Roland McKoy

Roland McKoy
Crime: Murder

To call Roland McKoy, of Hackney, east London, a hellbeast is an understatement. His sick, twisted and evil nature is such that I am tempted to label him the devil himself. I cannot actually conceive of an adjective that adequately describes this monster. ‘Loathsome’, ‘vile’ and ‘despicable’ just don’t convey the degree of blazing contempt I have for this creature.

Roland McKoy is a cowardly murderer. His victims were his long-time girlfriend, Valerie Forde, and their baby girl, Real-Jahzara.

Valerie Forde, mother of 4 and a community worker, was a loving and lovely person. She worked at Hackney Marsh Partnership, a community development organization. Three of her children were fathered by Roland McKoy, a handyman who had moved to Britain from Jamaica in 1989. They lived together in a 3-bedroom home in Hackney.

What Valerie Forde didn’t know for the longest time was that Roland McKoy was married to another woman with whom he had 2 kids. She found out the truth in 1999 after being with him for 5 years. I’m sure it was a real blow to their relationship and the cause of a lot of arguments. I don’t know why but Valerie Forde stuck it out.

Even when Roland McKoy was jailed for drug offences, she stuck it out. Even when he was jailed for benefit offences, she stuck it out. For 18 freaking years she stuck it out.

After baby Jahzara was born in 2012, the couple got along better — for a while. But Valerie Forde was not satisfied by the effort (or lack thereof) made by Roland McKoy to help around the house or to support their family. She told him that he needed to contribute £150 to the household every month or move out.

An ultimatum! Wow! What a brave thing for a woman in a tumultuous relationship to do! And it was tumultuous — Valerie Forde had told her friends he mentally and emotionally abused her. Tragically, and not surprisingly, Roland McKoy was not the sort of hellbeast to take kindly to ultimatums.

By December 2013, Valerie Forde had had enough. She told the lazy, abusive asshole that their relationship was kaput and then generously gave him 3 months to find somewhere else to live. The deadline was March 31, 2014.

Holy batsh*t! If the relationship was difficult before, now it was deadly. Roland McKoy’s inner beast was awakened — with a vengeance — and he was not about to be bossed around or dumped by a woman.

For those who haven’t read the statistics, the most dangerous time for women in abusive relationships is the point of separation. That’s when the risk of homicide is greatest.

Valerie FordeValerie Forde soon learned that Roland McKoy was not agreeable to the split. He was not taking any steps to find someplace else to live. Instead he was becoming a frightening, menacing monster.

In December 2013 he actually told a neighbour that he would “get a shotgun, kill everyone in the house and then kill himself”. Whoa, that’s a red flag right there.

In January 2014, Valerie Forde texted her sister, “Just looking at his face and body language tells me I have to be very, very careful and pray for my safety each day and night.”

Still the woman didn’t back down. She was holding firm in her decision to kick the abusive bastard to the curb.

Valerie Forde told Roland McKoy in January 2014 that he would not be allowed to take any of their children with him when he moved out. He told her then, “If I can’t have them, then you’re not having them.” He meant every word.

In February 2014, a neighbour informed the poor woman that Roland McKoy said he was going to burn the house down with everyone in it. This threat terrified Valerie Forde so much that on February 12, 2014 she reported it to the police. The police did nothing. Nothing. The police took her statement, saw that she was quaking in fear, and then did absolutely nothing to save her life. Why the hell not?

On March 31, 2014 — the deadline — Valerie Forde’s daughter Carrise texted her that morning. “Today is the day,” she wrote, “I feel like breaking out in a dance, lets hope it goes smoothly.”

It didn’t go smoothly at all. In fact, hell was about to break loose in their home in Oswald’s Mead, Lindisfarne Way.

Valerie Forde phoned Carrise a while later, and Roland McKoy began to argue about having to leave. Carrise remained on the phone and heard everything that transpired and the horror escalated and peaked. At 9:11 a.m. she called the police on a separate phone to beg for help for her mother as she listened helplessly to her mother’s screams.

By the time the police arrived at the house, 45-year-old Valerie Forde and 22-month-old Jahzara had been butchered by the monstrous maniac.

In his unholy rage, Roland McKoy had bludgeoned Valerie Forde 17 times on the head with a hammer. He’d lacerated her head, face, stomach and hands with a machete. He punctured her stomach and back with a screwdriver.

Real Jahzara McKoyLittle Jahzara had had her throat slit with the machete. His own innocent baby daughter was slaughtered by the hellbeast Roland McKoy.

Not satisfied with killing his girlfriend, Roland McKoy had to humiliate and blame the woman. He had placed this note on the dead woman’s face:

“Valerie Forde you never stop playing derty ticks (sic) for many years on all people places and things you targets. Now the world must see the sudden destru..tions you creates in our families, our home and on yourself. Our fame in history. Roland.”

