Robin Pagoria

Hellbeast Robin Pagoria
Pedophile, Child Abuse

Robin Pagoria of Auburndale, Florida and her Australian boyfriend Christopher Lobban are into some kinky stuff. The two met on a spanking fetish website, so 3 guesses what their kink is.

It should come as no surprise that Robin Pagoria, 47 and divorced, had worked as a Polk County sheriff’s detention deputy, seeing as how she’s so into discipline. In fact, she actually abused her position at Central County Jail to practice her spanking technique on 2 young girls. Two naked and bound young girls, to be precise.

What Robin Pagoria the twisted bitch told the girls was she was disciplining them for “disrespect, back talk” and “rudeness”. The discipline naturally went far beyond the bounds of acceptability.

Robin Pagoria had got the job in June 2005. It was a fairly good job, paying $41,000 annually. In May 2011 the bitch no longer had that job, seeing as how she was arrested and all.

See, what Robin the twisted bitch Pagoria didn’t count on was one of her victims calling child protective services. Good for that girl! She made the call and police paid Robin Pagoria a visit at her home.

The officers couldn’t help but notice how her desk had been modified to make it slanted. She’d actually cut the front legs shorter than the back legs.

That modification is not exactly conducive to work — all your papers and crap would just slide off. So why the hell would anyone modify their desk like that.

I guess Robin Pagoria didn’t have a handy dandy lie prepared, so she told the officers the truth. She explained to them how she would make the girls strip off their clothing and bend over the desk/spanking bench. She used her handcuffs from work to restrain them. The girls’ arms and legs would be secured to the desk so they were completely helpless, completely exposed.

And then it gets more twisted. Robin Pagoria would use her cell phone to record the spankings. Her preferred tools were a leather paddle and a leather strap with frayed leather tassels (I call that a whip).

Robin Pagoria would strike the girls up to 50 times. She waited 5 seconds or so between each swing so the victims would feel what she called “maximum burn”.

Sick, sick, sick!

After the “punishments” the girls would be forced to stand with their legs straight and their hands on their knees. I bet she got good video of the girls’ bruised behinds having them pose like that.

Sick, sick, sick!

Christopher LobbanAnd then Robin the hellbitch Pagoria would upload the video clips to her Vimeo account so she could share the fun with her online boyfriend Christopher Lobban, 54, of Perth. She also uploaded videos of herself masturbating.

It was her boyfriend Christopher Lobban, according to the sick bitch, who had instructed Robin Pagoria to modify the desk. It was Christopher Lobban who had instructed her on how hard to hit the girls and how to improve her spanking technique.

Bear in mind Robin Pagoria had never met with Christopher Lobban face to face. The two perverts had met up on sites such as *shock*

Robin Pagoria divulged to the officers that this whole disgusting scene had been going on for a period of 5 months or so.

What Robin Pagoria did not divulge, or at least I haven’t found it, is what threats or bribes she made to get the girls’ cooperation in stripping and bending over the desk. Those girls knew damn well what was coming and how painful it was going to be, but for some reason they didn’t tell, they didn’t fight, they didn’t run. Robin Pagoria had some hold over them, and I’d bet it involved threats of worse violence.

Big surprise, after all that chatting with the officers Robin Pagoria was immediately arrested and almost simultaneously lost her job.

Investigators were able to recover the videos she posted online for Christopher Lobban’s enjoyment. No surprise but the videos showed the children’s exposed butts and vaginas. They also had audio of the girls screaming and howling in pain. The videos also showed the “substantial wounds” caused by the spankings, including hemorrhaging and lacerations.

One of the girls told investigators the bruises would take up to a week to heal. Poor kids, the pain and humiliation they had to endure at this twisted bitch’s hands.

Robin Pagoria mug shot

Robin Pagoria's mug shot

In February, 2013, Robin Pagoria decided to accept a plea deal with prosecutors instead of facing trial. She pleaded no contest to 2 counts of aggravated child abuse, 2 counts of lewd or lascivious battery, and 2 counts of using a child in a sexual performance.

