Roger Kingsley Dean

Roger Dean
Crimes: Murder, Arson

Roger Kingsley Dean blames the devil. I blame Roger Kingsley Dean, the cowardly, murderous, registered nurse who worked at Quakers Hill Nursing Home in Sydney, Australia.

It was Roger Kingsley Dean who, in the wee hours of November 18, 2011, told 2 colleagues to go take a break while he covered for them. Instead of covering for them he headed to room 19 of the A2 wing of the nursing home. The room was unoccupied.

Alone and undetected, Roger Kingsley Dean pulled a lighter from his pocket and set a bed on fire. Very quickly the flame grew and spread, but the hellbeast did not try to contain it. He did not raise the alarm. He did not give a single thought to the 88 vulnerable people who lived in the nursing home. He knew each and every one of them, and still he didn’t give a flying rat’s ass about their safety, their lives.

So what did the monstrous Roger Kingsley Dean do next? He set another fire.

The second fire was in room 3 of the A1 wing. In this room 2 elderly women were sound asleep. He did not rouse them. He just walked away to let them die.

Because Roger Kingsley Dean worked at the Quakers Hill Nursing Home, he knew that there were no sprinklers installed to put out the fires. He knew people would likely die in the inferno. And they did.

After lighting the A1 wing fire, he helped one person, Helen Perry, to get out of the building. She told him, “We’ve got to get them out, we’ve got to get them out,” to which Roger Kingsley Dean replied, “Don’t worry, Helen, just leave them. We’ve got to get out. People are on their way to get them out.”

That’s what the hellbeast said. “Just leave them… We’ve got to get out.” And the only reason he took Helen Perry with him, IMO, was to make himself look heroic, like he had nothing to do with the fire. Otherwise he would’ve left her to burn, I have no doubt.

Quakers Hill fireFirefighters did arrive soon and did put out the flames in the A2 wing. Tragically they didn’t even know about the fire raging in the A1 wing. That is, they didn’t know until 5:02 am when the “hero” Roger Kingsley Dean burst forth from that wing with smoke billowing behind him.

Oh, yes, Roger got really busy then, being all heroic and shit, helping to evacuate some residents. Not that he put himself in harm’s way, mind you.

Tragically, by the time firefighters entered A1 wing the fire “had already gone up into the roof and was burning fiercely.” They could hear the trapped and helpless residents calling for help.

Tragically, not everyone survived. Eleven people died. Dorothy Sterling, 80, and Dorothy Wu, 85, were the ladies who were asleep in room 3 on A1 wing. They died in the fire, as did Alma Smith, 73.

Victims of Quaker Hill fireEight more people died afterward, in hospital, from their burns and from smoke inhalation. These unfortunate souls were Caesar Galeas, 82, Urbana Alipio, 79, Neeltje Valkay, 90, Doris Becke, 96, Lola Bennett, 86, Ella Wood, 97, Verna Webeck, 83, and Reginald Green, 87.

Another eight people suffered serious injuries from the fire. And all those deaths and all those injuries weren’t the fault of the devil. It was all Roger Kingsley Dean’s fault.

Now why the flaming hell would a registered nurse not only endanger the lives of the elderly, vulnerable residents of a nursing home, but actually cause many of them to die?

The reason is truly, truly pathetic. All those people were sacrificed to cover Roger Kingsley Dean’s theft of 237 tablets of the narcotic Endone and 1 capsule of Kapanol.

Police were investigating the theft, and this little shitpile loser was afraid of getting caught.

Quakers Hill fireI read that the purchase price of all those pills, with a prescription of course, came to $85. See how horribly pathetic this whole tragic event is? Eleven people died because the f*cktard loser Roger Kingsley Dean stole $85 worth of pills.

How the hell does the hellbeast rationalize becoming an arsonist and mass killer to cover a theft? But that’s what he did.

Roger Kingsley Dean tried 4 times to enter the burning building, not to rescue anyone, but to retrieve the records of prescription drug use — the “drug books”. He was unsuccessful 4 times, but then he tried a fifth time. He begged firefighters to let him inside to get the drug books. He made it sound vitally important that those books be saved.

