his wife wipes out his savings, burns his belongings and retires to a tropical island.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        “Tulip?” lol bulldoggy, keep the nickname “tully” poor girl will develop an inferiority complex thinking she was a flower in a past life. I got a bit addicted to the curling at the olympics, i know, i’m a boring cunt.

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    Good thing the wife learned what a monster she was married to while she was on the top side of the grass. Pure luck she didn’t drive into a group of school kids or a city bus. Selfish bastard obviously didn’t care how many died just so long as his wife was one of them.

  7. pj says:

    Amazing nobody got killed. Wonder what his first two wives thought of this rat faced bastard.

  8. TimeToFaceFacts says:

    If you are going to kill someone, this is probably the least effective way to do it.

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