Ricky Smyrnes, Angela Marinucci, Melvin Knight, Amber Meidinger, Peggy Darlene Miller and Robert Loren Masters Jr.

Ricky Smyrnes, Angela Marinucci, Melvin Knight, Amber Meidinger, Peggy Darlene Miller and Robert Loren Masters Jr.

Crimes: Kidnapping, Conspiracy, Torture, Murder

Jennifer Daugherty

Jennifer Daugherty

Jennifer Daugherty of Mount Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania, was a kind, gentle and trusting person. She was mentally challenged, yes, but that didn’t stop her from being independent. The 30-year-old woman had been living at Welcome Home, a shelter in Greensburg, before moving in with her family. She was planning to get her own apartment, and she traveled by bus on her own to nearby Greensburg for appointments and other occasions.

Jennifer Daugherty became involved in a community centre in Greensburg. Unfortunately the people she met there were the wrong sort of people, but Jennifer Daugherty wasn’t to know that. She was a trusting soul, and she trusted people that other adults wouldn’t. Having the mental age of a 12-year-old deprived her of the ability to make sophisticated, adult judgments.

Jennifer Daugherty mentioned her new friends to her family, and probably they were happy that she was getting out and socializing. They wouldn’t have been happy if they knew who she was associating with — assholes such as the criminal Ricky Smyrnes.

Ricky Smyrnes was facing charges of possessing instruments of crime, assault and harassment. He was already convicted of burglary, theft, trespassing and assault. He was definitely not the sort of character that Jennifer Daugherty’s family would be comfortable with.

Ricky Smyrnes was married with a baby boy, and had served time for assaulting his wife.

Tragically, Jennifer Daugherty’s new friend was that very Ricky Smyrnes. And his 5 roommates she also trustingly considered to be her friends. Those roommates were Angela Marinucci, Melvin Knight, Amber Meidinger, Peggy Darlene Miller and Robert Loren Masters Jr.

I don’t know why Ricky Smyrnes, 23, got involved with Jennifer Daugherty. Possibly he figured she’d be low maintenance since she had a lower IQ. Probably he was just taking advantage of her kind and trusting nature. Probably the entire group of “friends” was doing that. And definitely none of them respected her.

Jennifer Daugherty probably wasn’t able to pick up on the convoluted group dynamics. She probably didn’t realize that Angela Marinucci was jealous of her friendship with Ricky Smyrnes. It was Angela Marinucci who began to agitate for the group to punish Jennifer Daugherty for trying to fit in, for trying to be “normal”.

I don’t know if Angela Marinucci understood that Jennifer Daugherty had vigorously spurned Ricky Smyrnes’ sexual advances. According to her friend Robert Cathcart, Jennifer was being bullied by the asshole. Ricky Smyrnes wanted sex but Jennifer “wouldn’t let it happen”.

Murder siteThe group of evil bastards began convening “family meetings” at their apartment at 428 N. Pennsylvania Avenue to discuss how to punish Jennifer Daugherty. Maybe being turned down was motivation enough for Ricky Smyrnes to participate.

All 6 evil assholes developed a plot so vicious, so heartless, so sadistic, and so out of proportion to Jennifer’s “crime”. The poor woman only wanted to be friendly, and all 6 — Ricky Smyrnes, 23, Angela Marinucci, 17, Melvin Knight, 20, Amber Meidinger, 20, Peggy Darlene Miller, 27, and Robert Loren Masters Jr., 36 — decided she deserved to be tortured to death.

I cannot fathom how all 6 of them agreed with the diabolical plan to kill Jennifer Daugherty. How do monsters like this find each other?

In February 2010, the wicked band of bastards put their plan into motion. Jennifer Daugherty, totally oblivious to the fate that awaited her, thought she was going to have a sleepover with her friend Peggy. She walked willingly into that dingy apartment and into the jaws of death.

What happened to Jennifer Daugherty should not happen to anybody, except maybe to the hellbeasts I write about on this site. The unfortunate mentally disabled woman was tied up with stolen Christmas lights and articles of clothing. Her head was shaved and her face was painted with nail polish. And that was just the beginning of the hell she was put through. She was confined and tortured for 2 days.

Jennifer Daugherty was forced by her tormenters to ingest detergent, urine, vegetable oil, spices and medications. She was beaten with a towel rack, a vacuum cleaner hose and a crutch. She was raped by the shitstain hellbeast Melvin Knight. She was raped right in front of Amber Meidinger who was 2 months pregnant with Melvin Knight’s baby.

