Robert Edward Molinski & Mary Leann Webb

Robert Molinski and Mary Webb
Crimes: Murder, Child Abuse, Torture

Baby Piper and her twin sister, Ella, had the horrible luck of being born to 2 massively evil hellbeasts. Robert Molinski, of the Isle of Wight, Virginia, and his f*cktardian girlfriend, Mary Leann Webb, didn’t consider their twin baby girls worth loving and cherishing. Instead, for almost 4 months, Piper and Ella suffered terrible abuse until Piper died on February 12, 2012.

Mary Webb is one of those women who would do anything for her man — even if her man is an abusive, drug addict asshole. Her beautiful, helpless baby girls desperately needed their mama to save them but she chose to protect and support her brutal boyfriend instead. Stupid, selfish, evil cow.

In the Webb-Molinski household, Mary Webb was the breadwinner. She worked as a certified nurse’s aide at a nursing home. Robert Molinski was the stay-at-home child minder. He looked after the babies and Mary Webb’s 5-year-old daughter.

Apparently Robert Molinski didn’t find babysitting very rewarding. I guess that’s why he used synthetic cannabis, aka Spice, every single day. The trouble is, Spice can cause anxiety and psychotic episodes — not good when you’re taking care of helpless children.

Whether or not Robert Molinski’s use of Spice contributed to the home situation, the children were left in the care of a vicious monster. Mary Webb knew it, and Mary Webb ignored it.

The stupid, selfish cow came home repeatedly to find her infant daughters in horrible shape. They had black eyes and they had bruises — prominent and impossible not to notice.

Mary Leann Webb said that if she questioned her boyfriend about the injuries, he’d become angry and confrontational. He blamed her 5-year-old for hurting the babies. He told her that a bloodstain was really spilt ketchup. And she didn’t argue with him.

“I didn’t know the kids would be harmed the way they were,” Mary Leann Webb said.

Baby Piper

Evidence photo | Circuit Court of Isle of Wight

Look at the photo of Piper. You can see the obvious abuse as can anyone who isn’t comatose or blind. But Mary Leann Webb “didn’t know”. Riiiight.

SHE’S the one who took the damn photo!

That’s right, Mary Leann Webb took photos of her babies’ injuries. She documented them but did nothing to save her babies. She saw the bruises on their precious little faces and arms. She saw a burn on Piper’s foot. Baby Ella was missing a fingernail! But she “didn’t know”.

Mary Leann Webb damn well knew but she didn’t want to lose her boyfriend. It’s as simple as that. She chose to let her “man” torture her babies rather than give up her penis provider. She chose to keep a baby beating druggie instead of keeping her own offspring safe and healthy.

We’re not talking naïveté here. We’re talking selfishness, heartlessness, and hellbeastliness.

Turns out in mid-January 2012, Robert Molinski told his girlfriend he needed help to watch the girls. Maybe he knew then that the situation was seriously getting out of control and he wanted out.

Mary Leann Webb went on Facebook to ask if any of her friends could help out. When one woman offered to babysit, the stupid cow turned her down because she was too pretty. Yup, too pretty. Mary the stupid hellbitch Webb was afraid her man would cheat on her!

How shallow! How selfish! How pathetically insecure!

If only her friend had been allowed to babysit, maybe the babies would have been rescued. As it was, the torture that the babies had to endure got much worse after that point. It escalated until it finally reached fatal proportions.

On February 12, 2012, Robert Molinski dialed 911 — baby Piper wasn’t breathing. Both of the twins were rushed by medics to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. Piper was put on life support and 2 days later she was dead.

RIP, baby girl.

The doctors found that both babies had been horribly abused. They both had black eyes, broken ribs, skull fractures, and a multitude of other injuries. I’m surprised that both hadn’t died.

The authorities were brought in and they immediately arrested the murderous Robert Molinski and his heartless, soulless girlfriend. While the killer was kept in prison awaiting trial, Mary Leann Webb was released on bond. How nice for her.

And did Mary Leann Webb beat herself up with guilt? Did she rage against the abuser and murderer for torturing her children and taking the life of Piper? Nope.

