Ron Bencze

Hellbeast Ron Bencze
Crime: Pedophile

Former Global TV reporter Ron Bencze, is a pedophile. Anyone who does what he did is a pedophile. That is my opinion and nothing can change it.

Ron Bencze of British Columbia was arrested in January, 2011. He was charged with 9 sexual offences related to 3 children. These included 3 counts of sexual assault, 4 counts of sexual interference, 2 counts of invitation to sexual touching involving 3 children and 1 count of breaching his bail conditions.

See, I told you he was a pedophile!

In July 2012, at the B.C. Provincial Court in Surrey, Ron the perv Bencze, 45, pled guilty to 1 count of sexual assault involving a boy. One only. Only one. The remaining charges were stayed by the Crown.

Excuse me but WTF? Do 2 of the 3 victims not count? It’s bad enough what he did to the 1 victim, I hate to think what he put the others through.

The charge Ron POS Bencze pled guilty to involved a little boy he began abusing when he was only 6 years old. Bencze was a trusted family friend who was married with 3 children of his own. He callously and shamelessly abused this position of trust to abuse the young child.

Ron the pedo Bencze began by babysitting the victim. On March 15, 2003 he began sexually assaulting the boy. The abuse happened over and over again, with increasing frequency, spanning a period of 7 years.

The victim was invited to the Bencze home for “sleepovers”. Sex was always on the agenda, even if the Bencze children were in the house.

Ron the pedophile Bencze “enjoyed the secrecy and danger” he later said in his psychiatric assessment.

Most of the abuse involved the nasty filthy pedophile Ron Bencze performing fellatio on the boy. For 7 years.

Imagine how confusing, how distressing it was for that child to keep the secret year after year. I don’t know if it was shame, threats or fear that kept him quiet, but no doubt it took its toll on the boy and his entire family.

Ron the disgusting pervert Bencze was only stopped because the victim’s mom had discovered sexually explicit text messages he had sent the boy on his cell phone. The victim was 14 years old by then.

The boy’s family showed remarkable restraint in not killing their son’s molester. Instead they had his disgusting ass arrested.

I don’t know how the other 2 victims were discovered, and if they had any relation to each other or the first boy. Thank heaven the hellbeast pedophile was stopped.

A psychiatric assessment was conducted in April and June 2012. Naturally, being a chicken shit asshole coward, Ron Bencze blamed the victim. The boy had approached HIM, the boy had asked him for a blow job and he, Ron Bencze, being all kind-hearted and all, didn’t want to say no.

All the poor pedo wanted to do was to please his little friend.

That is seriously the gist of what he told the doctor. He also implied he was swept away by the little boy’s charm and charisma.

See if it weren’t for that cute little guy begging him for a blow job, nothing would’ve happened. Riiiight. He was only giving the child what he asked for, like an ice cream cone or candy. Riiiight.

Ummmm, but what about the other victims? Did they too pressure the poor man for fellatio? Were they too “charismatic” to refuse too?

F*cking pedos! I hate them!

Now the doctor who made the assessment unbelievably concluded that Ron POS Bencze is NOT a pedophile, and that his issues can be controlled.

Excuse me? A grown ass man who has “sleepovers” with little boys so he can suck them off and who sends them erotic texts is NOT a pedophile? WTF!

In my book any adult who performs a sexual act upon a CHILD, even once, is a pedophile, period, the end.

But whether or not the doctor believes Ron Bencze can control his “issues”, the hellbeast’s criminal behaviour has damaged that boy.

The teen, according to his impact statement, said he has “difficulty to trust” and is “trying to live and behave as a normal average teenager.” He has had troubles at home, at school and with making friends.

“When the abuse began, I was young and it was ongoing for years through my adolescence,” wrote the victim. “I feel that I have missed out on a childhood that was meant for me, not the tainted one that I have experienced.”

I truly hope the boy recovers and achieves a happy, normal life.

His parents wrote, “Our son has lost his innocence, his childhood.” Damn straight, and it’s all Ron Bencze’s fault, the bastard! It is not and never was the child’s fault!

The defence asked for an 18- to 24-month conditional sentence followed by probation. After all, the defendant had never actually threatened the child or hurt the child. No big deal, right?

The Crown requested 2 to 3 years in prison. Judge Robin Baird considered this “too lenient” and he decided to send this pedophile to prison for 4 years.

“I do not accept the absence of violence or threats of violence constitutes … a mitigating factor,” Judge Baird said. Amen to that!

“The level of the accused’s recklessness and abandon is alarming,” added Judge Baird. “He was a normal adult with a normal background who should have known better.”

Ummm, I’m not sure I agree the the “normal adult” part. I will agree that Ron Bencze ACTED like a normal adult. For years he had successfully hidden his disgusting urges to molest little boys.