Suicide note

Suicide note

Jennifer Daugherty was also forced to write a suicide note — how everyone would be better off without her. Probably by then she knew she was going to die.

Death came at the hands of the evil rapist, Melvin Knight. He viciously stabbed Jennifer Daugherty in the chest, side and neck.

After the torture and murder were over, the evil bastards wrapped the body in plastic, put it in a garbage can and dumped it in the parking lot of Greensburg Salem Middle School.

Ricky Smyrnes

Ricky Smyrnes

Fortunately for law enforcement, the killers were too stupid to get away with their heinous crimes. They hadn’t figured out that their victim had already talked about them to her family, and told her stepfather where she was going to be. Duh!

The murderous idiots had been spotted carting the garbage can toward the school. The descriptions given by the passerby matched the people living in the apartment.

The f*cktards also kept their victim’s belongings in the building along with items they’d used to try to clean up her blood. Duh!

It didn’t take long for the authorities to arrest Ricky Smyrnes, Angela Marinucci, Melvin Knight, Amber Meidinger, Peggy Darlene Miller and Robert Loren Masters Jr. and charge them with criminal homicide, conspiracy and kidnapping. All of them began squawking and pointing fingers at each other.

Amber Meidinger

Amber Meidinger

Amber Meidinger, who gave birth to a baby 7 months after the murder, cooperated with police and told all. In return she was allowed to plead guilty to 3rd-degree murder, 2 counts of conspiracy and kidnapping.

Judge Rita Hathaway sentenced Amber Meidinger to 40 to 80 years in prison.

I truly hope the baby is in a good, loving home, oblivious to the fact that both her parents are killers. Bless her wee heart.

“I do not think you are an evil person, but you did an evil thing, an evil and horrendous thing,” said the judge to Amber Meidinger. IMO she is an evil person. She had done nothing — NOTHING — to warn the victim or help her escape.

Melvin Knight

Melvin Knight

Ricky Smyrnes and Melvin Knight were convicted of 1st-degree murder and were sentenced to death. Yay!

Ricky Smyrnes apparently isn’t happy being on death row. He’s appealing his conviction and sentence. The asswipe thinks he should’ve been able to plead guilty but mentally ill.

I, for one, hope Ricky Smyrnes stays put and winds up being executed. It’s what he deserves.

Angela Marinucci, who started the whole evil plot rolling, was convicted of 1st-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Because she was a teenager at the time of the murder she was able to avoid the death penalty.

Peggy Darlene Miller and Robert Loren Masters Jr. have agreed to plead guilty to 3rd-degree murder. A judge will determine their fates on December 19, 2013.

I truly hope all 6 of these monsters suffer greatly for what they put Jennifer Daugherty and her family through.

“She was exploited, and her kindness and her handicap made her very vulnerable,” Jennifer Daugherty’s sister said. “She trusted everybody; she believed everyone was good, and no one would hurt her.”

It’s a crying shame that the world is populated with hellbeasts like these who take pleasure in hurting people. RIP, Jennifer Daugherty, and sincerest condolences to the family.


Peggy Darlene Miller and Robert Loren Masters Jr. were both sentenced in March 2014. Robert Loren Masters Jr. will serve 20 to 40 years for 3rd-degree murder, 7 to 20 for conspiracy to commit murder, and 3 to 10 for conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Grand total: 30 to 70 years.

Peggy Darlene Miller was sentenced to 20 to 40 years for 3rd-degree murder, 12 to 24 for conspiracy to commit murder, and 3 to 10 for conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Grand total: 35 to 74 years.

Both of their sentences are to be served consecutively.

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23 Responses to Ricky Smyrnes, Angela Marinucci, Melvin Knight, Amber Meidinger, Peggy Darlene Miller and Robert Loren Masters Jr.

  1. ANGRY DAD says:

    These people are sick. I agree with Cleo that I don’t get how these evil fucking bastards comes together. I guess shits stick together. I can’t imagine the pain Jennifer Daugherty went through. May all these bastards rot in hell when their time comes. Hopefully sooner than later. RIP Jennifer Daugherty.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Poor Poor Jennifer. WTF is wrong with people. These 6 bastards all should be locked up with Bubba and his friends to be beaten, have whole brooms shoved up there asses and twisted, pissed on, raped then stabbed to death brought back to endure all over again, then maybe that would be a start to the pain and suffering caused to Jennifer.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    I love it, finally a deserving sentence, a date with a needle. Its a shame that bitch Marinucci wasn’t given the same, i wouldn’t give a flying fuck how old she was when this happened, her arse would’ve been toast. I can understand them being jealous of jennifer, because lets be real about this, all the females were fuck ugly, especially the fat monster in the middle. Damn she was touched by the fuck ugly wand, she should be sentenced to death for being so ugly, they should make a special law just for those ugly females, the fuck ugly law. To torture and then murder someone as sweet as jennifer is evil, and the fact she had learning difficulties makes it even more heinous. I hope they all rot in hell. My condolences go out to jennifers family and friends.