In fact, Mary Leann Webb spent more than 300 hours on the phone with Robert Molinski. She told him over and over on the recorded calls how much she loved him, and how he was all that mattered to her. She also revealed very clearly that she knew all about the torture he had inflicted upon the babies.

In the Wight County District Court, Robert Edward Molinski, 23, pled guilty to 2 counts of child abuse resulting in serious injury, 2nd-degree murder and malicious wounding.

The defense attorneys asked the court for leniency. They told the court how poor Robert Molinski had been abused as a child and he just wasn’t prepared to be a father.

“Mr. Molinski simply had no parenting skills,” said Deputy Public Defender Atoinette Tucker. “He certainly should have never been put in a position to care for these babies.”

The court wasn’t feeling particularly lenient. In July 2013, the murdering bastard was sentenced to 90 years in prison with 50 years suspended.

Isle of Wight Circuit Court Judge Rodham T. Delk told the killer, “You will be released one day and on probation for the rest of your life. You will register as a sex offender and will not have contact with any children under the age of 15.”

Wait, what? A sex offender? Am I missing something here? Robert Molinski beat and burned the babies. Did he also molest them? And if he did, why wasn’t he charged?

In July 2013, Mary Leann Webb, 24, pled guilty to child abuse resulting in serious injury and reckless disregard of human life.

“Looking back, I realize I should have grabbed my children and gone running down the street for help,” the pitiful creature blubbered. “I’m sorry.”

Yeah, tell that to Piper.

Isle of Wight Circuit Court Judge Rodham T. Delk sentenced Mary Leann Webb to 20 years in prison with all but 3 years suspended.

That’s right, Mary Leann Webb was sentenced to 3 years in prison. She will be put on probation for 10 years after she’s released. She was also ordered to have no contact with Ella before she turns 18.

“The magnitude of what occurred over a period of time, not just one time, establishes the enormity of wrongdoing,” said the judge. So why the huge reduction in her sentence, Your Honor? She was no victim in this horrific situation.

Mary Leann Webb won’t even be 30 by the time she’s out of prison. She has many, many years ahead of her to reproduce. It’s a shame the judge couldn’t order her sterilized.

In case you haven’t guessed, I have no sympathy for the woman. Her pathetic obsession with her pathetic penis provider cost Piper her life.

Good news — Ella is living with foster parents in Kentucky. I hope and pray that she is safe and happy and loved. I hope too that her older sibling is also in a good environment now.

RIP, Piper, and sincerest condolences to those who truly mourn her loss.

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30 Responses to Robert Edward Molinski & Mary Leann Webb

  1. BENGALPUSS says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised when she gets out of the clink that she goes and visits the worthless cunt, mind you she’s a worthless cunt also. That picture of that poor sweet baby girl just breaks my heart, and the sentence that bitch was given is disgusting. Please somebody, who lives near that jail where the bitch is, if you know someone in the same prison, tell them about that twat of a mother and hope her eyes are blackened daily. As for that piece of shite who murdered his own daughter, i hope the same happens to him as it did jodey waldrop, and i mean it as well.

  2. BENGALPUSS says:

    Piper, i wish you and your sister hadn’t been born to such animals, you were so precious, i would’ve loved you both, rest in peace little girl, and god bless your sister.

    • Kelly Wells says:

      I am Autistic, & I know I would’nt be able to properly take care of little ones, as a parent. So I did the right thing, as to not have children. I wigh that a FEW OTHERS, came to the same conclusion as I did. But if I had children & MY man did this to any of our children, I’d phone into work, & tell them I wouldnt be in to work, & I’d head right up to the police station. NO SECOND THOUGHTS.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Webb you are more guilty than your drugged out penis provider. You deliberately chose inaction to help your daughters. Why the hell did you take pictures of them and do NOTHING. You are no kind of mother and 3 years makes me sick. Why aren’t you denied access to your older daughter as well. Selfish Bitch. As for your penis provider why the hell did the judge put him on the sex offender registry. What were we not told.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      moody he probably sexually abused those little angels, otherwise why be put on the sex offenders register? sick cunts they are, i hope you they both rot in hell.

