Ronald Rory Polson

Ronald Rory PolsonCrime: Alleged Murder and Child Abuse

Amanda Jean Simpson was real. For four years Amanda Jean Simpson lived, breathed, ate, slept and played with her sisters. She was a little sweetie with dark hair, dark eyes and a beautiful smile. She existed.

Amanda Jean Simpson was murdered. At only four years of age, in 1999, her life was stomped out, bludgeoned, crushed, annihilated. And ever since that time almost everyone else’s life has carried on as if she never existed. Little Amanda is both dead and forgotten, and I want to resurrect her memory and in her name demand justice.

I am of the opinion that Amanda Jean Simpson’s stepfather, Ronald Rory Polson, murdered her. It is an opinion, but one that is supported by a veritable mountain of evidence.

Amanda Jean Simpson could have been saved, could have been spared pain and suffering and death, but the officialdom in British Columbia did not bother to do their jobs.

Between 1991 and 1999 the B.C. Ministry of Social Services had received 22 child-protection complaints about Amanda’s family. Those were 22 separate accusations of abuse (physical/emotional/sexual), domestic violence and neglect. Twenty-two.

And what happened? Not much. Not enough by far. Only three complaints were investigated competently — and those didn’t even result in the removal of the children. What a bunch of incompetent, blind, useless bastards!

Amanda Jean Simpson was born into this mess. Her mother, Jerry Walton, brought many abusive men into their lives. Domestic violence was their way of life.

And then Jerry Walton finally introduced Ronald Rory Polson into her family, and made him the stepfather to her three daughters.

Jerry Walton wasn’t much of a mother in my opinion. The oldest sister, when all of six years old, reported to a child protection worker that she was often the only caregiver for her sisters, then ages one, two and four years.

The poor girl complained of a headache and was very tired. She also requested some help with caring for her sisters.

The oldest sister told the child protection worker that the children were often cold and hungry, and that “mom and dad were fighting, dad hurts mom” and they were scared.

The child was able to describe in detail a meal and bedtime routine she had created to keep her sisters quiet: she fed them “freezies and ice cream” and played with them.

Mama Jerry was rumoured to do a lot of pot, and had even assaulted a neighbour.

And did the child protection workers step in and rescue the children? Hell no — their new electronic management program “lost” the file. And then the caseload prevented a real investigation and the workers didn’t input their notes into the electronic system anyway and yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah. Incompetent, useless f*ckers!

Their lack of intervention proved fatal to Amanda.

The family was living in Prince George at the time of Amanda’s brutal murder. On October 29, 1999, her school made a complaint to the Ministry of Social Services. Amanda’s sister had arrived in the breakfast room at school crying and fearful. She said that Ronald Rory Polson had hurt her. She also said, “Please save me.”

In other words, trouble was brewing. The poor little girls, knowing that all hell was about to break loose and nobody was rescuing them.

The very next day, October 30, 1999, all hell did break loose — on Amanda’s head.

Ronald Rory Polson admitted he had five or six beers and maybe a shot of rum with the guys at work before driving home about 6 p.m. His common-law wife Jerry Walton was just heading off to work the night shift at Humpty’s Family Restaurant.

Jerry Walton apparently had no problem leaving the inebriated Ronald Rory Polson in charge of her babies.

When the fatally injured Amanda was taken to Prince George Hospital, a still drunk Ronald Rory Polson told the doctors that he thought she’d fallen out of a bunk bed, or maybe she’d been pushed by her little sister.

The doctors had a few problems with his version of events. Dr. Margaret Colbourne, who examined little Amanda before she died, determined that Amanda’s injuries were similar to those that would be suffered in a fall from a three-storey building.

Ronald Rory Polson’s story then changed. He said that Amanda had come upstairs for a goodnight kiss, and she probably fell down the stairs. And then Amanda’s eight-year-old sister dragged the little girl’s inert body up the stairs to show him.

Ronald Rory Polson alleges that he saw a lump on Amanda’s head, and she was unconscious. No blood.

Did he call 911? Nope. He got a frozen bag of veggies to put on her head, and he placed her on his bed where Amanda then vomited. He didn’t call 911.

Ronald Rory Polson figured she had a head injury and shouldn’t be allowed to sleep, so he hauled her to the bathroom to clean her up and revive her with cold water. But don’t you know he slipped on the bathmat and they both fell against the bathtub!

So did he call 911? Nope. He called Amanda’s mother, Jerry Walton.