Police found the cowardly killer curled up in a fetal position on the floor next to the murder weapons. He had some minor wounds he’d inflicted upon his disgusting self, and had swallowed some household bleach. Nothing fatal, alas.

On April 9, 2014 Roland McKoy was discharged from hospital and was immediately arrested and charged with 2 counts of murder.

Investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Charles King summed up their case, “McKoy lost control as the reality hit home that Valerie was adamant he must leave and carried out a horrific attack with a variety of weapons. Not only did he vent his fury at his partner but he also killed his baby daughter.”

On December 8, 2014, the murdering hellbeast went to trial at the Old Bailey. Prosecutor Ed Brown QC said, “A true and full understanding of the reason for these terrible killings may be beyond sensible comprehension but all of the available evidence points to little more than anger and resentment as the cause.”

IMO Roland McKoy was seeking revenge for being dumped and kicked out of the family home. His ego couldn’t take the humiliation of a woman spurning him.

Roland McKoy’s defense position was that he was only acting in self-defense. He made the disgusting claim that Valerie Forde had gone berserk, and in the grip of a demonic trance she had killed their daughter. When he discovered what she’d done he killed her.

Fortunately the defense argument was such bullshit that it didn’t convince anyone.

On December 17, 2014, the jury deliberated for 2-and-a-half hours and wisely found Roland McKoy, 53, guilty. The murdering monster was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Excuse me, but what does it take to send a killer away for life in Britain?

Judge Charles Wide said to the killer, “You did it out of spite and resentment that Valerie at long last had the strength and resolve to say that enough is enough and you had to go. She had given you three months and you had done precious little. You thought she was going to back down but she didn’t, and that was an affront to your monstrous egotism.”

The judge continued, “What struck me and everybody during the trial is that you showed not an atom of regret at what you did. Having slain Valerie, your partner for years and years, and your 22-month-old daughter, on whom we are told you doted, no regret at all.”

Daughter Carrie said in her statement to the court, “Time will never heal the hurt the loss, the pain, the betrayal and the yearning to hear their voices and laughter.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission recently launched an inquiry into the total inaction of the police back when Valerie Forde reported her killer’s threats. I hope that those found responsible will lose their jobs. If only they had taken action, the murdered woman and her daughter would still be alive.

RIP Valerie Forde and Real-Jahzara McKoy. The world is lessened by your loss. I extend my condolences to the friends and family who loved them and mourn their passing.

To Roland McKoy I extend my sincerest wishes that he suffers agonies of the damned every day for the rest of his unnatural life.

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9 Responses to Roland McKoy

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    What a beautiful child! Roland McKoy didn’t deserve her. He doesn’t deserve anything but pain. RIP Jahzara and Valerie.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I truly hope that the investigation does happen and that the police are dealt with for their horrible neglect. This beautiful woman and this beautiful child may still be alive. Roland you are a truly sick monster who needs to suffer.

  3. 2cute says:

    How could somebody so damned ugly be the father to such a beautiful girl? What a craven loser he is, not being able to let a woman stand up to him. Too bad the coward didn’t kill himself first. I hope the shit sack suffers each and every day for the rest of worthless life.

    • Lillith says:

      I completely agree that this subhuman shitstain certainly should die horribly at some point in the miserable excuse he calls a life I disagree that he should have succeeded with his pathetic excuse for a suicide attempt. He deserves his fair share of misery for what he did. I survived an ex who tried to kill me and assaulted my son. Broken bones and bruises heal, but mental and emotional abuse stay with you long after the abuse ends. For 18 yrs Valerie suffered before he ended her life and the life of their beautiful innocent daughter and I think that 18 yrs of mental and physical anguish should be meted out by someone named Bubba everyday before this pathetic excuse for a fleshy sack of human waste be allowed to die. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s no less than what he did to someone whose only crime was loving a loser.

      • 2cute says:

        Fleshy sack of human waste – I like that description Lillith. That’s exactly what he is.

        • Lillith says:

          Thank you 2Cute. Just doing my part to find creative new insults for so called people like this. It’s just a shame that some beings end up as soulless wastes of precious air. I wonder why they couldn’t just provide air-tight cells for trash like this.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    He’s a steaming mug of anal seepage. Should be flushed down the loo.

  5. Tom Daly says:

    I totally agree. He’s a piece of subhuman crap that should be flushed down the toilet never to be see. Again.

  6. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Seriously? 35 years?! I agree, Cleo. Exactly WHAT must one do to deserve life according to British justice?? He may have gotten the death penalty depending on the state here. What a waste. Such a beautiful mother and daughter. My heart goes out to the family, in particular the daughter who had to listen to her mother’s screams as she was being horrifically murdered. Something about using a hammer to kill someone has always seemed especially brutal to me.

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