Robert McGregor


Crimes: Pedophile, Rape, Child Porn.

Take a good long look at Robert McGregor’s photo. This smiling, happy, normal looking chap is actually a vile Scottish pedophile. He is very well camouflaged for the hellbeast he is. Good teeth, decent complexion, ordinary wardrobe — he looks like an okay guy. One can’t tell by his appearance that he secretly harbors the desiccated soul of an evil pedophile.

Robert McGregor worked as a delivery driver and not as a teacher or social worker where he could have easy access to vulnerable children. Clever of him to look disinterested in kids.

This pedophile’s hunting technique didn’t involve grabbing a child off the street, or luring a child with candy or alcohol. Nope, Robert McGregor had more patience than that.

What this POS pedo perv’s skill set involved was in befriending a family with small boys. He formed relationships with the parents, taking his time to gain their trust. He did and said normal things, always careful not to let his camouflage slip. After a while, once he was trusted, he’d offer to take the kids to a movie, or fishing, or overnight camping. The parents would think nothing of it except it was nice of him to offer.

Robert McGregor took his time so that he became part of the boys’ families. He didn’t rush things with them. Instead he slowly groomed them to accept his increasingly sexual demands.

The hellbeast hunted his prey in the Inverness area starting in 2001. He managed to groom and rape 3 little boys, one of them repeatedly for 10 years starting when he was 6. The youngest victim was only 3 years old.

The one thing that Robert McGregor had in common with most pedophiles, besides his twisted sexual desires, was his need to record and share the abuse. That is what proved to be his downfall.

Robert McGregor uploaded 5 child porn videos onto the Internet to share with other pervs. Hellbeasts from America, Germany and the Czech Republic viewed the footage of him abusing one of his victims.

The National Online Child Abuse Prevention Agency thankfully was on the case. Bless those people! They shared their information about the videos and who uploaded them with the police. A search warrant was issued in May 2016, and police raided Robert McGregor’s home.

The poor pedo. I bet he was pissing his pants when the police took away his laptop. He had a whole lot of incriminating crap on there, plus a shitload of child porn.

More than 2000 photos and 899 videos were found by investigators, and many featured the most extreme level of sexual abuse on children as young as a year old.

I have to applaud the officers who went through those files. I couldn’t for the life of me look at 2000 photos, much less watch 899 videos of babies being raped. I’d fall to pieces, I’m sure. So those officers are, IMO, heroes.

Anyway, some of those videos were of Robert McGregor raping his victims. The police were able to ascertain the identities of the boys.

And just so we know that the victims were indeed harmed by his evil actions, one boy is recorded being almost physically sick after a sex act. Another victim said “no” and “don’t” repeatedly throughout his rape.

Those boys were profoundly affected, and I have no doubt their entire families were also deeply scarred by the trauma.

Robert McGregor was arrested and charged. When the first victim was identified, he faced even more charges. He pled guilty to 6 offences in High Court: 3 charges of rape, sexual assault, production of child porn, and distribution of child porn.

Sentencing of Robert McGregor, 36, took place on April 6, 2017. Under an Order for Lifelong Restriction, the POS pedo could have faced a life sentence. I most certainly would have given him life in prison if I’d been the judge.

Lady Carmichael, the judge, did not give Robert McGregor a life sentence even though she said, “Your sexual offending is of the most serious and appalling nature.” She noted that the evidence demonstrated that the rapes and sexual assaults were carried out despite the obvious distress of the boys.

But Lady Carmichael decided that the risk criteria for a life sentence hadn’t been met. She would have then sentenced Robert McGregor to 15 years behind bars, but because he pled guilty early on, she rewarded him with a shorter sentence — only 10 years in prison.

Ten years! Gawd, sometimes British justice makes me gag.

Robert McGregor is on the sex offender registry indefinitely. He is also going to be kept under supervision for 5 years after he’s released, which is going to come soon enough.

robert mcgregorAnd so, people of Inverness, Scotland, study the face of this predatory pedophile. Keep him away from your families. Don’t trust him an inch with your children.

Apparently, Robert McGregor is willing to participate in programs to address his deviant behaviour. So what? I doubt he’ll change for the better, and it would be wiser to assume he’ll forever be a pedo.
I wish the victims and their families all the best. I hope they’re getting all the support and therapy they need to overcome what had been done to them, and allow them to live happy, successful lives.

And I wish Robert McGregor a miserable stint in prison. I also wish his privates would shrivel and drop off. He can’t use what he doesn’t have.

And as for all the pedos in the US, Germany and Czech Republic who watched his videos, I hope they’re all tracked down and caged.

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10 Responses to Robert McGregor

  1. Moodymagic says:

    I love when idiot pedos decide to video tape their sick disgusting acts. It makes catching them so much easier. The fact this sick bastard only gets 10 years in prison makes me sick. I truly would not be upset to hear he was shanked in prison.

    • Jeni C says:

      I share in your disgust, Moodymagic. 10 years for all the vile things he did? He raped one child for TEN YEARS! That right there is worth a life sentence! Just what IS worthy of a life sentence, according to Lady Carmichael? I bet if one of her children, or another young family member were the victim of this bastard, she would be singing a different tune! British justice is the worst justice in the world. No wonder so many people over there commit the most horrific of acts…they know they will get a slap on the wrist! I hate to sound disrespectful, but Lady Carmichael SUCKS!! I hope she reads this, too!!

  2. AngryLittleMexican says:

    As the mother of two boys with the youngest not much older than his older victim, I just can’t imagine the pain and suffering those boys were made to go through. Ugh. 10 years and they lose their whole life. No one will be safe. Things others do like this perverted bastard will set these poor boys off. How do you forget being violated in the worst ways by someone your parents allowed you to be around. UGH.

  3. Alabamdeb says:

    I wish I hadn’t read how that little boy was almost sick after this bastard raped him. Just made it all the more real. I could literally ram my fist down this perv’s throat and rip his balls out through his throat. And sleep like a baby afterwards. He does not deserve to “only” go to jail for 10 years. He needs to be exterminated just like the nasty vermin he is! Ugh, for the life of me I can’t comprehend WHY people are so filthy! Nothing but praise for the officers who have to look at those photos and videos. I couldn’t. You can never “unsee” those things and I don’t need THOSE kind of nightmares.

  4. Pinkorange says:

    Most justice systems must love jokes after all most justice systems are…read the stories on this site and look at the sentences disturbed people are handed

  5. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. People like McGregor shouldn’t share the same planet as us

  6. Reb says:

    Back in the day, I had to watch videos these two fucks made. I had to leave the room to puck..the man and wife team having sex with their DOGS…the dogs were to be put down because no female is safe from them. The wacks petitioned the courts to give the dogs to her sister and the judge said NO…

  7. Bengalpuss. says:

    Some catching up to do.

  8. Flyingwombat says:

    Just found this site. Excellent stuff. Anyway being Scottish I know of this arseholes case, truly a vile piece of shit. Unfortunately as has been said above British justice is a fucking joke. Even more unfortunate is the fact that although every ODC (ordinary decent criminal) inside would love to get at this bastard he will be kept nice & secure only mixing with his own kind unless he chooses solitary confinement which many of these fuckers do. His time will come though. Keep up the good work with the site.

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