Circuit Judge Catherine Combee sentenced the hellbitch to 20 years in prison. She also ordered her to serve 20 years of sexual offender probation after she gets out.

Had Pagoria gone to trial she would have faced a minimum mandatory sentence of 25 years in prison.

As part of the plea deal, Robin Pagoria must testify against her fellow hellbeast Christopher Lobban. Now the bastard isn’t in the United States as yet, but Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd (Pagoria’s ex-boss) has vowed to extradite Lobban.

“You’re not going to hide on the other side of the world and sexually batter our children and sexually abuse our children without going to prison,” said Sheriff Judd.

Referring to Lobban’s legal battle to fight extradition, Sheriff Judd said, “He’s got lawyers, he’s fighting us… That’s OK. He’s sitting in prison right now, where he needs to be, in Australia.”

Christopher Lobban really is sitting in prison. He’s not been found guilty of anything yet. He’s being held on a provisional warrant out of Polk County. The sick bastard is charged with promotion of sexual performance of a child, solicitation to commit aggravated child abuse by malicious punishment, and solicitation to commit lewd/lascivious battery on a child.

If convicted in Florida, Christopher Lobban would face 25 years in prison. I’ll keep readers posted.

I hope those unfortunate girls who were subjected to such pain and humiliation can overcome and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Christopher Lobban

And here’s hoping both of these pathetic, sick hellbeasts will spend decades behind bars.

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ABC Action News article

21 Responses to Robin Pagoria

  1. moodymagic says:

    Those poor girls. I really do hope these 2 beasts do spend the decades behind bars Wish the punishment did match the crimes. The only problem with this is these 2 pricks would enjoy it. Burn in hell you 2.

  2. pj says:

    Seems prison doesn’t agree with poor Robin. She looks 50 years older in her mug shot. And it looks like she’s been crying too. Maybe she’s more sadistic than masochistic. Hope she suffers a whole lot. Him too.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    My my my, what a charming pair. Of pedos! I hope all their prison pals know them for what they are, child beating pedophiles. I am so glad that girl told on them. Were there really only 2 victims? Or only 2 that she videotaped? I bet he has got a string of young girls he’s diddled with in Australia.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Do you know whats frightening bulldoggy, this bitch was a police woman, supposedly meant to uphold the law. And your right again, there was probably more victims out there, afraid to say anything. In their minds they would be thinking “Who are they gonna believe, me or a policewoman” I hope the bitch gets her arse whipped in jail, and that she gets whipped several times a day, fucking witch. And that silly bastard in oz, will get he’s just deserts.

      • MsM says:

        Actually Bengal, she wasn’t a police woman. She was jail personnel. She was still an authority figure but her rights within her job description were different than those working actively within the police department. To my knowledge, many states don’t even run background checks on their prison guards. I should probably find out if FL does given I live here now and all…what I’m saying is that it’s much easier to become a prison guard than it is a cop. A lot of people can’t get past the mental status check and background checks required for cops in most states but they don’t require those things for prison guards so any schmuck with a good line can become a prison guard.

        • bengalpuss says:

          Isn.t that frightening, that some Jails don.t do checks on their personnel, which is bloody stupid. No wonder i read about a lot of jail breaks in america. I know the british justice system is fucked when it comes to sentencing, but once your behind those bars, you can.t get out. The only people that we have that abscond, are those in category c open prison. My point is that, they must be hiring a bunch of convicts to look after the convicts. Look at this pig, and what those poor girls had to endure. That bitch deserves to be bent over, by some of the people, she persecuted, oh i forgot, she will cos she’s in jail ha ha ha.

          • MsM says:

            It’s definitely frightening – and part of the reason I quit working in the legal system. There’s just too much corruption. The system is broken beyond repair, in my opinion. We’re locking up little old ladies for growing their own medicinal marijuana while rapists go free. It’s absolutely maddening. And you’re right, in many states? They’re hiring crooks to guard the crooks.