Judge Baird also ruled that Ron Bencze will have to register as a sex offender and he will be prohibited from using electronic devices to contact minors for 10 years. He will also be prohibited from going to parks, schools, playgrounds, daycares and community centres for 20 years.

Poor pedo Ron Bencze had been out on bail for 18 months but was not allowed to live at home with his wife and children. He could only see his kids during supervised visits.

And so Ron Bencze managed to destroy the family lives of his victims and his own family — all because he couldn’t resist the lure of little boy dicks.

But from what Ron Bencze said to the doctor I know he’ll be spending his years of incarceration blaming the victims. They started it so it’s their fault.

I hope when he gets out Ron the pedo Bencze will actually have learned to keep his paws off children’s penises. And if he hasn’t learned that, he can just go rot in hell.

Vancouver Sun article
CBC article

31 Responses to Ron Bencze

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Big surprise! Another victim blaming pedophile! Are these creeps totally incapable of taking responsibility for their crimes? Do they honestly think we believe the children come on to them, force them, seduce them? Disgusting! I am glad the judge gave him more than the prosecution asked for, but should have added 20 years to it.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    Sick fucking bastard. I hope he gets his arseole turned inside out in jail by bubba. What the fuck, blaming the victim, no suprise there. His wife and kids are better off without him. And that dumb cunt who said he wasn.t a paedaphile, needs to look up the word in the dictionary. The judge well done to him for giving a longer sentence than the one requested by the prosecution. Me personally would send the cunt away for life, but unfortunately im not the judge. I think its absolutely sick for anyone to be sexually interested in young children. How can they possibly look at any child in a sexual way, its fucking sick, anyway he’ll get Whats coming to him. Hopefully raped by a load of bubba’s mates.

    • The Boss says:

      Being a former guard, I’ve seen what happens to men like this. He will manipulate his way to the top of the pecking order by endearing himself to both inmates and staff. Thereby being allowed full freedom within the institution.
      He will then prey on the younger, “pretty” boys (men) until he is released. Inmates, especially young ones, are ALWAYS open to being fellated and, sometimes, sodomized. This is often done, initially, to avoid being repeatedly raped by groups of other inmates. They figure that being one inmate’s “boy/bitch” is way better than being the “joint pump”.
      Yep. “Good ol’ Ron” will be in heaven. In Canada, most pedophiles don’t get assaulted violently.

  3. 2cute says:

    I don’t understand how the shrink could think this asshole isn’t a pedophile. What the hell does he think a pedophile is? Doesn’t he understand that fellatio is a sexual act and that performing a sexual act on a little boy is what pedophiles do? And to say that this bastard can control his “issues” what the hell? This guy didn’t bother to control his “issues” for 7 years! “Issues”? Is that the polite way to say baby raping? The doctor has “issues” if he thinks Ron Bencze is NOT a pedophile! He needs to go back to med school.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    So you can’t trust teachers and coaches because they can be pedophiles. You can’t trust men who date single mothers because they can be pedophiles. You can’t trust Santa Clauses and clowns, pediatricians, priests, stepfathers, humanitarians, daycare workers and tv psychics because they might be pedophiles. And now we have to add married TV reporters.

    Simply put, you can’t trust anyone with your children any more. Am i right?

  5. Trace says:

    The disgusting thing is this guy looks reputable. He had a wife and kids and a good job. No wonder people entrusted their kids to him.

    I am glad the parents found proof of the molestation but it’s a damn shame that the little boy was too ashamed or afraid to come forward years before. Secrets like this can destroy the fabric of families. I’m sure the parents were shaking their heads wondering what was wrong when their little guy was having problems with school and at home and making friends.

    I would have felt murderous if I found out a trusted friend had done that even once to my child, much less for years. Ron Bencze would’ve been sporting a couple of black eyes and a few missing teeth before I would hand him over to police. I hope the bastard gets a real lesson in prison.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Trace, the sad thing is, this young boy would have felt ashamed, and thought that if he said anything that maybe his parents would have gone mad or he was to blame We know they wouldn’t, but a child thinks differently to an adult, and these perverted bastards know this. The poor kid had to go through this for 7yrs, what the judge should’ve given him should’ve been 7yrs but at least he gave him something longer than what the prosecutor recommended. Now that boy/Teenager will be screwed up because of what this bastard did to him. And im fucking sick of idiots that come out with stupid statements, saying he’s not a nonce, well what the fuck is he if he’s not a child abusing sick fuck. I’d love to know his definition of a child abuser, because it must be absolutely Horrendous. We can safely say his tv career is fucked lol. And when he gets in the showers in jail something of his will be fucked by big bubba. See how he likes it.

