Ronald Dimambro Jr.

Ronald Dimambro Jr
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

The story is depressingly similar to so many others on this site. A toddler lies dead or near death after being severely beaten and the live-in boyfriend of the mother is charged with the crime.

So is it just me who thinks this happens just too damn much? Nope. I checked the statistics. In 2011, the third leading cause of death for toddlers in the U.S. was homicide! Only accidents and congenital anomalies ranked higher. I have to wonder how many of those reported accidents were actually unreported murder.

It’s just sickening to know that so many vulnerable, helpless children have their lives snuffed out by those whose responsibility it is to care for them.

In single-mother households, much, much too often the boyfriend ends up abusing the child. And why? Because it’s not his child! The boyfriend may love his girlfriend but that doesn’t mean he’s bonded with her baby. The baby takes her time and attention and love. And some assholes just don’t like to share.

Damian SuttonNicole “Nikki” Sutton, of Washington Township, Michigan, was the proud mother of Damian Rylan Sutton, a beautiful 2-year-old boy. And I do mean beautiful — those big blue eyes just make my heart melt.

Damian’s father, Tim Sutton, was a man who had a history of being in trouble and unemployed. After his son was born, Tim Sutton began trying to get his life back on track. Regardless of his efforts, his and Nicole’s relationship was broken and they split up.

Nicole Sutton had a boyfriend, though, who she thought cared about her and her son. The boyfriend was Ronald Dimambro Jr., 26. Nicole and Damian lived with him in his parents’ home in Washington Township.

I wouldn’t have thought that Ronald Dimambro Jr. would be a good choice as a boyfriend. He had a history of criminal offenses including possession, identity theft and operating while impaired.

Despite his troubled past, Nicole Sutton trusted Ronald Dimambro Jr. with her little boy. She’d recently gotten a job at Younger’s Irish Tavern in downtown Romeo, and having her boyfriend babysit Damian was very convenient for her.

There were some signs that all was not well between her man and her son, but likely Nicole Sutton was oblivious to them.

The biggest indication was that Ronald Dimambro Jr. didn’t treat little Damian well when Nicole wasn’t there. We know this because his 9-year-old niece witnessed his cruelty first-hand when she came for visits.

The young girl said her uncle was “really mean” to poor little Damian when Nicole Sutton wasn’t present. “He pushes his head really hard,” the girl said. “He shakes Damian… I saw Ronnie slapping Damian all over.”

Damian SuttonOn August 21, 2013, really mean Ronald Dimambro Jr. was left to babysit Damian while Nicole Sutton worked. Damian didn’t die that day, but he suffered traumatic injuries that ultimately proved fatal.

When Ronald Dimambro Jr. called 911, he initially told the dispatchers that little Damian was suffering an asthma attack. He soon changed his story to Damian had fallen out of his crib.

Damian was in fact near death. Paramedics took him to Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Clinton Township, and right away he was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Detroit. The poor little boy suffered brain swelling and bleeding and needed emergency surgery.

In an effort to save Damian’s life, surgeons removed a large piece of his skull to relieve the swelling of his brain. They then kept the poor little toddler in a medically induced coma.

Police, of course, interviewed Ronald Dimambro Jr., the only person home alone with Damian when he was injured. The baby beating bastard did admit that he’d grown frustrated at Damian’s fussing, whining and uncontrollable crying. He did admit that he’d shaken Damian. He did admit that he’d dropped Damian.

Ronald Dimambro Jr. the abusive asshole had done far worse to Damian. He’d bashed in that beautiful little boy’s head. He’d bashed it more than once.

Six days after Damian was injured, his heartbroken parents had had to decide to take him off of life support. Despite heroic efforts, the doctors had been unable to control the pressure on his brain.

“We had to pull the plug because they said his brain was 80 percent gone. They tried surgery. Nothing, they couldn’t help him,” said Nicole Sutton.

On August 27, 2013, that precious little boy was dead. Nicole Sutton had held him in her arms as he breathed his last breath.

Ronald Dimambro Jr

(Observer photo by Chris Gray)

Ronald Dimambro Jr. went to trial for murder at Macomb County Circuit Court in June, 2014. His defense was that it was “simply an accident”. Riiight.

Defense attorney Randy Rodnick had tried to add involuntary manslaughter as an option for the jury, but the judge refused.

Randy Rodnick suggested that earlier head injuries contributed to Damian’s death. The toddler had fallen off a barstool onto the kitchen floor. He’d fallen down stairs a week before he was taken to hospital. He’d also been hit in the head with a basketball.

Good try, but the medical examiner ruled out those incidents as having anything to do with the toddler’s death. Dr. Daniel Spitz testified that the blunt force trauma — 2 blows — to Damian’s head were intentionally inflicted, and he’d suffered symptoms within seconds or minutes after the impact.

Dr. Mary Lu Angelilli of Children’s Hospital in Detroit testified that Damian’s injuries were comparable to those suffered in a fall from a 2-storey building. “Damian was abused. I think this is child abuse,” said Dr. Angelilli.

After a 4-day trial, the jury deliberated less than an hour before convicting Ronald Dimambro Jr. of 1st-degree child abuse and 1st-degree felony murder.

“My son got his justice that he deserved,” Nicole Sutton said after the verdict. “I don’t think prison is enough but it’s better than letting him on the street so he can hurt someone else, some other child.”