        • Donna S Freeman says:

          I am a correctional officer in the state of Texas. I had to pass a civil test a free lie detector test a lie detector test an extensive physical and a mental health exam and the oral board before I was even considered to be hired

          • Donna S Freeman says:

            Oops should say free lie detector test sorry my point is here in Texas you have to pass a pretty sturdy background check before you’re allowed to work with inmates as it should be everywhere

          • Bengalpuss says:

            I love Texas, they don’t Fuck about when it comes to upholding the law. God Damm shame a lot of other states don’t adopt the same strategies. And they also tend to get inmates on death row executed a lot faster than other states. But I also think that a lot of these executions should be performed in a faster way, those scumbags get too much time appealing.

  4. 2cute says:

    I wonder if those girls were from the detention center or if they were related to the evil bitch. Regardless children should have been off limits for their sicko pervy games. Does anyone know if those 2 counts of using a child in a sexual performance are the same as charges of child porn? Coz basically she was producing and distributing child porn. Thank god she didn’t rape the girls too, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t in their plans.

    • MsM says:

      I did some checking – the assaults were committed in the perp’s home, not at the detention center. There’s no public statements regarding if the kids came from the detention center or not. I’m thinking they didn’t because the media down here jumps on stuff like that in a heartbeat. It would have been reported at some point in the past two years.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Makes you think then msm, that there will have been more victims. Usually people like this evil bitch, have been committing offences against children for a while. Luckily the scumbag was caught, but if you think about it, her desk was modified to slant so the victims would be positioned well for her depraved exploits, so she’ll have been doing this for a while, and probably with her job being a detention officer, maybe the others were too afraid to say anything. If there are others i do hope they come forward, then this pig can be sentenced for longer.

        • MsM says:

          I think that there’s a good possibility that the perp would corral the girls after they’d been released from the center. She was in a position of power whereby she probably won them over on the inside and then lured them to her place after they were released. Like any pedophile she probably vetted and primed her victims – her mode of operation was just different than the usual. It wouldn’t be the first time a guard abused their power to get what they wanted.

          • bengalpuss says:

            Yeah, i remember when those correctional officers were fired for raping Several women prisoners. Don.t know if they were prosecuted, but one of the guards screwed up by sending one of the victim’s a love letter. You can find them Anywhere nowadays, its frightening.

  5. JAMSUM says:

    Horrible, horrible woman. I hope she feels truly ashamed of herself now! But not likely, since she’s a mean hell bitch. Stay in prison where you belong bitch, and that ginger guy too!
    Oh and by the way, I thought you were keeping us posted? I’d like to know what happened with these perverts!

  6. dee says:

    The victims were her own daughters

  7. NurseNona says:

    I worked at the jail as a nurse and worse off I was her neighbor, our children were friends. She isn’t as innocent as she would like to appear, long before that sick SOB came into her life she had anger/control issues with those children….. I have watched her snatch them by the hair of the head and drag them into the house. YES I said something but no one did anything, I can only imagine that she lied and had the children lie as well. As for a background check, they run them on medical staff but then we can’t have our license if we have a charge in our past and we were contracted to work there not hired directly. Robin has always looked like that (as far as age) and yes I am sure she had been crying although she didn’t go into gen pop as it is against regulations for a correctional deputy that is being charged with a crime to be placed into general population with inmates that they had charge over…. shame in this case if you ask me. The children are doing good, taking one day at a time and one has recently graduated the other from what I understand isn’t doing as well… I pray for all of the children daily and I hope that you will too.

  8. Not-Twisted says:

    They got Lobban!!! Rot in Hell these bastards!

  9. LawyerChick says:

    He’s in Florida awaiting charges. Apparently, the offense is mandatory 25 in Florida but would carry just a few years sentence in Australia? That’s messed up.

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