Roland John Black

Hellbeast Roland John Black
Crime: Animal cruelty

Canine parvovirus is nasty. It’s highly contagious and highly lethal. It’s also very expensive to treat with no guarantee the infected dog will survive. That said, canine parvovirus is no excuse to be sadistic, something that Roland John Black of New South Wales obviously doesn’t believe.

Roland John Black, 35, had a border collie puppy that was sick with parvo. He started off doing the right thing, taking the poor little beastie to the vet in Dubbo. This kindly, generous vet offered to euthanize the puppy FOR FREE because it was so sick. Roland John Black the bastard declined the offer. WTF!?

Yup, Roland John Black declined the generous offer to put the sick little dog down humanely. I can only reason that he did so because he had his own plans to deal with this poor helpless animal, and his plans were anything but humane.

What Roland John Black did on Saturday, November 12, 2011, was to drive on Dandaloo Road just out of the town of Narromine, New South Wales, with his ailing puppy. He pulled over to the side of the road and got out with the puppy and a hammer. You know what’s coming.

And then this sick twisted bastard Roland John Black smashed the puppy with the hammer and then threw it against a power pole before he drove off.

This kind of sick f*cktard scares me. Seriously. He had no excuse at all, no reason at all to bludgeon the puppy, except the pure sadistic pleasure he got from it.

The horrific act of cruelty was witnessed and reported to local police. Officers found the body and alerted Council Rangers who then charged Roland John Black.

RSCPA New South Wales chief inspector David O’Shannessy said, “People who own animals have an obligation under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act to get veterinary treatment if their animals need it.”

True, but I also believe that animal owners also have a moral obligation to treat their animals humanely. Sadly, the POS hellbeast Roland John Black doesn’t seem to have such morals.

And this brings us to June 12, 2012 when Roland John puppy killer Black appeared in Narromine Local Court to face cruelty charges. He pled guilty to one charge of animal cruelty and one charge of aggravated animal cruelty. So far so good.

Unfortunately, Narromine Local Court didn’t exactly consider the guilty pleas to animal cruelty as worthy of any real punishment. Certainly not jail time.

What the court did was to put Roland John Black, the sadistic bastard, on a 12-month good behavior bond with NO conviction recorded. The court also ordered the puppy killer to pay $81 toward court costs. Ooooh, harsh! That’ll teach him!

Really, could the sentence have been any more lenient? The monster pled guilty to animal cruelty and he doesn’t even have a conviction on his record! It boggles my mind.

Possibly the court reasoned that the dog was dying anyway so it didn’t matter. But you know and I know HOW the dog died does matter.

I’ve had to put 2 of my dogs euthanized because they were sick and old, and they passed away painlessly and quietly. That is what could have happened to Roland the f*ckwad Black’s puppy, and indeed that is what should have happened. Bonus — it would have cost Black nothing!

Instead the poor little animal, already feeling deathly ill, was subjected to fear and pain as it was subjected to those lethal hammer blows.

So as Roland John Black has gotten off almost scot-free after being caught brutally bludgeoning a helpless puppy, I have to wonder what he’ll do next. And who or what he’ll harm or kill. Because believe me, Roland John Black has shown himself to be cruel and sadistic, and he needs watching.

The people of Narromine Local Court also need watching. If they can dismiss animal cruelty as nothing, what else will they dismiss?

So keep your eyes peeled, people of Narromine. The monster Roland John Black walks among you.

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Stop Animal Abuse article

17 Responses to Roland John Black

  1. kathryn says:

    This article made me cry, I hope someone out there bludgeons Roland to death with a hammer.

    • dogwalker says:

      Made me cry too. And this was probably only the first time he got caught killing an animal. Probably has done it plenty of times before but there were no witnesses.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    The fucking bastard he could have had that puppy Euthanized for free but no that cunt had to go and do that, im really emotional at the moment and if i came across that piece of shit i would stick an hatchet in his head never mind a hammer. There was no need to do what he did, he did it cos he’s a sadistic bastard. I hope someone knocks fuck out of him, ties him up and then starts hitting him in tender places like his bollocks and then when they’ve finished with him, instead of throwing him against an electricity pole, they throw him off a cliff the puppy murdering bastard.

  3. Tasera says:

    Lesson learned today: Do not read articles on Hellbeasts/PYSIH that feature pictures of puppies. I had to cuddle my little dog for half an hour after reading this.

    Just smashing this monster in the head with a hammer isn’t enough. He needs to be infected with a deadly disease and left to linger for a while, just like that puppy. Then, as he lies there helpless, HAMMER TIME.

    • dogwalker says:

      Tasera, don’t read about that Monster Richard Atkins if this one upsets you. The picture there can give you nightmares!

    • bulldoggy says:

      I like that hammer time. This article didn’t make me cry but I did give my old Charlie dog a reassuring hug. Nobody’s ever going to hurt him or any animal in my area or they’ll be meeting me and my fists in a dark alleyway.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        I say instead of meeting your fists, we should get a big metal container, the ones they use for shipping and put all the bastards that are cruel to animal in there, and then put some vicious dogs inside with them and let them get shredded to pieces it would be revenge for the cruel shit they dish out to defenceless animals. They do say though that only cowards abuse animals, so these scumbag’s are definately cowards, you wouldn’t see them match up to a man. Only defenceless creatures. I hope one day one of the animals turn and ravage the fucker’s.

        • Trace says:

          No Bengalpuss I disagree. Putting dogs in with those bastards would be cruel to the dogs. I suggest they be put in the container with a hammer and told that only one of them would be allowed out alive. Let them smash each other with the hammer and then forget to let the winner out, ever.

          • bengalpuss29 says:

            I love your idea, damn why couldn’t i have thought of that. Yes but not just one hammer throw an axe in as well and whichever one is last man standing, forget to let him out

      • 2cute says:

        Hey bulldoggy, you need to take Charlie to New South Wales to teach this dog killer a lesson too. Better sharpen his teeth first – I mean Charlie’s, so he can gnaw off the bastard’s legs easily.

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          2cute im curious now to what breed charlie is, but if he can eat those bastards legs off that are cruel to animals he’s a doggy hero in my book. I wonder if he’s a bulldog hence the name bulldoggy. Go charlie Go!

          • bulldoggy says:

            Old Charlie might be willing but he may not be able to do much damage. He’s a geriatric terrier cross with wiry hair sticking out all over the place. He may not be handsome but he’s damn smart! Keeps me in my place.

            Had a bulldog named Pete but he’s been gone a long time. He could do real damage to villains like Roland Black but he wasn’t too clever.

            I much prefer dogs to most people.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        I prefer animals to humans. You don.t see animals trying to fuck over their own species, its only us humans do that. And cross breed mongrel dogs are mean.t to be the loyalist from all the other dog breeds.

  4. Trace says:

    I’ve owned plenty of animals, dogs, cats, reptiles,and I’ve paid the vet without complaint each and every time they’ve needed putting down. That’s because having brought them into my life I owe them a good life right to the end. This murderous bastard should be banned from owning animals for life. What’ll he do with the next sick dog – target practise? Tossing from a moving vehicle? Sick bastard.

  5. Steve-O says:

    How can this be right? It isn’t right in any way, shape or form. The message that this judge has given is that it is quite acceptable to bash and smash an animal to death! It makes me sick.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      When i read this i cried and the fact cleo put a picture of a cute little puppy’s sad face, made me into a basket case

  6. MoodyMagic says:

    This story really makes me mad. Why isnt animal abuse taken more seriously. The fact that this Bastard decided not to do the humane thing and it would have cost him nothing should have been a good sign for the judge that he is a monster. Just do not understand.

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