Robert Mikelsons

Hellbeast Robert Mikelsons
Crime: Pedophile, Child Pornography

The Netherlands apparently apply their privacy laws quite liberally, and so when they write about “The Monster of Riga” in their national press, they don’t actually name him. Happily for me, I am not from the Netherlands and can therefore let the world know that “The Monster of Riga” is Robert Mikelsons.

Actually I feel that “The Monster of Riga” is a very suitable moniker for the hellbeast Robert Mikelsons. What he is guilty of is truly monstrous. See, Robert the fetid mound of feculence Mikelsons is a baby raper. He was convicted of abusing 67 babies and toddlers. The youngest victims were mere weeks old. Most victims were toddlers.

The total number of victims he confessed to abusing was greater than 67. That truly makes me want to rip his testicles off and feed them to my hounds.

Robert fecal face Mikelsons raped and molested all those poor innocents, and he also recorded it all and shared the videos with a worldwide pedophile ring via the Internet.

And where did Robert the useless POS turd Mikelson get his hands on 67 babies and toddlers? From February 2007 until June 2009 he worked at various branches of the nursery Hofnarretje in Amsterdam. Then, from October 2009 until January 2010, he was employed by Jenno Hug’s Paradise on the Admiraal de Ruyterweg.

That’s right — he was a nursery worker. It was his job to care for the wee ones.

Not only that, the scumbag also advertised online as a freelance babysitter!

The last bit makes me shake my head in bewilderment. Not that I am puzzled at all by a pedophile trying to get babysitting gigs any way he can. It makes sense that Mikelson did that. But what blows my mind is any parent hiring a strange man off the Internet to care for an infant or toddler or any child for that matter!

Just how friggin desperate are people that they would welcome into their home, into their baby’s bedrooms, a stranger they only know from the Internet? How can anyone be that trusting when it comes to their precious, helpless child?

Hellbeast Robert Mikelsons
Robert the monster molester Mikelsons was caught because of his Internet activity. In 2010 U.S. law enforcement authorities were investigating a Massachusetts member of the online pedo ring and they discovered photos and videos that were made in the Netherlands. The U.S. authorities contacted Dutch authorities and forwarded the material. The Dutch police immediately started their own investigation.

On December 7, 2010, a photo of an unknown victim was shown during a TV broadcast. The little boy was recognized by viewers and his identity was established before the end of the programme.

And so on that very same day Dutch police arrested Robert Mikelsons’ pervy ass. They also grabbed his 4 computers, 3 external drives, a bunch of USB flash drives and floppy disks and literally hit the jackpot.

It turned out that Robert POS baby raper Mikelsons was the lynchpin in that worldwide pedo ring. The crap on those computers incriminated him and a whole friggin pile of pedophiles.

It took the High Tech Crime Team 9 whole months to trudge through 8 terabytes of data. This included photos and videos of child porn horror, but most importantly it included 58,000+ pages of chat traffic involving 2,300 contacts worldwide. That is a shitload of reading to do, and it was humanly impossible for the Team to check every single document.

What the Team did with the giant volume of chat traffic was scan for key words and subjects. What clever fellows! By doing this, they compiled a list of 1,100 pedophiles, 66 of which lived in the Netherlands. The pervs’ addresses were found via IP addresses and domain names handed over by IT providers.

The happy result of the investigation thus far has been 14 people arrested in the Netherlands, and dozens of arrests in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Poland, Germany, the Philippines and Australia. In the U.S. alone authorities were able to put an end to ongoing child abuse in 34 cases. All those poor babies!

Richard van OlffenOne arrest of particular interest is Mikelson’s husband Richard van Olffen. Yes, I said husband. Although Richard van Olffen didn’t participate in the molestations, he did know what his pervert spouse was up to and didn’t turn him in. Richard van Olffen was sentenced to 6 years for complicity. (This was the only photo I could find of him — I’ll keep looking.)