Good old Mom said she dashed home from work and found her daughter unconscious on the floor. And she totally, completely, fully believed it was an accident and there was only a lump on Amanda’s wee head. No bleeding even.

The pair of f*cktards — pardon me, responsible adults — didn’t call 911 ever. They took Amanda to hospital themselves, and three days later the little girl was dead.

To recap: if we are to believe Ronald Rory Polson, little Amanda either fell out of the bunk bed OR she’d been pushed by her little sister OR she’d fallen down the stairs AND had fallen with him against the tub as he was heroically trying to revive her.

If we are to believe Ronald Rory Polson and his lovely common-law wife Jerry Walton, little Amanda ONLY had a lump on her head and was unconscious.

The trouble is, Amanda Jean Simpson had a few more injuries than Ronald Rory Polson can account for:

– compound fracture to the skull, running both ways on the skull

– major trauma to the front of the head which resulted in blood building up behind her eyes

– retinal hemorrhaging

– fractured collarbone

– bruising over her body, including bruises under her arms and below her waist, bruising of the left hip, and bruising on her legs and elbows

– a ruptured stomach in which the lining of the stomach had been pulled away and air was trapped between the walls

– blood in the stomach possibly caused by a cut tongue

– bleeding from both ears

– body temperature only 31.7°C (89.1°F) when she was admitted to hospital.

There were also biochemical abormalities in Amanda’s bloodwork that indicated the head injury had occurred hours before her admittance.

The Ministry of Social Services was called in on the incident. Apparently they checked the Simpson girls for signs of sexual and physical abuse and found none. Yup, no sign of physical abuse except for a 4-year-old bludgeoned and stomped to death! What useless, incompetent f*ckers!

Ronald Rory Polson was arrested and spent THREE DAYS in jail following Amanda Jean Simpson’s brutal slaying, but he was never charged with murder.

That’s right, Ronald Rory Polson was NEVER CHARGED.

Amanda’s three sisters were finally taken from the home, but Ronald Rory Polson was NEVER CHARGED with Amanda’s murder. Why the hell not?!?!?!

Let’s see… the doctors at the hospital were of the opinion that this was not an accident.

“She was beaten to death,” opined Dr. Margaret Colbourne. Amanda had been “battered, shaken, struck, punched, kicked, stomped, and perhaps thrown.”

The forensic pathologist Dr. Glen Taylor had only seen comparable injuries when a child’s head had been run over by a car.

And why the hell was little Amanda so cold?

Ronald Rory Polson was the sole adult in the house at the time of the incident. And he was drunk. He was the only person there who had the strength to inflict such horrible damage on that poor defenseless child.

Amanda’s oldest sister, the eight-year-old, told of her mother and stepfather bathing blood off of Amanda before taking her to the hospital, thus proving them to be liars.

And the mother’s and stepfather’s claim they were one big happy family? Lies.

According to the oldest sister, “He (Polson of course) spanks people really, really hard.”

“He sometimes hits people and he pushes them down really hard,” she said. Those poor kids.

The sister also described how he would pick them up by the throat and then smash them down. “It usually makes a loud sound on the floor.”

The sister was also a witness to the events of that fateful, fatal night. It was Ronald Rory Polson who had called for Amanda to go upstairs to him.

“I heard some thumping around, maybe somebody running or stamping their feet,” she said. “Then I heard Amanda running down the stairs and halfway I heard her falling downstairs and I heard her howling and screaming on the bottom of the stairs and I took her upstairs to show Rory.”

So Ronald Rory Polson was shown to be a liar. His common-law wife was shown to be a liar. There were years of reports of abuse and neglect. The doctors attested to the little girl’s horrific injuries. The eldest sister attested to the true events of the night.

And still no murder charges.

The Crown prosecutor’s office decided in 2004 that charges would not be approved even though the police investigation was ongoing. WTF?!?!?!

And what kind of police investigation was there? The stuff of “CSI” or “Law and Order”? Hell no! More like Keystone Cops IMO.

Apparently the mother Jerry Walton told the investigators everything was fine at home. Uh huh. Right.

What of all the files that the Ministry of Social Services had on the family from 1991 to 1999? The police never even asked for them. And of course the Ministry never offered them either.

As to the sisters’ interviews with police — well, apparently the police officers could not determine whether the story the children told about the events on the night Amanda was injured had happened then or at other times.

The young children were not able to differentiate between past instances of abuse and the events of the night that Amanda was critically injured.

So the brilliant investigators decided to charge Ronald Rory Polson with one criminal offence pertaining to little Amanda’s injury but not her murder. And then the charge was stayed once she died!