Randy Rodnick wasn’t pleased with the verdict. “I thought I made an argument for 2nd-degree,” he said. “The confession didn’t help.”

Confessions rarely do help the defense — especially when the story keeps changing.

On July 24, 2014, Ronald Dimambro Jr., the hellbeastly killer, was sentenced. Before he learned of his fate, he told Nicole and Tim Sutton, “This was not intentional. I wish he could come back.” He continued to maintain that what happened was “simply an accident”.

Judge Jennifer Faunce didn’t buy that crap. She told the murderer that Damian “died violently at your hands”.

“You’ve created a pain that will never go away,” said Judge Faunce. She also said that a term of life “just doesn’t seem like enough”. She then sentenced Ronald Dimambro Jr., the murderous baby beater, to life in prison without parole.

The verdict and the sentence, sadly, don’t give Nicole Sutton what she wants — answers. “What did my Damian do to deserve this?” she asked. “Was [Ronald Dimambro Jr.] mad, or was it just because he wanted to? That’s what I wanna know. How did [he] get so agitated by a 2-year-old boy to do this to him?”

Damian Sutton, of course, did nothing to deserve what happened to him. He was a beautiful, loving, little boy who deserved a life full of love, happiness and success. RIP little man.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to those who knew and loved little Damian. Your loss is the world’s loss.

And to Ronald Dimambro Jr., who brutally extinguished that beautiful boy’s life, I extend my heartfelt wish that you spend the rest of your pathetic, selfish life understanding that you have only yourself to blame. May you suffer each and every day.

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16 Responses to Ronald Dimambro Jr.

  1. BENGALPUSS says:

    That little boy Damian was absolutely beautiful, those big eyes of his, then that cunt makes sure that nobody will see those big beautiful eyes again, he should of been given the death penalty plain and simple. I hope this murdering turd gets his head knocked about in his new home, its the least he deserves.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I still wish the punishment would match the crime. Ronald jr murderer you deserve to have your head bashed in. With any luck this will come to fruition because baby killers aren’t real popular in prison. Well big man I wish you nothing but pain and suffering for the rest of your life burn in hell.

  3. 2cute says:

    I’m glad that Nicole wasn’t one of those stand by your man kind of woman who defended her baby’s killer. RIP little boy. I hope the sentence alleviates some of Nicole’s pain.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    So now this baby killer has the next few decades to sit and think about the lives he destroyed, his own included. I hope he just curls up, withers away and disappears off the planet so he won’t be wasting our air any more.

  5. PJ says:

    There’s gotta be some use for this useless POS killer. He’s young and healthy but he’s not contributing to society in any form. Can’t killers like this be used as lab rats for experiments that could benefit mankind somehow? It’s not like he’s doing anything productive anyway.

  6. BENGALPUSS says:

    p.j, they could use him as a lab rat to test the next drug protocol for the death row prisoners, because they don’t think that executing them in heinous ways is right, its cruel and unusual, it’s supposed to be, its a fucking execution not a animal petting farm. hydrochloric acid in the veins is a good way to start followed by my cat tykes urine to dilute it down, then the coup de grace would be his shite packed down his throat to suffocate the bastard. Damn id be a good executioner, id be as good as the spanish inquisition lol.

  7. CommonDecency says:

    I Support Capital Punishment for Murder Child Abuse and Rape

    Put the Victim First and less of this Shallow Liberalism

  8. Gin says:

    My brother was in the same max “rock” with him at Macomb county jail. My brother was not in max for typical reasons.He didn’t know what this guys charges were til I googled him. I can 100% say this guy was shitting his self over his charge then sentence
    He didn’t do so well in jail, can be sure prison is gna be hell for him. It’s not true justice but he’s scared and karma is biting his ass!!!Better than nothing

    • bulldoggy says:

      Gin, thanks for letting us know how the asshole is doing. I for one am glad to hear he’s not enjoying his time behind bars. Anyone who loses their shit over a fussy toddler enough to kill needs to experience some hell.

      • bengalpuss says:

        I too am glad bulldoggy that this lowlife turd is not having a good time in his new home. Awww dee dums bless him, can’t wait for his arse to get kicked on a daily basis.

        • Gin says:

          It’s gonna get kicked. Anyone who knows about the MDOC max system knows he’s screwed. No matter what there’s not a single excuse possible to hurt a defenseless baby. Not one!

      • Gin says:

        For sure.Im on your site all the time, so when he popped up I had to say what I knew.Obviously sharing my thief brother was incarcerated isn’t fun but this guy’s mom and others from max were texting me. Once I saw WHO this guy was I immediately put $ on my brothers phone acct and ripped him one about this POS and giving out my # to garbage like this. A few inmates tossed piss at him as he was “rolled out” to quarantine after being sentenced. Didn’t want to add that til I verified it was him.

        • BENGALPUSS says:

          GIN, not that i promote violence but it’s a shame they didn’t throw the brown stuff on him as well, but hearing that he had piss flung on him, actually brought a smile to my face. Have to say that karma springs to mind.

        • BeenThere says:

          Happy dancing all day…

  9. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Little dicked pos! I have a two year old son, and while he can be difficult, there’s NOTHING he could ever do to make me hurt him. It makes me smile that this fucker is so scared. Good. I hope he’s ass raped on the daily. What a beautiful baby boy. Such a shame 😖

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