    • BornLoser67 says:

      “The fat monster in the middle. Damn she was touched by the fuck ugly wand!”

      I’m Fat and ugly myself and I what you said was hilarious.. That bitch deserves to be insulted all of them do after what the’ve done, those sick mother fuckers!!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Bornloser67, i’m no cindy crawford myself but if i looked like any of those ugly fat twat’s i’d shoot myself because i wouldn’t want to torture anyone with looks like them. Like i said its a shame being fuck ugly isn’t a crime otherwise those lard arse’s would be sentenced to death.

    • BornLoser67 says:

      OH I forgot to mention did you see the latest picture of Angela Marinucci? she looks like a fuckin old lady!

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Where the hell do assholes like this come from? To befriend a handicapped woman just so they could torture and kill her? Pure evil. They deserve the depths and agonies of hell.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, jennifer was a threat to one of those fugly trolls. Just look at big mama in the middle picture, i nearly vomited my supper up looking at shamoo, talk about fart and give us a clue. I like moody’s comment, think this article upset our moodymagic, shes let rip with those swear words. Lots hope all those evil cunts suffer, and the one with the death sentence, i hope when its time, they miss your vein and you suffer an agonizing death.

  5. karkar says:

    absolutely insane ….how six devils hook up together as friends? imagine a pregnant mother partaking in such a deadly and evil act

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    No doubt these creatures crawled out of the same primordial pool of sludge. I wish they could all be sent back there to drown.

  7. Thundar says:

    Hell is going to get a lot more crowded with this gang of misfit losers.

  8. Ryan says:

    Even though I’m personally opposed to the death penalty, cases like these make me realize why so many do support it; if it is a completely innocent person wrongfully put there dies its a tragedy. John Grisham made a point of that; the priest wonders if he would be so opposed if a monster like the man he’s traveling with was slated to die rather than an innocent man.

    I still maintain that death penalty’s don’t work as deterrent. Most times the people who do it are so sure they’ll get away with it (like these shitbirds) that they throw caution to the wind.

    • Magga green says:

      So if the death penalty is not a deterant because they think they won’t get caught so then prison must be the same so let’s get rid of all prisons also ! What a stupid thing to say .. The truth is the death penalty is there for brutal crimes exactly like this and we have no reason to waste tax payers money keeping garbage like this caged up the only problem with the death penalty is we keep them on death row for way too long !!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Magga green, exactly the problem with death penalty cases, your right, they are kept too long on death row, the death penalty shoul be carried out a lot faster but at the current rate that they are kept on death row is ridiculous. Texas seems to be the shortest time to execute, even that is too long. Scumbags like this don’t deserve to live.

  9. cheap pussy says:

    They all are trash

  10. Bengalpuss says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more cheap pussy. At least i’ve gotten a laugh at your moniker “cheap pussy” lol.

  11. BornLoser67 says:

    This is the most disturbing story I ever heard since the story of Michele Avila who was killed by her two best friends back in 1985.. I hope those monsters never see the light of day especially that fuckin horrible witch Marinucci.. She’s got alot of nerve having her lawyer requesting parol, good thing it was denied otherwise if that ever happens and also Knights death sentence was changed to life in prison, then I would find this justice system a big joke!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Wow bornloser67 i just went to look at the michelle avilla case, can’t believe those two jealous bitch’s who murdered her are out of jail, thats not very fair is it? Poor michelle is dead and can.t come back yet those bitch’s are out and free, they should’ve been locked up for life the cunts they are.

  12. Bengalpuss says:

    No i haven’t but i don’t think i could handle looking at the fat fucking monster, just had my sunday dinner, would bring it all back up if i subjected myself to such torture lol. Oh fuck it have you got a link to it? I just couldn’t resist having a laugh.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Cant believe my half sister was married and had a kid to that Asshole Ricky 😭tradgic knowing he raped me at 16 😭😣😥

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