Excuse me but WTF!?!?!??!?

The Coroners Service Special Investigations Unit reviewed Amanda’s case in November 2001 and concluded in March 2002 that Amanda’s injuries were consistent with “non- accidental inflicted traumatic injury,” meaning that they were intentionally inflicted by another person.

Kinda blows the fall out of the bunk/down the stairs notion out of the water.

Did anything happen then? Any charges laid? Nope, not a single one.

Then in 2005 the coroner’s office finally decided there should be an inquest. It took place on June 11-15, 2007. The outcome: Amanda Jean Simpson died of homicide.

Well, duh!

And what happened then? Not much.

Ronald Rory Polson and Jerry Walton were carrying on with life as usual, and even had two more babies. It was as if Amanda never existed.

Pardon my French, but FUCK YOU Ronald Rory Polson and Jerry Walton! Rot in hell the pair of you!

Why no charges against the murderous child killer Ronald Rory Polson? Well, Senior Crown Counsel Oleh Kuzma said simply that the case was not re-submitted to his office to reconsider charges.

Kuzma said, “When we have examined a file and made recommendations, that file is then sent back to the RCMP, it was in this case and it has not been re-submitted to us.”

He hasn’t been charged because of PAPERWORK!?!?!

Amanda Jean Simpson has been dead for 12 years. And the stupidity and uselessness of British Columbia officialdom continues on. The bloody useless Ministry of Social Services and all those damned child protection workers, the pathetically inept police/RCMP investigators, and the inert Crown Prosecutor’s office should all have done their jobs and done right by Amanda Jean Simpson.

That little girl existed and she had every right to live a life free of violence, fear, hunger and murder.

And in her death Amanda Jean Simpson at the very least is entitled to justice!

Ronald Rory Polson, rot in hell! And that’s my opinion.

CBC article
Prince George Free Press article

21 Responses to Ronald Rory Polson

  1. Minx says:

    Such a waste of life… A beautiful child. It seems to me that the Dept of Family Services majorly suck in every country of the world. RIP angel baby xo.

    • Cleo says:

      She was a beautiful little girl, and deserved so much better. And her death hasn’t changed a damn thing in how things are done in the system.

    • Brandy says:

      I agree I was sexually abused as a teen and believe me it wasn’t fun. My brother still denies anything happened and my sister told me to get over it when she found out and well that’s that. Going into criminal justice helped me understand and forgive for my sake but if any man ever touches any of my kids there will be hell to pay. From the youngest to oldest I will kill for mine.

  2. AIMEE SIMPSON says:

    yes. they should rot in hell. What ever happened to Jerry? well shes now a fat cunt whos a bitch and i know this because i am one of those poor little girls. I promise you she is not forgotten, it is that i was taken from here at a very young age, i didnt relize what was going on, because i was the yougest of the four. Everything ive read says that drunk ignorant fuckup named rory blames me for the pain and suffering of amanda. I grew up in foster care and ect. i do not speak to jerry any more because i asked her about my sister amanda and every time she just changes the subject or get REALLY angry at me. she has never ever looked at me and been truely happy with anything ive ever done. i was a good kid, i had the best fucking grades EVER. and she continued to be a rude hateful fat bitch. disagreeing with everything i had to say. After growing up with that bitch as the person i called “mom”, i saw her every second weekend for 5 -7 hours fucking bullshit. thats me and my “mom”.and for rory, fuck him. that night all us girls were in the basement. the oldest was 8 and yet you wanna know how she turned out? i grew up with out her because she was addicted to harsh street drugs at the age of 15. jerry and ashley are best friends now and ashley even hangs out with rory. seriously. my mom and ashley get drunk and do mushrooms together. i only saw my oldest sister ashley when i was at my moms and she also was very mad at EVERYTHING. So as i grow up, ashley texts me and the arguement rose and she threatened to kill me and my girl friend, including the family of little boys and young girls growing up. Now for the second oldest. i love her. we dont always get along but that is becasue she is disabled. and it usually just diagreements with us but we always make up and were always laughing. i am embarresed to even ecknowledge jerry as my “family”. my bloodline is a women with SERIOUS anger issues. amanda has never gotten justice to her name

    • cleo says:

      Aimee, thank you so much for writing. My heart goes out to you for what you’ve been put through. I wish you the very best. You sound like an amazing, strong woman, and I am glad you have excised Jerry from your life. She is poison.