    • 2cute says:

      Wait till Bubba finds out how much this assholes loves giving out blowjobs! There’ll probably be a lineup so all Bubba’s friends can take a turn too. And being a tv personality will probably make him even more popular with his new pals who will teach him what an adult penis is capable of doing. No more sucking on baby dicks for him! Not for a long while.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Lol 2cute, i hope that when they are all lined up waiting for their blow jobs, that they choke the fucker with their adult size dicks. Then flip the fucker over and ride this cunts arse that much, that when he eats the food will drop out of his arseole. Its for cunts like this 2cute why i want to open guantanamo basement. Put it this way by the time i’d finished with him he wouldn’t even be able to do anything sexual to a child again, i’d sew his lips up put him in some stock’s and invite all the gay community to come and take a shot. Then i’d carve sick fuck into his forehead and then remove his dick with a rusty blade so he resembled a Eunoch And then parade him around naked, just to let him know how it feels to be ashamed.

  8. Hairy says:

    You’d think this bastard’s wife would have been outraged when she learned her husband, the father of her kids, was a paedophile and had molested her friends’ children for years.

    True, Bencze was better at hiding it than most — he didn’t have a child porn stash for his wife to find, or even have a career that involved being surrounded by children. She probably didn’t suspect he lusted after little boys, but now she damn well knows! He pled guilty! And still she’d standing by her man! Unbelievable!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      By standing by this piece of shit, is like she either condone’s what he’s done or doesn’t believe he’s done it, but then that doesn’t make sense because he’s actually admitted to it. If that was my husband that had done that, i would have Castrated The bastard while he was asleep and chopped his tongue out. He wouldn’t be doing anything to young children again. My advice to the wife is “Get the fuck away from him, take your children somewhere, where this cunt can.t find you, because he can.t be trusted near children” If she fails to do that then she’s failing her children. He might be their father, but he’s also a beast. Protect your children they come first.

  9. 2cute says:

    How can any woman stand by her man when he does something as awful as this. How can she trust him ever again? How can she trust him around her kids or her friends’ kids? He’s proven he can lie and deceive her easily. I wonder if her friends support her stance, especially the ones with children?

  10. moodymagic says:

    These poor children. I wish nothing but peace and healing for the 3 children they did not deserve this scum bag

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    2cute i think i can answer that question for you. She’s stuck by him because she’s a stupid cunt. I don’t know if she thinks he’s gonna go straight back into television when he gets out, but i’ve got more of a chance of becoming god. My advice to this fuckwit of a mother would be get the fuck away from him with your children. If she doesn’t then she’ll lose all her friends, no one will allow their children to play with hers through fear of them getting abused by beast man Extrordinare. If she stays with him then she’s a selfish twat. Put your children first, not your husband’s penis and celebrity status, because i’ve got some news for you, if your husband ever goes back on the tv, it will not be for presenting, it will be for abusing children. Put your kids first!!!!

    • cv says:

      Whoa. You sound dangerous yourself.
      totally unnecessary to berate and insult his wife. You don’t know her – you don’t know what her decisions are. You don’t know that she’s ‘sticking by him’.

  12. Steve-O says:

    I think the wife thinks that his sucking a childs penis is nowhere near as bad as having a child suck his penis, that he is just a little pedophile-ish and not a full fledged pedophile. And she can live with his promises he will leave baby penises alone. What she does not appreciate is that he is just starting and will only get worse.

  13. bulldoggy says:

    I do not understand how this pedo faced 9 charges and got to plead guilty to 1 and they dropped the other 8. Good thing it wasn’t a jaywalking charge he pleaded guilty to. How come he got such a great deal?

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, c,mon now, stop pretending to be stupid. You know why he got such a great deal?
    Because he’s a fucking superstar lol. I’ve got more talent in my Anus Excuse the comparison. I don.t understand how anybody could forgive someone for abusing children. This women needs to put her kids first. Anyway i’ve got a revelation for her, does she think that when perverted husband comes out of jail, he can go back to playing happy families. Well i hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but hes got as much chance of going near young children than i have of looking through a telescope and spotting a walmart on the moon, next to the american flag from the apollo missions from the late 60’s early 70’s. Put your children first you stupid twat of a mother. Your husband messy’s about with young boys or to be blunt, your husband thinks sucking off young boys is acceptable you silly woman.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Thanks bengalpuss29 for assuming I’m pretending to be stupid. I actually hadn’t attributed his good fortune in having charges stayed to his celebrity. I figured more that the Canadian courts are damned lazy. Trouble with dropping charges is that people will think he only molested 1 child, not 3, and might be willing to believe lies about it being a mistake or crap like that. I don’t want him to go on to have an ordinary life — I want parents to keep their children away from him! Forever!