Good thing for him his testicles are out of my reach because I want to rip them off too and feed them to my hounds. If only Richard van Olffen had done the right and decent thing, dozens of babies would have been spared being raped by the monstrous Mikelson.

Robert the molesting bastard Mikelsons is said to have cooperated with the police during the investigation. What a brown noser! And he even managed to sit meek and mild through his trial — up until May 21, 2012. That was the day of his sentencing. And that’s when the shit hit the fan. To be more precise, that’s when the water hit the judge.

That’s right, Robert the monster molester Mikelsons wasn’t too thrilled that Judge Frans Bauduin discounted all of his expressions of remorse as a pile of horseshit. The judge just didn’t buy all his boohooing and I’m sorry-ing. And so Mikelsons protested by throwing his water at the judge and directing obscene gestures at him (I’m guessing the middle finger figured prominently). He also yelled at the judge to “shut his mouth.”

Mikelsons TrialJudge Bauduin continued on, calmly wiped his papers with a handkerchief, and sentenced the baby raping bastard to 18 years in prison. And there was more! Mikelsons also got indefinite psychiatric confinement! That sounds like the pervy pedo is not going to be seeing the light of day for a long, long, long time, if ever again.

“Society must be protected,” said Judge Bauduin. That’s my kind of judge!

Judge Bauduin pointed out Mikelsons’ previous conviction for possessing child pornography, the length of time over which the offenses were committed, and the age of the victims, some of whom “were not yet talking” when he assaulted them.

Of course Robert the POS bastard Mikelsons has filed an appeal. It’s not like he has anything better to do, like growing a conscience and a soul.

Richard Korver, the lawyer who represents the victims, has made an urgent appeal to Robert Mikelsons to withdraw his appeal.

“My clients want closure, but the legal procedures and extensive media attention are making this impossible,” said Mr. Korver.

And he thinks Robert turdpile Mikelsons cares about the victims and their families? I got a news flash for him — the “Monster of Riga” cares about nobody and nothing except for his own disgusting perverted self.

Now that Robert the steaming pile of shit Mikelsons is behind bars, along with his hubby and a number of his pedo pals, the children of the Netherlands are somewhat safer. And I sincerely hope that Mikelsons especially will never see the light of day. The baby raping bastard can rot in prison for all I care, and then he can rot in hell.

(Oh, and all you readers from the Netherlands, I hope you didn’t read this article. You’re apparently not supposed to know that Robert Mikelsons and his hubby Richard van Olffen were convicted of such horrific crimes.)

I hope the authorities in the Netherlands will provide the victims and their families with all the services they need so that those children can heal and grow and live happy, contented lives. My prayers go to all those poor wee ones who were made to suffer.

I also extend my thanks to all those heroic investigators who are ensuring that the Internet is no longer a safe haven for the pervs and predators out there.

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Radio Netherlands Worldwide article

35 Responses to Robert Mikelsons

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    I fucking hate paedaphiles. Why are some women stupid, i wouldn’t leave my precious child with some cunt of the internet that i don’t know, the only people looking after my children is my sister, brothers and my dad my mums no longer with us r i p mum. In england yesterday 75 paedaphiles were arrested in a big sting operation and some of the professions that were included in these 75 sick bastards was a pathologist, fire fighter, doctor, outdoor activities instructor, civil servant’s, headmaster and so on. I was flabbergasted, the detective said some of the images were babies being raped, and over 40 police forces across britain worked together to catch these bastards. Now all we need is for the courts to do their jobs correctly and bingo were satisfied, but i won.t be jumping for happiness until they’ve all been dealt with, have a look on the internet and it’ll tell you. The pig in this article one disgusting bastard finally a judge with a pair of balls giving a decent sentence for once.

    • Dea says:

      Who says it was all the Mother’s faults. There’s Father’s who drop off children at daycares also. Victims are also parents. Just because someone has a license doesn’t mean they’re foolproof. My children were molested by a school music teacher, daycare and a relative. Needless to say, I don’t trust anyone 100 percent.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Dea, sorry to hear about what your children went through, no wonder you don’t trust anybody. I hope your kids are managing to get back to normal, and my heart goes out to you and your children x

    • GodofDog says:

      Sweet karma. Another of his boyfriends just died in a trainwreck!