      The total lack of justice for your sister Amanda is unforgivable, and I wish I knew of a way to force the prosecution of her killer. He deserves to suffer eternally.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Aimee, even now that piece of crap rory is trying to blame others for amanda’s death even blaming you. Your mother or jennie is a real piece of work staying with the piece of shit that killed your sister amanda. You on The other hand have grown up without them being in your life and you’ve realised what they are fucking scumbag’s. My advice to you Aimee Would be forget those 2 scumbag’s and you get yourself a good education and succeed in life. Then one day you can turn round give the middle finger and the best revenge is to succeed. I wasn.t surprized when you said that your older sister drinks with jennie, thats how good a mother she is, she would rather get loaded with her kids than do normal mother, daughter things. You had a lucky escape only wished amanda did. You make amanda proud of you, forget jennie and that piece of shit rory the murdering bastard. You’ve got this far and you’ve been through a lot, get on with your life make amanda proud, succeed in life and keep looking forward good luck aimee.

    • Amber Simpson says:

      I am one of those girls too, I am the one with the disability.

    • BeenThere says:

      Dump the vile assholes and move away. My friend was in a abusive home and left 40 years ago and moved in with my family. In 1984 at her request I found both mom and stepdad. Moms a 290 lb low life drunken drug addict whore and the stepdad got his ass beaten to death by still unknowns in 1979. When I read all the information along with pictures she laughed herself silly.
      In 1990 she gave me pictures of her beside her pool with her kids faces blacked out, next to her new car, pictures of her and I throughout the years, Xerox of her bank account statement with all information except her first and middle name blacked out. She added a letter that basically said wallow in misery while I live loved happy, healthly and with lots of money. Eat shit. I hand delivered it to Sally (when I went to a law enforcement conference) in Frisco. My only regret is I didn’t have a camera or recorder to share the look and pissed off rant she had after reading and seeing the pictures. IT WAS PRICELESS!
      My friend is now a grandma and every few years she gives me pictures and letters to send her via friends in different parts of the state.
      Move on honeybsuccess is the best revenge

  3. buil says:

    Thank you!

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Still moves me to tears this story, very sad that a little girl can be murdered in this day and age, yet no one has payed for that young girls death. RIP Amanda

  5. Leia says:

    RIP Amanda!
    Aimee, I am so sorry you lost your sister and had such a troubled childhood. Your bio mother is evil incarnate.
    I’m from Ontario, and Amanda would be the same age as my oldest if she were still here. I remember her story, it really hit home because of the ages of you girls. You may be the age of my middle child. I would’ve happily taken you girls in if possible. No one deserves what you all went through.
    Keep being as bright and smart as you are; you’re much better than your bio mother and oldest sister. They probably know it and that makes them bitter toward you. Ignore them. They are not worth it.

    I won’t forget you or your sister Amanda. You’re a strong girl, and deserve all the best of life that Amanda sadly was denied.
    I hope someday justice is finally served for you girls!!

  6. andrea says:

    they had two more children together after the other 3 were put in foster care

  7. Robert says:



    • Bengalpuss says:

      Robert god already failed that little girl, she never did anything wrong, yet god stood by and let her suffer and suffer until she died. I don’t wanna worship a god that lets all this go on, I think a god that does that is full of shit.

  8. Lynn Elaine says:

    This was very shocking to read for me, for a few reasons, aside from the obvious outrageous and appalling facts presented in this article. I am both saddened and angry that I have never heard this story before, as this child is deserving of public mourning and – more importantly – of justice and retribution in her memory. As a mother of two young kids and a person who believes that children are precious beyond measure, this hits close to home for me. It also does so in a much more literal way too, as I am a lifelong resident of Prince George and this poor child would be the same age as me had she been properly protected. I am inclined to see if she has a grave/headstone here that I could

  9. Lynn Elaine says:

    This was very shocking to read for me, for a few reasons, aside from the obvious outrageous and appalling facts presented in this article. I am both saddened and angry that I have never heard this story before, as this child is deserving of public mourning and – more importantly – of justice and retribution in her memory. As a mother of two young kids and a person who believes that children are precious beyond measure, this hits close to home for me. It also does so in a much more literal way too, as I am a lifelong resident of Prince George and this poor child would be the same age as me had she been properly protected. I am inclined to see if she has a grave/headstone here that I could visit to pay my respects. I also wonder if anything could be done to reopen this case? Public petition perhaps? It would be worth a try. RIP, Amanda. You deserve better.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      She certainly did deserve a whole lot better, somebody should be in jail for this little girls murder, shocking it is.

  10. Frank Ivana says:

    Are there any updates on the case?

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