    • ChrisL says:

      Ron Bencze is NOT a “superstar”. He was a city reporter. He wasn’t a news anchor or national correspondent. He was a local reporter. That is FAR from a “superstar”.

      What’s disturbing is that he was also a youth soccer coach, and his wife ran a daycare out of their home. Yep… sick bastard.

      I’m perplexed by Terri standing by him… it doesn’t make sense to me at all.

  15. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, i want parents to keep their kids away from this fucker, and that includes his own children. But sadly his wife must be either fucking stupid or a selfish twat. Those boys of hers, won.t have a normal life, nobody will let their children play with them and they will be yet another victim of fuckwit daddy. The mother should either stop thinking of herself or husband of the year and put those kids first, damn that stupid woman. Now i don.t know if she thinks he’s gonna get his job back at the tv studios when he’s released and they can carry on living their celebrity lifestyle, but she’s in for a rude awakening. I don.t understand how a woman can go back to a man that has been performing oral sex on young boys. Now for me every time he came to kiss me i would feel Revulsion. And i also hope that people do keep their kids away from this cunt, including the wife, hopefully the ex wife very soon. And i also think the courts are stupid for not laying all those charge’s on that bastard.

  16. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, i would have thought you would have known my sarcasm by now. I too am at a loss as to why they only charged husband of the year with one offence instead of the 9 and my sarcasm said it must be because he’s a superstar. Because i can.t think of any other reason as to why they would let fuckwit off lightly. .I Agree with you, and no wonder there are so many nonce’s about when there isn.t much of a deterrent when they get to admit to one offence instead of 9. They shouldn’t be making deals with fucker’s like this, and should charge him with the lot.

  17. bengalpuss says:

    Chrisl, i know that ron Bencze, isn.t a superstar, i was being sarcastic. His wife ran a daycare from her home, my god, makes you wonder if he got his grubby paedaphile paws, on any of the children his wife was watching, sick bastard he is. Terry standing by him is basically saying “That its ok to molest someone and fuck up their life” I hope that she doesn’t look after children anymore, if she condone’s child abuse, by believing him and not the victim. I wouldn’t allow my child within a thousand miles of both of them.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Bengalpuss, he does not understand that you are only serious when you say I am right, the rest of the time you are sarcastic.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Ha ha ha bulldoggy, you must have your calendar out, and reminiscing at all the times i’ve had to tell you your right. Which i’ve lost count, surely it must be at least eight times. But wait! Your right about this also, when im not agreeing with you, im being sarcastic, so that must be nine times now. God i hate it when your right bulldoggy, lol.

        • the real deal says:

          First of all, I do not know Mr. Ron Bencze, nor have I ever met him !

          Some of you on this site are very sick bastards (or bitches) yourself?

          The guy sure made a big mistake, but to say that “bubba” will get him and all this speculative shit is just nonsense.

          Bencze is likely in PC land (protective custody) so, bubba is not likely to be close by.

          I think that some of you need to learn about forgiveness and letting go.

          Maybe you were once abused, so abusing others is ALL you’re good for !

          Who is the perverted one, now ?

          Just curious !

          • Bengalpuss says:

            I think a “sick bastard or bitch” is someone like yourself who seems to think that people who are sickened by a man who sexually abuses little boys are as bad as the abuser by voicing their disgust. I for one can sleep at night as i know where my empathy lies, and its certainly not with a sick twisted nonce who has more than likely fucked some childrens lives up through his sick perverted actions. My priority would be to think of those poor kids not some child molesting pig.

  18. The Real REAL Deal says:

    I’m curious to know what “Real Deal’s” response would be if it were his or her child. Still forgiving Real Deal? Me thinks not when it comes down to it. Ron Benzce is pig and I wish they would turn him into the general public. Inmates know how to take care of rapists.

  19. Myrna Loy says:

    Heard it through the grapevine that this child molesting pig just got out of jail in April 2015. It’s nowhere on the internet because there’s a media ban. WhY?????????????? I think that the public SHOULD be warned about this creepy little fat pig of man….molester that is.

    • current co-worker of pedophile says:

      i’ve got an update about this piece of crap. i currently work with him… i have to be beside him and communicate with him all day at work. i was at a loss for words when i finally clued in. he goes by the name Ray Benze now. i honestly dont even know if my employer knows about his past or if i should tell them about him. i’m having a very hard time at work everyday being around him and honestly dont know what i should do.

  20. Against Child Abuseofanykind says:

    I personally think you should tell your employer. Ron/Ray is a dirt bag who doesn’t deserve any kind of privacy or privileges after taking away the innocence of so many children.

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