      Benjamin Gran, 40, of Auburn, Wash., died of multiple traumatic injuries, after the Amtrak train went off the rails over a bridge near Tacoma, Wash., Wednesday, killing at least six. Gran was arrested in 2013 after the police found he had a relationship with a known pedophile, Robert Mikelsons, who was responsible for sexually assaulting 86 male minors at a day care center, according to The New York Post.


  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    About time a decent sentence was dished out to one of those dirty bastards. Lets hope that other judges can follow the trend.

  3. Trace says:

    The whole herd of pedophiles should be shut away for life. They just don’t stop. There’s no rehabilitation, there’s no real remorse. These monsters just spend their every waking minute scheming and dreaming about finding and abusing more victims. They do not change for the better.

    And I hate to generalize, but any man who applies for a nursery worker job or who offers to babysit should be considered suspicious. I know there are female pedophiles too, but if I had to choose who should look after my babies I’d trust a woman far more than a man. But I’d never totally trust either.

    Why aren’t there nanny cams in every room of every nursery and daycare? If I had my baby in the same building as Mickelsons I’d be suing the owners of the nursery for hiring a pedophile and not being vigilant.

  4. 2cute says:

    Seeing that picture of him with the tiny tots on his lap makes my blood boil. They are just so helpless and little and the creep didn’t let that stop him from molesting them. I hope he suffers long and hard, and I hope those tiny little victims will recover and heal and have good happy lives. And I hope his husband suffers too — there is no excuse to let the abuse of babies go on once you know about it. NO excuse at all!

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Trace your right, and i’d prefer a webcam in a nursery where you could check at anytime to see if your child is safe. Thats reassurance to the parent to know that at anytime they can log on and check their child. And if i were to leave my child i would prefer a female that a male, but if you read about vanessa george, you wouldn’t want to leave your child with either. Theirs preditor’s everywhere nowadays or maybe they were everywhere before but we just didn.t know until the power of the internet that these bastards are everywhere.

    • Trace says:

      Thanks for saying I’m right. Not often I’m told that, and it’s nice to have it in writing. With the webcam technology there’s no excuse for every daycare, every nursery school, hell even every doggie daycare not to have them. And they should put up big signs reminding staff that they’re being watched so the little ones won’t get hurt in the first place.

    • Jarrold Bithuen says:

      “Theirs preditor’s everywhere…”

      Jesus. Glad this guy got a decent sentence, ’cause there aren’t many on this wehsite.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Another Fucking grammar Nazi, I’ve got a sentence for you. “instead of being disgusted and horrified at what this beast has done, your more offended about my spelling” god help any child that’s relying on you for safety and protection, because it doesn’t stand a chance with your skewed priorities.

  6. Bobster says:

    This was an extraordinary sentence for Dutch standards. We’re usually more into the slapping-of-the-wrist thing. Example: Benno Larue was a swimming-instructor who molested (at least) 64 mentally and physically challenged children, and he got off with 6 years and no psychiatric confinement just last year. Dutch justice usually sucks, thank goodness this bastard got the book thrown at him.

    • cleo says:

      Thanks for the information, Bobster. I shall be checking into Benno Larue — he sounds like a hellbeast deserving of a writeup here.

  7. Bobster says:

    Hi Cleo, this pedo deserves a whole lot more than a writeup, but you have to start somewhere, right?
    I used to be a semi-lurker for years on PYSIH, and want to thank you for this site, wish I would have found it before!

    If you want, and have some patience, I’d be more than willing to try to do a writeup on Benno L. as he is known here. Or I could gather and translate the needed info.

