Ron “Wikkid” Weems, Laurell Pruett, Ashley Greenhill & Matthew Fox

Hellbeast Ronald Weems
Crime: Murder

Written by Tiffany

How well do any of us really know our friends? I’m sure most of us would like to think we know them very well especially if they’ve been around our family for years. Let me start my telling all of you that this is a gut wrenching story and it’s very close to my heart because it happened only about 15 miles from my home. I have gotten to know the victim’s family and they are very good people that should not be going through something like this.

Victim Amanda TaylorAmanda Leeth Taylor, 32, from Leighton, Alabama was a beautiful, outgoing, loving mother to three children. She was a wonderful daughter/sister/aunt/cousin/and a friend to a great many people.

On October 17, 2011 Robert D. Lee, Amanda’s boyfriend, picked her up from work but since he had to run errands he dropped Amanda off at Ronald Weems’ home to use his computer. Ron and Amanda had known each other for years being as how Ron was once married to her sister and they had two children together. Because of this I’m pretty sure Amanda felt as though she could trust Ron.

At around 3pm Robert Lee returned to the Moss Avenue home to pick Amanda up. Instead he saw Ashley Fawn Greenhill and Laquania Delores Welch Weems, Ron’s mother, sitting on the porch. Ashley came out swinging a hatchet and told Robert Lee that Amanda had assaulted Ron and then ran off and wasn’t welcome back. Being fearful for his life, Robert Lee left.

Hellbeast Laurell PruettLaurell Pruett, Ron’s current girlfriend, showed up to the home and Ron immediately pulled her inside the bathroom. Sweating, out of breath and without a shirt on Ron confessed he had just killed Amanda. So Laurell decided they should file a police report stating that Amanda Taylor had assaulted Ron, in order to cover their tracks. After all Ron had scratches on his arms and wrists. Little did the police know that those were wounds of a young woman fighting for her life and that her lifeless body was only miles away in the basement of Ron’s mother’s home.

The law, as of now, states you can’t file a missing person report for an adult until after they’ve been missing for 48 hours. So on October 19, 2001 Brandy Leeth reported her sister missing.

The local newspaper did one article about the missing young mother. The news didn’t even air it on television until Amanda’s father, Billy Leeth, sent them an e-mail asking them to broadcast his missing daughter’s case. This man has even started a Facebook page asking for leads, making fliers and giving his phone number out in case people didn’t want to speak to investigators. This is a very strong man. He had absolutely no help from the media yet he still wouldn’t give up. In fact, Ron contacted him and told him that she was seen Amanda with a man in a nearby town knowing all along where she was.

Mr. Leeth still hasn’t given up. He is even trying to help other families who find themselves in the same situation he was in. That to me let’s me know that no matter what the tragedy is if you want you can turn it in to something positive.

Hellbeast Ashley GreenhillOn November 7, 2011 Ashley Fawn Greenhill, the hatchet swinging stripper, went to the police station and told detectives she had overheard Ron telling Laurell “not to worry they’ll never find her body and if they do it will be already decayed.” Ashley said she was afraid of Weems and moved out of his home. Don’t give Ashley too much credit yet though.

This story has some crazy twists maybe it’s time to explain them now. After Ron and his ex-wife divorced he started dating Laurell Pruett, from Huntsville Alabama, who already had two children. Both were disabled and neither were in Laurell’s care but instead in the care of the department of human resources.

Ron and Laurell started dating but described it as an open relationship. Shortly thereafter, Laurell got pregnant by Ron but that didn’t slow them down any. Instead they decided to bring another woman into their relationship, for the both of them. Evidently Ron is not just a gigolo but he’s also fertile-mertile because this other lady also got pregnant. She was a lot smarter than Laurell though….she got away. Just before she gave birth to their triplets.

At the time the time the crime was committed Laurell and Ron were still together but Laurell was living elsewhere and had a girlfriend whom she called “wifey.” Their daughter was living with Ron and his mother.

Ashley Fawn Greenhill, 24, of Florence, Alabama is a mother of two and already has a long rap sheet. Back in 2008, Ashley’s 2-year-old son,who lived with her parents, came to visit with her but when she took him back the next day her parents noticed the child has bite marks all over his body and scratches to his back and extremities. Her parents immediately went to the police and she was arrested for felony child abuse since she was already out on bond for burglary, theft of property, criminal mischief, and receiving stolen property her bond was revoked. She took a plea deal and went to drug rehab. Thank goodness her parents were smart enough to go to the police then to take up for her.