“We need them. We need to get these out,” the monstrous murderer told them.

Dean during fireAnd so, when firefighters were most needed to rescue people and put out the inferno, two of them escorted him to where the drug books were. And as soon as the lying little beast got his hands on them, he insisted he had to go home to get his Ventolin.

Roger Kingsley Dean dashed home after first giving a very brief TV interview. “We got a lot of people out so that’s the main thing,” he told the interviewer. Cocky little bastard.

As soon as he got home, those drug books were torn to pieces and later thrown into a dumpster.

Mission accomplished! OK, so his place of work was badly damaged and his patients were badly injured, homeless or dead, but Roger Kingsley Dean did what he set out to do — he covered up his theft of those damned pills!

Except he wasn’t off the hook at all. He became a suspect almost right away, maybe because he’d disappeared with the drug books.

I don’t know if it was remorse or panic, but Roger Kingsley Dean had admitted to a couple of Bible study buddies that he’d lit the fires. He told them he did it because Satan told him to. Maybe he was testing out his defense.

The police hauled the pathetic little f*cker in for an interview the very next day. Not for a measly drug theft either. They wanted to talk to him about murder and arson.

In his police interview, Roger Kingsley Dipshit Dean confessed. He told the officers that after lighting the fires he had tried to “make amends for the mistake that I have done” by helping the nursing home residents to escape the inferno.

Riiight. So why did he walk away without waking the sleeping residents after he first lit the fires?

Why did he put in more effort to grab the drug books than he did to save the people?

You know and I know he was putting his own petty little problems ahead of everything and everyone else. What a pathetic POS he is!

Dean police interview“I love the residents very much and I have a very good rapport with them so I feel extremely bad and upset,” Dean told the officers in the taped interview. “I feel evil… that I’m corrupted with evil thoughts that had made me do it.”

“That’s why I have been bringing the bible to work and reading it,” he continued. “I feel I’m under attack, under spiritual attack.”

“I have expressed in church that I have been getting a lot of nightmares and all I can say it that’s what’s happened… corrupted by this evil.”

Roger Kingsley Dean flat out told the officers that Satan was talking to him. Like he’s crazy! Except he’s not.

A psychiatrist found no evidence Roger Dean was suffering from a significant mental illness. Dr. Michael Diamond said he believed Dean’s actions were a “considered plan” to distract authorities from his theft of those pills.

When the police searched the murderer’s apartment they found almost all of the stolen drugs in containers labeled ”Roger’s doctor prescribed medication”. Wow, he labeled his drug stash. Anal type of person, isn’t he?

On November 2, 2012, the rotten little mass murdering asshole pleaded not guilty to 8 counts of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and 11 counts of murder. Not guilty! Are you freaking kidding me?

The little shit instead offered to plead guilty to manslaughter, but that was sensibly rejected by the Crown.

Roger Kingsley Dean, 37, pled guilty to 2 charges relating to the theft of the pills. Big whoop.

The murderous beast Dean went to trial in the Supreme Court in Sydney and on May 27, 2013, Dean finally pled guilty to 11 counts of murder and 8 counts of causing grievous bodily harm.

As expected, the little monster tried to minimize his culpability.

“There was an empty bed when I did my rounds, and, not thinking that it would be disastrous, I just lit the sheet and it started just as a small flame and I thought that’s okay. Like, that’s containable,” he told the court.

Dean’s sentencing has been packed with friends and relatives of his victims. One after another, day after day after day, the sons and daughters of the victims have been reading their victim impact statements.

Ian Smith, the son of Alma Smith said in his statement “whatever God (Dean) prays to, he better ask them for forgiveness because he won’t be getting it from me.”

Verna Webeck’s daughter Sue said, “My heart, my soul and my spirit is broken.”

What upsets most of them is the knowledge that their loved one was confined to bed, unable to escape, as the flames and smoke engulfed them. A truly horrible way to die, and none of them deserved it.