  8. Linda says:

    I’m from the Netherlands and I have to say that I feel like the press made an exception on reporting about this case. A lot of personal information about this monster has been spread. I would like to high light some of his quotes he made about his ‘hobby’.

    ‘My work (the children he molested and videotaped) is art.’
    ‘I felt like I had to choose between killing myself or hurting children, and I’m sorry for not being strong enough to do the first.’

    It was contradicting bullcrap like this the entire case, this guy deserves nothing but hell and pain. I am glad that he has been given a, for Dutch standards, high punishment.

    I like seeing his full name on this website, he was referred to here as: ‘Robert M.’ which is common here for most criminals.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    He thinks video taping babies and young children is art “The sick bastard” And im absolutely devastated that he didn.t pick the latter (hurt children or kill myself) And i think its disgusting that the press in the netherlands protect pieces of shit like this by not naming and shaming the sick fuck’s. Im really pleased linda that you’ve now let people know a little bit more of how this piece of crap thinks and with views of his crimes being art and not heinous crimes against innocent little children, then i’m afraid that eventually when he does get released from prison, he will take his “Art” Back up again but will be even more deceptive.

  10. angela says:

    omg this just scared the shit outter me i have young kids and omg i cant even read the whole post i hope he burns in hell after he gets raped daliy in prison the fpos!

  11. PCL says:

    This is beyond sexual abuse, it’s actually a form of torture. No point in wasting time on talk of castration, revenge and hellfire. If you find scorpions in in your house, you don’t waste time punishing them, you exterminate them: ALL of them! This guy was probably born with some defect, or was subject to some kind of twisted childhood that has left him irreparably depraved. There are probably thousands like him. The only sane thing to do with him is to quietly euthanize him ASAP; no one with any conscience would let him live. His brain should be studied, and if a genetic defect can be found that automatically leads to this behavior, fetuses should be screened for it and aborted if it is found. Unfortunately, even in the U.S.A., you have to actually kill someone to get the death penalty, which makes no sense, since torture can be a much worse crime than murder. Talk of punishing and rehabilitating torturers is just silly; once someone has proven that they are capable of such a crime, they should be gotten-rid-of. Problem solved!

    • GodofDog says:

      These people also do Snuff films of babies being RAPED to death. Toddlers and older children are RAPED in film, then murdered in film. Joseph Duncan of Tacoma, WA did just that, to 9 year old Dylan Groene of Coeur D’Alene, ID, for 2 months in a mtn camp and invited other perves to use the boy,abd made films if it, and filmed the boy dying. These other perves are still protected in secrecy.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    You misunderstand pcl. I think he should die also, but tortured along the way. The pain that this cunt put those babies through, he should be put through the same amount of pain if not more, then he should be euthanized.

  13. Robert says:

    I will be glad to take all these individuals out of the hands of the corrections system. Save taxpayers tens of thousands annually. They will know the endless pain of their victims before they end in nameless fear.

  14. Hemberger says:

    There is no satisfaction for me until these pigs are put to death.

  15. bengalpuss29 says:

    My sentiment’s exactly hemberger, kill all the paedaphiles, rapist’s and murderers.

  16. Wim Heitinga says:

    Today the judge in the appeals court sentenced Mikelsons to 19 years imprisonment plus psychiatric confinement. So that is one year more than the 18 years he heard earlier. That the appeals court sentences to longer imprisonments is rather unusual, but possible.
    Mikelsons husband received 4,5 years, that is 1.5 years less than what he was sentenced to earlier. This means he will be a free man around christmas.

    read it here:

  17. momof3canada says:

    Yea.. it doesnt have to be a stranger… everyone trusted my abuser too.

  18. GodofDog says:

    When does he get out so we can murder him?

  19. BeenThere says:

    Although I now live in America, I was born in Amsterdam and have lots of relatives there. I e-mailed everyone and attached the story and asked them to spread the names far and wide…
    Sadly no one is confined to prison to let inmates know, but maybe they ga ‘ve friends that are…EAT SHOT YOU NASTY FUCKTURD..

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