Hellbeast Ashley GreenhillI should also tell you all that Ron, Laurell, Ashley, Matthew Fox and many many more (you’ll see when the supporters show up) have formed a clown gang. Yes that’s right a clown gang. They call themselves the juggalos (men members) and juggalettes (female members) they get together, paint their faces like clowns, carry hatchets, and listen to a band called ICP.

Let me just say….I do not think in any way what so ever that them listening to ICP had anything to do with this murder. It’s just a part of the story that I must entail.

In the fall 2011 Ashley began living with Ron, Laquania, and Laurell and Ron’s child at the Moss avenue home. Although Laurell and Ashley were friends they shared the same man, sexually. Matthew Richard Fox, 21, of Florence, didn’t know any of the people involved except for Ashley and I bet he wish hadn’t had met her or any of the others now.

A few days after Ashley met with detectives to tell them about Laurell and Ron’s conversation she met with them once again. She told detectives that Ron said “he dropped her on a road with tall grass on each side of the road near Leighton Alabama.” After driving around for a little bit Ashley told them to stop at Gnatt Pond Road in Muscle Shoals Alabama. While detectives closely watched, Ashley went into some brush and came out and told detectives it looked as if something had been drug through there but she didn’t see anything.

Police returned to the same spot this time without Ashley and they went to the same spot she had. This time they found hair and immediately called in the cadaver dogs. Now let me just tell you all that here in North Alabama we have 100,000s of acres of pasture,fields, and woods. Just about everywhere you look is exactly what Ron Weems had explained. How in the world could she just go to the exact spot unless, of course, she hadn’t already been there?

The next day on 12-3-11 the police and cadaver dogs went to Gnatt pond where they found Amanda’s skull, and several bones, some broken, some cut. They then searched the Moss Avenue resident and found Amanda’s blood on the wall and floor in the basement. The next day, Stacy Young contacted the police and told them that Ron and Laurell had set some stuff on fire in her yard the day after Amanda came up missing. When police searched the fire pit they found Amanda’s necklace, 4 earrings, some clothing and other items.

Laurell Pruett was the first of the suspects to be interviewed and she sang like a bird. She admitted that they had burned the stuff. She said it was a pair of pants, 2 shirts, a plastic bag of articles, and a plastic ice cream bucket. Pruett also said that after they had filed the assault report on Amanda that they had went back to the house where she saw Amanda’s body laying face up, her pants and panties were removed, she was purple and had a ligature mark around her neck, the nylon strap was lying next to her.

Hellbeast Matthew FoxAt around 10:30-11pm Matthew Fox and Ashley Greenhill showed up to help their fellow clown fans. Fox made the suggestion that Ron cut off Amanda’s fingers and toes to conceal her identity. Weems got a kitchen knife and started cutting her fingers and toes off, he would drop each one in the plastic ice cream bucket.

I guess it was just too much for Ashley and Laurell because they went upstairs to smoke some weed and take Valiums. Also let me tell you both Laquania and Laurell’s daughter were there at the time. How could Laquania Weems not know what was going on in her own home?

At approximately 1am Fox helped Weems load Amanda’s body into Ron’s Honda Accord. Then Fox went home. Ron left and about 2 hours later he returned to the house and told Laurell that he had disposed of her body near Leighton and busted her teeth out a hammer. They then went to bed. How oh how does someone go to sleep after all of that?

Since Laurell testified, Ron admitted to it as well — except he said Amanda tried to hit him with a concrete block so he just killed her in self defense. Yeah right!!

Because of the confessions all three were arrested. Ron and Fox were charged with murder and abuse of a corpse, Fox also got hindering prosecution. Laurell Pruett was charged with murder and hindering prosecution. They are all still in jail on $500,000 bond.

The reason they say they murdered her was for a child support check she supposedly stole…Laurell received it in the mail on October 19, 2011. And of course when the defense have nothing else they always say they have some kind of mental illness. This case is no different they said Ron was bi-polar and that played a major role in the crime.

So what is Ashley being charged with? Nothing, Nadda, Zip….yet anyways. I totally understand that they wouldn’t have found her when they did without Ashley’s help but that should give her a “get out of jail for murder card.” In fact Fox would’ve never met Ron or Laurell had it not been for Ashley.

Hellbeast Laquania WeemsRobert Lee was lied to and threatened by none other that Ashley Fawn Greenhill. I just hope she gets charged just as harsh as the others. Personally I believe Ashley, Ron, Laurell, Fox, and Laquania all deserve to be charged. Laquania should be charged with hindering prosecution if nothing else.