As of right now, Roger Kingsley Dean has not been sentenced. I shall keep readers updated. I am keeping all fingers crossed that he will get the maximum and never, ever see the light of day again. He is a truly disgusting hellbeast and deserves the worst penalties the justice system has to offer.

RIP, Dorothy Sterling, Dorothy Wu, Alma Smith, Caesar Galeas, Urbana Alipio, Neeltje Valkay, Doris Becke, Lola Bennett, Ella Wood, Verna Webeck, and Reginald Green.

And rot in hell, Roger Kingsley Dean.


Roger Kingsley Dean was sentenced to life in prison. “It is simply not possible to adequately reflect the culpability of the offender for the deaths of 11 vulnerable people, for whose care he was responsible, by any lesser penalty,” Judge Latham said of the sentence. Too bad he can’t be made to serve 11 life sentences.

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15 Responses to Roger Kingsley Dean

  1. 2cute says:

    So this asshole didn’t want to get caught for being a thief so he became a mass killer? O.o

    Was he dropped on his head as an infant or something because that’s really brain dead thinking.

    Long may he rot in prison.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    My grandmother was in a nursing home, and if anything like this had ever happened to her I would’ve set the perpetrator on fire myself. Too bad they can’t let this dickhead loose with a lynch mob at his heels. I bet nobody would cry for him if he died horribly.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Your not the only one bulldoggy, that would burn this turd alive if he did that to one of my relevatives. I think he must be brain dead, because no one in their right mind would commit 11. Murders in order to cover up the theft of some narcotic pills, stoopid cunt would’ve been best just having a theft charge, instead he murdered 11, innocent people, in the most horrific way imaginable. I couldn’t even imagine the horror of those pensioners being trapped and burned and having to breathe that smoke before dying, and for what? Some little cunt hiding his theft. This is how Fucking stoopid he was, people were trapped being burned alive, and satan incarnate, wants to save the drug books more, that in itself would alert the authorities that something wasn’t right. He should be locked up for life, no if’s or but’s, this guy murdered 11 people, sentence him properly australia.

  3. Moodymagic says:

    Burn in prison maggot then burn in hell. Nobody gonna miss you.

  4. MSM says:

    Australia must have pretty lax laws if there were no sprinklers installed? Lord, what a dumbass. Hope they throw the book at him.

    Sadly, though, a nursing home is no place to be anyway. My children are under strict orders that if I read 75 and don’t know who I am? Hand me a bottle of valium and put me to sleep.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Msm, i’d be the same, wouldn’t want to be sat around with only a few marbles left rolling around in my head, i’d want a big bottle of valium to take. And nice one for pointing that out about the sprinkler system, over here in shit ole england, the fire department inspect’s buildings such as this nursing home, and no smoke detectors or sprinklers, then you don’t get to open or take residents in, and they can’t slyly do it either, thats one thing we’ve got right over here. Mind you there’s a fact about one thing, prisoners in jail get better care and facilities, than pensioners in most nursing homes, thats why i’d rather have the bottle of valium like you msm.

      • MSM says:

        Oh yeah, Bengal – it’s like that here in the states too. If you don’t have sprinklers and marked fire exit processes then you don’t even get to open. Long ago and far away, I worked in Healthcare. It’s what pushed me towards social work – I didn’t like the way things were being done and knew they needed changing. Unfortunately the system is to tethered to politics just about everything is impossible to truly change for the better. In attempting to make things better for nursing home residents, they gave them rights – WORST thing they could have ever done. Same thing with mental health patients…even general hospital patients in certain instances.