      • Kelly Wells says:

        I was wondering myself, why Robert was put on the sex offender registry. I would think that it would have been in the news, etc if he had sexually abused the twin angels. I got thinking that he could have been sexually abusing Mary’s daughter Halie. But he never physacially abused her. So I am baffled on that 1. ??? Anyway, God is looking after the three girls now, & the parents? Well I hope they both come to the Lord & repent, for there is a Hell. They better look out. God bless all abused children. God bless their abusers, to GET HELP. In Jesus name A MEN!!

  4. 2cute says:

    May the baby beater rot in hell. And may the stupid twat who stood by and took pictures of her abused babies suffer.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    I just cannot imagine anyone seeing a tiny baby with black eyes and bloody nose not scooping her up and getting her to hospital! But this “woman” left this baby and her sister with the asswipe who inflicted the damage each and every day. She left them knowing they’d suffer more and more every single day. She’s not human and neither is he. Humans don’t treat helpless little babies like that. Both should be in prison for the rest of their lives.

  6. PJ says:

    Cleo are you trying to make me cry? This is 2 tragic baby stories in a row and they’ve both made me cry.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      I know p.j, these two cunts definitely deserve an extra long stint in the bengalpuss’s basement.

    • Kelly Wells says:

      It makes me cry too. I am totally baffled, as to why Mary would let this go on. I am slightly Autistic but I do know FOR SURE, that if I was Mary, I would have gotten all our butts away from the house, & had Robert charged. I am also a Born again Christian. I am FAR from perfect. But I do know that Piper would still be loving if the 3 girls were mine. God rest poor Piper’s soul. xoxo

  7. Supermom says:

    Wow, to see that picture is like taking a stake through the heart. Those poor sweet babies didn’t even have a chance at life. Death to both of them! YAR!!

  8. Jessice11 says:

    3 years is just a bunch of bull! That stupid sentence makes me sick. She’s equally as guilty as that other shít stain. I hope her children are loved and cared for properly now, I just want to pick up little Piper. That photo is heart breaking :(

  9. chellesbelles says:

    My heart is broken. That picture truly broke my heart. Those poor babies deserved nothing but love and kisses and cuddles everyday of their lives and what they end up with is these two worthless excuses for human beings. I really wish I could make the laws for these types of crimes. I’d make sure these pieces of garbage lived in mortal terror every minute for I painfully took their lives. God, this is so sad. I can’t even afford more children, but I would have gladly taken them and made sure they lived in a home with everything they needed and full of love.

  10. Lapsed Altruist says:

    That photograph of Piper is heartbreaking. No time is enough time.

  11. Hannibelle says:

    Sweet, innocent lives harmed by drug addict pos failures that should have never bred to begin with. Mom looks like a product of inbreeding and will likely breed again. Worthless people should be sterilized but they seem to be the ones breeding the most. May this bitch and her boyfriend rot in hell! RIP little girl!

    • DecentPeopleOnly says:

      Inbreeding is Terrible.

      Worthless Amoral People who have been Cruel or Condoned Cruelty towards
      Children are Not fit to have any more Children

  12. april says:

    I realize this is kind of an old observation, but in the discussion of why he’s gotten a sex abuser badge from the eagle scouts of hell…. i have a theory and that’s Webb’s 5 yr old daughter. She wasn’t much mentioned. But she was there, And certainly a source of much information to hold against both her mom and the snot trail she hooked up with (like attracts like i guess). So, sadly, i suspect he was abusing AND sexually abusing the 5 yr old girl as well. ph*ucking creep, and that’s not to say the babies (those helpless infants!!) couldn’t equally been sexually abused, since it’s been done, but? Webb seems even more depraved to leave her 5 year old with him too –ALL THREE kids apparently do not stack up to enough love that she had for this loser. that breaks my heart, somehow, that she couldn’t find enough love for all 3 of them, so loving and helpless and that scum so druggy and useless, needing a good like-for-like beating on every part of his body found on any of the 3 children…….I suspect? It all started out with drugged out Rob mooching off the cow Mary who works, so hey, he’s got a free house to live in, other wise his drug ass would be in the street, now he has a nice warm roof over his head and sit and get high every day – worth it to fake-like he likes “the stupid cow”, and the 5 year old is old enough to care for herself – or at least in Robert’s world…. and then, in one night of lesser judgement, he has sex w/ her and then BAM suddenly there are 2 babies are born. I think he resented that highly, bad enough 1 kid, but Phuuuck. Now, he can’t just walk away. Now he’s parently responsible for at least 2 of those kids and every day it eats him up – just how pissed off he is to be stuck with Stupid-Mary-Cow and *Her* whingy brats. I really think that’s how he thought and the nasty “Spicy” just turned that resentment into every vicious thought he ever had in his 22 yr old drugged out head. Bored. probably why took after Mary’s 5 year old. Mary’s admission that she knew of all this? she deserves at least 20 yrs also, and to serve at least 12 I know, she deserves MORE, but realistically i mean.. i don’t know what the final sentence was, guess i’ll look it up, it’s just I had come across that picture of Piper, and thought god almighty, how could that happen? Well now I know more of “who” – i guess its more of a couple of “whats” as in what monsters they are. Still sick to my stomach. Please someone give Ella and her older sister a better home. I don’t like them going to Mary’s relatives, i mean it’s like Shakespeare said, “The past is prologue” — I wouldn’t trust the judgement of people like any of them with a ten foot pole.

  13. april says:

    FIVE MORE MONTHS!!! ohmigawd?! how did i miss this… i didn’t notice her sentence, perhaps i just couldn’t stomach anymore unfairness. srsly – i have condition that makes me that way – but these 2 made me take zofran (a high powered anti-nauseant originally prescribed for chemo patients, which i take for my nausea) That’s how sickened they make me…and she going to be out in 5 more months from now?! that’s according to her sentence – i hope she fucked up in jail and that time has now been stretched out longer. This is so wrong. That i could read this, literally 36 month sentence for not protecting her babies – leading one to certain death. and like bob’s your uncle, she’s out procreating again. She needs some female castration.

    • Kelly Wells says:

      You are so right April! She should NOT be ALLOWED to have any more children. I am on the Autistic spectrem, so I KNOW I could not be able to be a mommy. So I, my good mom & my doctor took care of that. I’d never mean to abuse children. Nether dis my parents. I am a born again Christian as well. I am not perfect by all mains. I am so sad about this story. I am studing children abuse here on the Net. I have seen some dandys, but this 1 takes the cake!!! God bless everyone!. For goodness sake, the parents should get help before it’s too late. Like come on.

  14. Jetta says:

    I don’t understand. How was this allowed to be happening? Didn’t anyone hear the screams of those babies? The wimp that gave birth to those angels should have her ovaries YANKED – and stay in jail for life. That scum she pampers (cuz wimp attracts wimp) should have his genitals yanked too. The less hormones for the both of them and the likes of them, the better the world.

    • Kelly Wells says:

      Jetta! they should not had children, is right. Some parents who are parents, should NEVER had become parents.

  15. Sam J. says:

    This is why parents should be required to get a license before they’re allowed to have children.

  16. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Pure and Utter Evil.

    Certainly Warrants the Death Penalty Murder instead of ” European Human Rights “

  17. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Murder and Child Abuse Deserves the Death Penalty

    Being an Assessory to Murder should be at the very Least a Life Sentence
    Not a ” Suspended ” Sentence

  18. Adrianna says:

    I hope you both fucking rot in hell. As for the fucking excuse of a father….well you can go get stabbed with a bloody prison shank and die!

  19. Jenna says:

    The picture of little Piper will haunt me forever. Look at the fear in that precious baby’s eyes. So sad.

  20. Tom Daly says:

    If I had MY way, I’d ban people like those two from ever HAVING children! The mother knew her weak-ass boyfriend was abusing those little girls and she did absolute ZILCH to stop him!

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