Now I’m asking everyone to please, please sign this petition for the Amanda Alert. It would allow people to report their adult loved one missing as soon as you realize they are missing. Although, I realize this probably wouldn’t have saved Amanda’s life it might have sent the police to Ron’s home while the body was still in the basement and the family wouldn’t have had to live in agony for almost two months.

Please help Mr. Leeth pass this law, remember it could be you, your family member or friend. Thanks in advance, my dear friends.

The Petition

For the police report click HERE.

11 Responses to Ron “Wikkid” Weems, Laurell Pruett, Ashley Greenhill & Matthew Fox

  1. Tiffany says:

    Please everyone sign that petition.

    This is one of those stories that really hurts my heart. I expect at anytime that the clown groupies will be here to start claiming how innocent these people are. I hope and pray that ALL people involved in this crime get the death penalty.

  2. Great article, Tiffany! We can’t imagine why Ashley Greenhill has not been charged. All the best to Amanda’s family; they have been through hell and do not deserve this.

  3. Beverly says:

    Thank you so much for taking time to write this AMANDA was my cousin we where like sisters growing up her tragic deaths has left a hole in my heart she was so caring she would’ve gave you the shirt off of her back that’s just what kind of person she was so I beg of anybody aware of this murder to please let they’re voice be herd DO NOT LET THESE THREE GET AWAY WITH WHAT THEY DONE even if its just signing the AMANDA ALERT please show support; as for ashley you think your getting away with this BUT they’re is a higher court that you will answer to; my GOD will have no mercy for you

    • spookygirl says:

      Ashley helped the cops I sat and woched them twiddle there thumbs they really didn’t believe her at first and the cops were there wile Amanda body was in the. Basement.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        If you say so spookygirl. And its watched not (Woched) They were all in on it. Ashley was just trying to save her own arse. And i doubt very much that the body would have been in the basement, while the police were upstairs oblivious to this fact, when they were looking for this poor woman who had done nothing wrong, except to go and use a computer and her sisters ex’s house. I hope the lot of them get jail, they all played a part in it, in some way at some point. Horrible bastards.

      • BeenThere says:

        Did you get educated beyond 3rd grade?

  4. Tiffany says:

    Thanks so much Tiffany. Amanda was a great person. She was a dear friend that’s had a heart of gold. A passionate mother of 3 beautiful children and a wonderful friend. Everyone please sign this petition. Mr. Leeth is a wonderful, Christian man that is trying to make something positive come out of this tragedy….. Not to mention save some lives!!!! This first 48 hours is a very crucial time in a missing persons case, it could b the difference in life and death!!! And like you stated, it probably wouldn’t have changed my sweet friends fate that afternoon in October, but it could have not only saved her precious, loving family the mental exhaustion of the “unknown”, but it could have also made for the Blue eyed mother of three to have been found to where she could have been layed to rest!! I loved Amanda, and still do!!! Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and cry, I cry for her three precious babies and her father and the rest of the family!!! Throughout my friendship with Amanda, I met Brandy a few times but not her father, it wasn’t until the candlelight vigil that I actually got to meet such an exceptional man!!! Mr. Billy I admire you and you know I support you and I am here for you and the rest of the family. Ashley and laquania both need to b charged….. And will get what’s coming to them and that is all I’m gonna say about those two clowns. I ain’t even mentioning the others, as they have received ENTIRELY TOOOO much publicity as it is!!!! Amanda is the victim not them!!!! WE WANT JUSTICE WE WANT JUSTICE WE WANT JUSTICE WE WANT JUSTICE. JUSTICE FOR AMANDA. RIP AMANDA TAYLOR. YOU MAY BE GONE BUT YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE FORGOTTEN. I LOVE YOU BABYGIRL. <3 Tiffany.

  5. Tiffany says:

    This is Tiffany, the author of this story. Just wanted to give everyone an update on this case, Amanda Greenhill was charged with Hindering prosecution and abuse of a corpse. Now we hope that Ron’s mother,the owner of the crime scene, Laquania gets charged.

  6. jennifer says:

    i was sorta friends with ron and laurel a while b4 they did this. i saw ron at the renaissance fair dressed up as something while the girl was still missing and didnt realize it until a while later when i read the paper. they were horrible to laurels oldest kid and dirty people. it scares me to think about the times they came to my house and i was alone with them.

  7. LawyerChick says:

    It looks like Ron got life. His mom wasn’t charged, and the rest got 10 years each.

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