        Now, yes, residents and patients deserve good care and they should have basic rights – but they shouldn’t be able to say no to taking their medications, esp. if they need them. They shouldn’t be able to hurt other people or the staff because the staff is no longer able to restrain them because of their rights. They shouldn’t be able to refuse to eat. They shouldn’t be able to refuse to bathe or get out of bed – in certain states the laws are written in such a way that you can’t even force a patient to get their ass out of bed to go to the bathroom if they don’t want to. In my view, that’s wrong. It also encourages the same type of abuses you’re referring to – prisoners in jail get better treatment than people in nursing homes. This is because the “resident’s rights” bullshit lends itself to extreme scheduling and over charging – it costs less money to give a prisoner all the comforts of home when he doesn’t deserve it as opposed to giving a nursing home resident the very minimal – at best – care at a whopping four grand a day in some locations. I don’t know how it is in the UK but here in the US our healthcare system is soooooo fucked up it’s not even funny.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          This is how fucked up it is here in shitland msm. Ian brady a child murdering bastard. Part of a duo with myra hindly, the moors murders, has been on hunger strike for 10yrs, but because he’s in a mental health facility, they force feed him every day with a tube down his nose. Anyway now the sly bastard is taking his case to court, because if he convinces the courts that he’s not insane, then he’ll be sent to a normal prison where they don’t have to force feed him. Why are they spending all that money on this piece of pig shit is beyond me, i’d let the scumbag starve to death. My point is this toerag murdered 5 children and costs the british tax payers thousands, but the goverment are shutting nursing homes and our old folks are suffering. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that many of our pensioners fought for this country and get shit on, whereas this murdering bastard, has thousands spent on his arse. Maybe the goverment should use their brains, and put the ££’s into the nursing homes, and let this bastard die. They’ve got things arse way backwards. Another one richard ramirez, on death row 25yrs, costing the tax payer, when some ass hat judge, suspends all executions unless its a doctor that carries out the execution, well then thats never gonna happen because doctors take the hipocratic oath, save lives, now that bastards died a natural death, those poor relatives will feel cheated of justice, all because some panty wetting liberal judge, had a brain cell that didn’t function correctly. It pisses me off msm. I could rant on all day, but i wouldn’t want you to strain your eyes, as mine are now watering lol.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Britain’s nursing homes are notorious for bad standards. When my mom was diagnosed with stomache cancer, and we were told it was terminal, me my sister and 2 brothers, i have 3 brothers but one’s an arseole and wasn’t there, but we were there with mum at her home when she died. Thats what she wanted, and when i think about some of the indignities that our elderly have to go through, breaks my heart. Just recently we’ve had the hospital scandel, where patients were that thirsty, they drank water from flower vases. A woman died in her bed and when it was noticed by a member of staff, she’d been dead that long that rigormortis had set in, the poor

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    What a pathetic little pisser he is, a real narcissistic bastard. He chose to put all those 88 innocent people through trauma and hell, playing silly buggers with their lives for his own small, petty concerns. He needs to be doused in gas and set on fire.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      And he then had the cheek awesomeblossom, to blame satan. Do you reckon he’ll get a shorter sentence with that defence? Like i mentioned earlier, this narcissistic bastard killed and injured one of the vulnerable members of our society, to cover up a pathetic medication theft. Brain dead fucker is now a murderer, arsonist, and tablet thief, what a selfish twat, i hope he goes and meets the person he blamed for the murders, satan, and roast’s this bastards arse off.

  6. Guydi says:

    I knew this selfish narcissist – he plastered his ensuite with gay porn and was obsessed with watching DVDs of straight men and male family members having sexual relations. He was very open to his associates about his sexuality but had Christian friends, supposedly to use them for convenience. I’m sure he is someone’s bitch in prison but he is such a game player and manipulator he will end up crossing the wrong person and will wind up dead.

  7. Frank says:

    Today he received life without parole. Thank goodness. Its law now in Australia for all nursing homes to have fire sprinklers installed.

  8. Sarah P says:

    This guy deserves to die. That would be justice.

  9. KXG says:

    this sawed-off little shit-stain doesn’t deserve life in prison. he deserves to have his ass buried up to the waist in coal, a bottle of the pills he stole dumped over his head then gasoline poured ontop of it all and for someone to throw a match. those were people’s sweet, innocent grandmams and grandpops, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters he let burn to death to cover up the fact he’s nothing but a piss-ant crack-head thief.

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